Twin Bases - RAF Bentwaters, RAF Woodbridge

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Again, not strictly Twinbases, but...
Thursday 12th of May 2011
Laura Roberts - lauraroberts64 (at)

My position: 

My years:  1964

Now located: Wisbech, Cambs, Uk

Hi My name is Laura Roberts........I,m looking for someone called Rich Richardson aka "Tex"...He was stationd in Norfolk around the time of Feb 1964, either at Brentwood or Sculthorpe.....I do have a couple of leads he could of possibly worked at the hospital with Bill Smith, Chuck Jones, Pete Veno, Tom Maiden.....The only information i have is that he played guitar in a band at Marham on occassion....He would be about 65+ now......My mum's name is Sylvia Nobbs and it is only very recent that i found out that he is maybe my Father. She was 20years old when they met and she lived in Wisbech......I'd just like closier on this as it has been a great shock to me.......If anyone has any information please, please contact me..........


Friday 15th of April 2011
Dellafay Eagerton Chafin - dellafay (at)

My position:  Daughter of T/Sgt Sammie Eagerton

My years:  1964 - 1968

Now located: Jacksonville, Florida 

Seeking anyone that may have known my father when he was stationed at Brentwaters AFB.  Our family lived in a beautful cottage on Felixstowe Beach and we hosted many dinners for young single service men.


Tuesday 12th of April 2011
James Pierce - jpierce80 (at)

My position:  E4 Seargent  Weapons Mechanic 78th Tactical Fighte

My years:  1966-1969

Now located: Area operations Manager (Retired) Verizon Communications

I was a weapons mechanic at RAF Woodbridge Assigned to the 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Had my own load crew for about 16months of that assignment and was TDY'd Wheelus AFB 7 times.
Can't remember allot of my old buddies names so I will need a little help with memories.
I now live with my wife of 33 years in South Carolina.


Tuesday 05th of April 2011
sheila aspell - sheilaaspell (at)

My position:  friend of ken baroni

My years:  1966/67

Now located: malaga, spain I would dearly love to locate an old friend ken baroni. I used to live in Slough, Bucks when he was down in High wycombe airbase. He returned to woodbridge, suffolk until he returned to America approx 1977. I worked in Trustee Savings S


Friday 01st of April 2011
David Andy Anderson - An3265 (at)

My position:  Security Police E-4

My years:  1969-1972

Now located: Lakeland Florida #863-412-6815

Played on the football team 1969, with cad man,Jim Dickerson,Hank Barrett,West, Sam.


Thursday 31st of March 2011
Phil Crippen - www.moke36 (at)

My position:  supply

My years: 

Now located: San Antonio,tx.

I am trying to locate Charles P. Miller known to have been stationed at Bentwater duting the sixties and would have been in supply. He was married to Ann,Anne Miller and had I think they had two daughters. Chuck left England and went to Randolph A.F.B. early sixties. He may have returned to England as that is where He planned to retire. Any one with info, please contact me at :moke36 at, Phil Crippen, San Antonio,Tx.
Thanks, have a great TEXAS day and God bless all our troops evry where.


Tuesday 22nd of March 2011
ray - tracey.pannell (at)

My position:  post office

My years:  62-64

Now located:

looking for a guy called ray who was at bentwater around 62-64 he went out with a girl called christine who lived in the local area ,if anyone know someone who this could be could they email me thanks tracy


Monday 14th of March 2011
David Verdi - daveyguard-citizen (at)

My position:  Medical Supply, Buck Sgt., Hospital at both bases

My years:  1967-69

Now located: Retired


Just ran across this site.  I worked for the Hospital Squadron, mainly out of Medical Supply at Woodbridge, 1968-69. Pete Poinkowsi, and Bob Sokolowski(spellings?), hope you guys are still around.  Pete and i went back to France where i was stationed until we were kicked us out.  I owned a new 1967 MG Midget, British Racing Green, if anyone can remember.  I married an English girl, and my son still lives in Ipswich.  Anyone who can remember me can write, would be glad to hear from you.  Please don't feel offended i can't remember your name, but i sure will try my hardest!

Thanks to a great tour, i ended up living in Ipswich on and off for several years, but have been back here since 1979.


(Ed - this isn't strictly TwinBases, but, hey-ho)
Saturday 05th of March 2011
paula aldous - paula_aldous (at)

My position:  Daughter

My years:  brentwood

Now located: UK   I am looking for any information on Bill Kayes whom was based at waterbeach Brentwood USA base UK in Septemeber 1961


Thursday 24th of February 2011
larry petrarca - ppostman51 (at)

My position:  flight line, hangar, E-4 78 TFS at RAFWoodbridge

My years:  1967-1970

Now located: North Providence, R.I. now working for U.S. Post Office

Looking for anybody who served at RAF Woodbridge from 1967 to 1970 who may remember me and would like to talk about the good old days, and they were good old days. Had a real good times with my fellow F4 Phantom crews.Lots of good times with the girls in Ipswich and at the NCO Club.


Monday 14th of February 2011
Gary Trammell - gartram (at)

My position:  Broadcaster, AFRTS Radio, AIC

My years:  Bentwaters, 1964-1966

Now located: Ret. T/Stds Engnr, Lockheed---Living in Sun City, CA

I was a DJ/Newscaster with AFRTS-Radio,Bentwaters. Was a DJ at Ipswich YMCA Friday night dances. Also on Ping Pong team at B/W. At Radio Station, Sta. Mgr was UK civilian Alan Martindale, NCOIC TSGT Skip Mahnke, TSGT Harry Kettle, SSGT Bill Owen. Does anyone know anything about them? Would enjoy hearing from you.  Loved the time I spent there.


Sunday 13th of February 2011
Marty Gladden - martygladden (at)

My position:  Sheet Metal Shop Sgt

My years:  66-67

Now located: Columbia SC 803-783-4012

Was at Woodbridge from 66-67 and Wethersfield from 64 66. I Worked in the Sheet Metal shop. Looking for Dave Waite and Greg Diehl


Thursday 27th of January 2011
Jim Cottle - jamesecottle (at)

My position:  dependent of TSgt Bobby Cottle

My years:  1968 to 1971

Now located: 81st FMS

I am the son of Boby Cottle and looking for anyone that may have known him


Saturday 22nd of January 2011
Roy James(Jim) Thomas rjimthomas (at)

My position:  A/2nd, A/1st, SSgt 79th TFS F100 Crew Chief

My years:  59-61 & 63-66

Now located: US and France

Good sight. Found by my son and regards to Bill Tiley who was looking for me. Good times there. Learned to fly at the aero club on my last tour. Became an airline pilot mostly flying B727s all over the world would like to hear from who was there.


Tuesday 18th of January 2011
Norman Clark - sunbird171ss (at)

My position:  Supply Squadron,

My years:  1968-1972/1987-1991

Now located: Niceville, Florida

Spent a lot of wonderful years at RAF Bentwaters.  If anyone remembers me I would love to get an e-mail.  Chuck Curran and all the guys.


Friday 07th of January 2011
Steve Trunk - sdt (at)

My position:  My father T/sgt Cliff Trunk was in supply, 81stTFW

My years:  63-66

Now located: San Diego, CA,

Looking for anyone who might have known my dad, T/SGT Cliff Trunk. He was in supply, 81st TFW and stationed at Bentwaters, married to Ipswich native Gloria Underwood. We lived in the Belstead area of Ipswich and I attended Gusford Primary and Chantry Secondary school. I recall a couple of his close friends were named Ray Alston & Greg Murphy. My dad passed in 2001 after a long battle with diabetes; I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who knew him.

Sunday 26th of December 2010
Arthur S. Miekowski - amiekowski (at)

My position:  SGT(E-4), 81st Avionics Maintenance Squadron (AMS)

My years:  1967-1970

Now located: Scranton, PA, Retired

I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 1967-1970 and I am currently lookig for someone who was in my squadron and wants to get reaquainted.  I have some fond memories of that time.


Friday 24th of December 2010
Gordon Low - gordon (at)

My position: 

My years: 

Now located: I am looking to find Ernest Flores who i understand was at Bentwaters in the mid 60's i live in Ipswich and my friend is trying to locate Ernest, any help would be much appreciated, many thanks


Monday 20th of December 2010
Gerald Collins - deaconjer1 (at)

My position:  CT-2, NAVSECGRU, London, CINCUSNAVEUR

My years:  1966 - 1968

Now located: Between Washington, DC and Atlanta - Work with FEMA

To TGMiller at  Thanks for the picture of the Douglas House.  I looked for many years for that picture.  I wanted to use it on the cover of the book I wrote about the D House. 


Friday 27th of August 2010
jim roe - tancy41 at

My position:  post office ,clerk,a1c,7025th air postal group

My years:  1966-1968

Now located: retired lexington,ky

Had a great time their lived with wife at tunstill common with wife ,worked at nco club also worked in theater .Sailed boats up and down orford ,fished orford drove a ford anglia with sgt. art erickson . worked in post office with sgt. norris john zimmerman ,phillp zebrenski donald dunams ,chuck watson. If anyone know whereabouts of charles watson,he married a english woman,he was from arkansas


Tuesday 22nd of June 2010
Kelley McDowall <kam (at )>

My position: 

My years:  1966-1969

Now located:

I am looking for anyone who might remember a Harold Smith who was possibly stationed at this base in the late 1960's. He was supposedly from California. He "married" a woman by the name of Maureen Lawrence from the Woodbridge area. Any information would be appreciated.


Thursday 10th of June 2010
John Stehman <jstehman1 (at)>

My position:  Sgt (E-4) 2164th Comm. Sqdn - Marltesham Heath Com

My years:  1967-70

Now located: Sedona , AZ

Worked at Martlesham Heath (A remote communication site located about 15 miles from Bentwaters and the 81st Tac Fighter Wing)as a tech controller. Lived off-base in Claydon. Lt. Col. Piganell was commander of 2164th Comm. Sqdn. while I was there. Many guys I remember : Elwin Webber, Raymond Day, Tsgt. Hinkle, Capt. Kowalski. Never heard from any of them again. Had many good times, but glad to get out of the AF and the many BS alerts on base that we had to suffer through after working a mid-shift. Spent 35 years in data comm and owe my civilian career's start to the AF for my initial telecom training. Would do it again.


Saturday 29th of May 2010
Pete Archer <bernardarcher (at)>

My position:  Munitions Mechanic-E4-381st MMS

My years:  1966-1969

Now located: Littleton Colorado  5243 South Cody Street 80123   Retired Air Force

Message: No message left


Thursday 20th of May 2010
jack <yackman59 (at)>

My position: 

My years: 

Now located:

I'm looking for any information on Ronald lynn Freeman. I've only seen some photos believe may have been in 420 squad around mid 50's to mid 60's I think he was officer 1st class. This man is a long long lost relative. Thanks


Thursday 06th of May 2010
larry petrarda <ppostman51(at)>

My position:  aircraft mechanic/flight line and hangar/E-4/78TFS

My years:  Jan 1967- Jan 1970

Now located: Rhode Island/ US Post Office

I am looking for anyone that served at Woodbribge when I did. Looking to bring back a few good memories. One of my good friends was Jim Pietrowicz from Worchester, MA. I would really like to catch up with him and talk about to good old days


Saturday 01st of May 2010
RAY HORREX <shirley.horrex(at)>

My position:  Civilian ambulance driver/VCO

My years:  1965-1993

Now located: Martlesham,Woodbridge. Retired. Be interested to hear from anybody who worked in the clinic at Bentwaters during these years.I worked in the old clinic and the new clinic. You wouldn't recognise Bentwaters now as lots of the buildings have been demol


Monday 12th of April 2010
James Preis <jpreis(at)>

My position:  SSGT, 81 Trans Sq, Refueling Maint., Bentwaters

My years:  1968-1971

Now located: Retired, The Villages, Fl,

Just going to this web site brings back memories.


Thursday 08th of April 2010
Michael W. ( mike ) Jordan <mdubjordansr(at)gmail/com>

My position:  A1C   81st CES   Fire Dept

My years:  Dec '66-June 69

Now located: Moss Point, Ms.

Was in fire dept but played on the football team with Jim Geist as QB, Joe Rodwell at linebaker.
I was Def. End and kicked fieldgoals pat's


Tuesday 06th of April 2010
Charles (chuck) Goulas <cgoulas(at)>

My position:  Medical supply, MEMO, E4, 81st Tac Hosp., B/W

My years:  1960-1965

Now located: Riverside, ca (usa),  Retired

Hopeing to make contact with old friends who worked at the hospital at Bentwaters and the clinic
at Woodbridge


Saturday 27th of March 2010
john barnes  <soloharleyman (at)>

My position:  81st trans sq 

My years:  65-69

Now located: sun city calif

hello my name is john barnes ..served at raf bentwaters afb from 65-69 trying to find acouple buddies who were there at the same time ...pete Leblanc  or roger lebrassuer   not sure about spelling ..need a buddy letter ..working on a va claim ..anyone has any ifo please contact me at <soloharleyman (at)>


Friday 19th of March 2010
David Andy Anderson <an3265 (at)>

My position:  Security Police Squadron Bentwaters

My years:  1969 to 1972

Now located: Lakeland, Florida 33813

I was stationed at Bentwaters from 1969 to 1972 in the security police squadron. I was known
by Andy. Some of my friends was Jim Dickerson, Allen Mills, Po Dog Ruffin, Carl Mortin, Manson,
Jack Jackson, and many more. I played on the football team in 1970, with West, Hank Barrett ect.
I married a nurse form Jamaica, still married for 35 years.


Friday 12th of March 2010
Terry Lee Nash <terryleenash (at)>

My position:  K9 Handler RAF Bentwaters

My years:  1964-1967

Now located: Omaha Nebraska, C21 Realtor. Retired from military 1 Jan 1994, Went to K9 School at RAF Debden in 1995 I believe. Looking for old friends


Thursday 11th of March 2010
Mike Moseley <mkmosele (at)>

My position:  Aircraft Electrician, Sgt, 81st FMS

My years:  1967-1970

Now located: Iowa - retired engineer/program manager

If permitted, I will send photos of friends and acquaintences to aid in location.


Saturday 27th of February 2010
Steve Hutchinson <aetna66 (a)>

My position:  E4 81st A&E Inertial Nav on  F4 phanthom

My years:  1967 1970

Now located: Fort Collins, C0. 1625 East Stuart Apt G-13

I would like to here from anyone that was stationed at RAF Bentwaters while I was there. Also anyone who went tdy to Libya during that time. I would love to get a reunion here in Colorado this summer. We are all getting old and it would be great to have a few beers together.


Thursday 25th of February 2010


My years:  1967 THRU 1970



Monday 22nd of February 2010
Deborah <lysona(at)>

My position: Child of a serviceman, looking for father

My years: 1961

Now located: Essex

Hi - I am looking for or for information about my birth father.
I know that he said that he was based at Bentwaters in 1961.
He dated a girl called Lyn who was 16 years old. He said that his name was Joe and he was with a friend that he called Kelly. They used to go out to the Gondola in Ipswich. My mother told my father that she was pregnant but did not see him after that. She wrote to the base, who denied all knowledge of him.
Despite this, Major John Stowers (Chaplain) assisted with my adoption.
Joe you may remember getting lipstick on your collar and being very angry about it.
I had a good childhood and am not looking for anything nor do I have any expectations about a relationship; just the last piece of the jigsaw.
Joe if you are reading this I had two sons and I have three beautiful grandchildren, so something quite wonderful came out of a difficult situation.


Sunday 21st of February 2010
Doug Pooley <dougpooley1(at)>

My position: U.K. civilian worked at American Express bank

My years: 1957-1978

Now located: Still living in Ipswich, now retired.

Many fond memories of both bases.
Did two years for the company in Vietnam, 1969-1971


Sunday 21st of February 2010
Dwight "Butch" Neisler <DDNeisler(at)>

My position: Air Traffic Controller,Sgt. 2164 Comm. Sq.

My years: 1965-1967

Now located: Semi-retired, Genesee,MI

Just found one co-worker on this site. Want to see if any more are out there searching. I was a tower controller at Bentwaters from Oct. 1965 to May 1967. Was an FAA controller at Denver ARTCC until the PATCO strike. Like to hear from anyone I was stationed with.


Monday 15th of February 2010
Robert Van de Riet <bob(at)>

My position: Woodbridge K-9

My years: 1965-1968

Now located: 3608 Hillside, Cibolo, TX 78108

Looking for anyone assigned to the RAF Woodbridge Kennels between 1965 and 1968


Wednesday 03rd of February 2010
matthew j rich <mattrich4089(at)>

My position: 81st tac hospital

My years: 1965-1968

Now located: retired

No message was left.


Tuesday 2nd of February 2010
Carla Firman <carla(at)>

Now located: Ipswich

I am looking for anyone who was based at Bentwaters in the 1950s/1960s, particularly those who are still living in the UK, especially around Suffolk.
I work for a touring theatre company, and we are performing at The Hush House, Bentwaters Parks, in July this year (including Independence Day) and the play touches on the residency of the USAF.
We are particularly looking for people who have stories to tell, to include in our pre-show tour of the base, but also we would like to welcome any of these ex-service men to see the show.
I can be contacted on +0044-01473-218202.


Saturday 16th of January 2010
Richard H. Roseborough <shrodreel(at)>

My position: Air Traffic Controller - A / 1st. class - 2164 Com

My years: 1963 thru 1966

Now located: Pittsburgh, Pa. Retired...Livin' the dream

Arrived at RAF Sculthorpe in 1963. Transferred to RAF Bentwaters after a short stint. Worked as an air traffic controller in both G.C.A. and I.F.R. / V.F.R. control tower. My senior controller was TSGT. Ron Fullem and SSGT. James Morgan... our chief controller MSGT. Everett Stuple and Ervin Ray.
Some of the guys I was stationed with : Gary Ayers (Married an English gal, Maureen and stayed in England), SGT. Geo. Pearson, John Certic, Jerry Orlikowski, Roger ? (owned an old London diesel taxi), Frasier Dunbar (English civilian controller), Colin "Eddy" Edwards (Canadian civilian controller).
Some of the best years of my life. Drinkin' Guiness and playing darts at one of the Ipswich Pubs... with some of the best people I ever met.
Would really enjoy hearing from anyone that was in the 2164 during that period.


Monday 21st of December 2009
Lynn S. Charles <ccharles(a)>

My position: Aircraft Maintence F-86, F101A

My years: 1955-1958 1961-1965

Now located: Valdosta, GA Retired



Tuesday 24th of November 2009
James Tansey <tanseyj(at)>

My position: Base Civil Engr, Personal Affairs, A1C

My years: 1961-1965

Now located: Sierra Vista, AZ, Retired

Started with Base Civil Engineers, Admin, then to Fire Dept, then Personal Affairs.
You may have had me get your Passport or Visa from 1962-1965.
Have RAF pages with thousands of names at:
Please visit and enter your name and info.


Thursday 12th of November 2009
Gene Raper <raperfam(at)>

My position: AWCS Fire Control Systems Shop, E-4, 81st AMS

My years: 1967-1970

Now located: 441 Hudson Ave, Ashburn, Ga, 31714 ph# 1-229-567-2339

I submitted my old e-mail address several years ago. Windstream bought Alltel so my old e-mail address of raperfam(at) is no longer valid. The new one is raperfam(at) Anyone who remembers me will be welcome to e-mail me.
Sometimes I am a little late in responding because I still work and am now almost 67 years old. Being tired lowers my inclination to get on the computer as much as I would like. I am still looking for Jim Houser and Jimmy Knight if anyone knows how to contact them. Warren O'toole also.


Tuesday 27th of October 2009
Frank Freeman <junius.freeman(at)>

My position: AGE Shop, A2C-A1C, 81st FMS

My years: 1965-1968

Now located: Cochran, Ga, Production Manager at Robins AFB

Would love to here from anyone that was in the AGE shop or in 81st FMS from 65-68. I also worked in the orderly room for a short time as Duty Sgt. First Sergeant was MSGT Jim Polhamus and Commander was Lt Col Clyde Messinger. Lt Col Reheis was commander when I first got there. I am retired from the AF and working Civil Service at Robins AFB, Ga.


Saturday 10th of October 2009
Paul Mac Pherson <bigmac2797(at)>

My position: AGE Repair
My years: 1964
Now: Seekonk, Ma. U.S.A.

Looking for anyone at R.A.F. Bentwaters from May '64 to Sept. '64.


Wednesday 7th of October 2009
Gina <ginadc(at)>

My years: Late 1960s
Now: Berkshire

Gina Clarke Bentwaters and Woodbridge 1960s or 1970s I am trying to trace David Andrew Michael Matis but cannot find his name anywhere. He was 81st Field Maintenance Squadron, RAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge, his previous address being Sarasota County, Florida, USA


Wednesday 07th of October 2009
Terry L. Firman <rapcon_48636(at)>

My position: Radar Maintenance Supervisor (GCA) TSgt 2164th CS
My years: 1965 to 1969
Now: Manchester, TN Retired AF CMSgt

Looking for old friends from RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge.
I lived in Woodbridge town and really enjoyed the assignment.
Went back for a second tour in 1973.


Tuesday 6th of October 2009
Joe McNee <jgreatscot(at)>

My position: S/Sgt, Personal equipment at Woodbridge
My years: 1964-1968
Now: Retired High School English Teacher in Minnesota.

Looking for Bernie Brogan, Frank Tolan, Kenny McLoed, John Donnely , or any of the gang from the Sporting Farmer our favourite pub before the game at Portman Road when Ipswich Town was still a team to be reckoned with!


Saturday 3rd of October 2009
Richard Dale Mooney <mooney706(at)>

My position: MMS, airman first class
My years: 65-69
Now: Dalton, GA.

I would like to find any of the buddies I served with there.
My crew chiefs were Sgt. Cook and Sgt. Bailey.


Friday 25th of September 2009
Bonny Healey <b.healey(at)>

B/W years: 1950s or 1960s

Hi I'm trying to help my cousin find her father. His name was Staff Sergeant Jim Hogan/Pailey. He would be around 78 now and was based at Bentwarters in the 50's or 60's. We think he dated a Girl called Maureen Healey whose father was a squadron leader in the Royal Air Force. It all ended nastly but Maureen fell pregnant and had a little girl. She named her Annette and Annette would love to find the father she has never known.
Please help us if you can.


Saturday, September 05, 2009
John P Kelley <jpkelley01(at)>

It was 1999 and I was really looking for 3 room mates.  I did find a friend (Randy Erwin) but am sad to say he died before I could get to meet him in person.  We were in touch by email though.  I did find a second room mate last year (Basil G Lamb Jr.) only to find that he was already dead and buried in our National cemetery at Arlington, Va.
Still looking for the third one (Stanley V. Scott).  I do thank you so much for your web site and all of the help that it gives to the fellow members that were stationed at both RAF Bentwatersand RAF Woodbridge.  They were the best years of our lives and will NEVER be forgotten.
Thanks so much Linn, have a great weekend.
John P Kelley  (Former A2c RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge)


Wednesday 02nd of September 2009
Gene Briley <s_briley_1999(at)>

My position: Communications
My years: 62-65
Now: Merrills Inlet, S.C./Retired/843-357-3542/718 Mt.Gilead Place Drive

Hello to all former baseball teammates


Thursday 27th of August 2009
John Dowd <john_d8(at)>

My position: 2164 Comm Sq - 7519 CG Det 1
My years: 1959 - 1963
Now: Florida

Some of the best years of Military Life were spent in England - you sure don't know it till you leave


Monday 24th of August 2009
Allen Hammer <ahammer(at)>

My position: Air Police, A2C, 81st TFW, Dog Handler, RAF Woodbridge
My years: 1964 to 1967
Now: Buffalo, NY

I was stationed a Woodbridge fron 1964 to 67. I was in the Air Police Squardon "B flt" I think. Our flight Sgt. was Sgt. Greene. I think he was from No. Carloina. There was another Sgt by the name of Hedgepath. In 1965 I transferred to the K9 group. At that time Sgt Billy Maine was encharge of the K9 group.
I am looking for two people and both were in the K9 group. The first was Ron Litener, not sure of the spelling.
I was his best man at his wedding. He married a girl who was in the RAF. They met when we went to dog school. I can't remember her name. I think she had a friend by the name Bobbie a Scottish girl.
The other person was Bill Sheeley. He was from upstate New York. If anone has information on these people please contact me.
The times I spent at Woodbridge were some of the best time in my life. The country, the people and the beer were great. I have many great memories and think about them often. I hope to return someday, but I know things have changed.


Monday 3rd of August 2009
Helen M. Sexton <angelfre(at)>

My position: 81st.TAC -Ftr Wng. MCMS Bentwaters
My years: 1960-63
Now: Carmi, Illinois

I am looking for anyone that knew my husband he was SSgt.Gerald J. Sexton. While there, he was assigned the duty of NCOIC Auto Pilot Section in Feb. 1963. His supervisor was Major Lawrence J. Kostroski. My husband retired as a MSgt. in 1973 and was killed while working in the oil fields in 1978.
We always wanted to visit England again some day. We had English friends there.
Would anyone that knew my husband please e-mail me.
Thank you.
Widow of MSgt. Gerald J. Sexton


Saturday 1st of August 2009
jackie smith aka sharon ann darling <limeymomma(a)>

My position: civilian
My years: late 50's-early 60's
Now: portsmouth nh

I am looking for USAF Bill Lewis who was stationed here back in the late 50's early -63. I'm his daughter whom he has never met. He had three children with his wife and my mom lived with his wife and him, a short while before I was born, with my older sister Leah. (he's not her dad).
His wife was from Ipswich. I know someone has to know this man and where he went.The address on my birth certificate is in South Harrow.
I want to learn my roots, medical background and maybe establish a relationship if possible. He may have been Native American.
Thanx for any info you may have and a special thanx to Dave L. from this site who has been helping me.


Saturday 01st of August 2009
Bruce Gottschalk <bruceg0650(at)>

My position: Electronic Warfare Tech. SGT 81 AMS
My years: 1969-1970
Now: Cape Coral FL.

Looking for Tom Brackel (1970 SSGT) and Dave Bonnett (1970 SGT)


Friday 31st of July 2009
Rick (Jake) Jacobson <>

My position: SGT 462x0 91 TFS Raf Bentwaters
My years: 1966-1969
Now: Maine

I just stumbled on this site so I thought I would take a look. After about an hour of reading profiles I was about to give up on finding anyone from the 91st fighter squadron weapons shop. Then, there I was, looking at my photo from 1968 along side the other members of my load team posted by Paul Kurzinski in 2003.
I have since tried the email and phone contact info in the posting, but they are either disconnected or not valid.
Can someone help me out here??? The posting was from 2003 and said that there had been a reunion of about 20 or so members from the weapons loading shop held in Ohio. I sure hope someone from the "old days" reads this and can help me get in contact with who ever is stilll out there.
Thanks in advance.
"Jake" Jacobson


Friday 31st of July 2009
Alexandra Gogarty now McCauley <megachick(at)>

My position: civilian
My years: 1958 - 1960
Now: Northern Ireland

Looking for USAF men who were friends of Delores and Rosaleen Gogarty during the years 1958 to 1960 approx, expecially 'Bud'


From: Chayden1976(at)
Sent: Sunday, July 05, 2009 11:58 PM
Subject: Bentwaters

I am the son of Terry Hayden. He was at Bentwaters from Oct 66-Oct 69. I would like to talk to anybody that served with him. My Father passed on Jan-9-09 He was security police sg. I am sending a picture (below) of him in his early 20's while stationed there. He is the one standing in the white t-shirt. Also here is his obit as well.

Terry Hayden and others in the 1960s.

Even if you don't know him would you please pass it on.
Thank You,


Thursday 25th of June 2009
Robert B Frett, Jr <rfrett(at)>

My position: Crew Chief, SSgt, 91st TFS/OMS, C-Flight/ A-Flight
My years: 1969-1972/1980-1984
Now: Tucson, Arizona/Airframe and powerplant Technician

C/C of F-4C 64-924/637537/637512, Worked the Mid-Shift when 64-863 crashed at Orford. worked out of the A-Flight shack at the top of the hill. worked with Ken Spooner, Charlie Belcher, Pete Gandara, Roland Easterday and Steve Head. Later on worked A-10A's in the 509th AMU and then Maintenance Control.


Thursday 25th of June 2009
Dick Shively <tshivel1(at)>

My position: Air Police K9 handler
My years: 1960 to 1963
Now: Retired from the Air Force in 1981, after 27 years then worked for the government for 18 years. My wife (Anita) and I live in St Petersburg, Florida. We were married outside of Ipswich in 1963.

I would like to hear from anyone that was a K-9 handler at Bentwaters during the time I was there (1960 to 1963). Also it would be great to hear from anyone that went to the British Police Dog School at Netheravon, England with me in 1960.


Sunday 21st of June 2009
Shirley meadows <shirley.meadows40(at)>

My years: 1969-1973

Hi, looking for Paul Jeremy Miller, Woodbridge 1969-1977.
If you see this Jerry please get in contact. Would love to hear from you. And get you to meet your son.


Sunday 21st of June 2009
Dawn Williams (nee Madeley) <britlady(at)>

My position: Damien's Wife
My years: 56-60
Now: Long Beach CA LBPD Public Relations

I'd love to hear from Pat Hicks. Can't remember her single name; but her good friend Cynthia used to be a telephone exchange operator on the base at Bentwaters. Pat went back to UK in late 1960's and married a M/Sgt from Woodbridge.
If Tom Cairns still around drop me a line...I saw your posting on Dusty Miller.


Friday 19th of June 2009
Betty Ann Flenner <eflenner(at)>

My position: Husband, Tom Flenner, don't know rank or squadron
My years: approx. 1964-1970

Looking for anyone who knew Tom during the time he was stationed at Bentwaters. At that time he was married to Maxine (Perkins) and had 2 children Rhea and Tommy. Max passed away in the early '80s. I am Tom's widow. Just looking for any memories you may have re that time since I had lost contact with him then and only met up again when he came back to Pennsylvania after he retired. We were married in 1986 and he passed away in 2007. Any information and/or photos from that time would be much appreciated.


Friday 19th of June 2009
Trevor LEACH <>

My position: Motorola Civillian
My years: 1967-1992

Worked twinbases 1967 to 92 would like to be in contact with anyone who may remember the ground radio tech / mobile radio man. Anyone seen David Smith the 81st mobile maint Tech? I assume he still lives in the area


Tuesday 16th of June 2009
Name Don Lamoreaux
E-Mail     frog(at)
Rank and Job: “Anglia Control” 2161 Communications  Squadron
Years: 1963 till it closed in 1966
Rank and Job: A1C  Air Traffic Controller
Now: Amherst, Ohio
Re-posting 2004 posting with corrections and new email address.
Anglia Control ARTCC was located out in the sticks, near RAF Wattisham.
The site was closed in 1966 and we all went our separate ways.
As I look back those were some of the best years of my life. There were a great bunch of guys there. Boy would I like to sit down and talk about the roaring times we had at the 2161st.(Gas mask drills, Go cart racing, Parties with the majors wife, lobster dinners in the chow hall just to name a few.
Write if you were there.
Don "Frog" Lamoreaux


Thursday 18th of June 2009
Paul Cousins <PBC2005(at)>

Now: Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

Hi, it would mean a lot to me if somebody out there could send me any info concerning a Richard Hart (not sure of spelling). He was based at Bentwaters late 50s-62 he was a staff sergeant, possibly in control tower (was told he used to call planes in). Left UK 62 went back to Cleveland Ohio.
Any info good or bad would be gratefully appreciated.
In the excitement of finding this site forgot to add he was in the 82nd tactical and he was my father who I have never met, and once again would like to say thanks for any info you might be able to send me.


Saturday 06th of June 2009
Glenna Tomlin <>

My position: n/a
My years: 1960s
Now: UK

I would like to know if anyone has contact with Jerry Murphy on Bentwaters Base 1963- 66 approximately Glenna Semmence and Larry Wild man in the USA, would like to write to him.


Monday 04th of May 2009
Wayne Senn <swl1993(at)>

My position: Chief, Victor Alert, CPT, 81 TFW
My years: 1967-1970
Now: retired, Lancaster, NY

Looking for info on James Wilkinson, not sure of spelling of last name. Was Admin Officer of the 78th TFS. Last known address in Oklahoma.


Monday 27th of April 2009
Arnie Becker <arnie700(at)>

My position: Sgt., editor of the base newspaper
My years: 1966-1968
Now: Hayward, CA, retired from high technology marketing

Looking to find anyone who served in the 81st TFW information office or who knew me at the time. This was one of the very best assignments that I ever had. Wonderful people and there was a lady named Jackie in the RAF Laison Office who was terrific.


Tuesday 21st of April 2009
Bill Wilson <gyrenebill(at)>

My position: DoD brat, RAF Wattisham
My years: '61-'63
Now: retired US Marine

Trying to find any info about my father, Maj. Clarence E. Wilson, AO 2082558 (amazing I rememberd that #) we were there when the Treble One Sqdn did their high speed low-level pass and took out a lot of windows in the hangars. That is also where I learned to fly gliders under RAF Flt Lt Williams, with his wild handle-bar moustache! Any info, good or otherwise, is welcome on my father is welcome. He passed away 2 years ago, so any info/stories would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance,
Bill Wilson USMC Ret'd


Monday 13th of April 2009
samantha amos <samanthaamos21(at)>

My years: 1964-1968

Hi everyone, I am looking for a gentleman who is a lost relitave who I've never met it is very important to me to find this man. His name is Gordon Eldridge he was stationed at RAF Bentwaters between 1964-1968 he worked in the 81st hyd shop. This is about all I know about this man. If anyone has any information I would appreciate this very much.


Tuesday 07th of April 2009
Donald Babbs <donbabbs(at)>

My position: A/2C Munitions Specialist 81st Supply Sqdn
My years: 1958 to 1962
Now: McKinney, Texas Retired

Would like to find Roy Paul Jones from Texas and Glenn Erickson from Alexandra, Minn.
They were both active in the base chapel there at Bentwaters


Sunday 29th of March 2009
Earl Goodin <bwmam(at)>

My position: Sheet Metal 81 st FMS
My years: 1963-1966 & 1968-1970
Now: Retired from Dept of Defense

Wow!!! What a wonderful site, thank you for the memories.
I was stationed at Bentwaters / Woodbridge from 1963-1966 and also worked with a company on base called Dynalectron Corp from 1968-1970. If anyone remembers the good times I would love to here from you. Currrently, living in Florida and retired from the Dept of Defense.
I'm looking for anyone who knew the Barry family that lived at Bourne Hill. The daughter is named Sue, she has a son named Carl Moss, brother named John. If anyone knows where she is located please e-mail me. I just want to see how she is doing.
While stationed at Bentwaters, another memorable friend was Alex Trumpeter (British Civilian) that worked in the sheet metal shop. I saw a picture of him and friends at the old sheet metal shop. It seemed to be a few years after the base closed. I would love to know how he is getting on.
[Alex Trumpeter is now deceased - Linn Barringer]
Another family is Mike and Pat Mower (spelling), he owned a scaffolding business in Ipswich. Any help is much appreciated and thank you for a wonderful site.
I have such wonderful memories of the people I met while there and the places visited.
Thank you all for making my experience in the U.K. so enjoyable.
Best Regards to all, Earl Goodin


Thursday 12th of March 2009
Katherine Baudouin <incowboys(at)>

My position:
My years: 1965-1970
Now: France

Hi, I'm looking for Patrick Kilpatrick he used to live in Ipswich at Greyfriers and was based at Bentwaters. He met my mother who lived in the same building but he left before I was born in October 1970. He is my father and would really like to meet him. If anybody has any sort of information please let me know its very important to me.Hope to hear from you.


Sunday 01st of March 2009
Emma Branscombe <emmabranscombe(at)>

My years: 1964-1965
Now: Living in the UK

Hi, I am hoping to find anyone who remembers Brenda Branscombe. It would have been around 1964 - 1965, she had a son, 5 and a daughter, 1. If you have any memories of meeting with her, please contact me.
Emma Branscombe


Sunday 22nd of February 2009
Wayne O'Keefe <akt1310(at)>

My years: 1962-1964
Now: Swampscott, MA

I am looking for an American citizen based at Bentwaters around 1962-1963, or 1962-1963, or 1964. I know his first name was Robert, about 6' - 6' 2".
I was told he had a friend by the name of Howard Simmons and Steve Marvin (we were in contact with Steve via email and regular mail - have lost contact now).
My mother's name was Cindy Miller and she lived in Ipswich.
Cindy Miller used to go by her middle name, which was Ann, so you might also know her by Ann Miller.
My mother always was with two girl's named Valerie and Sandy.
My mother later dated Jack Adelman who became the father of her second child, which she put up for adoption. Through this wonderful site we have met up and created a special bond with the child that was put up for adoption.
Cindy did marry and moved to Massachusetts. She married Patrick O'Keefe. She does not have a recollection of "Robert's" last name or what part of the states he was from.
I am looking to just know who my biological father was just for history purposes and curious to know if I have any other 1/2 siblings. I am happily married with three childredn. Not looking to interrupt anyone's life, just would like to complete my own... since something is missing... like my other half.
Any information anyone can provide us would be helpful.
I would appreciate any help you can as I have been trying for many years in vain.
Thank you for your time.
Wayne P. O'Keefe


Saturday 21st of February 2009
Candi Smith <sales(at)>

My position: Air Force Brat
My years: 1969-1972
Now located: Arizona USA

My dad TSgt James D. (Jim) Dockens & family, were stationed at Woodbridge/Bentwaters from about 1969-1972. We lived in both of the villages of Hollesley and Grundisburgh in Suffolk. I am looking for both American kids that I went to school with (would have been middle school age) and British friends from either of these villages.
On the Base, we hung out with Jim Thompson, Patty Norris, Matt, Rusty and Jonathan Goode.
In the village of Hollesley, we lived in a big, two story, red brick house. I remember sisters, Elaine & Julie Leonard, Joy and Deanne Smith, Andrew, Christopher and brother Robbie.
In the village of Grundisburgh, I would love to make contact with Adrian Frost, who always wore a black leather jacket, with long blonde hair and loved the Elvis song Burnin Love...
Please email me if you know the whereabouts of any of these people now. One of my fondest memories was when the Fish and Chips wagon would come on a cold winter's night and we would all go down to the village green and buy fish and chips with salt & vinager, wrapped in newspaper. Ahh the good times!


Sunday 15th of February 2009
Heather <lysona(at)>

My years: 1960s Woodbridge or Bentwaters
Now: Essex England

I am am looking for my biologial father at the Base 1961 - my mothers name is Lyn she was 16-17 at the time. Reason for look curiosity only I have no expectation and well adjusted. The person I am looking for is Joe he had a friend he called Kelly and they when out to a place called the Gondola.


Monday 19th of January 2009
Jackie Smith(Carpenter) <limeymomma(at)>

My position: Ssgt or Tech Sgt Bill Lewis
My years: approx 1960-65

I am looking for Bill Lewis. He was a USAF staff or tech sergeant at the time of my birth. My mothers name was Patricia Catherine Darling and at the time of my birth, Feb 11, 1963 I was Sharon Ann Darling. Bill had 3 kids, one a four yr old boy who was named Bill Lewis Jr. Bill is /maybe Native American and was married to a girl from Ipswich. Bill is my birthdad. I have found my birth mom and my siblings and would like to locate my birthdad and my family on that side. Please email if you knew Bill. He would be in his 70's now thanx,
Jackie Smith


Saturday 17th of January 2009
Terry Zach <thezachs(at)>

My position: Dependent
My years: 66-69

Nice site. Lived on Woodbridge from 67-69. If anyone remembers me or my brother Rick then Hi from both of us.
Saw a couple of familiar dependent names, the Palacios and Amundsons.
Brought back memories.


Saturday 10th of January 2009
Clint Jones <clintjones(at)>

My position: clerk, a2c 81st supply  for major black My years: MAR/64 TO AUG/65
Now: 736 E. Parkwood st.  Sidney, ohio 45365       937-492-1527

What happen to ssgt andy anderson from seattle, washington; ssgt charlie jones from charleston, s.c. both in 81st supply and granny in computer operations?


Tuesday 06th of January 2009
Herb Albert <herbandelfin(at)>

My position: Munitions, A3/c 81st Supply Sq. Bentwaters
My years: 1958 to 1960
Now: Live in Omaha, Ne Retired

I'm looking for two friends, from Bentwaters
1. James A Rasley
2. Donald Babbs
Jim and I were in the munitions sec together, he was from Redding, PA And Don Babbs and I were hut mates at 81st supply SQ.


Tuesday 23rd of December 2008
Ernie OBrien (OB) <ErnestJon(at)>

My position: Weapons 46250 Sgt 78th TFS
My years: 1966-69
Now: Retired NYS

During my tour at Woodbridge I spent many nights and weekends in our Victor Alert Area. The chow was much better their. I remember a plaque on the wall in the recreation room of our pilots that rotated from the 78th TFS to Vietman and were either killed or MIA from 1966-69.
Can anyone help me out with this.
Thanks - OB


Thursday 20th of November 2008
Chuck Clark <bugblitzer(at)>

My position: A1C, 81 Trans Sqdn.
My years: 1966-67
Now: retired pest control company owner

Cygan, Staton, Billy Welch,T/Sgt. Donelly, Capt.Crock ,Horackovich,anyone else from those days/places


Friday 14th of November 2008
Ian and Frances Harris <ian44warren(at)>

My years: 1960 to 1992
Now: We live in Red Lodge near RAF Mildenhall

We are trying to trace the whereabouts of Rod and Helen nee' Foster. We cannot remember Rod's surname as they married around 1973 and moved to Vermont. Rod was a crew chief on F-4s.
Helen's family lived in Tattingstone and my wife was a bridesmaid for Helen and Rod.
We would like to find out how they all are and perhaps make contact if anyone has a phone number or address.


Date: Monday 27th of October 2008
From: Weston Maynard <wamaynard(at)>

My position: POL left UK as SSGT, 81st TFW Under Supply

My years: 09/1966 to 0931969

Now: Houston, TX - getting ready to retire from IT job

Probably the best assignment in my USAF Career - but when compared to Altus, OK that is not saying much, and my career was only about 3 yrs 8 mos. Have comtact with John Lorio who has put me in contact with this site, Met and re-met Danny Taylor, and met and lost Joe Calvert.
Spent some of my time on base bowling team - don't laugh we had one of those. Met a lot of really good guys there and in bowling lanes in Ipswich. I did spend a lot of time in U of Md on base and it inspried me enough to finish my degree when I got out.
Would love to hear from anyone that might remember me, but I realize that may not be too many - there I times I don't remember me either.


Date: Monday 13th of October 2008
From: David Hassler <annhassler(at)>

My position: 81st tac motorpool E3 driver transportation squd.

My years: 1968 to 1972

Now: Glendora California USA

Looking for anyone from the 81st Tac Fighter Wing motorpool


Date: Tuesday 07th of October 2008
From: Joe McNee <JGreatscot(at)>

My position: S/Sgt. Personal equipment NCOIC

My years: 1964 / 1968

Now: St. Cloud Mn. Retired high school English teacher

Am ex-patriot Scot and played soccer for the "Bentwood Titans" and would like to contact any who played during those years.



Date: Tuesday 23rd of September 2008
From: Bob Segraves <rcsegraves(at)>

My position: 2164th Comm Sq., Martlesham Heath

My years: 1963-1967

Now: Bouncing between Maryland and North Carolina rehabbing houses

My wife Vida (Nee "Betty Collis") and I are seeking information on the whereabouts of Bob and Barbara Schmidt, the US Directors of the British - American Armed Services Center at the Ipswich YMCA during 1963-1965. Bob was the Best Man at our wedding and we would like to make contact with him and his wife Barbara to plan a renewal of vows.


Date: Friday 12th of September 2008
From: Dan Aycock <da206(at)>

My position: E2-E5 79th TFS Weapons

My years: 66-69

Now: Walla Walla, Wa. Police Captain

In the Fall of 66 I was enroute from the west coast to the east coast for transportation to the UK for my assignment at the 79th. On the trip across the country I had the pleasure of connecting with a SMSGT or CMSGT that was a fire chief and was enroute to France to take over command of a station there. Shortly after he arrived the French bases were closed and I found out later he was reassigned to the position at either Woody or Bentwaters. Given his advanced age at the time - maybe 30 or so- he may be out of it by now. If anyone can identify this fellow and suggest a name or know where he is I will appreciate the information. Thanks.


Date: Thursday 11th of September 2008
From: Bill Tiley <billtiley(at)>

My position: A/2C Parachute Rigger, 20th FMS, RAF Woodbridge

My years: 1958 - 1962

Now: Tucson, AZ CEO Job Aire Group (Aircraft Maintenance)

Trying to find Pete Richardson, Ed Green, Huey Rascal, Wimpy Thayer, Charlie Brown, Henry (Jim) Nelson, Bob Murphy, Rod Rodrequez (Harley Rider), Johnny Danko (Fire Dept).
Sad news... Don Snyder (Engine Shop Supv.) has passed on, so has his lovely wife Doris.


Date: Saturday 06th of September 2008
From: Kim White <kim.white27(at)>

My position:

My years: 1957 - 1960

Now: Ely, Cambridgeshire, England

Please can anyone remember if there was an airman first class named Lenard/Leonard Austin at Bentwater/Woodbridge probably around 1957? Also does any remember Sheila Murphy who married Airman second class Gerald Hahn in 1960. I understand Gerald was based RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in 1960. I would very much appreciate any information anyone can give me. Thanks.


Date: Sunday 31st of August 2008
From: frank ferguson &gt;francisferguson(at);

My position: firefighterA/2C81st air base sd. &7546thsd.W/B

My years: 57-60


anyone from those years please contact me at francisferguson(at)


Date: Friday 29th of August 2008
From: <kerry.lees(at)>

Looking for Nicholas Santora - Airman First class - at Bentwater 1966


Date: Monday 1st of September 2008
From: Shaun Woodward
Email: Shaun(at)

My position: none
My years: none
Now: Bedford, England

Trying to locate Chuck Bowland 81st based at RAF Bentwaters around 1961 trying to find an ex US serviceman called Chuck Bowland, (probably a pilot) who served in RAF Bentwaters or Woodbridge, or possibly Alconbury in the UK around 1960-1963.
I think he may have been a member of the 81st TFW, but I am not certain.
I know during that time he travelled to Germany and back quite frequently.

The reason I ask is because I own a very old BMW car which I am told Chuck brought back from Germany at that time, and in fact he restored it during his service time in the UK via a UK garage belonging to Jack Crane in the village of Hollesley in Suffolk. This is very close to RAF Woodbridge, Bentwaters and also RAF Bawdsey.

I am trying to piece together the history of this car for posterity as it's so rare, and desperately wish to talk to Chuck ( if he is still alive) who I am sure holds more information about its history.


Date: Friday 29th of August 2008
From: Mark Collins johnmarkshrk(at)

My position: "D" Flight Security, Desk Sgt Law Enforcement

My years: 1966-1969

Now: North East, Md right on the Chesapeake Bay, 136 first st. North East, MD 21901`

Daniel L. Johnson, still looking for you. Please, answer...


Date: Friday 29th of August 2008
From: Mark Collins johnmarkshrk(at)

My position: humper, desk sgt/ LE

My years: 1966-1969

Now: North East, Md right on the Chesapeake Bay, 136 first st. North East, MD 21901`

I remember Wayne Chapman, contact me if you have not turned into Mick Jagger...


Email: johnmarkshrk(at)
Name: Mark Collins

Position/Rank: "D"Flight Security, Law Enforcement Dest Sgt.

Twin Bases years. 1966 to 1969

Located Now: : Retired from GM, Wilm.,Delaware, after 38 years as Senior Quality Advisor 6.

Message: Wonderful years, lots of people to thank for putting up with my sense of humor and B/S, would really like to hear from the one and only DANIEL L. JOHNSON. Other than Sgt. Cook, the only other person I would like to give a heartfelt THANKS for steering me in the right direction, or at least letting me know what direction was right. Anyone else who would like to communicate with me is welcome.
Security #: 2617
As Always, Irreverent,
Mark Collins


Tuesday 29th of April 2008
Ed Mahoney - rara4111(at)

My position: CC F86Ds 512th FIS 56-58 - 81st HQ.SQ. 65-68

My years: 56-58 65-68

Now: Las Vegas Nevada Retired

Looking for Carl Sorensen,He was assigned to OMS Bentwaters but worked at Woodbridge. If anyone has any information on Carl please contact me. Carl was a good friend and would like to touch bases with him. I last saw him at Woodbridge in 63. Thanks. Feel free to contact me.


Tuesday 29th of April 2008
John G Lorio - nhoj219(at)

My position: Sgt, airman assignments, 81 Combat Support Group

My years: July 1965 thru Dec 1969

Now: Philly, phone 215-755-4443

Looking for two Roommates, Ralph Arnold, Lincoln, NE and Jim Santoro, no idea where originally from.


Tuesday 22nd of April 2008
Bill Bauerle - wmb128(at)

My position: A&E Maintenance 78th Bentwaters

My years: 1961-1965

Now: Brunswick, Maine

My last positing on this site was in 2002 and I now have a new e-mail address.
[I have updated your email on the old posting - Linn Barringer].
Have been in touch with Jerry Tabor, Jim Estes, Claude Miller, Al Shoessow, Larry Lawrence. Still looking for anyone who remembers them or me.
Would like to hear from you.


Sunday 20th of April 2008
John Kelley - jpkelley01(at)

My position: 81st transportation Sq/81st A&E-A2C -RAFBentwaters

My years: 1960-1963

Now: Located now in Maryland/Retired/Salisbury, Maryland

Still looking for information about Basil Goldy Lamb Jr, Stanley Scott any information on SSgt Bridges in Transportation Sq-any people in A&E or Transportation Sq during those years.


Saturday 19th of April 2008
Frank Ferguson - francisferguson(at)

My position: Firefighter A/2C Woodbridge

My years: 1957-1960

Now: New Haven, Ct.

Looking for anyone who was stationed thereat that time, Mike Carroll, Clarence Rudder, ect.


Saturday 08th of March 2008
hazel strong - bohensky4(at)

My years: 1965
Now: 1259 treasure lake dubois pa 15801 usa
i left a message about my ring (below). i gave it to someone on base and never saw him again, i was the girl from edinburgh, i changed my email address so if anyone knew about this and tried to contact me please try again. thanks for the memories

Name: FRANKIE BOHENSKY (formerly Hazel Strong) 
E-Mail: bohensky4(at)  
B/W yrs: Late 60s 


Thursday 21st of February 2008
Alan L. Farner - Farner78(at)

My position: 81st SPS Woodbridge
My years: 65-68/75-78
Now: Gamaliel, AR, 100% retired and doing alot of fishing
I am trying to find my best man, married Oct. 22, 1966. I remember his name as Mike Pappara (sp) rank was A1c, he worked at Bentwaters and drove a blue Chevy Corvair. He also married a girl from Kesgrave, (I think), she lived just off the A12. Some one has got to remember him. Any help would be appricated. Thanks.


Sunday 17th of February 2008
samantha - mak.katalayi(at)

My years: around 1967
I am trying to find Gordon Eldridge who was at Bentwaters around 1967 and worked in 81st hyd and had a friend Max Ludwig. If anyone has any information please e-mail.


Sunday 10th of February 2008

My position: ssgt or tech sgt bill lewis
My years: aprox 1960=65
Now: portsmouth nh
I am looking for Bill Lewis.He was a USAFstaff or tech sargent at the time of my birth.My mothers name was Patricia Catherine Darling and at the time of my birth,feb 11,1963 I was Sharon ann Darling.Bill had 3 kids ,one a four yr old boy who was named bill lewis jr.bill is Native American and was married to a girl from Ipswich.Bill is my birthdad.I have found my birthmom and my siblings and would like to locate my birthdad and my family on that side.please email if you knew Bill.thanx, jackie smith C'mon its my birthday tomorrow :}


Sunday 17th of February 2008
samantha - mak.katalayi(at)

My years: around 1967
I am trying to find Gordon Eldridge who was at Bentwaters around 1967 and worked in 81st hyd and had a friend Max Ludwig. If anyone has any information please e-mail.


Sunday 10th of February 2008

My position: Ssgt or Tech Sgt Bill Lewis
My years: aprox 1960-65
Now: Portsmouth NH
I am looking for Bill Lewis. He was a USAF staff or tech sargeant at the time of my birth. My mothers name was Patricia Catherine Darling and at the time of my birth, feb 11,1963 I was Sharon Ann Darling. Bill had 3 kids, one a four yr old boy who was named bill lewis jr. Bill is Native American and was married to a girl from Ipswich. Bill is my birthdad. I have found my birth mom and my siblings and would like to locate my birthdad and my family on that side. Please email if you knew Bill.
Jackie Smith
C'mon its my birthday tomorrow :}


Tuesday 15th of January 2008
Scot, son of Raymond Maxwell - maxwell7(at)

My position: Staff Sergeant ??
My years: 1962 to 1965 ??
Trying to find Brian Harvey he had a son born late 1962 or early 63 named Jonie. Wifes name _an (can't make out in card) possibly another child named Lee Lee. Lived at 33 Madden Ave Chatham Kent. This is a long shot but I've tried every opportunity I can. Thank you for your time and any suggestions you may have !!
Scot R Maxwell


Sunday 16th of December 2007
Kim Craft (email:
Woodbridge Connection: My dad was stationed at Bentwaters-Woodbridge from 1966 to 1970.
Now: : Montclair, NJ, USA
I have many wonderful memories of England. I was 8 yrs old when we moved to England. We spent a year living at Hacheston in a lovely cottage with a lily pond and greenhouse (grapes were grown there). My siblings and I spent many a day wondering through the neighboring sugar beet fields and the tall hedge rows separating them. Truly the best of times! I am writing now because my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in a couple of months and I'm gathering facts and figures for a keepsake. I have something of an unusual request - I would like to know the elevation of Woodbridge (above sea level), but can't find it anywhere on the web. If you know, please email me.

Many thanks and God bless you.


See this page for an update on the elevation discussion!


Date: Wednesday 05th of December 2007
Name: Joan Heck Morris

My position: Dependent, Father Provost Marshal, 81st AP Sqdn
My years: 1958-1961
Located now at: Brookville, Indiana
Thinking about old friends from Bentwaters, would like to find them: Lt. Jack Roberts, Pete P. Garcia, Skip (Michael) Lantry, James D. McCann, Lt. Pete McCarty, Keneth Lee Fox, Robert Lee Wilson, & possibly Col Henry L Crouch. Pete Garcia's wife was Jackie Piper, & would love to hear from them. Please email me!!! Thanks so much, Joan Heck


Date: Wednesday 05th of December 2007
Name: Jack Swinehamer

Jack Swinehamer's Last PostMy position: Intelligence Detachment (OLN 92) 81 CSG / 81
TFW My years: 1962 & 1963
Located now at: Punchbowl National Cemetery Hawaii
Seeking anyone who knew TSgt JACK SWINEHAMER at RAF BW in 1962 or 1963 (or anywhere else before or after). He was Asst. NCOIC of Intelligence Det. (OLN 92) from June 1962 until January 1963, then Asst. NCOIC Target Materials Branch until August 1963. As a young man, Jack survived the Bataan Death March and more than three years as a POW. He reenlisted in the Army after the War, serving on occupation duty in Trieste and during the Korean War. He switched from Army to Air Force in 1956 and was at Turner AFB and Laughlin AFB, and then in Korea immediately before his RAF BW assignment. He retired from USAF at 81st TFW August 1963. Died in Honolulu Sept. 1979. Any information about Jack would be most gratefully appreciated.
Please contact me by return email.
Thanks, John Patton


Date: Friday 30th of November 2007
Name: Ina (Phillips) Hasley

My position: Secretary, 81st Supply
My years: 1968-1973
Located now at: Oklahoma City, OK
I found this site by accident and bookmarked it for revisits once a month. Its the end of Nov coming up and I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw my name. I was pleased that after after 30 years someone still remembered me. Memories immediately came to mind of all the names from the past that I've recognized in the messages but never took time to add any message myself. Seeing my name made me realize that friends never really forget friends. This is a great site to find someone you once knew. I was a single female working on BW base and I met many wonderful people there. I met my husband there It was the right time, right people and right place to enjoy the best years of my life I do hope more people will remember me and contact me at the above email. Thank you for a great helpful and memorable site.
Ina Hasley


Date: Saturday 03rd of November 2007

My position: CREW CHIEF, SSGT, 91st TFS, A Flight
My years: 1966-1969
Located now at: Lindenhurst, New York/retired 747F loadmaster/cargo manager
Searching for two people..number one is SSGT RALPH ELDERBAUM with his big handlebar mustache, other is SSGT JOHN BISHOP. Both assigned 91 TFS same years.
Any help would be appreciated.


Date: Monday 22nd of October 2007
Name: Jimmy Gray

My position: Ssgt -91st TFS-F4 crew chief-RAF Bentwaters
My years: sept 69-nov 72
Located now at: Laurel, Mississippi
I look back on my years at Bentwaters with great fondness. I had a lot of friends on and off base, both American and British. A few older guys I worked with were: Ed Mcginty, Jimmy Trial, Pete Gandara, Steven Von Bampus, and Gordie Nelms. A few of my friends were: Tom Blickenstaff, Rod Miller, Larry Kaspereen, Jacque Dextradeur, Grendale Satterfield, Mike Rowlee, larry Hamada, Clyde King, and many more.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from such a long time ago.


Betty Flenner
Found Thomas C. Flenner
Tom was actually my husband for almost 22 years. He passed away on May 11, 2007. He was stationed at Woodbridge in the 1960s and was married to Maxine Perkins. They had 2 childred Rhea and Tom, Jr. who are both now living in Upper Darby, PA near me. I would dearly love to have contact with anyone who knew Tom during those years in the service.
Because, while we grew up together and went to the same schools, we lost touch when he went into Air Force. Maxine passed away in 1980 and Tom and I reconnected in 1984 and were married in 1985. PLEASE, if there is anyone out there who was stationed with Tom please contact me.
Thank you.


Date: Tuesday 16th of October 2007
Name: Earl Goodin

My position: Sheet Metal, A 2C , 81 st FMS
My years: 1963-66 & 1968-70
Located now at: Jacksonville Fl, Retired, Dept of Defense,
What a wonderful site, thank you for the memories. I was stationed at Bentwaters / Woodbridge from 1963-1966 and also worked with a company on base called Dynaelctron Corp from 1968-1970. If anyone remembers the good times I would love to here from you. Currrently, living in Florida and retired from the Dept of Defense.

I'm looking for anyone who knew the Barry family that lived at Bourne Hill. The daughter is named Sue Moss, she has a son named Carl Moss, brother named John Barry. If anyone knows where she is located please e-mail me. I just want to see how she is doing.

While stationed at Bentwaters, another memorable friend was Alex Trumpeter (British Civilian) that worked in the sheet metal shop. I saw a picture of him and friends at the old sheet metal shop. It seemed to be a few years after the base closed. I would love to know how he is getting on.

Another family is Mike and Pat Mower (spelling), he owned a scaffolding business in Ipswich. Any help is much appreciated and thank you for a wonderful site.

I have such wonderful memories of the people I met while there and the places visited. Thank you all for making my experience in the U.K. so enjoyable.


Date: Monday 01st of October 2007
Name: Dale Scott

My position: Security Police, Desk Sgt. Sgt, 81st Woodbridge
My years: 1968-1972
Located now at:


Date: Friday 21st of September 2007
Name: Norman Deeley

My position: Fire protection spec. at Bentwaters
My years: Between 68 and 70
Located now at: Naples Fl
Looking for anyone from those days. In particular my good friend Tom Farrell


Date: Monday 17th of September 2007

My position: clerk
My years: 1963-1967


Date: Saturday 15th of September 2007
Name: John Lorio

My position: SGT, Airman Asgmnts, 81 CMBT SPT GP, BW My years: 7/24/64 - 12/1/69 Located now at: Philly, 215-755-4443
Looking for Danny W. Taylor, 81st Supply Sq formerly of Valdosta,GA was my best man at my wedding and Ralph Arnold of Lincoln, NE was my roomate while living on base along with Jim Santoro.


Date: Tuesday 21st of August 2007
Name: Bob Westwood

My position: I was an A1C in AGE at Bentwaters My years: 1963 - 1964 Located now at: Retired from th USAF in 1981 and from Boeing in 2005
I'm looking for Freddy Diaz who was in the FMS Sheetmetal Shop at Bentwaters.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Raymond V. Morgan

My position: MSgt, NCOIC Chaplain Section, 81st CSGp My years: 1966 - 1969 Located now at: Retired; 12001 Norwood Drive, Leawood, KS 66209
The fondest years of my military career. Returned to Britain on holiday each year until 2001. We now support the Daughters of The British Empire, Kansas Chapters.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Harry Etheridge (Harold)

My position: Weapons Mechanic(bomb-loader) 92 TFS, S/Sgt.
My years: 1968-1971
Located now at: Retired civil service/ 7616 Goodall Mill Rd. Macon, Ga. 31216
looking for anyone from 92nd Tactical Fighter Squadron willing to share memories. Running Buck Pub in Ipswich, Queen's Head Pub in Saxmundham, London on Weekends, TDYs to Italy, Spain, Libya, Turkey,-Great life experiences seen through the haze of warm English Ale(was it Watney's pale ale?) Airman's Club, especially on New Year's eve.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Bill Tiley

My position: Parachute Rigger, A/2C
My years: 1958-1961
Located now at: Woodbridge Hall, 13450 N. Piper Drive, Tucson, AZ 85755 Tel 520-245-9311
So many friends and good memories at RAF Woodbridge. Want to locate Ed Green, Jim Nelson, Huey Rascal, Gary Parker, Rod Rodrequez, Wimpy Thayer, Pete Richardson, Don Munsun, Mike Vedas, Roy (Jim) Thomas, Sgt. Berg.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Don Mekoola
Email: F22DON#at#AOL.COM

My position: Engine Shop,Mech,Sgt, 79th TFS My years: 1968-1970 Located now at: Retired Msgt, USAF, Now living in Orland Park,Illinois
Had a great time in England, and with the 79th TFS. Was in the engine shop, worked with some great guys.


Date: Tuesday 24th of July 2007
Name: keith schwandt
Email: sneakypete54#at#hotmail,com

My position: crew chief F4D B/W
My years: 69 thru 71
Located now at: wellingto ks
Was best man for a friend Pete Walls, had good times with the black ice. Can't find him anyplace.


Date: Sunday 22nd of July 2007
Name: Paul Nixon

My position: Air Police, A3C-A1C , 81APS, Woodbridge
My years: 196l-l964
Located now at: North Bend, Ohio
Thanks Eddie McAfee for telling me about this site.This was my first assignment and I really enjoyed my tour. Would like to hear from Ron Milillo, Hartley Felmey, Bob O'Sullivan or anyone knowing how to contact them. After Woodbridge, I was stationed at Stewart AFB, NY, Tuy AB Vietnam, FE Warren AFB WY, Marion,IN (Recruiter), Tanagra AB, Greece and Grand Forks, ND. I retired Dec 8l as E-7.


Date: Saturday 21st of July 2007
Name: Donald Brandt

My position: 81st Transporation Airman 2nd Class Maintance
My years: 1962-1965
Located now at: Kalamazoo MI Supervisor 3321 Claxton ST. Kal.MI 49048
Looking for Robert G. J ST. Pierre, Ray Kerpinski I was best man in his wedding Robert Doolin We had some very good times in Bentwarers Airmans Club...


Date: Thursday 19th of July 2007
Name: Bill Tiley

My position: Parachute Rigger, A/2c
My years: 1958 - 1961
Located now at: Woodbridge Hall, 13450 N. Piper Dr. Tucson, AZ 85755
Looking for buddies: 20th FMS Pete Richardson, Chavez, Ed Greene, Ernest (Wimpy) Thayer, Henry J. (Jim) Nelson, Don Snyder, Willy Grossert, Charlie Brown, Don Munsun, Mike Vedas, Rodriquez.


Date: Thursday 19th of July 2007
Name: Fred Webb

My position: Sgt., Crew Chief, Woody, SMS, Airfield Super, BW My years: 66-69 and 91-92 respectively Located now at: Greenville, TX, Flight Publications Manager, 645 AESS
I was a 79 TFS (A Flight)crew chief (56-3007)at Woodbridge from 66 to 69. I was George Mills' trainee and Bill Fetzer was mine. I was later the Airfield Superintendent at Bentwaters/Woodbridge for a little over a year, then moved to Mildenhall as Airfield Manager.


Date: Tuesday 10th of July 2007
Name: David (Andy) Anderson

My position: Security Police E-3, 81sps, Bentwaters My years: 1969-1972 Located now at: Lakeland, Florida
Had a great time in the UK. Some of the guys I hung with Jim Dickerson, Alan Mills, Stringbean, Jackson, Al Love, Turk Bush, Ruffin, Coffee, Heavy and many more, B, Brown.


Date: Monday 09th of July 2007
Name: Charlie Seabrooks

My position: Driver motorpoole sgt. transpotation
My years: 1966-1969
Located now at: Gordon,Ga.
Can anybody tell me some names of some of the people that was in the motorpoole?


Date: Tuesday 26th of June 2007
Name: Corina Moran

My position: seeker of information
My years: 0
Located now at: Blackfoot, Idaho
I came across some paintings signed by Oscar J. DelCastello. I tracked his name to this database. The paintings are dated 1967 and 1977. Does anyone know how to get a hold of this person or who he is? Thanks


From: RubyTylerw at
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 11:39 PM

I am looking for my father Daniel O'Connell he was a staff sargeant in the 381st M.M.S between 1964 and 1969 at Bentwaters. His best buddy was called Skip Mueuller who was in 81st at the same time. If anyone remembers him or has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
I really hope you will be able to print this message, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
My email address is Rubytylerw#(at)
My name is Siobhan Walton.


Date: Wednesday 25th of January 2006
Name: andy (scotty) coulter
Email: carkuke at
TwinBase job: a/c svc. unit a/1c 81 supply bentwaters
Twin Base years: FEB 1958/MAR 1961
Located Now: west islip ny
Message: bentwaters was a good posting, being a scot.i was close to home.still keep in touch with sean dunne,gary fondren and jerry murphy. trying to locate a pete fitzpatrick .


Date: Monday 23rd of January 2006
Name: Felix Edward Massaia
Email: femassaia at
TwinBase job: Ret. 1st Sgt 325th AP Sqdn, AP Ops Sgt, 7519th
Twin Base years: 1951-1952 The Grove
Located Now: Retired asForensic Clinical Pschologist, WA St Dept Corrections,1987
Message: Enjoyed the 7519th reunion at Branson November 2005. I was part of the cadre that opened Shepherds Grove in 1951


Date: Tuesday 24th of January 2006
Name: Earl Goodin
Email: bwmam at
TwinBase job: Airframe Repairman, FMS, A2C
Twin Base years: 1963-1966
Located Now: Retired from Dept of Defense, Jacksonville Florida
Message: I am looking for Tom Orlando, he was stationed at Woodbridge 1964- 1967. If anyone knows his were abouts please e-mail me. His daughter Samantha is looking for him.


Date: Tuesday 10th of January 2006
Name: Robert Boots
Email: Robert_Boots at
TwinBase job: Sgt Weapons loading 79 TFS
Twin Base years: 1964-1968 Woody
Located Now: Woodbury, Minnesota
Message: Lots of memories, good years


Date: Tuesday 10th of January 2006
Name: Paul Bell
Email: pbding2000 at
TwinBase job: 79th TFS (Weapons)
Twin Base years: 67-70
Located Now: St. Clairsville, Ohio
Message: some of the best times of my life.


Date: Sunday 08th of January 2006
Name: Chuck Clark
Email: bugblitzer at
TwinBase job: 81st Transportation Sqadron, Mechanic, A1C
Twin Base years: 1966,1967
Located Now: Macon GA
Message: Cygan, Staton, anyone else? Ralph Jones is in Atlanta...


Date: Monday 26th of December 2005
Name: John Mangum
Email: john(a)
TwinBase job: SSgt, Det 3, 2164th Comm Sqd, Martlesham Heath
Twin Base years: 67-70
Located Now: Much Wenlock, Shropshire, UK
Message: Spent three years at Martlesham Heath (the Rock) Many fond memories including the first year that I spent living in one of the Quonset Huts at RAF Bentwaters (mine was on the end of the steam pipe run adjacent to the sugar beet field that seperated the Huts from the old hospital). I've been back in the UK for eight years now, and still visit Ipswich often.

Date: Friday 23rd of December 2005
Name: John (Jack) Abbazia
Email: telesave(a)
TwinBase job: 81st Air Police, C Flight, A2C
Twin Base years: October 1963 to October 1966 Located Now: Burlington, NJ, Retired
Message: Really enjoyed my time at Woodbridge and all my friends. Good times in Ipswich, the Rondevous Club, playing Swish in the dayroom, and the Airman's Club. Hi to everyone. Thanks for the great site, I visit often, many fond memories.

Date: Sunday 18th of December 2005
Name: Forrest Atkins
Email: fatkins1(at)
TwinBase job: Weapons Mechanics Crew Chief
Twin Base years: 1966 to 1970
Located Now: Oxnard, Calif
Message: Watching Woodbridge UFO documentary, on researching further, stumbled across this site.

Date: Saturday 17th of December 2005
Name: Tom McGar
Email: tbmcgar-ret(at)
TwinBase job: Capt. Pilot 92nd TFS
Twin Base years: 1965-68
Located Now: 7432 SW Vineyard Ct., Portland, Oregon
Message: Aircraft Commander F-4C

Date: Tuesday 13th of December 2005
Name: Earl J. Goodin
Email: bwmam(at)
TwinBase job: Sheet Metal Shop A2C FMS
Twin Base years: 10/63-9/66
Located Now: Retired from Dept of Defense 2003 as a Planner and Estimator
Message: I have wonderful memories of my time in the U.K. Ipswich, Running Buck, Douglas House, and of course all the great British that treated me so good. I remember one girl from Ipswich that I was very serious about, her name was Sue Moss (Berry) she had a little son named Carl. I spent many fabulous days with her and her family near Bourne Hill.
Another girl I knew very well was Pat Brown she worked at the NCO Club at Bentwaters and she come to Florida to visit. She was very special to me and have e-mailed her in the last month. What wonderful memories. Currently I live in Jacksonville. Florida. If anyone remembers me please e-mail

Date: Sunday 27th of November 2005
Name: Jerry L. Epley
Email: Jlewildcatfan(at)
BW job: A.P. A/2C..81st. APRON, Feb. 63..May 65
Located Now: Saint Cloud, Florida...Retired...708 Castillo Place
Message: Revisited B/W and W/B in May of 2005. My wife (Judy) and I had a wonderful time. It was great to see my old roommate (Walt Smith) and spend time with him and his wife. I hadn't seen Walt in almost 40 years and he and his wife (Anne) treated us just like family
We can't wait until our next visit to Ipswich. I had talked about Bentwaters to my wife for years and I must say she really enjoyed the visit as much as I did.
Walt and I even played a game of darts in one of the old pubs. I was informed that he hadn't played darts in many years. It was so much fun and the laughter was great. I just hope that we can return again real soon.
Anyone that remembers me is welcome to email.

Date: Friday 29th of July 2005
Name: Joe Barton
Email: jbarton09(at)
B/W years: Woodbridg 67-69
B/W job: 81st SPS, Sgt., D-Flight
Located Now: Macomb Mi
Message: My son found this site for, beenchecking the American Legion monthly for any news from yhe 60's at B/W, if anyone remembers me send me a note. Woodbridge was a great base and the guys sky cops were the best.

Date: Friday 29th of July 2005
Name: Bill Croghan
Email: AFblue(at)
B/W years: 1961-64
B/W job: Air Traffic Control(at)Anglia Control - Wattisham
Located Now: Seneca, South Carolina
Message: Best wishes to those I served with at Anglia Control, RAF Wattisham. Would like to hear from you. I have a number of photos and newpaper articles that I can share.

Date: Wednesday 27th of July 2005
Name: Ian Travers
Email: windychywy(at)
B/W years: Nov63-Nov66. Apr68-Jul73
B/W job: 1st Tour-81A&E Comm/Nav 2nd Tour 81TFW Q.C Insp
Located Now: Cheyenne,Wyoming
Message: Really enjoyed both tours.First tour lived in Quay St,Woodbridge. Second tour lived at The Old Rectory,Campsea Ashe. Off duty loved to fish Shingle St,Played Darts for NCO Club.( Jim Hunt and I won the Doubles at St Audreys in 69) Played soccer for the Base Team. Had a season ticket for the "Town". Many a spring morning would pick mushrooms at the crack of dawn out near the flight line.(this would upset some of the locals....).Names remembered include,Raabe,Combs,Hollis,Lewington,Havers,Basham,Gunter,Hairston Clarkin. Used to own a Royal Enfield two-stroke that was really handy on the narrow roads.If anyone from that time period remembers be and would like to bat the breeze drop a line.

Alan L Farner just prior to retirement

Name: Alan L. Farner
Email: madgn(at)
B/W years: RAF Woodbridge, 1965/69 & 1975/78
B/W job: 81st SPS
Located Now: North Arkansas
Message: Picture of self just prior to retirement.
I have found a lost friend; Thomas & Maureen Janik who were stationed at RAF Woodbridge in the mid 60s. Many old friends have been looking from them for some time.


Friday 07/22/2005 4:27:24pm
Name Fyhrie, Leonard J.
B/W yrs 64 to 67
B/W job Aero Repair , 81st FMS
Now at Sauk Rapids, MN
Message I came to Bentwaters a young troop fresh out of Tech School, and really loved the three years there. Started out on the F101,and than the F4C. I think 826 or 828 was the first F4 there.

Sunday 07/17/2005 6:44:02am
B/W yrs Bentwaters from Dec 24, 65 to July 1968
B/W job Bentwaters- 81st Supply Sq. Supply Spec
Now at Maine State Gov. Computer Operator
Message Would like to hear from the personnel I worked with in that time period. After leaving the Air Force went to college after that joined the Maine Army National Guards with my dad. After my dad retired I went back to the Air Force in the Maine air National Guards and retired in 1992 with a total of 27 years.

Saturday 07/09/2005 5:37:31pm
Name Marvin Blackman
B/W yrs 1964-1968
B/W job Woodbridge Security Police
Now at Houston, Texas
Message Good times, Good People.

Friday 07/08/2005 12:31:15am
Name [SLIM] Everette D Turbeville Jr.
B/W yrs 1965 to 1968
B/W job heavy equipment [transportation Sq.]
Now at Florence s.c.
Message I married my wife of 38 years while I was stationed there, had a great time. I was in on the pull out of France, moved a lot of equipment from the port to other bases in England. Went T.D.Y Wheelus A.F.B. and Scotland. Does anyone remmember a fellow by the name of Charle Brown or Ralph Cursea

Thursday 06/30/2005 3:19:13am
Name Gene Raper
Email raperfam(at)
B/W yrs 1967-1970
B/W job AWCS Radar Shop (old A&E Building)
Now at Ashburn, Georgia
Message I was an awcs troop from 66-70. I am still looking for Jim Houser, Warren O'toole, Steve Wages, Al Weathers, Carl Ferrie, TK Walters, Al Fremder, Bates, Miekowski, 'Pappy' Garret, and any others that may have been there at the time and remember me. I have heard from George Miller, Carl Nice, and Rick Billings. These were the best and most fun years of my life. Some of you guys still have some of my money from our poker games, although I did manage to get some of yours. My email address now is I would like to hear from any of you guys.

Monday 06/27/2005 7:24:04am
Name Carl Russell (by daughter, Bethany)
B/W yrs 1960-1963
B/W job A & E
Now at
Message My dad, Carl Russell, speaks of his time there with great joy. He, my mother, and I recently had the opportunity to visit Bentwaters. I know he would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.
All the best.

Saturday 06/18/2005 11:36:28pm
Name Frank C. Newbell
B/W yrs 67-70
B/W job Ground Radio Equipment Repairman
Now at 1116 Fairways, Lebanon, TN. 37087-2262
Message Interested in talking to anyone who served during this period, especially from the 2164th Comm Squadron

Tuesday 06/14/2005 7:34:45pm
Name Rosemary Mayhew (nee Taylor)
Email --- [the email Rosemary gave was not accepting email from me, so I have removed it - Linn Barringer] ---
B/W yrs 1963-1967
B/W job Secretary (UK Civilian) Personal Svcs
Now at Felixstowe
Message Happy years and a lot of good friends made. I still keep in touch and see many of them, including those in the US. It would be nice to hear from anyone who worked in Personnel/Personal Services and related organisations at that time and who has lost touch.

Tuesday 06/14/2005 2:44:52am
Name Donald LaBarre
B/W yrs 1962-64 and 1978-82
B/W job AGE shop and Jolly Green Flt. Eng.
Now at Las Vegas, Nevada
Message Retired here in 1985 from the F-117's. Working at the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, stop by any time.

Thursday 06/09/2005 10:21:23pm
Name Michael Jolly
B/W yrs 1965 to 1967
B/W job 81st Air Police
Now at Miami Florida
Message Those were the good years, Thank you Linn for the re-unions. I don't remember too many guys, I do still miss Nicki Tripp. I did run across some names from other guestbooks. Good luck all.

Saturday 06/04/2005 0:27:16am
Name Robert Hughes
B/W yrs 1966 1967 1968
B/W job MMS Bomb Loader
Now at 2930 Hwy 220 Lavinia Tn. 38348
Message Still looking for Roger Deckard. I have found several thanks to this web site.
June 3, 2005

Monday 05/30/2005 6:18:55pm
Name Gil Barron
B/W yrs
B/W job
Now at
Message I'm trying to find any information or the whereabouts of a Laurence or Arthur Gilitzer. He was based at Bentwaters in the mid to late 60s and was possibly a Sgt. Any information would be gratefully received thankyou.

Tuesday 05/24/2005 8:57:33pm
Name Aaron (string bean) (Mac) McReynolds
B/W yrs 1968 -1972
B/W job SPS
Now at Flint, Michigan
Message Went back to Bentwaters and Woodbridge in 2005 on a visit with my wife, who I first saw at the Q club in London.

Thursday 05/19/2005 12:31:41am
Name Harold (Harry) Etheridge
B/W yrs 1968-1971
B/W job Weapons Mechanic (Bombloader)
Now at retired civil service from Robins AFB Ga
Message Looking for any old 92nd TFS Weapons Mechanics. Remember cranking in the 20 ml rounds in the gun pod? What were the bomblifters called( MJ-1/MJ-4). Hated sticking my head behind the rocket launchers to punch one out with a screwdriver when one came back stuck from a flight. TDYs were great, got to get suntans in Libya, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Sardinia, then come back to the cold in England. Wish I could do it all over again, the Queens Head pub in Saxmundham, Running Buck in Ipswich, beer on base was $2.40 a case, Bacardi Rum was $1.25 a fifth. Don't drink anymore, but sure enjoyed my youth in a fantastic country. Looking for Gary Furstenberg, Greg Treadwell, Johnny Payne, Edward Dumas, Pete Holloway.
Cheers to a great group of troops!!

Monday 05/16/2005 2:30:41am
Name Dennis Myers
B/W yrs Anglia Control 1961 to 1964
B/W job Air Traffic Controller (Radar)
Now at Long since retired
Message Many wonderful memories gained at Anglia Control. Met my wife in London, Married in 1963, still going strong.
Anyone from Anglia, E-Mail and lets share some memories

Friday 05/06/2005 4:27:52am
Name Stuart J. Rolfsen (Stu), SMSgt, Ret.
B/W yrs 1962 - 1965
B/W job A G E Shop
Now at Montgomery, Alabama
Message The F-101 was a great aircraft and the people assigned to maintain her were the best. Remember the "Wing Change" in 1963-1964 and the two Gray Ghost aircraft.

Tuesday 05/03/2005 10:14:35pm
Name Daniel Lilley
B/W yrs
B/W job
Now at Hadleigh, Suffolk
Message Hi to all that read this... found this site by mistake. Would like to hear from anyone who may know or have heard of my uncle, he was stationed at Bentwaters and Woodbridge in I guess the 60's-70's his name is Harry jack Lewis and he is 65 now, originally he lived in PA usa... now living in Wales. Have heard some crazy stories from his USAF days and would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers him. My e-mail address is

Saturday 04/30/2005 1:51:01am
Name Dale chandler
B/W yrs July 1969 thru Dec 1972 E2 thru E4 Sgt.
B/W job 81st supply nors spec.
Now at Civilian
Message I found the sight by mistake. I met a lot of great people. I often think of those times. I am married and have 2 girls and two grandchildren.

Friday 04/29/2005 3:47:57pm
Name Jim Wieck
B/W yrs 1969 thru 1973
B/W job Jet Engine Mechanic
Now at 18 Wesley Drive Wilder Ky 859-441-6354
Message I was a jet engine mech with the 81st FMS. I also played on the football team 1970, 71, & 72. Would like to hear from anyone. I was a bartender for a couple years at the airmans club. We had some great times at the club.

Friday 04/15/2005 8:16:04am
Name K W (Mac) McMullen
B/W yrs 1969-1973
B/W job air traffic control
Now at Spokane, Wa
Message My wife, Romelle and I, along with three daughters, loved our time in the UK. When we first arrived in 1969 we stayed in the Coach and Horses in Melton for several weeks on TLA until we moved into base housing on Woodbridge. We met folks at the Pub who became lasting friends. I was the Chief Controller at Woodbridge and worked with really great controllers, including three English civilians who were known as Native Sons. I had worked with two of these 10 years before when a very young airman at RAF Lakenheath and assigned at Anglia radar air traffic control center. A look back now, this is all ancient history and of very little interest, so cheerio.

Wednesday 04/13/2005 10:22:55pm
Name Michael Jolly
B/W yrs 1965 to 1967
B/W job 81st Air Police
Now at Miami, Florida
Message Been a long road from then to now. Didn't realize Bentwaters could be missed so much, along with all the guys. Funny to see the photos sent by others and to see them now to be able to talk about the old days. Will be watching for reunions. If anyone knows where I could find Nicki Tripp (Harris), could you please call me (305) 793-1998.

Monday 04/11/2005 8:13:48pm
Name Joe Wommack
B/W yrs 1962-1966
B/W job Crew chief F101& F4's
Now at Lakeland,Fla.Ferrer Aviation
Message All ole Bentwaters troops should give Linn a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for his web, its so good to ck it and find ole friends.
Thanks Linn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 04/09/2005 11:18:22pm
Name Paul Mac Pherson
B/W yrs 1964
B/W job A G E
Now at Home in Mass.
Message Was stationed at RAF Station Bentwaters for a short time in 1964. Many happy memories of my time there.

Friday 04/08/2005 12:56:58am
B/W yrs 1968-1971
B/W job 81ST SPS

Friday 03/25/2005 5:34:21pm
Name Norman E. Clark
B/W yrs 1968-1972 1987-1991
B/W job Supply
Now at Hurlburt Field, Fl
Message [no message was left]

Wednesday 03/23/2005 6:32:56pm
Name Ron and Pam Burrell
Email ronburrell(at)
B/W yrs 1961-1965, 1981-1986
B/W job Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
Now at Denver Colorado
Message Hello Captain Childers from your former babysitters. We are going back to 1962 when we watched the little nippers. They were good so it was a easy job. Thanks for the tip, a 10 bob note. That was a lot of money in those days when fish and chips cost a half a crown and a pint of ale 12 pence. Good hearing from you in a email last night. It isn't too often that one gets a chance to babysit for one of Chappie James pilots. Let's keep in touch.

Tuesday 03/22/2005 6:44:04pm
Name John R (Chilly) Childers
B/W yrs 1961 - 1964
B/W job Voodo Pilot 92nd TFS
Now at Shreveport, LA
Message Spent many a wonderful day at Bentwaters. Lived in Snape until my wife and children returned to the States, then moved in to Tin (alias "Sin") City. Col. J.J. Burns was Squadron C.O. when I arrived, then Chappie James (until he made O-6). Would love to hear from anyone who remembers "Chilly" or "Bob" Childers.

Sunday 03/20/2005 8:25:04am
Name Rene (Ray) Leon Bouchard
B/W yrs 1965-1967
Name: Lindsey Marie Turner
Message: I am looking to contact Rene (Ray) Leon Bouchard who was stationed at Bentwaters between 1965 and 1967. He was from Maine and his nickname was Moose. Any leads at all pls email me.
Thank You.

Friday 03/18/2005 3:31:47am
Name Andy Castro Jr
B/W yrs 1968-1971
B/W job 81st Security Police Sq. BW/WoodBridge
Now at Fort Worth, Texas Retired 1989
Message Did some time at the twin bases, The Airmen Club just opened up, new BX, New movie house, and I was introduced to the one arm bandit. The Bentwater Phamtoms football team was winning and played in the first Super bowl Army/ Air Force game. Bentwaters won. I heard about the UFO incident and its vey much possible, those were some deep woods. There were stories about ole East End charlie(Ghost)running around that east end gate. I have so many memories from back in the day. RAF BENTWatERS, ENGLAND...

Thursday 03/17/2005 11:30:11pm
Name Bob Moore
B/W yrs 1963/65
B/W job AGE
Now at Laughlin, NV
Message Cool site, brought back some amazing memories, and thoughts of good friends. How in the world did we get so OLD!

Wednesday 03/16/2005 2:17:31pm
Name JOSEPH FORTIS 13750582- looking for
B/W yrs 1965 to 1966 (for definite)
B/W job Airman 2nd Class - 81st Tac. FighterWing
Message TRY TO CONTACT JOSEPH FORTIS - OR ANYONE WHO KNEW HIM. He was stationed at Bentwaters, for definite, between 1965 and 1966. He married a girl from London called Ann Devlin in Sept 1966.
Any help - please email - We are desperate to find Joseph.
Thank you very much.

Wednesday 03/09/2005 1:30:33am
Name Willie T. (Tom) Sinclair
B/W yrs 66-70
B/W job 2164 Comm-Det 3 at Martlesham Heath
Now at Duncan, SC
Message My wife and I remember those as some of our happiest years. Being at a "remote" detachment limited our base exposure, but meant closer ties to the locals and our Det 3 co-workers. Just ran into Raymond Daniel Day, now an atty in Seneca, SC. Great time remembering. Would love to hear from anybody else.

Tuesday 03/08/2005 2:01:00am
Name John Dowd
B/W yrs 1959 thru 1963
B/W job 2164th Comm Gp
Now at Tampa, Fl
Message Was stationed at South Ruislip 1959 then got transferred to Woodbridge 1959-1961, Bentwaters (1962-1963 and Chicksands (1973-1976) Best man was John Montgomery. Still married to the same beautiful English LADY (42 years).

Wednesday 03/02/2005 11:58:46pm
Name Ken Cook
B/W yrs 1965-1968 & 1972-1977
B/W job Security Police
Now at Eyke, Woodbridge, England
Message Many fond memories of both times at B/W Now live only a mile from the old base and have watched it's demise over the past 12 years. Now a big housing estate. Retired in 1977 and have not looked back - have kept in touch with many of the old gang.

Friday 02/25/2005 4:31:25pm
Name Craig W. Smith
B/W yrs 1966-1970
B/W job 81st Security Policy
Now at Elkhart, Indiana
Message Would welcome contact with anyone who knew me at Bentwaters AFB. First lived in Saxmundum with Bob and Kay Frost, then in flat in Dunwich next to pub (across hall was Bob and Sandy Johnson), then in Woodbridge Town (house call "The Cottage"). Godparents to first son born to Art and Carol Head.

Wednesday 02/23/2005 11:53:20pm
Name George Foster
B/W yrs 66-69
B/W job 78th munition load team
Now at Charlotte North Carolina
Message Interested in talking with buddies who served with me.

Monday 02/21/2005 6:37:28pm
Name Ken & Ida Snyder
B/W yrs Sep 62 - May 66
B/W job Asst. Flt Chief F101's, NCOIC VA
Now at Retired, Fairfield, CA
Message Lived in Woodbridge Base housing.

Friday 02/18/2005 5:26:29am
Name Alan L. Farner
B/W yrs Woodbridge 66/68 and 75/78
B/W job 81st Security Police Sq.
Now at Gamalile, Arkansas.
Message Some of the guys that I remember are; Skalet, Jocabs, Blackman, Kelly, Espozano,Staples, Brown, Longora, Flt. chief's TSgt, Ken Cook, and TSgt Charles P. Knuckles, both were Flt. Chief's of D Flight. Holman, Spencer, Wombel, Janike, O'Day, Hardaway, Knight, Karmer, and many, many others. Would love to hear from anyone form that time or that remembers me or others during that time. Retirement is beautiful too.

Friday 02/11/2005 6:06:49pm
Name Robert (Bob) Westwood
B/W yrs 63-65
B/W job AGE
Now at Boeing, Wichita
Message What a great website. Brings back fond memories. Looking for Bob Moore (AGE) and Freddie Diaz (Sheetmetal Shop).

Monday 02/07/2005 2:23:27pm
Name Richard Albon
B/W yrs 1960-1963
B/W job Security Police
Now at Retired
Message [no message left]

Saturday 01/29/2005 2:07:01am
Name Tom Harrison
Email (NEW)
B/W yrs 1960-1963
B/W job Worked on 101 engine shop & flight line
Now at retired Warwick, Rhode Island
[no message left]

Thursday 01/20/2005 11:06:50pm
Name Norbert R. Smith
Email nsmith-at-e
B/W yrs My days listening to Radio Luxemburg
B/W job 27150 Sr. Air Operations Spec. Det. 1,
Now at Forestville, NY..
I was With Det. 1, 86th. Ftr. Intcp. Wg. untill we deactived I and others went to Phalsbough AFB, France until they closed the base. I then went to Rhein Main, Germany until I came back home in 1962.

Tuesday 01/18/2005 9:04:13pm
Name Ron Smith
B/W yrs 1968-71
B/W job 381stMMS weapons release (also gun shop)
Now at home in orlando fl
Great web site... would love to hear from anyone who knew me there.

Thursday 01/13/2005 4:27:43am
Name John Amundson
B/W yrs 68 - 71
B/W job Dependent (Dad was stationed there)
Now at Las Vegas NV
attended 8th & 9th grade at Woodbridge and then 10th grade at Lakenheath. What great memories. Everyone from the Aubry's, to the Dormans, and so on. The quonset huts, snow, fog, the job of passing out the movie schedule for the week on the base (and then getting in free on the movies), and so on. Keep it up! This is a great site.

Sunday 01/09/2005 3:41:59pm
B/W yrs ALL
B/W job RAF
I am looking for Mario Stacio who was stationed at both bases between 1964/66.
He was married to an English girl, Diana, and had two children, Lindy and Lee.
I would also like to assist any ex USAF personel who were stationed there, who wish to trace any of their then friends or neighbours in Felixstowe or local villages who they wish to contact. We will also send any photographs of local places as they are now.
Jerry Faiers (ex RAF)

Monday 01/03/2005 2:15:54pm
Name Jim Bancroft
Email jbbancroft(a)
B/W yrs 1968 -1970
B/W job 381st MMS, Gun Shop
Now at Retired, Millersburg, MI. 49759
Wrote Really enjoyed my stay at Bentwaters. Bought a new VW bug from the guy that sat in a VW outside the gate. Shot skeet and trap at the Rod and gun club, also hunted on leased land the club had. Spent a lot of time TDY to Wheelus AB, Libya, Incerlik AB, Turkey, and a NatO weapons meet at Spandahlem AB, Germany. Some names I remember are, Al Vinduska, Glen Dahlgren, Thomas L. Johnson, Gary Sink, ? Worland, Vern Dornboos, Sgt. Touchstone, and others that have slipped my mind for the moment.

Saturday 01/01/2005 2:43:05pm
Name Joan (Heck) Morris
Email jfranmorris(a)
B/W yrs 1958-1961
B/W job Military dependent, taught kindergarten
Now at Brookville, Indiana USA
Wrote Glad to have found this site. I was totally amazed to see my father's picture in the '59 81st TFW yearbook. I also saw many airmen's pictures, some of whom I was friends with. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Lived on Bentwaters, but also went to school in Munich part of the time. I have wonderful memories, and also ties with England through my mother's side of the family. Thanks. Joan

Sunday 12/12/2004 4:51:52pm
Name abdo
E-Mail mawal_abdel(a)
B/W years: 35
Rank/Job: computer software
Now: Libya - tripoli
So I saw your photo in my country Libya when you was live in my country (base Wheelus ) and nice pictures taking of old tripoli.

Sunday 12/12/2004 9:58:32am
Name Steve Hutchinson
E-Mail aetna66(a)
B/W years: 1967-1970
Rank/Job: 82 EMS
Now: Fort Collins, Colo.
Thank you for posting this site. I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 1967 to 1970 and it has been and will always be one of the best times of my life. I want to thank all of the British people who made my tour so enjoyable. I hope to return before it's to late.

Saturday 12/04/2004 9:05:33am
Name Harold(Harry) Etheridge
E-Mail doglover1947(a)
B/W years: 1968-1971
Rank/Job: S/Sgt. Weapons Mechanic(Bombloader)
Now: Macon, Ga. (478) 781-7092
Looking for anyone in 92nd Tactical Fighter Squadron from 68-71. Remember the 90 degree curve coming back to base from Ipswich? Almost lost it there a few times after leaving Running Buck.

[Editor - that was replaced by a small bypass, but it's still there]

Friday 11/26/2004 1:37:34am
Name Frank C. Newbell
E-Mail fcnewbell(a)
B/W years: 1968-1970
Rank/Job: Sgt/Ground Radio Maintenance Technician
Now: Lebanon, TN
I was assigned to the 2164th Comm Sq as a Radio Maintenance Technician. I would be interested in contact with persons stationed there at that time. Happily married since 1970 to a lovely lady from Lowestoft Suffolk.

Thursday 11/11/2004 3:27:33am
Name Larry W Maddox
E-Mail n0ewq(a)
B/W years: 1962 to 1966
Rank/Job: A1C weapons mechanic
Now: Liberty, Missouri
Message: Weapons at woody

Saturday 10/23/2004 12:09:53am
Name Kublik (RED) Edgar
E-Mail kd0mb(a)
B/W years: 55-58,62-66, W/B 71-74
Rank/Job: Msgt-Base Supply, 67th ARRS , Retire 75
Now: Wilton Iowa
Message: Married a Woodbridge girl in 64, Just returned from a month(Oct 04) visit with mother in law and Area friends. Visits in 99,02, & 04 have seen the clearing of many buildings which takes a while to remember what was originally there. Fond memories of my tours at B/w & W/B bases and 3 re-ups there may be a record of some kind. Happy to hear from old friends or answer questions. I have the video and new book so fire away. Best Wishes Ed

Monday 09/13/2004 3:18:12am
Name Jim Tiller
E-Mail jimtiller(a)
B/W years: 1968-1971
Rank/Job: SSGT 91st TFS Weapons Shop
Now: Hueytown, AL
Message: Great times back then. Been married to a girl from Ufford for 33 years now. Sad to see Bentwaters closed and torn down.

Tuesday 08/31/2004 6:07:47am
Name John Henson
B/W years: 63,64,65
Rank/Job: A1C Woodbridge A Flight Security/Law Enf
Now: Oregon
Message: I returned to the States after Woodbridge to complete my degree and spend my years as a Forester and Wildfire Fighter I am now retired to the Rose with a few worthless critters an some fond memories of a time that just keeps walkin cross my mind.

Thursday 08/26/2004 2:17:17pm
Name David L. Moore (country)
E-Mail moor7887(a)
B/W years: 64-67
Rank/Job: e4 Fireman
Now: Palmetto Ga. just south of atlanta
Message: Linn I really enjoy this site, keep up the good work I know it takes a lot of your time. I am presently working for Lockheed Aircraft Corp. Will try to get a ride to England on one of the C-130s which we are selling to the British military. If anyone sees this and remembers me drop me an email.

Wednesday 08/25/2004 1:21:06am
Name Frederick Olson
E-Mail fpeolson(a)
B/W years: 1965 to 1968
Rank/Job: E5. sgt.
Now: Holmen Wi
Message: I loved my time in England and married an Ipswich girl. We have been married for almost 36 years now. Have 3 fine sons and 5 grandkids. Have found some old friends; Larry Jacobs, Bill Bothwell, Ron Gosdeck, Danny Mabrey... would love to hear from any of the old guys from Bentwaters.

Tuesday 08/10/2004 5:48:23am
Name Curtis Watson
E-Mail Mann66(a)
B/W years: 1967-1969
Rank/Job: A1C/Security Police
Now: Bay Area, California
Message: Looking to contact anyone who worked security police in 67-69. Had a great time there and will be going back to visit one day. TSgt Charles P. Knuckles was the flight commander of D Flight.

Wednesday 08/04/2004 8:27:35am
Name Allan Shelton
E-Mail allanshelton01(a)
B/W years: 1961-1962
Rank/Job: Dependent
Now: Maryland
Message: I was born at the hospital at RAF Bentwaters in August 1961. I was fortunate enough to visit again prior to the base closure and purchased a t-shirt which has since fallen apart from over use. I only wish I had purchased more souvenirs before it closed. Best Regards.

Monday 07/26/2004 7:49:59pm
Name Don Lamoreaux
E-Mail     frog(at)
Rank and Job: “Anglia Control” 2161 Communications  Squadron
Years: 1963 till it closed in 1966
Rank and Job: A1C  Air Traffic Controller
Now: Amherst, Ohio
Message: Anglia Control ARTCC was located out in the sticks, near RAF Wattisham. The site was closed in 1966 and we all went our separate ways. As I look back those were some of the best years of my life. There were a great bunch of guys there. Boy would I like to sit down and talk about the roaring times we had at the 2161st.(Gas mask drills, Go cart racing, Parties with the majors wife, lobster dinners in the chow hall just to name a few.
Write if you were there.
Don "Frog" Lamoreaux

Tuesday 07/20/2004 5:09:35pm
Name Ron Grobmeier
E-Mail grobmeie(a)
B/W years: 1967-1969
Rank and Job: Sgt-Base Patrol
Now: Louisville, Ky
Message: Enjoyed my years at Woodbridge. Would not trade my experiences for anything.

Monday 07/19/2004 6:30:07pm
Name Mike Mole
E-Mail mike.mole(a)
B/W years: 1967-1969
Rank and Job: Supplies Management Officer
Now: New York, NY
Message: What was not to like?? A private club for toasting and poker, a private gym for basketball and squash and dedicated Americans serving their country!

Wednesday 07/14/2004 7:50:23pm
Name John Abbazia (Jack)
E-Mail telesave(a)
B/W years: Woodbridge 10/63 to 10/66
Rank and Job: A2C, 81st Air Police Squadron
Now: Burlington, NJ
Message: Had a great time, loved Ipswich, made alot of friends. Send an email and say hello.

Monday 07/12/2004 4:04:42am
Name Marty Martinez
B/W years: Bentwaters '68-'70
Rank and Job: E-4 in Personnel at CBPO
Now: Honolulu, Hawaii
Message: Memories as fresh as yesterday of living in the barracks and train trips to London every weekend. When returning late, took the milk train back to Ipswich just in time to get to work. When Ipswich was covered in snow at Christmas time it's like an old English postcard. Remember concerts at the Lyceum in London. While stationed at Bentwaters I visited Paris and was crossing the English Channel (with my mother that was visiting) as men first stepped on the moon. We watched it live on TV in the middle of the channel. Two ski trips to Scotland, one to the Italian Alps, a week in Malta and the trip to Paris, not bad for the pay of an E-4, which as I recall was $283/mo. No return visits yet - perhaps soon. Remember base alerts, the Klaxon going off, someone would play Country Joe and the Fish singing "Don't Ask Me I Don't Give a (a)#%$!, I'm Goin' To Viet Nam." Thanks for this wonderful Web Site

Monday 07/05/2004 2:46:14pm
Name Ron Claxton
E-Mail rlclaxton(a)
B/W years: 1968-71
Rank and Job: Ssgt 81st Security Police /B Flight
Now: Eddyville, Kentucky
Message: I was stationed at Woodbridge from 1968-71. I played on the BW/Woodbridge basketball team all three years. If anyone who played with me during that time, I sure would like to hear from you. Names I remember: Willie Jackson, Mike Morrell, Jimmy T. Wright, Al Love, Bob Batey (Coach), Johnny Brownlow, and others that my memory cannot recall. Would also like to hear from anyone who served with the 81st Security Police at WB/BW during that time also. Great times and great memories.

Wednesday 06/23/2004 7:14:01am
Name Bruce Howard
E-Mail Golf(a)
B/W years: 63-65
Rank and Job: DEPENDENT
Now: Anchorage Alaska
Message: I was a student at Bentwaters Elementary school. My father was a security policeman married to my mother who was british. Well we purchased a home in Ipswitch and lived their before moving to California. I now live in Alaska land of Moose, Bears, Elk, Otters, Walrus, and many other wildlife.I had a very happy life in England memories you wish you could do again.

Friday 06/04/2004 1:44:51am
Name Robert Hughes
E-Mail koko3acres(a)
B/W years: 1966 1968
Rank and Job: A3C A1C Weapons loader 79th'TFS
Now: Lavinia, Tennessee
Message: Looking for Roger Deckard, Dennis Murphy, Glen Swenson, Robert Boots, George Westfall (Dick)

Thursday 05/06/2004 10:21:46pm
Name Joe Wommack
E-Mail enfrwommack(a)
B/W years: 1962 1966
Rank and Job: SSgt F 101/ F 4c/e crew chief. The best
Now: Lakeland Fl
Message: Your web site brings back some very very good memories.
My family and I loved England and still do.

Wednesday 05/05/2004 3:16:33pm
Name Dennis Nelson
E-Mail dennis.nelson6(a)
B/W years: 1961-64
Rank and Job: A2C - Ground Radio Technician
Now: Manassas, Virginia
Message: I came to Bentwaters in February 1961, assigned to the AACS Sqdn. Sadly, in 1962 AACS became AFCS and an elite corp of professionals lost their identity. George Patterson was a commercial artist from Cincinnati, I believe, and he entered the competition to design the AFCS shoulder patch.
I met and married an Ipswich girl, who today is my bride of 40+ years. We have three children, 5 grandkids, and one great-grandchild. Bentwaters was a real hoot, and better times could not have been possible. From running go-carts in the receiver site parking lot, to having my '34 Ford painted Air Force blue with bright white flames in the hangar next to the 2164th maintenance shop (while I was asleep on mid shift)!
I remember Colin Shaw in his '29 Riley Brooklands; Stu Greenwood; Sgt. Harry Still (with steel plate in his head), Bob Henderson, Bruce Berwick, Gary Waters, Otis Lefall, etc., etc. Wonderful times! Great web site. Please contact me at the above address.

Sunday 05/02/2004 2:43:15pm
Name Richard E. Gaudreau
E-Mail REG2266(a)AOL.COM
B/W years: 1967 thru 1970
Rank and Job: MSgt - Security Police -
Now: Bloomsburg, Pa 17815
Message: Have some wonderful times while being stationed at Bentwaters/Woodbridge - a great area to be stationed at. Lived in Ipswich Town - Hollycroft Close - only American family in the development. What a wonderful time in our lives.

Tuesday 04/27/2004 11:46:39pm
Name SMSgt Richard E. Gaudreau
E-Mail REG2266(a)AOL.COM
B/W years: 1967 - 1970
Rank and Job: MSgt - "C" Flight Chief - Woodbridge
Now: Bloomsburg, Pa

Tuesday 04/13/2004 0:13:31am
Name Otis D Burden
E-Mail burdman48(a)
B/W years: 69-70 79 TFS
Rank and Job: Crew Chief
Now: Hot Springs, Ar
Message: Have been trying to contact any crew chiefs on F-100's from 67-70. I shipped out to Upperheyford in 70 to crew F-111's. If you were in same career field during that time and remember any of the others please contact me. Wonderful memories of trips to London and Pubs in Ipswich.

Wednesday 04/07/2004 6:51:54am
Name Mike Eugate
B/W years: 1966-1970
Rank and Job: E-4 , 381ST MMS
Now: Escanaba, MI
Message: Really enjoyed my years in England. Would love to hear from old friends.

Monday 04/05/2004 7:10:10pm
Name John W. Neff
E-Mail jayen.iii(a)
B/W years: RAF Woodbridge 3/66-3/69
Rank and Job: SSGT Weapons Mechanic
Now: Long Beach, CA
Message: I would like to contact anyone from the 79TFS Weapons Shop who was there any time during the period of Mar'66 though Mar'69. Please, take the time to write a note!! Thanks.

Sunday 04/04/2004 9:56:48pm
Name Ronald Dackson
E-Mail rdackson(a)
B/W years: 1960 - 1963
Rank and Job: A1C Supply Clerk/Barracks Chief
Now: Massachusetts
Message: Some of the best years of my life

Friday 04/02/2004 2:42:54am
Name Ron (Fence Jumper) Burrell
E-Mail ronburrell(at)
B/W years: 1961-1965, 1981-1986
Rank and Job: No Rank, AGE
Now: Rocky Mountain High Colorado
Message: I have been sitting here this evening looking at the world's greatest webpage designed by Mr Linn Barringer. I owe you a beer mate. Now that I have finally retired, I shall return. Even if the beer is six dollars a pint. I miss the 12 pence a pint in olden days. Great site. Brings back many memories. Now I remember. I worked in AGE. I was Rudy Beckett's assistant. Didn't rob the troops like he did. May he RIP.
If SSgt James B. Davidson is out there somewhere in NC, I remember you. WO Brockman should have fired you when I jumped that fence at Wantisden Church.

Wednesday 03/24/2004 3:23:15am
Name Dearl Golden
E-Mail dearlg(a)
B/W years: Jul 1966 - July 1968
Rank and Job: Sgt - Cook , 81st CSG, RAF Woodbridge
Now: Little Rock, AR
Message: Loved the UK. Lived on Undercliff Rd in Felixstowe. Was also alert cook (a) 79th TFS. Remembering Rufus Smedley and others

Wednesday 03/24/2004 2:10:44am
Name Dan Norwood
E-Mail dan(a)
B/W years: 1966-1970
Rank and Job: Sgt.. fms / ta
Now: Fallbrook, ca
Message: I was stationed at Wethersfield but had a band and played at the clubs at all the RAF bases... what a great time.

Wednesday 03/10/2004 6:21:13pm
Name Ken Ihme
E-Mail kihme(a)
B/W years: 1967 - 1970
Rank and Job: Sgt (E4) 81st SPS - K9 Woodbridge
Now: Anchorage, Alaska
Message: Just wondering if anyone I worked with reads this - would be nice to hear from you!

Sunday 03/07/2004 10:39:38pm
Name Al Thompson
E-Mail f15emaddawg(a)
B/W years: 62-65
Rank and Job: Crewchief, 'A' flight 79thTFS, RAF WB
Now: Toronto, Canada
Message: Anybody from the years 1962-1965 assigned to the 79th let me hear from you.

Tuesday 02/24/2004 9:20:17pm
Name Lee Hentschel
E-Mail opt-com(a)
B/W years: 1960-1963
Rank and Job: 81st Field Maint. Ground Power
Now: Claremont, NH
Message: Still keep in touch with Tom Harrison, Neil West, Bob DeStafano, Stephen Barlow, Cecil Downing, Don Rhodes, David Stout, and Bill Lane. Played on the Suffolk Titans basketball team with Stout and Lane. I have so many fond memories of those days at the Armed services Center, the "Y", in Ipswich, our home away from home. Barbara Cole and Terry Ryan, were two "Y" fond memories. Anyone interested should contact the 81st TFW reunion and attend one of these events. I've gone to the last three and every year it gets better. Still looking for Jerry Clayton Bush, another Titans member. If anyone knows where he is, please let me know.
Email me Updates: Yes

Saturday 02/14/2004 10:26:23pm
Name Dennis Ulkins
E-Mail denandbert(a)
B/W years: Woodbridge '65-'66
Rank and Job: A2C Comm.Sq. Air Traffic Controller
Now: Rochester, NY
Message: Many wonderful memories of my too brief stay at Woodbridge. I was part of the duo that was arrested on runway 9's "touchdown" point. The runway was notamed close as they had just resurfaced it. We decided to christen it with a toast of scrumpy that we had acquired on a trip to Somerset. Our pal on duty in the tower was to give us a blink of the runway lights if the AP's got wise to our stunt. He did but didn't give us enough time to escape and evade before he turned them on full. We found ourselves spead eagle on the runway with M-16's at the back of our heads. We were taken to jail where we all had a pretty large chuckle. Lt. Col. Piganell bailed us out. A written reprimand and some extra duty awaited us but given the noble intentions of our actions it gained us some respectful notoriety. We were often greeted after that with a chorus of---"Nothing could be finer than to be on runway niner in the morning"---. I recall with considerably less humor the crash of an F-100 on the west end of the runway. The pilot ejected late and was killed. I was on duty in the tower at the time and the memories of what I witnessed that day still come to mind on occassion. Particularly the bravery of several firemen and EOD personnel. I met so many great people both American and British. Hope all of you still with us are happy and healthy.

Monday 23 February 2004
Name: Don Lepley
Email: djlep1(a)
B/W years: 1962 to April 1966
Rank and Job: Fire Department, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
I would like to find Mick F Henry and write to him. We worked in the airman club together - I worked part time in the kitchen, cooking with him.
His name and address at that time was Mick F. Henry c/o 30 Edwin Avenue, WoodBridge, Suffolk
Don Lepley

Wednesday 02/11/2004 2:22:56pm
Name Delton Thibodeaux
E-Mail delthibodeaux(a)
B/W years: 1963-1965
Rank and Job: E3 Air Traffic Controller 2164 comm sq
Now: Houston, Texas
Message: Sure would like to hear from my Bentwaters 2164 communication squadron buddies from who may or not remember me. I worked in GCA mostly under CMSgt Stupall from Feb/1963 to Aug/1965. I lived in Orford with wife Charlene and very young baby son.

Tuesday 02/03/2004 5:11:14am
Name Gary Janney
E-Mail Mikeyspop(a)
B/W years: 1967-1970
Rank and Job: SSgt/TSgt /81st Command Post
Now: 4084 Ardenwoods Drive, Fayetteville, NC
Message: Was also stationed at Manston RAF/Ramstein AB prior to Bentwaters. Was on Bentwaters Golf Team.

Monday 01/26/2004 8:54:01pm
Name Robert Blackwood (Bob)
E-Mail msob60(a)
B/W years: 1963-1966 (Woodbridge only)
Rank and Job: SGT Crew chief F-100's 79 TFS
Now: Retired ,Wheatland,CA
Message: I had three wonderful years at RAF Woodbridge. Would like to hear from anybody during that time frame.

Sunday 01/25/2004 9:01:52pm
Name Larry D. Jacobs (Jake)
B/W years: July 1965 thru May 1968
Rank and Job: Sgt (E-4), 381st MMS, SAS Area
Now: Nederland, Texas
Message: I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from July 65 thru May 68. My time was spent mainly in the SAS Area of the ammo dump. I roomed mainly with Hardy B. Jones and Roger L. Grunewald in Rm. 70 on the 3rd floor of one of the "new" barracks. In July '68, I was assigned to the 3rd TFW, 303rd MMS at Bien Hoa AFB, Vietnam, along with SSgt. Wesolowski and Sgt. Robert E. Tulley. I've many fond memories of RAF Bentwaters - I'm still trying to forget the "other place". I would like to hear from all of the Bentwaters folks that I served with. We had many good times!!!!! Jake.

Sunday 01/25/2004 1:37:20am
Name cmsgt ret Jack issleib
E-Mail jack9553(a)
B/W years: 1969-1974
Rank and Job: Tech Sgt MMS
Now: Murrietta California
Message: Had the best time in suffolk,spent a lot of time at the rod and gun club,lived in leiston,then moved to eastbridge,spent many enjoyable nights at the eels foot pub,would love to hear from anyone stationed there at the same time,I remember Sgt raith and his wife pauline,sgt maynard and wife joy,ron klinefelter and wife sonia,both my children went to school on base,and my ex wife worked in the deli,her name is jann.this is a wonderful site keep up the good work.

Monday 01/19/2004 6:49:54pm
Name Barton Penny
E-Mail vbpenny(a)
B/W years: 1961-1964
Rank and Job: A/1C, Woodbrideg, POL
Now: Anchorage, Alaska
Message: Planning our first return visit to England this summer and would like to see Woodbridge Base again. So many life changing, wonderful experiences in Europe during those years. Last year made contact with Charles Uhle who was a co-worker and friend during this period.

Saturday 01/17/2004 4:11:57am
Name Ken Schleintz
E-Mail captnken(a)
B/W years: 1968-1970
Rank and Job: Staff Sgt
Now: Ukiah, CA. 95482
Message: Was a crew chief in 91st TFS, "A" Shack. F4C 856. I was called the "World's Littlest Crew Chief."

Friday 01/09/2004 6:22:43am
Name Vincent W. Lauer Jr.
E-Mail vwlf4cfighter(a)
B/W years: 06/1966-10/1969
Rank and Job: A1C- 81st FM Sq.
Now: Port Richey, Florida
Message: Would like to locate best man, when I married in October 1967. His name is Frank Garica. He was also in 81st FM Sq.

Thursday 12/11/2003 0:48:39am
Name Bob Murphy "Murph"
E-Mail rmuking(a)
B/W years: 1968-1970
Rank and Job: Sgt 81St security police K9
Now: Arlington Ma
Message: Funny how those years seem like a lifetime, I had a 1960 white Ford popular "piece of junk" but people always saw it full of laughing GIs.
Hey, I know Van and Dan

Tuesday 12/09/2003 11:41:43am
Name Albert (Al) (Van) VanHoven
E-Mail vanmoo49(a)
B/W years: 1968-1971
Rank and Job: 81st SPS D flight
Now: Syracuse, NY
Message: I was stationed at Woodbridge from 1968-1971. I was assigned to the 81st Security Police Squadron D-Flight, Room 44.
We had a password, you had to tap your fingers lightly against the door to gain entrance.
I live in Syracuse, New York now but I was originally from the Bronx, NY. Most people there knew me by the name "Van".

Tuesday 12/09/2003 3:29:24am
Name Sgt. Daniel R. Grannan
E-Mail Drchromedome(a)
B/W years: 1967-1970
Rank and Job: Sgt.-Crash rescue/RAF Woodbridge
Now: Prescott, Az.
Message: To anyone I was stationed with please feel free to contact me. I have been trying to find a friend Jon R. Jackson, who was from Ca. Any info would be of help to me. I also played for the base football team the Bentwater Phantoms, so if you played ball I'd love to chat.

Tuesday 11/25/2003 0:28:24am
Name William E Bothwell
E-Mail M3452b(a)
B/W years: 9/66-9/69
Rank and Job: E4 Municions Maintenace 381st MMS
Now: Olean, New York
Message: Would love to talk to my friends from the base.

Wednesday 11/19/2003 6:47:32pm
Name Bob Galvin
E-Mail mag456(a)
B/W years: 1962/1965
Rank and Job: Airman 3rd - Sgt. 81st Field Main. Group
Now: New Jersey
Message: Married an Ipswich girl, Margaret Sullivan, 40 years ago. Have 2 sons and 4 grandsons. Life is good.

Sunday 11/16/2003 7:45:53pm
Name Dennis Vidumansky (Mighty Mouse)
E-Mail devee(a)
B/W years: 1967-1969
Rank and Job: E4 81Trans Sq Driver
Now: Leetonia, Ohio
Message: Had a great time at RAF Bentwaters. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Tuesday 11/11/2003 1:06:00pm
Name Everette (Slim) Turbeville
E-Mail turbe1946(a)juno .com
B/W years: 1964-1968
Rank and Job: A/1C
Now: Floence sc
Message: Had a great time met my wife to who I'm still married 81 transportation heavy equipment

Thursday 11/06/2003 6:55:18pm
Name Andy Boisseau
E-Mail andyb8(a)
B/W years: december, 66' - december 69
Rank and Job: SSgt - 381 MMS
Now: Atlanta
Message: What a wonderful surprise to find this and other B/W sites. Best 3 years of my life. Made some wonderful lifelong friends there. Loved the UK. The "Smoke". Fish N'Chips. Whatney's. The Douglas House. MMS gun crews. The flightline at night, jet fuel in the morning, Phantom afterburners at dawn.

Tuesday 10/21/2003 11:04:16pm
Name Stephen Strausberg
E-Mail strausberg(a)
B/W years: 1963-1966
Rank and Job: Crew Chief 92 TFS, 81 OMS
Now: Daytona Beach, FL.
Message: Retired in 1982 Tsgt

Friday 10/31/2003 5:05:49am
Name Robert Smedley
E-Mail robsmed(a)
B/W years: 1969-1972 ( All Woodbridge)
Rank and Job: E-5 67 ARRS Hydraulics
Now: S.F. Bay Area
Message: What a marvelous site! If anyone out there stationed during that time-frame remembers me, please email.

Wednesday 10/29/2003 6:20:48am
Name Tom Mohler
E-Mail tmk3(a)
B/W years: 1967 to 1970
Rank and Job: Staff sargent-AGE and Maint Control
Now: Calif working for PG&E
Message: This brings back so many memories. Glad someone (singular or plural) have brought this web site to the internet.

Tuesday 10/28/2003 10:04:22pm
Name Slim Turbeville
E-Mail turbe1946(a)
B/W years: 1865-1968
Rank and Job: Buck sargent---heavy equipment
Now: florence south carolina
Message: I met my wife there and we are still together 37 years. We stayed in Framlingham. I stayed on the road alot "mail run so I probably brought you guys your mail" different bases in England transporting material, great time, I've been back twice.

Sunday 10/19/2003 6:04:35am
Name Bob Reilly
B/W years: 1968 TO 1972
Rank and Job: Sgt Crew Chief 92nd TFS
Now: Simi Valley, CA
Message: Anyone associated with the 92nd Crew Chiefs or Weapons, between 68/72 please drop me a line. Anyone remember the last C124 trip to Wheelus AFB Libya Aftica in 69? I won't forget it alot of us bought LP's Albums and half way to Wheelus out came the record and incame the upchuck, yea great memories. I think the biggest thrill was when I got to fly in the rear seat of the F-4 over Sardinia, we did a bombing, straffing and rocket run, I think I only threw-up about ten times, the pilot kept asking if I wanted to land and I kept saying (up-chuck) no sir let's stay up until we run out of fuel. Now that was a great day.

Friday 09/26/2003 1:55:56pm
Name Jerry L. Epley
E-Mail Jlewildcatfan(a)
B/W years: Feb. '63 until May '65
Rank and Job: A2C .....Air Police... Security & LE
Now: St. Cloud, Florida
Message: I really enjoy my stay at B/W & W/B. Met alot of nice people, especially a certain Lt. Colonel's daughter. I'm sure most everybody new about us. Enjoyed the talks with Mr. & Mrs. Biggers.

Tuesday 09/16/2003 7:51:45pm
Name Edward J. Hundley (Ed)
E-Mail hundeej(a) hundleyed(a)
B/W years: 1962 - 1965
Rank and Job: Supply assigned to food service
Now: Munster, Indiana
Message: Great memories of BW and Ipswich. I too left a great girl in Ipswich when I left in May 1965. Would like to hear from anyone who might remember me or who would just like to swap stories.

Sunday 09/14/2003 5:28:59pm
Name Morgan A Scaggs Jr
E-Mail sam5941056(a)
B/W years: march 61-march65
Rank and Job: E4 Refueling 81st supply
Now: 7430 Taylor Mill Maysville Ky 41056
Message: I loved every day at Bentwaters, married an Ipswich girl, 1st daughter born base hospital.

Friday 09/12/2003 6:13:04am
Name Susan (Jenkins) Nix
E-Mail sjnix1(a)
B/W years: 1967-1969
Rank and Job:
Message: Dependent female of Walter Jenkins who worked on the flightline. Lived in Ipswich on Cliff Lane and then on base. Anyone remember Mr. Johnson our teacher at Woodbridge? He read Robinson Crusoe to us each day. I became a teacher, and am now a university professor. I have three daughters and five grandchildren. I married my high school sweetheart whose dad was also in the Air Force. Anyone heard from Kay Brown?

From: Paul Kurzinski
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 8:01 PM

Photo of me (far left) and my crew (Adkins, Jackobsen, Revierre) taken October 1968 next to an F-4C

Sixteen of us load crew members that served together in the 91st Weapons Squadron during 1965 through 1969 got together August 9th at a private home of one of our crew near Cincinnati, OH. It was the second annual reunion.
During 2002 the group managed to get 9 members together. We were all enlisted folks at the time. We had a great time remembering old faces and old stories with a lot of pictures, tapes, and memorabilia from the times we served.

Attached to this E-mail is a picture of me (far left) and my crew (Adkins, Jackobsen, Revierre) taken October 1968 next to an F-4C in the big hangar behind the control tower. I managed to talk with all but one of my crew since the reunion. I cannot seem to locate my #3 man "Jackobsen."

Reportedly, he fell for an English lass (what were the chances of that?) and stayed in England after his tour was up. Reportedly he lives there today near Bentwaters somewhere. We are trying to locate him. Any help would be appreciated.

Take good care and keep in touch.
Your friend,
Paul Kuzinski
RAF Bentwaters Jan-66 to Jan-69
91st TFS
Weapons Load Certification Crew Chief
Crew #91-6

Friday 09/05/2003 8:03:28pm
Name Iain Ross
E-Mail mackenzie_ross(a)
B/W years: 60's
Rank and Job:
Message: I am trying to locate my Godfather, Dave Philips who served at the twin bases during the late sixties. He was a black air force officer who I believe had played football at the Academy.
The last I heard he had settled down in Columbus, Ohio.
Would be grateful for any leads/info.

Thursday 08/28/2003 9:02:21pm
Name Susan Hails
E-Mail susan_hails(a)
B/W years: 1961-1962
Rank and Job: IT Project co-ordinator
Message: I am looking for a GI called John. He was based at Woodbridge in 1961-1962, he was aged around 18 at this time. He is of Irish descent, red haired too! He dated a local girl called Mary who was 16 at the time. Not a lot to go on I know but if anyone has any clues, please let me know. Thanks for an extremely well managed and interesting web site. Well done.

Monday 08/25/2003 6:04:29pm
Name Dino FrancioIi
B/W years: 1968-1972
Rank and Job: Dependent
Message: My father M/SGT Siro Francioli 81st Security Police served as base law enforcement superintendent from 1968-1972. If any gets this and knew of my Dad please email me.

Monday 08/25/2003 2:05:16am
Name Dan Aycock
E-Mail da206(a)
B/W years: 1966-1969
Rank and Job: E2 - E5, 79th Weapons
Now: Walla Walla, Wa.
Message: I have been around on ths site for a long time but now I'm back because I'm look for a source of a formal map of the base. I have all the aerial photo's but a copy of a miltary map would be a great addition to my memorabilia pile. Thanks for any help. I wouldn't be doing this if my time at Woodbridge had not been such a great three years. Thanks to all that helped out.

Wednesday 08/20/2003 12:35:12am
Name Sean Ralph
E-Mail scouser_sean(a)
B/W years: Ref. 1960s
Rank and Job: n/a
Now: England
Message: My mother is trying to trace two people who were based at Bentwaters Airforce base in the 1960s. They were American and went back home some years ago.
Their names are Ellis Frederick Williams who was a cook and Jon Darden who was a medic.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Friday 08/15/2003 6:25:32pm
Name Paul (Dutch) Van Sickle
E-Mail pmvansickle(a)
B/W years: 1969-72 (Dep) and 1986-1989 (527AS)
Rank and Job: Captain, Aggressor Pilot F-16
Now: Miami

Sunday 07/20/2003 10:09:02pm
Name Coreen Merriman
E-Mail prince_machiavelli(a)
B/W years: 1963 - 1967
Rank and Job:
Now: Essex, England
Message: I am trying to contact Clyde White who was stationed at USAF Brentwaters near Ipswich. He was aged about 21 to 24 and came from Ohio. I lived at Cumberland Street and would like to contact Clyde or anyone who knew him or has any contact with him.

Sunday 07/13/2003 5:27:01pm
Name Bill Kayes
E-Mail WKayes(a)
B/W years: 1959-1964
Rank and Job: A2c 81st transportation
Now: North Carolina
Message: Just like to say hi to everyone who was there at this time. Have been back a few times very quiet!

Tuesday 07/01/2003 7:13:10pm
Name Susan Bennett
E-Mail sfiles(a)
B/W years: 1969-1973
Rank and Job: dependent
Now: Missouri
Message: I was in grade school during the years in England. Remember playing in the wheat fields? My sisters Caryn, Sharon and my brother, Ben used to get into so much trouble cuz we destroyed alot of wheat! Am looking for Lisa Reddock (or Reddick) she was my best friend for the duration of my father's tour.

Monday 06/30/2003 5:22:04pm
Name Paul Edward Kuzinski
E-Mail pekeagle(a)
B/W years: January 1966 through January 1969
Rank and Job: E-4 A1C 381 TFW/91TFS Bentwaters Weapons
Now: Centerville, Indiana. (765-855-3856)
Message: Was pleasantly surprised to find this web site. My service experiences as the wings weapons load certification crew chief on F-4's during 1968 was enjoyable and very memorable. Looking for other 2 members of my crew from 1967 to 1969. Have found and made contact with Phil Rouviere my #4 man. Thanks. Benwaters in the 60's was the place to be.

Tuesday 06/24/2003 2:48:49am
Name Richard H. Lawrence
E-Mail photoman62024(a)
B/W years: 1967 through 1971
Rank and Job: Ssgt. 91st TFS- Weapons Loading
Now: E.Alton, IL
Message: [no message was left]

Friday 06/13/2003 9:14:52pm
Name George Martin
E-Mail enat13(a)
B/W years: 1968-1969
Rank and Job: A1C 81sps K-9
Now: New Jersey
Message: [no message was left]

Tuesday 06/10/2003 10:47:31pm
Name Richadr W. (Rick) Plenkers
E-Mail plenkersr(a)
B/W years: 1963 to 1966 Bentwaters
Rank and Job: A1C Instruments
Now: Watertown, WI
Message: I am looking for some people I worked with during this time. Jim Crump Instruments, Robbie Robinson, Armament, Little Joe Armament or anyone else who knows me. We had some people over a couple of days ago who my wife knew for years. They were both teachers at school at Woodbridge and he put me on to this site. Good Job.

Thursday 05/29/2003 8:01:54pm
Name John Mellan
E-Mail umrcop1(at) - email address updated April 2009
B/W years: '65 - 69
Rank and Job: SGT A & E COMM/NAV
Now: Missouri
Message: Worked both at Bentwaters and Woodbridge on the F-4s.
Met my wife of 30 plus years there.
Still keep in touch with Larry Vosika from Munitions.
I would like to hear from Steve Nelson and Barry Marks.

Wednesday 05/21/2003 2:36:38am
Name Anthony Olvera
E-Mail lulu(a)
B/W years: 1961-62
Rank and Job: Airman 2 Class
Now: 1514 Michigan St, Toledo, OH 43608
Message: Please write or call. Would like to make contact w/Barry Steele, Airman 1 Class, Topsham Air Force Station, Brunswick, Maine

Friday 05/09/2003 8:38:45pm
Name Richard Elwood
E-Mail richard.elwood(a)
B/W years: 1969-1972
Rank and Job: Capt, RAPCON chief 1971-72
Now: RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk
Message: I fondly remember my first Air Force PCS at Bentwaters. I was privileged to work with some of the finest NCOs I've ever known (and some of whom I still keep in touch with. I met and married my wife in Ipswich School, left the Air Force two years later and used GI bill to earn PhD at University of Washington. Stayed in Air Force Reserve and retired as Lt Col. We raised two children and spent last 3 years back in the UK where I am a civilian psychologist at RAF Lakenheath. The 81st TFW plaque they gave me when I left hangs on my office wall. I've been back to BTW twice and brought both our children when they visited.
Richard Elwood, Lt Col, USAFR (ret)

Friday 05/02/2003 6:37:28pm
Name Bert Boulay
E-Mail bertb00(a)
B/W years: mid-1958 to Jun'60
Rank and Job: Airman 2nd/F101 Radar Tech
Now: East Sandwich, Massachusetts
Message: Did a Google search for Bentwaters and found all these great links and memories. Especially the old Quonset Huts, before the "Modern" barracks, with the long cold walk in the morning fog to the shower hut!!!

Saturday 04/12/2003 11:37:25pm
Name "Hoppy"
E-Mail StanHoffer2(a)
B/W years: 3/67-9/71
Rank and Job: a3c - SSGT 81st Supply Sq.
Now: Connecticut
Message: What a wonderful surprise to find this site.
Sure do have a lot of good memories from BW and a great bunch of guys back then - Fred Berg, Ken Hetrick, "Jeep" Bullard, Jim Cooper, Bill Lambrich, Larky Colebrooke, Dave Thompson, George Wahr, Dave Satterfield, Ron Reeves, John Marshall, Sam Bennett, Ike Curry, "Mac" MacArthur, Rod Rodriquez, Mike Mole, Bob Bauer, Seth Cantor, Warren Wismer, Tom Dossey (did you ever get a VW bug to run on diesel fuel?!?), Bob Ramage, Tony Paludi, Nasty Carol in the Airman's Club, and soooo many others.
Fond memories of the "Elephant & Castle" in Eyke - run by Les and Ann Wallace.
Anyone remember the band "Eyes of Blond"?
How about 640901 running off the end of the runway? Those (a)#%$! TRX boxes?
Sad to see what the place has become. While I was there we saw both a new BX and a new base theatre built. Was there too early for the UFO though!!!! Where was Airman Mulder when we really needed him??

Tuesday 04/08/2003 3:17:48am
Name Dave Bowser
E-Mail Hawkeyemotorsport(a)
B/W years: 1963-1966
Rank and Job: SSgt AR&R (aerorepair) FMS
Now: Quad-Cities, IA
Message: A crew chief that worked out of the Field Maintenance hanger (aerorepair shop) until 1965 then moved to aircraft records until 1966.

Monday 03/17/2003 8:48:15pm
B/W years: 1962-1965

Monday 03/17/2003 4:16:56pm
Name Dale McKown
E-Mail safetexdkm(a)
B/W years: 1961-1965
Rank and Job: ssgt 81 sup sq
Now: Marco Island, FL

Saturday 03/15/2003 2:44:46am
Name Eddie C. McAfee
E-Mail eddiemcafee(a)
B/W years: 1962-1965 & 1973-1976
Rank and Job: Air Police/Security Police
Now: Chattanooga, TN
Message: Two of the best tours of duty I had. Worked at both B/W and W/B. Met and worked with some of the best and most professional people in the AF during these two tours. Retired in 81 as an E-8.

Thursday 03/13/2003 10:32:44am
Name Keith Moore
E-Mail keith.allen.moore(a)
B/W years: 1965 - 1971
Rank and Job: UK Civillian Worker, Officers Mess
Now: Spalding, Lincolshire
Message: Viewed the site for 1960's, saw a name I know "John Kopcho", any idea how to contact?. Reason for viewing site was to try and contact old pal STEPHEN T. TWIGG.
Remember the good times - Sunday nights in the Airmans Club, seeing the early Status Quo for free, magic.

Wednesday 03/12/2003 8:10:57pm
Name Mervyn Decker
E-Mail mervyn.decker(a)
Now: Ipswich. England
Message: Looking for Tom Flenner, stationed at Woodbridge in the 60's, married Maxine Perkins from Ipswich. Had two children Rhea and Tom Jnr. Last heard of in early 70's stationed at Edwards AFB Cal. Any info, please email. Many thanks

Sunday 03/09/2003 9:53:08pm
Name John Lorio
E-Mail nhoj219(a)
B/W years July 1965 thru Dec 1 1969
Rank and Job Sgt, personnel specialist, assignments
Now: Philadelphia, PA
Message LOOKING FOR ALL THE 732x0 I served with:
Pup Bennett, Carter, Jerry and Jenny Woodall, Sgt Ramos, Pierrot Drop me an email.

Friday 03/07/2003 1:55:20pm
Name Bob Belardi
E-Mail topwrench(a)
B/W years RAF Woodbridge July 69-May70
Rank and Job AC1 Jet Engine shop 79th TFS
Now: Smithtown NY
Message Came to WB right out of tech school,moved to Heyford May 70, loved my time in UK. These sites bring back a flood of great memories. Separated from Upper Heyford in Dec 72 as a SSGT Airline mechanic since 75,Eastern til 89 Swiss Int 89-03 Still love being around aircraft.

Thursday 03/06/2003 0:38:53am
Name Carl Hamilton
E-Mail golfisgood4me(a)
B/W years Woodbridge 1958-1961
Rank and Job A/2C Aircraft Sheet Metal, 20th FMS
Now: Retired, Hampton Virginia
Message I was with the 20th Field Maintance on location in the years of 1958-1961. It really was the best years of my life. I was young, dumb and ready for anything. On the base we supported the 79th and I worked with a great group of guys. Off base it was the best assignment a young guy could have. After two years I met and married the girl of my dreams and I must say we are still married. I could write a book on an England assignment. Maybe one day I will. There are a lot of people I am looking for, and I have some pictures of friends at the time to put on this file. They will come soon, but until then. Thanks for the website and to all who read it.

Monday 03/03/2003 11:42:16am
Name Jim Procaccini
E-Mail jproc38(a)
B/W years 1969-1972
Rank and Job Crewchief
Now: Eliot, Maine
Message Hi Bushmasters: Looking for anyone from Barracks 593. Have been talking to Charlie Euliss, Jim Reimler (AKA Red DOG) Mr.Scantton. Good to know you guys are still out there and keeping in touch with one another.

Wednesday 02/19/2003 0:01:19am
Name: Jimmie (Jim) Safrit
E-Mail: breeze(a)
B/W yrs: Dec 61 - Dec 64
Rank: A1c. Worked for MSgt Willie Black, in the office of Col Sam Swanzig and Lt Col Joe Davidson
Now: : Salisbury, NC
Message: I think a lot (now) about my Bentwaters years, with very fond memories. I remember great times with John Cain, Larry Lawrence, Ed Peters, Howard Sessoms and many others whose names are now fading. Must be getting old? Hell, I am getting old! Would love to hear from anyone I was stationed with and who remembers me or the guys I have mentioned. Good luck to all.

Tuesday 02/18/2003 1:27:21am
Name: Jim Beer
E-Mail: jambeer(a)
B/W yrs: 1965-68 Woodbridge
Rank: AlC and SSgt
Now: : Canfield, Ohio 44406
Message: Great Site: Was at Woodbridge 65-68 great tour. Worked D Flight Security and Law Enforcement. Worked with Hernandez, Longgordia, and Hardaway. Last year worked Training Section and helped move it to Bentwaters. Retired in 1980 as MSgt at McGuire. Working at Youngstown with the 910 Security Forces Squadron as a Civilian Flight Shift. Have 30 Army troops coming in on 20 Feb. 03 to relieve the air cops for overseas duty. Would love to hear from old friends.

Tuesday 02/11/2003 6:00:36pm
Name: William "Jack" Lawrie
E-Mail: law187(a)
B/W yrs: 1951-52 & 1965-66
Rank: SMSGT (Retired)
Now: : Klamath Falls, Oregon
Message: Great website: I was also at Shepherds Grove 1952-55; Wethersfield 1959-61; Woodbridge 1962-63 and Lakenheath 1966-68. My wife of 50 years is from Ipswich. My eleven years in UK were great.

Sunday 02/09/2003 1:39:01am
Name: John DiPisa
E-Mail: tooaks(a)
B/W yrs: 1958-62
Rank: Upon rotation for RAF Bentwaters, my rank was A/lC (E-4).
Now: : Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, Calif.
Message: While station at Bentwaters for four years I was assigned to the Orderly Room, 81st Field Maintenance Squadron, except for my last month at the base, I was reassigned to the 81st Consolidated Maintenance Squadron. I had many happy days at Bentwaters, even though I was a "titless WAF" (Admin, AFSC 70250) all my friends and running mates were maintenance weenies, e.g. Dean (the terror of all Ipswich) Rowell (Fabrication/Parachute Shop), Julian Cordova (Instrument Shop), Ernesto Bernel (Engine Shop), Russell "Gums" Whittaker (Fabrication/Parachute Shop), Ted Knoes (Fabrication/Parachute Shop), Harold "Hula Hoop" Rubio (Test Bed), just to name a few, oh I can't forget Gladys Taylor who was our British civilian secretary. The squadron commanders were Major Robert B. Ladd & James P. McCarty. The lst Sgt (the best lst Sgt in the Air force) Jeremiah P. Mahoney. The Adjutant/Administrative Officer was Lt Andrew Oswald, & one of the maintenance officers, Lt Alex Pestrichella. When I married a Felixstowe local, I lived in Felixstowe and to this today, I consider Felixstowe my second home town (I do visit as often I can since still, after all these many years I have friends in England, both in Felixstowe and Ipswich).

Monday 02/03/2003 6:04:58pm
Name: John A. Lopez
E-Mail: ipswich62(a)
B/W yrs: 1961-1965
Rank: A/3rd Class 1961-SSgt 1965
Now: : Tampa, Florida
Message: I was initially stationed with the 7519th Comm Sq at RAF Martlesham,
and then transferred to the 2164th Comm Sq. at RAF Bentwaters. Was Wing Airman of the Month for January 1962 while with the 7519th Comm Sq. I married the beautiful Miss Hadleigh in 1963, nee Hazel Joan Willis-Betts. I still follow the ITFC passionately... Remembering the wonderful days of Sir Alf Ramsey and Crawford, Leadbetter, Philips, Baxter, Bailey, Stevenson, Etc. We stood at the Churchman Stands and my wife, Hazel used to wear a hot water bottle tied around her waist to keep warm. And to this day I still remember some wag shouting to frail looking Leadbetter, "Use your weight Jimmy". I have nothing but fond memories of the finest years of my life, and as many times as, I have returned to Suffolk, I am still in awe when I drive through this most wondrous countryside. Thank you Linn for giving me this opportunity to express
myself. Enjoyed the thumb sketch photos of Woodbridge and the surrounding villages. John A. Lopez, Retired

Wednesday 01/08/2003 11:02:36pm
Name: lonnie "rap" dunbar
E-Mail: lonnie50blues(a)
B/W yrs: 1969-72
Rank: SGT
Now: : charlotte, n.c.
Message: stationed at the fire dept. during 69-72..worked w/ SGT Morrelli..Sgt Smalls..Sgt Dunlap..Curtis Bush..Leon Brookens..going to visit woodbridge feb..would love to hear from any of my buddies..nicknamed was RAP..before the

Saturday 01/25/2003 0:20:20am
Name: Tammy Lokken (now Clawson)
E-Mail: tammclaw(a)
B/W yrs: 68-73
Rank: AFBrat
Now: : California
Message: Some of the best years of my life. Any old friends out there, please email me.

Saturday 01/11/2003 2:05:15am
Name: Bob Gates
E-Mail: rgates1(a)
B/W yrs: 1966-1968
Rank: Sgt.
Now: : Greenwood, Indiana
Message: Great memories from that time. I was at Woodbridge, munitions loading in the 78th. Loved the history of England. There were several of us young married couples that lived mostly in Ipswich and ganged together for big holiday parties. Don't remember all the names. There were the Humphries, the Fishers (Marsha could chug a beer in record time. It was amazing!), and the Hensleys. I don't recall the street I lived on, but it was near the Gas Works, and a park. I had a huge side yard (garden) because the adjoining house had been bombed in WW II. Bits and pieces of memories keep coming back. "Butch" Fischer breaking his leg on a motorcyle. A trip behind one of my buddies on a big single cylinder Norton through Ipswich at speeds hitting 70 mph. 7 of us in a VW for a trip to Brands Hatch. Fish & Chips when the money was low just before payday. Train trips to London. Watching Bonnie & Clyde at the local theater. All great stuff. Would like to hear from any of our friends, or others with memories of that time.

Friday 01/10/2003 0:34:44am
Name: Ronald J. Gosdeck
E-Mail: ron.gosdeck(a)
B/W yrs: 1966 - 1969
Rank: Staff Sargent E-5
Now: : Southeast Pennsylvania
Message: I was a part of the 381st Munitions Maintenance Sq. based at Bentwaters

Tuesday 01/07/2003 3:47:10pm
Name: Roy Cantey
E-Mail: rcantey(a)
B/W yrs: 1952-1956 1957-1961
Rank: S/SGT.
Now: : Goldsboro,NC
Message: Weapons Loading
79th FBS &78 FS

From: Bigredsunn(a)
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 1:39 AM
As a former member of the 78th TFS (Voodoo Pilot) I can truthfully say I spent many hours flying in the F-101 pictured, tail number 025. The Bushmaster jocks didn't have their own assigned aircraft, therefore we managed to fly the lot of them... and often we did fly them. All over the English and Scottish countyside, most of Europe to include France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Malta, Tripoli, etc, etc.
I was with the 78th TFS from April 1962 to April 1965. Col. Robin Olds was the Wing CO. Lt., Col. Daniel "Chappie" James was the DO of the 81st Wing, and Lt. Col. Pete Stuyvesant and Lt. Col. Robert Fredette were the 2 Squadron Commanders during that time frame.
All in all, it was one of my more memorable and enjoyable tours of duty.
Loved the Voodoo.
Lt. Col. Carl Richards, USAF (Ret)


Monday 12/30/2002 9:30:04pm
Name: Richard Lee Curry
E-Mail: leecurry3921(a)
B/W yrs: Oct, 1961 to Oct. 1964
Rank: A2 class
Now: : Pataskala, Ohio
Message: I was a Firefighter

Monday 12/30/2002 5:24:24pm
Name: Harold(Harry) Etheridge
E-Mail: hal.etheridge(a)
B/W yrs: 1968-1971
Rank: E-5 Staff Sgt.
Now: : Macon, Georgia
Message: Looking for any 462X0's Weapons Mechanics/Bomb Loaders.

Sunday 12/29/2002 7:42:05pm
Name: Steve (skit) Krull
E-Mail: skrull(a)
B/W yrs: 1968-1972
Rank: S/Sgt
Now: : Jensen Beach, Florida
Message: Served at Woodbridge in 381'st MMS as weapons mechanic. Didn't realize at the time how much of a positive experience this time had on my life. I was shocked to hear the bases are no more. Seeing the pictures are a strange experience since my memories seem to be different from reality. Thanks for a wonderful website.

Sunday 12/29/2002 2:33:36am
Name: Chuck Clark
E-Mail: bugblitzer(a)
B/W yrs: 1965-68
Rank: A1C
Now: : Macon GA
Message: some great memories from a long time ago.

Thursday 12/12/2002 8:09:16pm
Name: Oliver, George P
E-Mail: geo.oliver(a)
B/W yrs: Bentwaters 58-62, 64-67 and 78-93
Rank: AB, SRA, SMSgt
Now: : Felixstowe, Suffolk England
Message: Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me during any of these periods. Especially, Col Ross (JR), Chief Taylor (JAH), or any of the members of the 81 SUP/341.

Saturday 11/30/2002 1:32:54am 
Name: John P. Kelley 
E-Mail: jpkelley(a)  
B/W yrs: 1960-1963 
Rank: A2C Served in both the 81st A&E and the 81st Transportation Sq. 
Now: : Maryland 
Message: The best time of my life was spent on these two bases. I only wish that I could return to see them again. Oh for some of those fish and chips again. If anyone remembers me please get in touch and if anyone knows a Basil Lamb, Stanley Scott or a SSGT Bridges that was in the 81st Transportation Sq. please get in touch with me. 

Wednesday 11/27/2002 5:10:46pm 
Name: Tom Harrison 
B/W yrs: Bentwaters April 1960--April 1963 
Rank: A/1c 
Now: : Warwick R.I. 02888 
Message: Eng.Mech (a) Bentwaters.Loved TDY at Wheeles AFB in Libya Looking for old "buddies" from the early 60s.

Monday 11/25/2002 11:32:00pm 
Name: Denny Sharon 
E-Mail: DennyS35(a)  
B/W yrs: 1962-1965 
Rank: Capt. then, Colonel Ret. 
Now: : Fredericksburg,VA and Lady Lake, FL

Friday 11/22/2002 10:33:27pm 
Name: Freddy Rodriguez 
E-Mail: rrodriguez(a)  
B/W yrs: 1967-1972 
Now: : Texas 
Message: interested in hearing from old friends, worked in Supply at Bentwaters 

Friday 11/22/2002 8:49:57pm 
Name: Harold W. Spaugh 
E-Mail: hspaugh(a)  
B/W yrs: 1966 - 1970 
Rank: Then SSgt, Retired SMSgt 1988 
Now: : Fort Worth, Texas 
Message: Absolutely the best 4 years of my life. Worked 81TFW/Maintenance Administration for Col Amundson, MSgt John Owens, TSgt Jim Pokriefka, SSgt Don Langley (Deceased) 

Friday 11/22/2002 6:31:40pm 
Name: Norman E. Clark 
E-Mail: sunbird170ss(a)  
B/W yrs: 1968-1972, 1987-1991 
Rank: MSGT 
Now: : Niceville, Florida

Friday 11/22/2002 2:33:35pm 
Name: Thomas Deckard 
E-Mail: tom.deckard(a)  
B/W yrs: 67-69 
Rank: Sgt 
Now: : Germantown, MD 
Message: Personal and Survival Equipment Specialist..F4C's - 81st TFS - Great tour of duty..beautiful country and wonderful people...sorry to see the condition of the twin bases today...GREAT JOB LINN 

Thursday 11/21/2002 11:52:13pm 
Name: Steve Krulin 
E-Mail: webmaster(a)  
B/W yrs: 1961 - 1964 
Rank: A/3C, A/2C, A.... err A/B ;={ 
Now: : Miami Florida 
Message: Linn you have outdone yourself with the website update. Thank you for all that you do for us old GIs and thanks especially for your warm Suffolk hospitality towards visiting Yanks.
We've been invited over to take part in next year's celebration of 60 years of the GI presence in the United Kingdom. I hope we'll have the opportunity to break bread together.

Monday 11/18/2002 4:00:25am 
Name: Tom Gaither 
E-Mail: gatoris(a)  
B/W yrs: Woodbridge - Feb 1963 - Dec 1965 
Rank: E4 
Now: : 336 Elm Street Ludlow, KY USA 4101 
Message: As I age, the more I realize how important those years, those people and that place were to the development of what is and has been a very good life. 

Tuesday 11/12/2002 2:57:08am 
Name: David L Moore "country" 
E-Mail: moor7887(a)  
B/W yrs: 1964-1967 
Rank: e4
Now: : 8840 gullatt rd palmetto ga.30268 
Message: I was in the fire dept at both bases during those years, I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from those great years that I spent in England, my nickname was country. 
I worked for eastern airlines from 1967 till 1989,t ruck driver for various companies from 1989 until 2000, Northwest airlines 2000 until I was laid off Oct 2002.

Friday 11/01/2002 4:59:07am 
Name: Ralph Jones 
E-Mail: rbj327(a)  
B/W yrs: 1966-1968 
Rank: Sgt Transportation Sqd. Now: : Auburn Georgia 
Message: Wife, Barbara was Miss Transportation in 1967. Worked for Dale Draper and Bob Ranney. 
If you know me email me.

Friday 10/25/2002 6:10:24pm 
Name: George Waller 
E-Mail: georgewaller(a)  
Message: Have lived in Woodbridge area since the late 60's... was very unhappy to see the base close down in 93... we lost a wonderful community and our very own piece of America. Suppose there is no chance they could re-open the place?!

Thursday 10/24/2002 9:36:17pm 
Name: Richard Hamilton (TINY) 
E-Mail: Shiva69(a)  
B/W yrs: 1964 1967 
Rank: A!C air police 81ST tfw 
Message: where is every one 

Tuesday 10/22/2002 1:16:11pm 
Name: Mario Antidormi 
E-Mail: mantido(a)  
B/W yrs: 1968-1970 
Rank: SSGT 
Now: : Boston 
Message: We were the 79th TFS. I had so much fun there. We traveled to all parts of Europe and Asia. Look up the 79th TFS. 

Tuesday 10/22/2002 1:07:33am 
Name: Mike Paris 
B/W yrs: Woodbridge May 61-April 65 
Rank: A/2c 
Now: : Baltimore, Maryland 
Message: The very best four years of my life spent at Woodbridge. Hard work, but lots of fun. Even enjoyed four trips to Wheelus. Wonder what it looks like now? 

Monday 10/21/2002 2:37:19pm 
Name: Michael Carroll 
E-Mail: mcarroll(a)  
B/W yrs: RAF Woodbridge 1958 / 1961 
Rank: Airman 2nd Class - Firefighter 
Now: : Sayville , NY 
Message: Great times, Played lots of Basketball & Football for the Base durning that time. Was back in 97 to look the place over. Hope to go back to England again after I retire.

Saturday 10/19/2002 11:39:56pm 
Name: Gary Jackson 
E-Mail: corvette98(a)  
B/W yrs: 11/69 thru 11/73 (4yrs) 
Rank: Arrived as a Sgt. and left as a SSgt. 
Now: : Dallas, Tx. 
Message: I was assigned to the 81TFS. My last four months I was assigned to the 81 Police Sqd. 

Sunday 10/13/2002 3:48:36pm 
Name: Joseph Vialonga 
E-Mail: joev(a)  
B/W yrs: 1961-64 
Rank: a 3/c (got busted) Bentwaters AP, Security "C" Flt. 
Now: : Cape Cod, MA 
Message: Great site.

Friday 10/11/2002 5:52:40am 
E-Mail: bohensky4(at)  
B/W yrs: Late 60s 

Wednesday 10/02/2002 2:50:58am 
Name: Eddie C. McAfee 
E-Mail: eddiemcafee(a)  
B/W yrs: 62-65 and 73-76 
Rank: Left in 65 as an E-4 and left in 76 as an E-7. 
Now: : East Ridge, TN 
Message: Worked on "D" Flight Security at W/B under TSgt Wilfred W. Shively from 62-65. In 73 and 74, worked as Security Flight Chief at W/B, 75 and 76 worked as Security Flight Chief at B/W and also worked in Reports and Analysis under Maj. Reiling. 

Tuesday 10/01/2002 11:08:00pm 
Name: Darrell Cook 
E-Mail: dmcook(a)  
B/W yrs: Woodbridge-1961-1965 
Rank: A/1C Crew Chief on F-100 
Now: : Iowa 
Message: Looking for Crew Chief buddies that were at Woodbridge in the 79th Squadron.

Monday 09/09/2002 4:42:03pm 
B/W yrs: 59-62 

Friday 09/06/2002 9:27:37pm 
Name: Maureen Williams 
E-Mail: mrnwllms(a)  
B/W yrs: 1962-1966 
Rank: My husband (now deceased), Robert Williams (Willy) or (Bob)was A1st class in the 81st AP, canine section. I believe it was "C" flight and was good friends with Ron SanGeorge, Jack Holtzerland (deceased)Irvin jackson, Roger Zarling, John Yuhas, "Pee Wee" don't remember his name, and --Bent (don't remember his first name). My name prior to marriage was Maureen Horsup. If anyone knows me I would love to hear from you. 
Now: : Winchester, Virginia 
Message: Great site.Will visit often. 

Wednesday 09/04/2002 1:31:03pm 
Name: Richard O'Keefe 
E-Mail: richok(a)  
B/W yrs: 07/1963 to 05/1964 
Rank: A1C 
Now: : Watertown, WI 
Message: 2164th Comm Sqd, Radio Mtce Shop. 

Wednesday 09/04/2002 3:59:43am 
Name: Bill Bauerle 
E-Mail: wmb128(at) 
B/W yrs: Jan 61 to Jan 65 
Rank: A2C 81st A&E Electronics Tech/ Automatic Flight Controls 
Now: : New York City 
Message: Another great sight..can't believe I havn't seen one name I recognize. Looking for Neal (Jim) Estes..Jim had a 36 Jaguar that he re-built in the base garage. Also looking for Larry Lawrence..Claude (Bob) Miller..Jerry Lynch..Billy Moore (from Mobile Ala)..We all used to hang out in the barracks on weekends just before paydays, drink the cheap beer from the BX, When we had money we went to the Airmans Club..The Rendevous in Ipswitch..The Rainbow Pub..or down to London..memories of..riding a BMW bike at night on the beach at Felixstowe..after a few beers with the boys...seeing Dusty Springfield at the Airmans Club..Speakers Corner at Hyde Park in London on Sunday mornings..Fish & Chips shop at the bus depot in Ipswich..I eventually met and married a beautiful girl from Cochester..this will be our 39th year together..and have two sons..and two grandchildren..I am in touch with my old roomate and best man Jerry Tabor..we found each other just a few months ago..and it was great..anyone out there that remembers us or any of the guys mentioned above ...would love to hear from you.

Friday 08/30/2002 9:11:01pm 
Name: Alec Caudell 
E-Mail: alcsrc(a)  
B/W yrs: 1959-1963 
Rank: Dependent, Father William C. Caudell ran Base Ops, took my first flying lessons at the aero club at Woodbridge, we had a J-3, L-20 and two Piper Tripacers. 
Now: : Oklahoma City. 
Message: I went on to become a Boeing 727 Captain, all started there in Woodbridge. Have been back only once.

Thursday 08/29/2002 4:14:33am 
Name: James T [Preacher] Lindler 
E-Mail: rijal(a)  
B/W yrs: 1956 /1967and 1968 
Rank: A2C 56 Tsgt 67/68 
Now: : N.Charleston SC 
Message: I was in 512th FISq in 56 lived in VP hollow. in 92 TFS phase insp.dock chief in 67/68. retired in 1976 as Msgt.had some great times in 56 at Rainbow Public house but it was gone in 67/68. would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.

Wednesday 08/28/2002 4:17:43am 
Name: Duane Hinkley 
E-Mail: Brevco19(a)  
B/W yrs: 66-68 
Rank: E-4 while stationed there 
Now: : Melbourne ,Florida 
Message: Loved B/W and Woodbridge from day one.just hated leaving a lot of good Buddies behind when I Got my orders.
Anyone that remembers me or just wants to talk about the good ole days and times had at B/W and the great city of Ipswich. Had the honor of servicing again at RAF Welford/ RAF Greenhan Common 72-74.
We have an RAF Welford Reunion every other year, 2001 Branson MO. and the one for 2003 will be in the Boston Area..Anyone ever stationed at RAF Welford is welcome to attend, if interested let me know and I will make sure the proper person gets the info. 

Tuesday 08/27/2002 1:10:35pm 
Name: Thomas Leyland 
B/W yrs: 1966-1969 
Rank: from A1C to SSGT 
Now: : Lindenhurst, New York 
Message: Crew Chief 91st TFS assigned a/c 64-864. Lived in Saxmundham on High Street. Wife Pat worked on base at Hubbards rental. Three wonderful years of friends and memories. 

Wednesday 08/21/2002 4:45:35pm 
Name: Mary Merchant / nee Mary Dickerson
E-Mail: Maswich(a)  
B/W yrs: 1959 - 1965 
Now: : Florida 
Message: From Ipswich, Suffolk.

Sunday 08/18/2002 0:52:24am 
Name: Tom (Izzy) Beal 
E-Mail: TBeal70906(a)  
B/W yrs: 51-55, 56-60, 62-66 
Now: : Marion, Texas 
Message: Was assigned to the Base Fire Department for all those wonderful years. Married Ruth Gormer from Ipswich in 1952. 
Retired in 1971 at Randolph AFB and worked there as a civilian till retirement in 96. 

Saturday 08/17/2002 9:34:53pm 
Name: David A Azevedo, MSgt retired 
E-Mail: drifter24535(a)  
B/W yrs: 512th-56to57 / 81stFMS 66to69 (engine) 
Rank: signed on before and got a couple of replys from people I knew. My computer crashed and I lost all thier addresses. so if I didnt get to reply to your email try again, hope to do better this time 
Now: : snowbird, dont stay in one place to long.

Thursday 08/15/2002 4:34:16am 
Name: William F Lambdin 
E-Mail: cblambdi(a)  
B/W yrs: Woodbridge 1960-1963 
Rank: A1C when I rotated back to states. 
Now: : Maryville, Tn 
Message: Best assignment I had while in service. Would love to hear from or meet again all the people I was acquainted with from those wonderful years. Get in touch with me by email if you like. 

Tuesday 08/06/2002 6:57:56pm 
Name: Larry Worden 
E-Mail: lwordpa(a)  
B/W yrs: 1967 to 1970 
Rank: SSGT 
Now: : Lock Haven , Pa. 
Message: I was in 2164th Comm. squadron on RAF Woodbridge. We had a radio site on the flight line behind the control tower. I still have great memories of the base and Ipswich town. 

Sunday 08/04/2002 8:03:59pm 
Name: Cedrick Bianchi 
E-Mail: GrMtnMan41(a)  
B/W yrs: 63-65 
Rank: 63-65was E-3 and E-4 Was Assigned to 81st SPS 
Now: : Danielsville, Ga 
Message: Retired from the AF in 81 Did two tours in Viet Nam. All I can remember about RAFB was the nights sure were cold and the weather was damp.

Sunday 08/04/2002 0:01:04am 
Name: Bruce W Badgrow 
E-Mail: bbadgrow(a)  
B/W yrs: 1965-1968 
Rank: TSgt 
Now: : Covina, California 
Message: I worked at the PMEL at RAF Woodbridge. We lived at Felixstowe and it was a very enjoyable 3 years. 

Saturday 08/03/2002 4:55:48am 
Name: Lindsay Garcia 
E-Mail: skeptikal_one(a)  
B/W yrs: 1964-1968 
Rank: My dad was stationed at Bentwaters. 
Now: : Los Angeles, California, USA 
Message: It was fun to see the old photos. I went to Bentwaters Elem. School. Still remember the long bus ride from Felixstowe everyday. 

Friday 08/02/2002 4:24:36am 
Name: paul reece 
E-Mail: pmreece(a)  
B/W yrs: 01/67 11/69 
Rank: SSGT 
Now: : Michigan.

Tuesday 07/30/2002 2:49:21am 
Name: Ray Ayers 
E-Mail: stirboxo(a)  
B/W yrs: 1965-1968 
Rank: TSGT at Woodbridge Flight Commander D Flight for six months. 
Msgt NCOIC LE Bentwaters last two years as First Sergeant Air Police. 
Now: : Satellite Beach ,Fl. 
Message: Left BW went to Minot ND, volunteered for VN to get out of Minot,went to Tuy Hoa, saw Msgt Burt Hamner he was Flight Sgt of the night shift,retired to California,anyone know his whereaboutsolease let me know, Retired from tje AF 1970 and retired from civilian work five years ago. We go to England twice a year, my wifes mother lives in Andover, been to Bentwaters a few times, sad place to see, also see Allen Airey the Police Sgt from Wickham Mkt, also saw Ken Cooke, he was living in Eyke at that time. 

Monday 07/29/2002 6:50:01pm 
Name: Bud Jackson 
E-Mail: leiline(a)  
B/W yrs: 64 to 68 
Rank: Sgt 
Now: : Merrimac Ma. 
Message: Great time...worked at the Service Club and Armed Forces Radio & TV station on base....would like to find a Moria Duncan who was English and was director of service club...Great memories. 

Thursday 07/25/2002 8:39:20pm 
Name: Michael mule Williams 
E-Mail: mulehome( 
B/W yrs: 1966-1970 woodbridge 
Rank: SSGT. 
Now: : Nevada Missiouri 
Message: Just looking for old friends as most I was a crew chief on F-100 these years were the best. Thanks to all

Saturday 07/20/2002 3:39:52pm 
Name: Michael Besecker 
E-Mail: mbesecker001(at) (email amended June 09) 
B/W yrs: Bentwaters 1967 to 1970 
Rank: SGT./ Assigned to the 81st field maintenance squadron and worked in the engine shop and flightline. 
Now: : Troy, Ohio 
Message: Many great times at the airman and NCO club. Going TDY to Wheelas AFB and Incirlick AFB. Meeting alot of great people while stationed there. 

Wednesday 07/17/2002 6:53:45pm 
Name: Raymond V. Morgan 
E-Mail: rvmorgan007(a)  
B/W yrs: July 1966 to July 1969 
Rank: MSgt, Chaplain Section (Ret) 
Now: : Leawood, Kansas 
Message: The person inquiring about Chaplain Kucharski. He died a few years ago. Tried to e mail to your address but it was returned. Next: Visited the old place more than a half dozen times since our departure. A good part of our life. 

Wednesday 07/17/2002 4:53:58am 
Name: Larry Carmack 
B/W yrs: 57-61 Woodbridge base weather 
Rank:  A/3c-A/1c 
Now: : Belleville IL(near Scott AFB) 
Message:   Had some great years in UK. Got married to a wonderful woman. Was in Upper Heyford 75-78. In-laws lived in Tunstall. Spent lots of time at Green Man. 
Linn, as I told you before, you are doing a great job and service for us that have fond memories of Suffolk and all of England. 

Sunday 07/14/2002 8:37:25pm 
Name: Ron Kendall 
E-Mail: rkendall(a)  
B/W yrs: 67,68 
Rank: A1C 
Now: : South of Boston 
Message: I was a memeber of the 81st Security Police. Would certainly welcome hearing from anyone who was also in the SP's at the time. 

Friday 07/12/2002 7:09:23pm 
Name: Ray D'Amato 
E-Mail: ray.damato(a)  
B/W yrs: 1959 - 1963 
Rank: Airman 1st. Class 
Now: : Burke, Virginia 
Message: Stationed at Anglia Control, 
RAF Wattisham. Like to make contact with fellow airmen assigned to 1261st AACS or later changed to 2161st Communications Squadron. 

Wednesday 07/03/2002 9:27:24pm 
Name: David a Azevedo 
E-Mail: drifter24535(a)  
B/W yrs: 56-57- W/512FIS & 66-69-W/81FMS 
Rank: A/1c with the 512 FIS mid 56 to nov 57. T/Sgt with 81 FMS propulsion branch April 66 to April 69 
Now: : Gig Harbor, Washington 
Message: nice site, seen lots of things I remembered.

Sunday 06/30/2002 4:59:57am 
Name: Wezdenko, Raymond 
E-Mail: Rwezdenko(a)  
B/W yrs: 1969 to 1973 
Rank: Tech/ sargent 
Now: : Glendale, Arizona 
Message: Lived in Aldburgh by the sea. Played a lot of racquet ball at the old gym.
Assigned to the 81st avionics sqd. 

Thursday 06/27/2002 2:34:36am
E-Mail: l.pegg(a)  
B/W yrs: WOODBRIDGE 1959 to JUNE 1962 
Message: I have nothing but very fond memories of my time spent at RAF WOODBRIDGE. THANKS LINN for allowing me the opportunity to hook up with some old buddies and remember the good times. JOHN L. ( LARRY) PEGG

Wednesday 06/26/2002 4:56:30am 
E-Mail: OLLIE6319(a)JUNO.COM  
B/W yrs: 196I-63/76-92 
Rank: m/sgt 
Now: : Wash. State

Wednesday 06/19/2002 9:25:57pm 
B/W yrs: OCT 66-OCT 69 
Rank: SSGT 381 MMS 
Now: : DAYTON, TEXAS 77535 
Message: HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!! 

Monday 06/17/2002 4:16:25pm 
Name: Ian Travers 
E-Mail: windychywy(a)  
B/W yrs: 63-66,68-73 
Rank: MSgt.Avionics Technician in 81st A & E
Second tour a Quality Control Inspector
assigned to 81 TFW(MMEQ) 
Now: : Cheyenne,Wyoming 
Message: Without doubt the best assignments of my
AF career.Played Soccer for the base,Darts for the club,Season ticket holder for Ipswich Town FC.I miss the place and the people. 

Saturday 06/15/2002 2:13:16am 
Name: Ed Mahoney 
E-Mail: rara4111(a)  
B/W yrs: 56-59 65-68 
Rank: A2c 56-59 SSgt 65-68 
Now: : Las Vegas NV 
Message: In 1956 I was assigned as Crew chief F86D 512th FIS
1965 Worked ARR for 6 months the aircraft records. Married a lovely girl from Snape and now live here in Vegas.
I miss England and the wonderful people that I came in contact with in my two tours.Went back in 98 and it broke my heart to see the decay of Bentwaters. The 512th FIS is having a reunion in Sept this year and have them every 2 years.Previous members welcome .

Tuesday 06/04/2002 9:12:31pm 
Name: Bob (Bobby) Burns 
E-Mail: rmburnsjr(a)  
B/W yrs: 66-69 
Rank: Dependent, Dad Was MSGT Robert Burns & wife Dib 
Now: : Walhalla, SC 
Message: Anyone please send me an email if you were there during the '66-'69 years. Those were really great times! 

Thursday 05/30/2002 10:52:24pm 
Name: Ron Kendall 
E-Mail: rkendall(a)  
B/W yrs: 68-69 
Rank: Sgt in 81st SP Squadron. Worked for MSgt Coco. 
Now: : Canton, MA 
Message: I would love to hear from old friends at Bentwaters. Those were great years. 

Friday 05/24/2002 9:56:37pm 
Name: Jim Walsh 
E-Mail: jimthecanoeist(a)  
B/W yrs: 1966-1970 
Rank: TSgt, PMEL 
Now: : Retired Peoria, AZ 
Message: Welcome contact from old friends in England. 

Tuesday 05/21/2002 9:16:54pm 
Name: Ken Eister 
E-Mail: wkeisterjr(a)  
Years in Suffolk: 3 years... 1968 - 1971 
Rank Sgt (E-4) 
Now: : Maryland 
Message: Great country and people! 

Tuesday 05/21/2002 3:35:48pm 
Name: Ken Cook 
E-Mail keneyke(a)  
Years at B/W 1965-1968 and 1972-1977 
AF service info Retired in 1977 from Bentwaters (Security Police).Remained in UK. 
Now: : Live in Eyke village 1 mile from old base 
Message: Have been visiting Linn's pages for a year or so now, as well as the Tansey site and Ken Kern's SPS site. All very good.  

Monday 05/20/2002 5:33:49pm 
Name: John Downing 
Referred By: Just Surfed In 
City/Country: Yonkers N.Y 
Message: Great site. I view almost daily. I served with a great bunch of guys back in 67-70. Ah, for the good old days. 

Monday 05/20/2002 9:43:03pm 
Name: Jay O'Dea 
E-Mail: jay.a.odea(a)  
City/Country: Ipswich England 
Message: 81 SPS 64/66, 81 FMS 66/68
AAFES auto parts 68/75, Back to Bentwaters 85/93. 



Gary Jackson Military History:
I arrived Bentwaters 20 November 1969 and departed 21 October 1973.
See full entry on 1970s page.

John Amundson - I was a brat with my family stationed at Bentwaters from 1968-1971. Wonderful, wonderful time! Live here in Vegas now, and ran into a person who looked so familiar, but I couldn't place his face. Then it dawned on both of us as we started asking where we knew each other from - it was Frank Slaughter, who was another dependent stationed at Woodbridge from 69-72. So if anyone is looking for him, or me, we are here in Las Vegas, NV.
John Amundson

Tom Deckard - Bentwaters/Woodbrige 1967-1969.
I wish I could remember some of the names of my buddies. I guess its the age.
Anybody out there remember me?

RAYMOND WINN ramwin2(a)
Subject: Terry Friend - telfriend(a)
Hi Linn, thanks for forwarding Terry's message. Of course I remembered him and replied, and another tile in the mosaic of my ten very special years in England falls into place. When I was busily blathering about myself and the Tunetwisters on your site, I neglected to mention my father, CMSGT Raymond Winn was Wing Sgt Major of 81CSG around '66-'70 my mother taught at the elementary school at Woodbridge and my brother Rick worked at the AAfes Service Station at Woodbridge between semesters at Lakenheath High School, where he graduated in '69. I came to England to visit them after my tour in the Army was over & decided to stay. Rick joined the Air Force soon after he graduated, put in four years, got out, went to college, went back in with a commission and retired as a Major not too long ago. His oldest son was born at Bentwaters... so the whole Winn family has a bit of "Crooked Creek" in our veins.........and proud of it. Thanks again, Sincerely, Ray Winn.

Jim Knickle
I was with the 92nd TFS from 1966 - 1969 and would love to return and visit the area and also meet others stationed there whether or not I knew them or what units they served in.
How can I find more information about events or the best way to become involved in this great site. Jim Knickle 415 515-5757

Lisa Benton lisabenton(a) Bentwaters, Address: Kidderminster
I am searching for a William Griffin (Griffen?) who was based at RAF Bentwaters in the early 1960s. After he had served his time in the RAF he went back to the US to work for the US Mail.
Can anyone help me find him?

Henry E.Jackson wcjayjay(a)  Bentwaters, Woodbridge, 01/1963 thru 01/1967, E4, 81st,fms, engine shop and flight line
I would like to hear from anyone from the engine shop during my tour Jan 1963/ Jan 1967

Carole Robinson (Revett) Cazrevett(a), Bentwaters, Woodbridge
Also: Crevett(a) 07900588440
Looking for any one who remembers me The guys who I looked after at Palmeston Road: TOM HENLEY EUGENE MCGOLDRICK - JOHN MOOSEHAVEN - DON DIRKSING who was a photographer or any one at all who remembers me from the clubs

Brenda Dawson Green BDAWSONSLP(a), 1966-1968, Bentwaters Dependent
Address Now: 450 Coggins Shore Road, Inman, SC 29349 - 864-592-1290
Searching for my high school roommate at Lakenheath High School, 1967-68, Sharon Lesley, or any of her family. I believe her father was in the 81st FMS at Bentwaters and they lived off base. He was an NCO. Sharon had at least one younger brother that my brother says we called I believe they were stationed in SC after rotating stateside in 1969. 

Joseph Spinelli 1968 - 1969 - 1970 Air police or mechanic on planes, officer in the 81st Bentwaters, Woodbridge
My name is Gilles Guy. I am looking for Joseph Spinelli, Bentwaters between 1968-1970.
Italian origin, probably from New York or New Jersey, Used to date a lady called Violet.
Thank you very much.

Dave Bishop - dave.bishop(a), Looking for friends.
I am searching for anyone stationed at Bentwaters/Woodbridge who knew SSgt David W Bishop (Bish) and or his wife Vivian L Bishop. Stationed from 1961 -1965 They lived in Ipswich while stationed there.
Thank You Dayna Bishop

Dayna Bishop looking for anyone who knew her father, SSgt David Bishop (Bish) in the early 60's. I knew him. I used the e-mail address supplied, dave.bishop(a) but this did not work. Any ideas would be appreciated on how to reach Dayna. Thank you. Dean Bixler. 81st Cameron 1960-63

Sylvia Knight Roebuck, Bentwaters, Woodbridge, Shepherds Grove, 1960-66 Dependant
Address Now: 314 Northwod Dr Philadelphia, MS 39350
I am looking for Steven Knight (or Stephen). He was born in late June of 1965 at Ipswich. 
Thank you. Sylvia Knight Roebuck.

Ray Winn ramwin2(a), Bentwaters/Woodbridge, 1968-1978, Civilian, Member of the Tunetwisters. I was at Bentwaters/Woodbridge 1968-78 as a civilian. During this time I worked at the Dining Hall, Stars&Stripes bookstore briefly, and worked for AAFES from 1970-78. I was the first Manager of the Bentwaters Sound Center (through the Deli, Furniture Store, all the way in the back, tall guy with glasses, that's me). I also played lead guitar for several C&W bands. You might remember the "Tunetwisters" at the NCO Club and the Woodbridge All-Ranks Club. I've got many fond memories of those times. Cheers and all the best. Ray Winn.
The Tunetwisters were formed by Chuck Bailey, who was Bandleader, big daddy, organizer, mentor, leader, nursemaid, and chief Buttkicker to us all.
The other members were Chuck Conley, Chris Kallenback(sp.?), Duane Booth, Mel Tindle, Rick Welch, and me.  We occasionally were joined by Bob Haskell, Tony Smart, Ron Reed, and Pete Harvey as sidemen. [Linn B.: I am interested that there was no mention of Clyde Clevenger, who emailed me to say that he played in a band of that name]
We did make two LP's at Hillside Records in Ipswich around 1975. I wonder if you could find out if they are still in business? I tried searching on the 'net but didn't score. It was owned and operated by Richard and David Allison at Levington Road, IPS. They were a brand new studio and I think we were their first venture. It went well.
I stayed in touch with Chuck B. for a while after I returned to US but then lost contact. It would be great to hear from any of them. It's also nice to hear from someone in Woodbridge.

tunetwisters.jpg (257869 bytes)


littlewolf49(a) Randy Erickson, Woodbridge 1968-1972 and 1987-1991, 381st Munitions Maint Sq - 78th tac ftr Sq Woodbridge USAF 68-72 Bentwaters 1987-91 81st EMS
Address Now: Phoenix Arizona
Trying to locate military buddies stationed at Woodbridge 78th Tac sq 69-72. Last I heard they were both in their home state somewhere in California. Kenneth McKee (Mac), Lloyd Gieg If your out there Mac or Lloyd or if anyone knows their whereabouts e-mail me.
Randy Erickson

wrnascar(a), Bill (Rich) Richards, Woodbridge, Mar '62 - May '64, A1C, 81 A&E(CAMRON)
Address Now: Ormond Beach, FL
Looking for buddies stationed there during my tour.

Helen Mader - Daughter of Francis R (Bob) Mader, Bentwaters, 1958-1961, M/Sgt. PMS
Helen is trying to find out as much as possible about her father, and his untimely death. See the full enquiry on the 1950s page.

Walter Smith 
Woodbridge and Bentwaters, Mar 62 - Mar  65, Hi Linn; Just tapped into your site, due to contact with a former USAF fireman John Smith (he's in New Jersey ) at BW approx 62-65  the same time I was with the 81st Air Police at both Woodbridge and Bentwaters Mar 62 - Mar 65. I'm also in contact with a Jon Oliver (Buffalo NY) also former Police same time as myself. Where am I? you ask... IPSWICH !! moved here in 1971. Cheers,

Sean J. Kelly, Bentwaters, 81st AP Sq, RAF Bentwaters
I am the son of Walter J. Kelly Jr. who served at this station in 1962, I believe according to his records.
He passed away in 1989 and I began looking into his military records since then, didn't know much about him in the AF.
Looking for anyone who new him or pictures of him during this time.
He took at trip with several others to a Catholic Pilgrimage in Rome on 12 November 1962.
I have a picture from that trip of my father and at least 3 other men. 
Any information, please contact me, Thank you.

l.pegg(a), JOHN L PEGG (LARRY), Woodbridge, 1959 to 1962, S/SGT 78th TFS flight C and then unscheduled maint.
Address: 2637 CAPITOL AVE, Des MOINES, IOWA 50317
Looking for old buddies that served during my tour. Enjoying memories of a very wonderful time and experience (so much so, that I went back in 2002.)

Larry Tomaich, larrytomaich(a), RAF Woodbridge, May 26,1962 thru May 25, 1965
Just to let everyone know that Larry "Tom" Tomaich has heard from John Rado.
Still searching for Carl Sorenson.



Malcolm Thomson, patmalx(a), Bentwaters and Woodbridge, 2/6till 3/64, A2C 81APRON First four months at B/W the rest of time at W/B
Address: 30 Riverview Dr. Ormond Beach Fla 32174, 904 673-0857
Was fortunate to have served at both bases. Most of my time was on Woodbridge.
You only remember the good times, but they out weighed the bad at Woodbridge.
I just visited Vic York my roommate at W/B. We had a lot of good time there when we were young.
We were twenty years olds when I last saw him, now we are both grandfathers. How time flies when you're having fun.
I am glad that I had such a great experience at that point in my life. I have very few regrets about my time over there.

Phillip Rouviere prouviere(a), RAF Bentwaters, 1966-1969, SSgt; 91st TFS Weapons Loading; Load Team 91-4
Address: 3030 Kline Road, Jacksonville, Fl 32246
Talk about memories!!! Weapons loading and the Running Buck made a man out of me.
Will never forget all the TDY's to Wheelus.
Ankerich, Jacobsen, Britto, Napatalino, Leach, Kuzinski, Nye and Tarpley... where are you now?

Donald A Cole daaecole(a), RAF Bentwaters, Oct 1961-Oct 1964, E4 81st A&E, 381st MMS

William D. (SPANK) Carson w.d.carson(a)TALK21.COM, Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Mar. 67 - Aug. 70, Sgt. 81st TFW / 78 TFS
Address: 4 Halliwell Rd., Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5LS, Tel. 01473 726824

Ralph Driver gfcircle(a), RAF Bentwaters, 1969-1974, SSgt 81 Security Police Squadron

Gordon Nelms enelms(a), RAF Bentwaters, 1966-1970, Sgt, 81st Wing, 91st Squadron
Address: 2413 Heritage Drive, Gautier, MS 39553-4419  (228)497-3586
Just looking for a few friends who served in the 91st squadron,1967 to 1970 at Bentwaters.

RAF Woodbridge, 1968-1970, SSGT A FLIGHT 79TH TFS, 6 PORTER STREET BILLERICA, MA 01821

Ron Jarrett Burrell
Ron Burrell 15 January 2 003 I was putting up the flag yesterday at the post office in Aurora, Colorado. I met George Wilson, a veteran, and come to find out that he is an 81st veteran from 1961 to 1964. We were stationed there at the same time!
He worked in the munitions squadron and at the 81st Headquarters for Col Daniel "Chappie" James Jr. I plan to visit with George tomorrow and talk about the good old days at Bentwaters and Woodie bases.
George Wilson is not online but would like to contact former buddies from his years at Bentwaters. He was also stationed at RAF Sculthorpe during the 1950s when they had B-45 Tornados. 
He can be contacted:
George Wilson, 1061 Yuba Street, Aurora, Colorado 80011, Tel: 303 344-0646
I might add that George is a WWII veteran, a Korean war veteran, and a Vietnam war veteran. He lived in the village of Orford while in England while at Bentwaters. Cheers, Ron

Michael R Williams mulehome(a), Woodbridge 1966-1970, Ssgt. 79 TFS 20 TFW
Remember all the good times with all the guys in the 79 TFS, all the people of Ipswich.
Looking for Barry and Christine Hastin in Ipswich.

Jami Zeh Larsen JZL72(a) Woodbridge Jr High
My father was a MSGT in the Air Force.
I attended 6th grade at Bentwaters and 7th & 8th grades at Woodbridge Jr High (1967-1970). Would love to hear from any old school friends.

Gordon Nelms enelms(a) Bentwaters Feb 1967-Aug 1970
During that time I met some of the greatest people in the world
I would like to re-establish contact with any of the following guys I worked with as crew chiefs on the F-4Cs in the 91st TFS: - Dave Sarey - Steve VonBampus - Roland Easterday - Pete Gandara - ...or any of the guys who served with the 91st during this time period.
Gordon Nelms, 2413 Heritage Drive, Gautier, MS 39553, tel 1.228.497.3586

EDWARD BUTLER - BENTWATERS From: Melanie Powell melanie.p(a)
I'm trying to help a friend of mine trace a black G.I. called Edward Butler
Either at Bentwaters or Woodbridge base around 1960-1963.
Her name is Tracy Long and her mother lived in Suffolk Rd Ipswich.

Andy Brunning
I wonder if you can help me find George Burger who was station at RAF Bentwaters.
Between 1961 to 1964. E8 on field maintenance. He was apparently from Portland Oregon.
Mr A Brunning, 26 Hilton Road, Martlesham Heath, IPSWICH, IP5 3RL

Kenneth Larsen - Bentwaters, between 1966-1967 for about six months
Was then 25 years old, well liked, tall, dark hair, blue eyes. Worked as an engineer/aircraft checker, attended college before joining the Air Force
He lived with a younger sister, and their mother, no mention of a father
Joanne Norman, Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Joanne does not have email, so if you have, or find any information, please email me and I will pass it on to Joanne.






Larry Ribbing doubleeagle00(a) RAF Woodbridge April '67 to April '68
Anyone stationed at Woodbridge during this time especially "B" Flight, who worked for TSgt Melvin Easterly.
I do remember a few names: Mike Shanklin, Gary Seavy, Melvin Blount, Gene Headly, James Stewart.
Who could forget Mueller and his crazy wonder dog "REX".
E-mail, or visit my web site, "Double Eagle One".

R. Patrick Murray patrickmurray(a) (then, Robert Murray) Bentwaters 1966-1969
Bentwaters April 1966 to March 1969.
81st Field Maintenance Squadron.
Anyone, especially my roommates during the three years at Bentwaters.
Rich Schumann, Bob Schenk, and Daniel Lewis.
At Bentwaters I used the name Robert Murray, although I go by my middle name (Pat) now.

Paul C. Low p.low(a) Anglia Control 1961-1964
Anyone who served at Anglia Control, 61-64

Carroll Niles Garrison CNG47(a) RAF Woodbridge 1968-1972
Arrived RAF Woodbridge in Nov. 68.
78 TFS "B" Flight and crewed 65-721.
Worked with Norb Skowronski (Ski) and Ken Trojan, Larry Miller, Johnnie Gehrs, Jim Winninger, Paul Reese. Married Christine (Pryke) Allenby Rd. Ipswich in Dec. 69.
Lived on Hazelcroft Rd. frequented "Man on the Moon" pub.
Would like to hear from old "Bushmasters", especially Johnnie (best man at wedding) or Paul, who found his Christine in Ipswich too.
2103 Westminster Rd. Pearland TX 77581 Tel: (281) 412-2019

Dennis R. Ludcke Ludcke(a) RAF Woodbridge Summer 1961 - October 1964
Some names from that time: Marchese, Shively, Dube, Holman, Rudacil, Trent, Legg, Healey, Clary.
Remember my 1954 Ford station wagon, painted red and primer?
PC Stone always stopped me as the previous owner was a poacher.
The pig bus Margaret, Lesley, Paula, Carol, Drano, many others.
The POL guys - K-9 handlers. Just so much to remember
950 Seascape Cir. Rodeo, Calif. 94572-1833 Tel: 510-799-3521

Lynch Family, Bentwaters  1969-72
Seeking Sheila Lynch, Pat Lynch, or Erin Lynch.
Betty G. Bare bgbare(a)  

Al Range alrangej(a) RAF Bentwaters 10/68 - 8/72
Looking for Frank Wozny, Pharmacist 68-70 & John Thornton JAG, 67-71.

I am looking for an American citizen based at Bentwaters around 1962-1963, or 1962-1963, or 1964
I know his first name was Robert, about 6' - 6' 2", and believe he may have served in transportation.
I was told he had a friend by the name of Howard Simmons and Steve Marvin.
My mother's name was Cindy Miller and she lived in Ipswich.
Cindy Miller used to go by her middle name, which was Ann, so you might also know or be Ann Miller.
My mother always was with two girl's named Valerie and Sandy. They liked to visit the Officer's Club.
Any information anyone can provide us would be helpful.
I would appreciate any help you can as I have been trying for many years in vain.
Thank you for your time.
Wayne P. O'Keefe., Arlington, MA
Email: okeefe5(a)

Susie Amundson (now Dramise), My brother John's email address:  Jamun6600(a)
Family stationed Bentwaters 67-70
There were four of us kids - last name Amundson.
Is there any kind of reunion and how do we find out some information about it.
My brother John and sister Mary went to Lakenhealth - sister was a cheerleader there; they would also like to find out about old classmates.
Brother Jim and I went to school on Bentwaters - remember site 3 and site 6 schools.
I  went to Woodbridge High for my 7th grade year.
Does anyone know where some of the kids from Bentwaters/Woodbridge kids are?



Joseph Vialonga joev(a)
Bentwaters Jan 61 - Jan 64, 81st Air Police on "C" Flight Security.
Baseball in 1962/63. Coach was Knobby Walsh.
Two of my Flight Commanders were Sgt Abrahamson and Sgt Grey.
Remember TSgt John T Carter and am sorry to hear he is no longer with us. He took one of my stripes but as I remember it I deserved to lose it.
Remember Lt. Moody (supply, I believe) who dated the same girl I did. Her Name was Margaret Smith, she lived in Ipswich.
I lived in NJ at the time, now I live on Cape Cod in Mass.

Greg Anderson willow1(a) Woodbridge 68-70, 2164th (?) Communications Sq. , Air Traffic Controller
Bill Tilk, Paul Shoemaker remembered.
Drop me a line and let’s swap stories.

Mike Doss - Looking for those stationed at Woodbridge and Upper Heyford in the 79th TAC Fighter Squadron in the years 1967 to 1972 for a reunion.
So far we have located 33 Tigers. We are still looking for the following members: - Denny Atkinson - George Black - Robert K. Boots - Johnny Brake - Mike Brian - Charles Brouillette - Alvin Caraulia - Roger D. Deckard - Eugene P. Dickeman - Phillip F. Dulmage - Ekberg - Don Gabrovich - Richard Goodwin - Gootrimont - Robert Hughs - Hank Johnson - Robert E. Lee - Melvin Meyers - Bruce J. Miller - Marshal F. Mohler - Dennis (Pat) Murphy - John W. Neff III - Foster L. Nickerson - Connie B. Nolan - Ruffus Parsons - Maurice L. Peacock - Jerry Riggins - Kenneth W. Robinson - Charles W. Rummel - Jim Ryals - Timothy C. Schubert - Alvin Soto - Gordon Spencer - Ricky Sturgeon - Glenn L. Swenson - Lee Wright.
If you have any information...
Mike Doss battdaddy(a)

Sgt Gene Raper, Bentwaters May 1967 to May 1970.
Wife Linda was secretary to the Chief of Maintenance, Col Amundsen.
Base commander Gen. Searles.
Col Dorman had been the base CO before Gen. Searles.
Looking for Jim Houser, Warren E. O’Toole, Jimmy Knight, Arthur Meikowski, Carl Fremder, Carl Nice, and anyone else in the 81st AMS.

Rick Billings Bentwaters May 1967 to January 1970.
Left England January 1970, some I still keep in touch with, Jack and Edith Schofield.
Lost all contact with, Anne Burgonne, Doug Piper, Heather Read, to name a few.
Military friends I have lost contact with were Rusty Armstrong, Ed Fellows, Carl Nice.
NOTE: Rick has found Carl Nice - see 1999 successes

James Wayne Gordon, Bentwaters/Woodbridge as a fireman between 1963-66.
One of his chiefs would have been Mr Tommy Allan of Oklahoma.
James was last known Charlotte NC.

Jim Clark, 81st TFW FMS (Electric Shop) Feb 1963 - December 1965
I saw Ron Burrell’s name - Ron lived across the hall in the CAMRON barracks before he married. Looking for:
Thomas Bareford (Virginia) (no longer searching, found in 2001 !)
Jerry Slater (Ohio) (also the subject of a Special Search)
Don Mayo (S.C. or Georgia)
Mitchell G. Lancaster

Joe Meyer, Joseph Meyer
Air Force Brat. Dad was Maj. Joseph Meyer at RAF Bentwaters.
Then was a Maintenance Officer.   We all lived at RAF Woodbridge.
I understand Lt. Col. Fiene was also in Maintenance at Bentwaters.
A group of us brats from 1965-1968 are looking for our lost classmates.
We attended Jr.High at RAF Woodbridge in this time period.
Hopefully through their parents, you can help us reunite with their children:
Sr. Mst. Sgt Hamilton - son Gary
Sr. Mst. Sgt Angel - sons Eddie & Larry
NCO Chadwick - .daughter Karen
Lt. Col. Black - .son David
GS Civilian Robertson - daughter Mimi (Martha)
NCO MacClellan - son "Mac"
Lt. Col. Foster - son Mark & daughter Connie
NCO Sellers - sons Peter & Barry
Lt. Christiansen - daughter Jodi
NCO Hevron - son Carl - older son "Bird"
NCO Saunders - son Mark
NCO Niedercorn - many sons - John , Bubba , et al
Lt. Col. Autin - daughter Sydney
NCO Weisner - daughter Barbara
Col. Fredette  - son Bob
NCO Palacios - daughter Karen
Joey Meyer II 

Update August 1998:
We have found many of our friends, but are still looking for a few - Mac McClellan - Gary Hamilton, (mother is British-parents names are Forrest and Joan) - Skippy Townsend.

Bud Jackson, Bentwaters 1965- 68.
Worked at the Service Club on Base radio station.
Summer TDY Tisbury England, Waterfront director for American Youth Camp, Camp Mohawk.
Sgt Harry Kettle radio station manager, Bill Hargrove Camp Mohawk Director, Moran Duncan Bentwaters Recreation Director, Sgt. Jerry Weinstead, old room mate.
Bud Jackson leiline(a)



Buddy Cooper

John Kopcho and others on the Bentwaters Falcons football team
Dile Holton, Woodbridge and Bentwaters from 1969-1972 in the 381 MMS.
Players on the Bentwaters Falcons football team 1969-72.
John Kopcho was the center for the team during those years.

John T Carter
I'm Barbara. Sgt. John T. Carter passed away in 1982. He was a great guy.
I would like to hear from anyone remembering John T Carter, Military Policeman, stationed at Bentwaters early 60s.

John P Kelley
Anyone RAF Bentwaters in 81st Armament and Electronics Sq., or 81st Transportation 1960-62.
Looking for Basil Goldy Lamb from North Carolina

John Fodor
Bentwaters and Martlesham Heath in 1967/68/69.
The last I heard, John married and was living in Stowmarket.
Mail: R. Daniel Day, Attorney-at-Law, Post Office Box 1587, Seneca, South Carolina, USA 29679

Father Patrick Kucharski
Catholic Priest at Bentwaters 1965-68.
I was Janet Reihsen, oldest daughter of SSgt. James F. Reihsen.
Lived in Wickham Market, some of us were Girl Guides there.
Jan Reihsen Crowe, 217 1st Ave SW, Pocahontas, IA 50574


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