Twin Bases - RAF Bentwaters, RAF Woodbridge

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Thursday 12th of May 2011
JJohnson aka - "Binkley" - janjer99 (at)

My position:  AMMO - of course

My years:  86-88

Now located: AMMO - of course

I have to echo one of the other comments about the attraction to that place. I also was one of those 18 year olds that showed up without a clue, culture shocked and home sick, and my man's Air Force dumped a heapin' of grow up quick on us. I have many more fond memories of that first assignment than I imagined and there are too many "legendary" (in our own minds anyway) stories to tell here. I do have a puzzler for anybody that knows "the crew".....'who broke the doors off the stalls in the "AMMO" dorm on that famous evening in 1987?????' I'll never confirm nor deny it.
looks like they tore 'em down anyway brothers. Cheers to my fellow B/W alum and thanks for the memories.- IYAAYAS!


Wednesday 16th of March 2011
Mark Plemmons - mplemmons63 (at)

My position:  Crew Chief Amn-SrA 81AGS 510AMB

My years:  1982-84

Now located: Claremore, Oklahoma  Full Time with Oklahoma Air National Gaurd

First time on this site.  I remember my time there at Crooked Creek fondly.  Weekends in London, TDY's to Germany, Italy and Turkey.  My Roomate was Giorgio Lando.  Lived off base at 2 Little Croft St. in Ipswich.  Frank Hess, Ralph Wollet, Steve Gertz, David Thoreaux, Phil Napolitano. Al Rosado, Chris Lineberry are a few names I remember.  SMsgt Bias was my NCOIC.  Good times and a great base.


Saturday 05th of March 2011
Stacey - Gordon5az (at)

My position:  depenent

My years:  1986*1990

Now located: Arizon

Looking for friends..I was married to Christopher Lee who was in the Supply Squadron,, we lived in Felixstowe Base Housing.I worked for AAFEs.. looking for old friends that we lost touch with


Thursday 03rd of March 2011
Mike Christiansen - deermaz (at)

My position:  Machinist,Sgt 81 EMS

My years:  87-92

Now located: Traverse City Michigan Still machining

Looking for anyone that i might have known during this time,and anything about reginald(RED)Southgate a brit who worked in the machine shop.


Wednesday 02nd of March 2011
Mark Vickery - mvickery (at)

My position:  Electronic Warfare A1C-Sgt 81st CRS

My years:  83-86

Now located: IT Manager

Great times!! Can't believe it's been as long as it has. I still hear songs from the day and I find myself back BW/WB and seeing all the old people in my minds eye. Wish I could go back for just a minute sometimes just to see everyone again!! Anyone from the ECM shop at BW or WB drop me a line. I have contacts with a few of the people from the shop, Pete, Mike, and Bob. Thanks for the great job of keeping this site going. I was on it several years ago and just checked back in and wanted to put my name back up. Thanks again for all the hard work. Miss you Melody!


Thursday 24th of February 2011
Becky Collins - beckyjcollins (at)

My position:  I left a SGT, I worked in the NDI Lab, CRS and EMS

My years:  1980 to 1983

Now located: I'm in Sierra Vista, AZ/DoD Contractor

 Had a lot of fun between TDY's there! Would love to hear from anyone from that time frame. As NDI I met a lot of people from both bases. Had a lot of good times at the club!!


Wednesday 23rd of February 2011
Fiona - dalyspike (at)

My position:  Woodbridge 1986

My years:  Left England in 1986

Now located: Suffolk, England

I am looking for David a Pilot who flew A10 TB based at Woodbridge left in 1986 to return to California. We met in Hoofers in Ipswich Suffolk. If you can help me find him or tell him I am looking to get in contact it would be great.  


Sunday 20th of February 2011
Brent Adams ( Ammo Shorty) - mrammo2003 (at)

My position:  Munitions system spec SRA, 381st RAF Woodbridge

My years:  88-91

Now located: Las Vegas, NV Munitions Insp for Battlespace Flight Services.

Hello everyone. I am looking for all of my old buddies in the bomb dump during the years of 88-91. i miss you all! Jennifer Stamey, Chris Ducett, Chris Reese, the list goes on and on!!! I miss all the softball!!!


Tuesday 08th of February 2011
David McOmber - a10warthog13 (at)

My position:  Crew Dawg, Sgt. 510 th AMU & 91st AMU

My years:  88-90

Now located: Davis Monthan AFB, AMARG Production Controller,

Retired in 2005, working Civil Service at AMARG in Tucson Az.Just wanted to say Hi to all I served with over in England. I can still remember the football games we played against the specialists and weapons pukes. LOL. And all those fun TDY's to Zaragosa Spain. Those were some good times!!


Friday 04th of February 2011
Brian Crammer - crammer1965 (at)

My position:  Job- ECM Rank SRA 81rst CRS

My years:  87-89

Now located: Lafayette, Indiana

would like to hear from guys from my shop or squadron.  Names I remember: (Stan) Matt Musial, Shane Hanna, Barlow Branch, Steve Nordick, NED (Nedrow) Jay Vickers, Mike Carty, Dan Schmucker, Gene Gardner, Jay Emerson, Cary Middlebrooks, Walt Kosczyk, if you were there, love to hear from you!


Wednesday 19th of January 2011
Perry Steinbrook - psteinbrook (at)

My position:  Avionics/ Expeditor 91st AMB 581AGS

My years:  1980-1983

Now located: Illinois Retired Federal Service and Mil

I think of everyone all the time. Flying those 20 jets out of a few quonset huts was a lot of work and alot of fun.


Wednesday 19th of January 2011
Andy Gereau (Gumpo) <apexmachine (at)>

My position:  81st EMS weld shop

My years:  85-88

Now located: Gren Bay Wis.

Great Site! great memories From Bentwaters.Looking for any anyone from the weld shop,Chris Miller,Adrian Blumhagen,Charlie Branstetter,or Machine shop Carlo Darelli, or AGE Eddie Aroz, Vic Scardinia,Dave Hoover or anyone else who may rember me..Thanks


Tuesday 18th of January 2011
Norman Clark - sunbird171ss (at)

My position:  Supply Squadron,

My years:  1968-1972/1987-1991

Now located: Niceville, Florida

Spent a lot of wonderful years at RAF Bentwaters.  If anyone remembers me I would love to get an e-mail.  Chuck Curran and all the guys.


Thursday 06th of January 2011
walter s puette - musclecarwalt (at)

My position:  Aircraft Electrician 81EMS Bentwaters/Woodbridge

My years:  86-90

Now located: Crestview Fl , Msgt USAF retired

This was my second assignment to England, Lakenheath was my first.Bentwaters was definitely the best.Worked in the phase docks with Tsgt Reese , Tsgt Bromer, A1c Gaxiola,Tsgt Pittman, Tsgt Bowden, Ssgt Smith and Tsgt Weeks to name a few. Went back in 04 and toured the old base have some pictures and great memories!Wally


Thursday 30th of December 2010
Bill Daniel - BillDaniel2 (at)

My position:  SSgt, Expeditor (Purple One, and Four), 81TFW: 510

My years:  1980-1985

Now located:  Retired USAF 2000. Senior Aerospace Engineer and Consultant, Pentagon, Advanced Development Programs, DODAF Design Architecture, Engineering and Evaluating Advanced Platforms and Weapons Systems for the US Navy and Marine Corps Platforms, Weapons, S


Tuesday 21st of December 2010
Michael Arnold - mikenval2003 (at)

My position:  Transportation, E3, 81st

My years:  83-85

Now located: Northern VA, Graphic Designer

Just hoping to get in touch with friends I left behind.  This was an excellent time of my life, and remains most memorable, considering how young I was.  Hoping to find others that I knew to get back in touch.


Wednesday 01st of September 2010
Jerlisa Sawkins - jerlisasawkins2004 (at)

My position: 

My years: 

Now located: England

I am looking for Curtis Richardson who worked on the Bentwaters base 89/90'. All i know is that he worked on the Jets as an engineer i think.
He's my dad and i would really like to get in touch with him.


Monday 30th of August 2010
Leah McGovern (Britton) - di.mcgovern (at)

My position:  Daughter

My years:  1982-1985

Now located: 81st SP 'C' Fight - Bentwaters

I am looking for my dad - Johnathan Edward Britton who served at Bentwaters form 1982 - 1985 He worked at the 81st SP Squadron.  He lives in Ipswich with his work mate Harry who married Ruby. Also good friends with John Waighright and Walter.  Jon Britton married my mum, Diane, in may 1985 and they left Bentwaters and got stationed to Ramstien AFB in Oct 1985 then at Tyndall AFB in Oct 1988.  Anyone knowing my dads where abouts, please could you get in touch with me as I would like to get in touch with him again. Thanks Leah.


Sunday 29th of August 2010
Tim Wright - tw969706 (at)

My position:  Cook, B Waters dining Hall, E-4, 81st SVS,

My years:  1985-1987

Now located: Baghdad, Iraq....

Pyle, Littlejohn, Big Ron Johnson, Mary Robinson, Smitty & Bassett, Zitzow, Desiree Johnson, Jeff, Dave Harvey, Haley, Diggs, Bennett, Big Ben Heard, Terrance Evans.....Mike Robbins, Wayne, and Zito the girl we all wanted to dance with!....RIP AUSTIN JAY GOULD!


Saturday 28th of August 2010
Edward T. Curran (Ned) - rocky2371 (at)

My position:  81 AGS Orderly Room/AB - A1C

My years:  Jan 81-Jan 83

Now located: Clifton Park, New York

esse est percipi


Friday 27th of August 2010
sophie white - sophiemorphey (at)

My position: 

My years: 

Now located:

hi im looking for my dad, who i believe was in the 81st squadron, in bentwaters in 1983 his name is daniel lee west, if anyone could help me that would be very grateful.


Thursday 26th of August 2010
Sam Houston

My position:  A-10 Crew Chief MSgt ret 92 AMB for 2years then Jo

My years:  1980-1983

Now located: Crestview, FL retired

I'm looking for a 81 TFW DCM coin

If anybody with one of those coins would like to sell it, My last job at RAF Bentwaters was at Job Control that's why I want this coin

This coin would finish my coin collection of my Air Force Career as a Crew Chief.

Please, E mail me at send a picture of the coin then we can work on a price


Saturday 14th of August 2010
Lisa K King <smilinontheinside67>

My position:  511th AMU Crew Chief

My years:  1985-1987

Now located: Granite City, IL 62040  

Would like to hear from anyone who may have been at the 511th between 84-88. Recently lost all photos and appreciate any that anyone may want to share via email (:


Friday 13th of August 2010
Philip Beaumont - skydiver62 at aol .com>

My position:  aircraftarresting SRA 81CES

My years:  1983 to1985

Now located: maintenance mechanic Alabama I am looking for a friend who we shared a house with his name was steve he worked in fire house ob Bentwaters would realy like to contact him


Sunday 08th of August 2010
william anable - wanable at>

My position:  I was a john hancock insurance agent after retired

My years:  1979 to 1983

Now located: ogdensburg ny, retired . Looking to contact cmsgt mccorkle of the fire dept during above years..any information would be great..


Wednesday 04th of August 2010
Bob Sisco <afvet8286 (at)>

My position:  A1C  81st AGS  510th AMB

My years:  82 - 84

Now located: Long Island, New York,  Retired Sgt NYPD

I've been enjoying this website for many years so now it's time to post. Without a doubt, my 2 years at Bentwaters were some of the best years of my life.  Being 19,20 21 years old and living in England, going to London on weekends (when I did'nt have weekend duty), the Edinburgh Tatoo, massive pub crawls(most of which I can't remember.) It was a great time with great friends and everlasting memories. 26 to 28 years later and I still recall their names....Ron Dellwo, Steve Watts, Al Rosado, Verne Marr, Ralph Wollett, Frank (swing the gear!)Hess, My roomate Tim McCormack, Giorgio Lando, Mark Plemmons, Harvey Sexton, Randy Runsch, Mike Butterfield, NCOIC Caleb Bias, Harold Bonton, Mike Gasaway, Chris Lineberry, and many many more great people.  TDY to Yenishir, Turkey living in tent city and gave some "adult" magazines to the guys in the Turkish Air Force. They seemed to be extremely grateful!! No translation required. Some fond memories...stopping at the post office to check !  your mailbox. A letter from home was priceless...days, swings, mids....eating at "Bag Nasty...those NBC suits in the summer...midnight chow after a night at the All Ranks Club...I could go on forever. It's a shame it's gone.


Friday 09th of July 2010
Leticia Anne Peggs <tishanyanne (at )>

My position:  Ground

My years:  late70's early 80's

Now located: Philidelphia, Pa and Colchester Essex UK

Please can someone help me,

My father is Richard Nicholas Jones and was based here in the early 80's. I am desperatley trying to find him and this may be my last chance. I am 28 years old and was born November 6th he was shipped out 3 months later.

Please if you know him can you contact him and tell him about me and this site and to please e-mail me or if the worst has happened and you know this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me. Please e-mail me with anything as insignificant as it my seem it would be appreciated more than you could know.

Thanks you


Sunday 27th of June 2010
James Garvin <james (at )>

My position:  SRA, 78 AMU, Avionics Tech. / Mission Complete

My years:  89-93

Now located: Gosport England

RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters was the best ever assingment.  I met my wife there and some of my best memeories are there.  I am looking for Tom Masters my mentor and supervisor. I beleive he went to Little Rock Air Force Base Arkansas


Saturday 19th of June 2010
Gary Battles <gkb2011 (at)>

My position:  SGT 81st SPS Flight Sergeant

My years:  Dec 85-Nov 87

Now located: Currently in the 159th SFS Louisianna AIR National Guard

Hello there to everyone who has been stationed there at Bentwater/Woodbridge bases.  I had the time of my career there and sure do miss the good times. 


Friday 11th of June 2010
Charles Griffith <bzrd (at)>

My position:  TSgt Jet Engine Shop

My years:  1984-1991

Now located: Missile Defense Agency, California

Looking for Chief White, and all the gang from the best jet engine shop in USAFE


Wednesday 09th of June 2010
Matt Musial <mattmusial (at)>

My position:  81st Electronic Countermeasures Tech.

My years:  85 - 88

Now located: Austin, TX

Hello fellow "Old Crows" from Bentwood. I can barely remember names from that far back but I had some great times in the UK. Does anyone know or remember Stephen "Spoogie" xxxxx? I spent a lot of pub time with him and David xxxxx.


Tuesday 18th of May 2010
Sam Houston <Jollymon (at)>

My position:  A-10 Crew Chief in the 92nd AMB  81TFW Job control

My years:  1980-1983

Now located: Retired in Florida

My best assignment in the Air Force!
Miss all the people at the Hotel DeNova in Felixstowe
Long live Hooterville!!!!


Wednesday 05th of May 2010
Gary Michaud <garytmichaud (at)>

My position:  Engine mech. A1C, 81 EMS Phase Docks Bentwaters

My years:  1984-1986

Now located: Ellington Ct .Test Engineer at Pratt & Whitney

Message: No message left


Wednesday 07th of April 2010
Nick Berens <NicDanger58(at)>

My position:  SGT, Sheetmetal Shop, 81st EMS,

My years:  July 2, '85 to Dec 2, '88

Now located: Amherst, WI

I was in the AF for 11 yrs and BW was the best time of my career, regret leaving. Lived in Bramford, westside of Ipswich. Partied many-a-night at the Greyhound in Claydon with the locals and a couple of fellow GI's. Would love to go back and visit. Still in contact with friends from Claydon. Thanks for the website.


Sunday 28th of March 2010
Robert Graves <thunder621010 (at)>

My position:  a10 crew cheif, a1c 509th bw

My years:  81/83

Now located: Harrington Delaware ,truck driver

Some of the best times of my life were at bentwaters. I was really saddend to hear they were closing the base.hope to go back soon and find my son his name is timothy paul cameron graves


Tuesday 02nd of March 2010
Mike Burns <lprime64 (at)>

My position:  A-10 Crew Chief, Sgt. 91st AMU 581st AGS

My years:  1985-1991

Now located: Fenton, MO

Linn thanks for the lists. you helped find friends and reminded us of our time in england. You will be missed. God Bless You.


Sunday 28th of February 2010
Ed Applegate <edapplegate (at)>

My position:  WB/ AMN-SRA/ 91TFS/GUNSMOKE 87/CREWCHIEF 82-0655

My years:  1984-1988




Saturday 15th of May 2010

Msgt Robert  Lettiere - letti500(at)

My position:  Ammo  You AFK

My years:  1979-1981

Now located: Trying to find Lori Davis fron AFK Spply


Tuesday 23rd of February 2010
Johnny cumbie <>


My years:  86TO88


I was just looking for any friends i had while at the twin bases.What a great country to live in.Iwas a pol troop and worked at both bases.I lived in the supply barracks top floor it seems that the sps dorm and supply partied pretty hard in those days.


Sunday 21st of February 2010
Joe Carter <LJC1976(at)>

My position: 81st SPS B/W & W/B, Sgt

My years: 1982-1985

Now located: Virginia

I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge from April 1982 thru April 1985. I was in Law Enforcement on C, A & E fligts. I am trying to locate Tom Stock - Sec his hometown was Walled Lake in Michigan, Joe Janus - Sec his hometown is Philadelphia in Pennsylvania & Scott Miller - LE and he was from New York.
Tom & Joe were roomates for a while.
Scott lived off base in Ipswich with his wife and daughter.


Sunday 14th of February 2010
Keith Collingwood <keith_collingwood(at)>

My position: Medic ER and Primary care, A1C>SSgt, USAF Clinic

My years: 1982-1985

Now located: Orlando, FL

I was assigned to the Clinic from 1982-1985. I put in for New England during basic training and got the old one. Best thing for me. I lived at RAF Woodbridge until the barracks at RAF Bentwaters was renovated and moved there. Later I moved out to Leiston. I played Rugby my first year until I caught pneumonia towards the end of the year. A great experience! I played softball, coached women's softball, took a lot of classes, and taught/coordinated the EMT class. This was my first base and I left as a SSgt. I put a lot of stitches into you folks in the ER!


Saturday 13th of February 2010
Horace <horace_paine(at)>

My position: Firefighter Bentwaters

My years: 1986-1991

Now located: Florida Panhandle

I am looking for Mike Dean. He was a firefighter there the same time. Any info please e-mail me.


Monday 01st of February 2010
Stephen Atwood <stephenatwood69(at)>

My position: AMMo,Trailer Maintenance, A1C, 81st EMS, BW dorms

My years: 1988 - 1990

Now located: 7042 Garden Mist Ln., Humble, Tx. 77346 / Teacher & Coach

Looking for Jonathan Burnett, AMMO troops, and anyone living in the dorm (I can't remember the number) that would have been just to the right of the bowling alley.


Wednesday 20th of January 2010
Bill Bloomquist <bbloomquist(at)>

My position: Crew Chief , SSGT 92nd Bentwaters

My years: 1981-1986

Now located: Associate Director National Headquarters Veterans of Foreign Wars

For the year I have been on this list I have been able to contact a lot of old friends from times gone by. I am still married to the same Brit for 25 years and have 8 grandchildren now. My passion is working with our veterans and assisting in getting their Claims for VA compensation.
Coming out of the Gulf War 80% disabled really made me think of those who need help going through the red tape of VA claims. The VFW is a great organization to assist those who need help in getting the entitlements they deserve.
You can contact me at for membership and assistance. We are Veterans looking after Veterans. My days in the UK were the best of my life I spent another 6 years up the road at Lakenheath after my assignment to Bentwaters. I then was sent to Cannon AFB New Mexico for 7 years with the F-111-Fs and then the EF-111A and the block 40 F-16. I left Cannon to Eglin AFB Florida for the rest of my career in the test wing with F-15, F-16. A-10 and C-130 test.
I retired in 2005 and have been working for Veterans ever since. God Bless you all Bill (Boomer)


Tuesday 5th of January 2010
Simon Bocio <picasso39(at)>

My position: Aerospace Medine

My years: 1983-1985

Now located: Cape Coral, Florida

I am looking for Amn Stephanie Fontes. She was a dental assistant at the clinic. I have been trying to get in touch with her for the last 15 years. If Dental technician knows about her or have a picture of her. Please contact me. Thanks


Tuesday 29th of December 2009
Lavelle E. Bridges aka BRIDGE <lbridges(at)>

My position: 81ST EMS Ammo!

My years: 1983-1986

Now located: Valley of the Sun, AZ.

This is a good website!
We had some great times at the CRIPPLE CREEK!
Looking for all of the b-ballers for the 85-86 UK CHAMPS TEAM!
Shoot me an email. lbridges(at) or londonbridgegroup(at)
Happy Holidays


Saturday 26th of December 2009
Samuel Peter Houston, MSgt Ret. <Jollymon(at)>

My position: A-10 Crew Chief SSgt 92 AMU and Wing Job Control

My years: 1980-1983

Now located: 4765 Coronado Circle

My tour at RAF Bentwaters was the best tour in my 24 year Air Force Career. I lived in Felixstowe, I rented the top flat of the Grand Hotel. My pint hung behind the bar at the Hotel DeNova; I had many good times in Felixstowe. I'm looking forward to hearing from any of the folks who worked on the 92nd FS flightline between 1980-1982 or Job Control 1982-1983 Does anybody remember Wobbly? Keith Cubb McCory was his real name or any member of the hooterville


Friday 25th of December 2009
Gary Cummings <pepper_04666(at)>

My position: A1C-SrA, Orderly Room, 81st EMS, Tech Admin, DCM

My years: 1984-86

Now located: Pembroke, Maine

Trying to locate Cecelia Brown who worked in the EMS AGE shop when I left in 86.
If anyone knows how to contact her, please let me know.
This is a great site.


Thursday 24th of December 2009
Greg Autry <autry11(at)>

My position: Security Police SSGT, 81st SPS

My years: 83-86

Now located: Houston Tx

Looking for Mark Anderson and other Delta Dogs.


Wednesday 23rd of December 2009
Jeff (Woodie) Woodward <woodie8824(at)>

My position: 81 SPS, A1C Delta Dog Flight

My years: 83-85

Now located: Air Defense Systems Project Manager Tyndall AFB GS-12

I was a Delta Dog from 83-85. I remember Bear, Humphries, Grog, Reason, Briggs, Bitchen Bert, Nickey Deotis, and others. I lived in Ipswich at 280A Norwich Rd with Charlie Valvo, Gil League, John Richards, and Jason Sedavic. We use to have a lot of parties. I remember toga, and a costume party.
I also remember getting a citation for noise pollution.


Monday 21st of December 2009
Phil Pettus <cppettus(at)>

My position: 509th AMU, SRA, Crew Chief

My years: 85-87

Now located: Auburndale, FL

It seems like I can remember every moment there at RAF Bentwaters. It was a great moment in my life. I miss everyone. Some of the things I remember: Pub crawling, going to Ipswich on the weekends, going to Germany TDY. Scotty swimming in the fountain in front of the cathedral in Koln. The F15 that lost its wheel. Getting stopped at the East/West border without passports. Going to Amsterdam. I remember going to Red Flag and TLP. I went to LIVE AID.
I am looking for Bill Sabotka, Bill Hatcher, JP9, Ratt, Leo Castellon, David Green, Mel, Phil, Sally (I went to school within England AFB then to RAF Bentwaters) Star, James (went to ERAU), Crawford, Taco, Alison Stewart (local) I know I have forgotten a few so please contact me if you remember me.
Thank you all for a great time.


Tuesday 15th of December 2009
David Pittman <denisendave(at)>

My position: SSgt 7012 EOD Flight

My years: 1987 - 1991

Now located: Littlestown, Pennsylvania

I am looking for Kerry Spangler, Al smith, Steve Sealock or any other member of the 7012th EOD flight.


Tuesday 01st of December 2009
Tiffany Prather <tiffanyprather1986(at)>

My years: 1980's

My name is Tiffany Prather and I visited Lance Reynolds who lived at Woodbridge and worked at the Bentwaters Fire Department in the 80's.

I'm looking for the following people who were Bentwaters Firemen/women during the mid to late 80's. Jim Morton, Rick Wilson, Rick Santos, Mark Savage, Leo Wheeler, Scott Winchester, Mike Dean, Daton Dumont, Bill Kaiser, Guss Lions, Tom Quick, Ed Jonas, Mark Munger, Doug Smith aka Smitty, Ssgt Smith (Station A Captain), Wesley Gray aka DueRag, David Bell, Deron Lawson, Cheri Ludwick, Tongpoon Kamkath, Steve Kinsey, Bob Jenkins, Carey Hayes and Vern Goyner. Sorry for any misspelled names.

If you worked with Wayne Evans, Lance Reynolds, Lance Miller, Patrick Culbertson, Paul Macek, Patrick Bailey, Kirk Loux, Scott Jung, Horace Paine or any other guys/gals from the Bentwaters fire department, please email me and let me know. Thank you for your help.


Wednesday 09th of December 2009
John Davis <j_davis_2008(at)>

My position: A1C-SSGT Security Specialist

My years: 1980-1982

Now located: Jacksonville Beach, Florida

I would very much like to hear from those who have been stationed at RAF Bentwaters, England !!!


Wednesday 25th of November 2009
Don Shawley <Dshaw0661(at)>

My position: A-10 Crew Chief

My years: 1985-1989 (ish)

Now located: Maryland ANG

Looking for Toni Snaza who worked in Supply at Bentwaters and all friends from back in the good old dayzzzzz


Wednesday 25th of November 2009
James N. Phillips Jr. <navsup(at)>

My position: Chief of Radiology, SSGT, USAF Clinic Bentwaters

My years: 1980-1984

Now located: Grass Lake, Michigan Dept of VA. Rugby, Squadron Sports, Scouts, LtCol Holt, Dr. Sharpton,

No message was left.


Wednesday 4th of November 2009
Robert "Mr. APU" Ohrenberg <rohrenberg(at)>

My position: SSgt, APU Shop (behind engine shop), 81 CRS

My years: 1983 - 1987

Now located: Edmond America (Oklahoma), Quality Deficiency Reporting Program Manager

This is a wonderful website and brings back a lot of memories. From America to the U.K. was certainly a culture shock at the time, but in retrospect it was a much more pleasant experience than what I thought at the time.

TSgt Kennedy pulled me into the APU shop when I PCS’ed in because we had worked together at our previous assignment at Seymour Johnson (334 AMU, also with TSgt Thomas) and I stayed in the APU Shop for the entire 4-years. I knew a few people in the main engine shop, the QEC shop and Test Cell, but not many.

I lived in the back corner of Saxmundham Housing (end of Mayflower Ave.) and had an orange FSO (anybody remember those; a $2000 new car that was “throw-away” after 4-years). Occasionally I would ride a bicycle or moped the 15-miles to the base. I bagged groceries at the Commissary when I wasn’t on duty, besides taking the ERAU A&P classes over at Woodbridge while working towards my CCAF degree.

Locals I remember? I remember the guy that had the fish & chip truck that came to the base (parked between the roundabout and Rendlesham housing) and also came to the entrance of Saxmundham housing. I believe he lived in Snape. There was also the thin young lady with short blonde hair that was a commissary cashier (she was dating one of the A-10 pilots). Then there was Brian, who had a small retail and video rental shop in front of his house on one of the side streets in Leiston.

I can see so many more faces in my mind than I can remember names, but a few of the people I remember from the APU Shop are: Heidi Amberg, Robert (?) Constable, Cedric Council, Randy Duty, William Fisher III, (Ronald) Mark Hammons, Lois Hammonds (I may have Lois’s and Mark’s last names switched), Tilman Harris, Charles Kennedy, James Leslie, William Mayes, Daniel Oxman, James Pedigo (and his wife Tammy), Curtis Sibley and Ken Thomas.

APU shop faces that stand out belong to a young lady airman with curled brunette hair, a tall young airman with blonde hair (he brought me back pictures and souvenirs from the East Berlin trip since I wasn’t able to go) and another airman that was from Ireland.

I would certainly enjoy hearing from anyone that actually remembers me after all this time.


Thursday 29th of October 2009
Robert (Dooby!) Dubray <robertdubray(at)>

My position: 510th loader, sra. Bentwaters.

My years: 86 to 88

Now located: Hohenfels, Germany

Hey Folks, What's up? I'm Rob DuBray, I was at Bentwaters from 86 to 88. I was a weapons loader in the 510th, Purple Buzzards all the way!! I want to find all the members who might remember me? Jeff Brown and I are looking for Troy Richardson, Dave Powers, Sammy Schileser, Bill Keiser, Dave Pikkillia, and anyone else who was with us! Bentwaters was a great tour! does anyone really remember the TAC EVAL we did in 87 at Norvench?? I can be reached at facebook under robert dubray!
So I hope to hear from some of ya all! I'm still in the military and stationed in Germany this time around!!


Wednesday 14th of October 2009
John Wright <jwright55(at)>

My position: Weather, Sgt., 81st TFW,
My years: 1977-1981
Now: Kittery, Maine / Software Engineering Consultant

Like to hook up with any of the following:

Jack Thomas, Mark Habig, Steve Taylor, Crazy Ed, Dr. J., Mike, Dennis, Rich Bressler


Tuesday 13th of October 2009
Darvis Wanton <sovid2(at)>

My position: 81st SPS
My years: 1982-1984
Now: Cleveland, Ohio, Postal Service, Local 304 Mail Handler, Union Branch President

Where are my DELTA-DOG flt,
where is Humphries, Grogul, Hair Bear, Hillary, Reason, Garrett, Briggs.
If you remember me, call 216-469-4983.


Friday 09th of October 2009
jeff moore <jeff_moore1(at)>

My position: crew chief 509th
My years: 83 to 86
Now: medford oregon

Looking for Jon and Nancy Hemphlli and Strectch. We rode our Harleys all over. Lots of good times. Can still hear Nancy yelling for Jon to leave the NCO club lol.


Wednesday 7th of October 2009
Rodger Smith <dodgrsm(at)>

My position: Medic (90250), SSgt, 81 TFW Clinic My years: 1989-1992
Now: Retired U.S. Navy LT, Registered Nurse, Hopkinsville, KY

Thanks for this smashing website, Linn!
I have found and been in touch with some of my old Clinic friends here (I was there from 1989 to 1992), I'm still looking for more. I worked in the Acute Care and Primary Care Clinics, pulled night watch duty and did the occasional ambulance run, and was also a Clinic CPR Instructor Trainer and coordinator for the training--practically everyone in the Clinic saw me for that, so hopefully I'm a familiar face to someone reading this for the first time (I wish I still had my rosters, too, so I could find people!).

Rodger SmithI'd like to find those people I worked with there, providers/doctors, medics, ambulance drivers, anybody! Would like to give a shout out to TSgt Martin Oexner, SSgt 'Kip' Quinn, SSgt James (Jim) Jenkins, SrA Miget, SSgt Dave Berry, SSgt Alice London, anybody working in the Acute Care Clinic, and also to our British ambulance drivers Eric Hart, John Gissing, and Ray Horrex (they skillfully drove those left hand drive American 'Crackerboxes' anywhere on UK roads).

I originally was to stay until the base closed, but applied for the 'early out' program instead, when the Air Force decided to 'downsize' numbers as well as bases; went to college, became a RN and joined the Navy (long story there), retired as a Navy LT in 2007, and currently live near Fort Campbell in KY.

I loved my time at Bentwaters as well as with the Air Force, remember vividly the Clinic building (I'm told it's gone, something I still can't get over, I think it was only around 10 years old when they closed the base), the old Rec Center in the 'Town Square' area (part proper building, part built-over Quonset Hut), the new Rec Center--which had it's 'Grand Opening' the same week that they announced that Bentwaters was closing for good--but most of all I miss the people and friendships I made there, and would love to hear from anybody that was there. I would also love to see a Clinic reunion at Bentwaters in the near future.

I am also looking for people who were part of the 501 TMW Clinic at RAF Greenham Common (I was there from 1984-1986), mentioning it here just in case. Thanks again, Linn!


Wednesday 7th of October 2009
Bob Dunn <NDRedih55(at)>

My position: Vehicle Operations Supervisor, TSgt, 81st Trans
My years: 1984-1991
Now: Carpenter, Wyoming, Engineering Equipment Operator at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming

Enjoyed my time at Bentwaters, working with Mr. David Fisk, Tsgt Kevin Peterson, Herbie Clarke, Cindi Kennedy, Michael Chunn, James Vejorstek of Vehicle Maintenance, Lt Paul Kimble, Lt Steven Lindsey, Major Jim Zupan and Major German.
Enjoyed driving the tractor-trailers over to Germany to support our Detachments and participating in the mobility exercises. Miss the time over there, along with the fish and chips and lager and lime.
Any former TRANS people out there, feel free to contact me.


Monday 5th of October 2009
Elvin Tyler <elvint(at)>

My position: Base Operations, Senior Airman, RAF Bentwaters
My years: 1983 - 1985
Now: San Francisco, CA

Just a quick reply to Mike Moore's 7/26/09 entry.
Mike, I do remember Chas! I usually would stop by his truck and grab a couple of burgers after hanging out with a girlfiend in town. He was an absolutely awesome guy! He was the first person (not the last) I had met from Scotland and when I meet people from Scotland I ALWAYS remember Chas.

I have been back to England several times for vacation, graduate school assignment, and business. Each trip has been to London and I always say I am going to make a trip up to Ipswich/Bentwaters but that has not happened.


Thursday 24th of September 2009
Trisha Stenger <ahsirt(at)>

My position: Crew Chief A/C 0981, Col Studers A/C 511th AMU
My years: 84-87
Now: Wa

Updating e-address
Worked in the 511th AMU with some great folks! Had a chance to go back and see the base this month, wow what a great experience. So many great friends and memories.


Saturday 19th of September 2009
Robert Ward <rward17(at)>

My position: SSgt, Asst NCOIC, Outbound Asgmts, 81 CSG, CBPO
My years: 1980-1983
Now: Director, HR, KELLC, San Antonio, Tx


No message was left.


Thursday 10th of September 2009
CJ Spencer <demilspencer(at)>

My position: Chief Clerk, RAF Martlesham Heath
My years: 85-88
Now: Ramstein E Club

Looking to connect with Paul Pranitis.
He was a warthog dog, lived below me in felixstowe and followed me to Sembach.
A good friend.


Thursday 27th of August 2009
Brad Jansen <foxtrot_charlie(at)>

My position: 81 SPS Det1, SSgt
My years: 1989-closing
Now: Windsor, CO

Some of the greatest days of my life. Football, drinking, football, drinking, renting cars and crosscountrying with them. Great Great times. Anyone who remembers me or my wife Lori Skov drop me a line.


Tuesday 25th of August 2009
Kay <kaylewington(at)>

My position: Civvy
My years: 1980

Looking for Pete Brady, USAF (no, not the one from the Brady Bunch) circa 1980.
All I remember is RAF Bentwaters; we met on a ship to Holland, believe he is a native of Clearwater, Florida.
Anyone know him or remember him? He looked a bit like Sting (from the Police)


Monday 24th of August 2009
Bryant Jackson <bryant.jackson(at)>

My position: 81st Supply Squadron Bentwaters England
My years: 1981-1983
Now: Virginia

Looking for the great folks who worked in the 81st Supply Sq from 1981-1983.
I go there as an AB and left an A1C (I was lucky)... It would be great to catch up with all of you!
All the best


Sunday 23rd of August 2009
Marl & Cil Latham <mlatham(at)>

My position:
My years: 1978-1983
Now: New Mexico

Lived in Felixstowe opposite Hotel De Nova.Spent many evenings in De Nova. Had many parties in the basement of our apartment. Anyone that remembers us drop us a line.


Wednesday 12th of August 2009
J. Gary Harris "Hack" <gbh4047(at)>

My position: 81st Supply
My years: 1979 -1983
Now: Livingston, /tx.

Looking for Pete Christofferson, Ted Alford, George Ronan, Bill Godfrey and anyone else who lived in the dorms. Can't remember everybody's name. Please email. Would Like to hear from everybody. We had some wild parties on saturday in the park and at The Running Buck.


Monday 03rd of August 2009
Tammy Van Genderen <tvangenderen(a)>

My position: 81st Supply , Demand Processing, A1C Bentwaters RA
My years: 1982-1985
Now: Salisbury, Maryland

Looking for Dave Erb, Tsgt Alexander, Kay Cleveland, Keeley, Lisa Denicola, Sissy Reiter, Mike in Computer area, and people who worked MICAP


Sunday 26th of July 2009
Mike Moore <captmadmax(at)>

My position: then A1C working for the DCM My years: 1982-1984
Now: Retired and a contractor at Lackland AFB in sunny San Antonio, Texas!

I can't believe I haven't thought of posting here before, but during my two wonderful years at RAF Bentwaters (and living on RAF Woodbridge), there used to be a guy named Chas who had a burger van that sat on the roundabout just outside of Woodbridge village (Wilford Bridge and Orford roads) . I used to stop there on my motorcycle ride back from my girlfriend's outside of Bury St Edmonds and get a bite to eat and sometimes a cup of tea if it was cold (as it often was riding a motorbike!).

Chas was a big friendly Scottish bloke the best I can remember, and a lot of the local motorcyclists would stop by there. I used to chat with him for an hour or so until it was time to get back to the barracks and catch some sleep.

Does anyone else remember him and know what ever happened to him? I don't know if he'd remember me, it's been nearly 30 years since I was there but I always have many fond memories of my time in the UK and this was one of them.

Cheers! M2


Thursday 23rd of July 2009
Daniel Lohmann <dan(at)>

My position: weapons loader, 2 man, e-3 81 ags, 92 amu
My years: 88-92
Now: Southern Illinios

My P155 mate Sigmon Gross was the coolest, Paul (Cheese), Frank Hannan and Paul Chapman I would love to hear from u all.


Monday 13th of July 2009
Don Ross a.k.a "DR" <daross(at)>

My position: Air Traffic Controller, Sgt, 2164CS My years: 1987-1990
Now: Shaw AFB, Sumter SC. Contractor for Base telephone

Looking for an old roommate named Ron Desmeroux (sp) Ron was the lead singer for a military band at RAF Bentwaters and played the many clubs throughout England in the late 80's the band's name was "Good Question". If anyone knows him please email me with details. Thank you


Saturday 11th of July 2009
Justin Breckels <jmb62(at)>

My position: Civ working in 81st EMS Corrosion control
My years: 1981 - 89
Now: March, Cambridgeshire, UK

I had a great few years on the bases and still miss them. I'm trying to find MSGT Greg Rebovich of the 67th ARRS and also SSGT Chuck Griffith who worked in the Engine Shop.


Thursday 25th of June 2009
Robert B Frett, Jr <rfrett(at)>

My position: Crew Chief, SSgt, 91st TFS/OMS, C-Flight/ A-Flight
My years: 1969-1972/1980-1984
Now: Tucson, Arizona/Airframe and powerplant Technician

C/C of F-4C 64-924/637537/637512, Worked the Mid-Shift when 64-863 crashed at Orford. worked out of the A-Flight shack at the top of the hill. worked with Ken Spooner, Charlie Belcher, Pete Gandara, Roland Easterday and Steve Head. Later on worked A-10A's in the 509th AMU and then Maintenance Control.


Sunday 21st of June 2009
Shirley Meadows <shirley.meadows40(at)>

Ed Gates where are you, would love to hear from you, and anybody else who remembers me 1977-1981 Mike Banks, Steven Canady, Eugene known as JJ. We talk about you often.


Friday 19th of June 2009
Trevor LEACH <trevor.leach(at)>

My position: Motorola Civillian
My years: 1967-1992

Worked twinbases 1967 to 92 would like to be in contact with anyone who may remember the ground radio tech / mobile radio man. Anyone seen David Smith the 81st mobile maint Tech? I assume he still lives in the area


Friday 22nd of May 2009
Paul Kimble <paul.kimble1(at)>

My position: Vehicle Ops/Maintenance Officer 2LT/1Lt
My years: May 86-May 89

Looking for anyone assigned to the 81st Transportation Squadron from 1986 to 1989.


Tuesday 28th of April 2009
Wendell "Toot" Tuten <cpb(at)>

My years: 1988-1992

Looking for any fastpitch buds, Wilford Bridge pub buds


Sunday 26th of April 2009
Stacey Soash Anderson <iluvkatey(at)>

My position: 81 TFW Clinic / NCOIC Med Resource Mgmt / Sgt
My years: 1987 - 1990
Now: Steamboat Springs, Colorado / Progress Mentor, WGU

I had the time of my life!


Sunday 26th of April 2009
Jackie Hughes-McBride <jackiemcbee(at)>

My position: admin
My years: 1987 - 1989
Now: IL

I am also looking for Lesa Williams-Stewart -- she was IN the AF at one time, but when I met her she was already out -- has 2 kids...last I knew she was a GS-something in TX and then FL....???
Wish I could find her!!!


Sunday 26th of April 2009
Jackie Hughes-McBride <jackiemcbee(at)>

My position: admin - lived in clinic dorm - E3
My years: 1987 - 1989

I am looking for a couple of people - Ramona Bland (Davis) - she was from MS, I believe -- would love to get in touch with her again -- and Lea Ann Nelson-Martin!!!
I miss them both!!


Thursday 23rd of April 2009
Ed <johnkeene2002(at)>

My position: MA/ECS SSgt. 81 AGS/510 AMU, RAF Bentwaters
My years: 1984-1987
Now: The Boeing CO. Seattle, Washington

If you were at RAF Bentwaters from 1984-1987, in the CRS MA shop or in the flight line 510 AMU, drop me a note. I'd like to hear from others that were serving at the same time I was.


Sunday 19th of April 2009
Gemma Jones <gemmajones(at) or>

My years: 82 to 84
Now: Minot AFB, North Dakota


I am asking for help to locate a gentleman that was stationed at woodbridge/bentwaters around 1983. His name was Vincent and I believe he was Hawaiian/ pacific islander. I do not have the spelling of his last name but it is something like asue/arsu/arrsue. If anyone remembers this person or has any info such as squadron, rank etc I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks and God Bless

P.S he may have known a young lady by the name of Kathleen (kathy) Illman she was from Bramford a small village near Ipswich. She had a friend named claire that she used to go to the base club with.


Friday 17th of April 2009
Kevin F. Parker (Porka) <kdparker(at)>

My position: Dedicated Crew Chief
My years: 1980-1991
Now: Production Super for the Singapore Air Force training at Mountain Home AFB Id

Would love to hear from Old Friends. Still In touch with Keith Weber, Omer Either, Dave Scott, Terry Priddy, Ken Snow, Bubba Crocker


Tuesday 14th of April 2009
Bourque <smartelli(at)>

My years: 81-86

I'm looking for anyone that was stationed at the Grundisburgh military housing for 83-86, I was just a kid but some of my favorite memories are how close all the families were to each other, our parents as well as all the kids we were friends with.


Friday 10th of April 2009
Jerald L. Garrett <ironhorse247(at)>

My position: SPS/"D" Flight/A1C 81ST SPS Bentwaters
My years: 81-83
Now: Tacoma, Wa. Dept of Homeland Security. 1623 E. J Street, Tacoma, Wa 98421

Would like to hear from anyone stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge from 81/83 "D" Msgt Ball, Msgt Preston were the flight chiefs and Alpha 1 entry control point. Just wanted to see who is out there who used to party at the NCO club and live in Campsea Ash.


Monday 06th of April 2009
Rick Johnson <sst16green(at)>

My position: SSgt, engine shop, 67ARRS / 667CAMS / 67SOS
My years: 1986-1990
Now: Indiana

Great site, hello to everyone.
Not looking for anyone in particular, just anybody assigned to my old unit during this timeframe


Monday 06th of April 2009
Rob Arboneaux <whatnow1776(at)>

My position: Firefighter Bentwaters AFB
My years: 1984-1986
Now: Southern California

Posting to see if all those I worked with are doing well.


Wednesday 01st of April 2009
Bill Bloomquist <bbloomquist(at)>

My position: SSGT Crew Chief 92nd Acft 0206 0192
My years: 1981-1986
Now: Kansas City MO. Associate Director, Membership For the Veterans Of Foreign Wars

Looking for friends in the 92nd from 1981-1986.
I retired from the Air Force in 2005 at Eglin AFB 46 Test Wing


Wednesday 25th of March 2009
William Egan <frehleypaul(at)>

My position: Environmental/Electrical Shop A1C 81CRS
My years: 1989-1991
Now: Burgettstown, Pa 15021

Looking for John Hess, William Wagner, Sheryl Johnson, Cameron Dalton, Kevin Jeffery, Tim Winslow, Larry Ridl and anyone else from the E/E shop.
I miss my ole buddies from the great times of Bentwaters!!!


Monday 16th of March 2009
Darryl "Bimp" Broughton <bjajr2k(at)>

My position: 81st sps
My years: 1986-1989
Now: Sacramento, CA

Any of the old TSB or FFW crew and just anyone that remembers me and the good ole days!!!...hit me back!!! also looking for Ron and Chip from the TSB crew and K-bob and Kev from FFW crews...And B my old roommate at Woodbridge...I sholud've kept my turntables...hit me anytime:
Where my SP's at!!!...Holla


Saturday 14th of March 2009
Jim Turnmire <turnmirej(at)>

My position: 81st Supply Sq.
My years: 1986-1988
Now: 134th ARW TNANG

Would like to hear from anyone from those many years ago


Thursday 12th of March 2009
Daniel Benke <CaptainMoth(at)>

My position: CES Firefighter, line firefighter/trainer, SGT
My years: 1983 to 1986
Now: Astoria, OR Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Looking for RAF Woodbridge Firefighters from '83-'86. Wonderful first USAF assignment, plenty of good memories. Sad to know the bases are now closed.


Thursday 05th of March 2009
Suzanne Dunn <mystical8478(at)>

My position: My father was in 81st
My years: 1988-1992
Now: Oakland CA

I am looking for a friend who I was very close too. We went to Woodbridge high school 7th grade, her name was Brandy Johnson, we lived on Woodbridge Airforce Base on the same block.
I had brothers and sisters she might remeber.
If anyone remembers me from there I am looking to connect again with old friends.


Wednesday 04th of March 2009
Bryant Jackson <bryant.jackson(at)>

My position: Supply 81 SUPS
My years: 1981-1983
Now: Virginia

Hope to hear from old friends in the 81st Sups from 1981-1983


Wednesday 04th of March 2009
Richard <>

My position: P.O.L.
My years: 1981-1984
Now: Hawaii

Looking for anyone I knew.


Tuesday 24th of February 2009
Scott "Suthy" Sutherland <>

My position: 81 AGS / WEAPON LOADER
My years: 1981-1983
Now: South Florida

Still look'n for any of my Brothers. Blanch, Woody, Steve-O, Cephus, Caz, Johny Love, Lee HIcks, or any old Load Toads from the 81st.


Monday 23rd of February 2009
Dwayne D. Perser <perserd(at)>

My position: SRA 510th A-10 Special Operations
My years: 1989-1991
Now: Attorney, Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL

ISO Ralph Davis - he was a good friend. Pls e-mail me with any information about him.


Sunday 15th of February 2009
Mark Olson <1markolson(at)>

My position: SrA, 81 Transportation Squadron, RAF Bentwaters
My years: 1986-1989
Now: Eglin AFB, FL

was there 1986 - 1989


Thursday 22nd of January 2009
Kurt Price <fodderwing(at)>

My position: Weather
My years: 85-88 89-9?
Now: sweden

To Kevin LaVergne C-130 crew and my best friend


Monday 19th of January 2009
Tony Johnson <diveloco49(at)>

My position: POL, 81st SPS
My years: 82-84
Now: Austin, Texas, moved here as an IC Layout Designer

Looking to find a buddy, Jimmy Allen or James B. Allen III.
Sure had a great time there, miss the country and the people. Loads of great memories. I have kept in contact with a few of the old gang but would really like to find a few others.


Wednesday 07th of January 2009
Max Dawson <maxdawsonx(at)>

My position: Squadron Pilot
My years: 80-83
Now: Randolph AFB, Contract Pilot

Looking for all 92TFS members.
Please email


Monday 05th of January 2009
Rob Arboneaux <whatnow1776(at)>

My position: Bentwaters fire fighter My years: 1984 - 1986
Now: California

Looking for anyone stationed there at that time. Some I have been in contact with but still have been unable to find Dan Bristol, Charly Almazar, Williams, McCutcheon, Big Daddy Hall, Tesier, Blankenship, McCowan, Tibbs, Quick, Bradly, Green, Alday, etc.. Sorry for those I left out, but now much space. Any help would be appreciated.


Friday 02nd of January 2009
Samantha Cook <fairydust007(at)>

My position:
My years:
Now: I'm in England

I was a friend of Mike Nunn & Derek Strickland who both attended Bentwaters School in the late 70's early 80's.
I would love to find & hear all about you both now. I attended Sax Middle & leiston high School. I have a sister Rebecca who also knew you both. Mike I remember as very sweet as a young lad and I had the privilidge of seeing him again around about 13yrs back I believe living in lakenheath. Derek was the naughty one whom I've not heard from in around 26 yrs. Here is to trying!! I shall be viewing the e-mailing list for any help on this matter.


Wednesday 31st of December 2008
Aaron Scott "Fast Eddie" Olmstead <Boise_Elk_Hunter(at)>

My position: 46150 Munitions Systems Specialist AMMO
My years: 1988 to 1991
Now: Boise, Idaho

Looking for Chris Reese, A.K.A. 8-Ball/Scorpio, Chris Doucett A.K.A. the Trooper, Chris Reece, Kevin Hitt, Kevin Hampton, Scott Champagne A.K.A. Shomp, Robert Wade, Erica Creal, Melissa Cupp , Michelle Dichard.
It's 2009 and I miss you guys... Metallica is still splittin' Heads... the Family needs to get back together! Email Me, "Fast Eddie"


Wednesday 31st of December 2008
Aaron Scott "Fast Eddie" Olmstead <Boise_Elk_Hunter(at)>

My position: 46150 Munitions Systems Specialist AMMO
My years: 1988 to 1991
Now: Boise, Idaho

Looking for Chris Reese, A.K.A. 8-Ball/Scorpio, Chris Doucett A.K.A. the Trooper, Chris Reece, Kevin Hitt, Kevin Hampton, Scott Champagne A.K.A. Shomp, Robert Wade, Erica Creal, Melissa Cupp , Michelle Dichard.
It's 2009 and I miss you guys... Metallica is still splittin' Heads... the Family needs to get back together! Email Me, "Fast Eddie"


Wednesday 31st of december 2008
Simon Gooch, Hadleigh <sngooch(at)>

My position: My years: 80 -

Looking for friend, John Scott.
Lived Hadleigh and Rumburgh.
Son was called kelly


Tuesday 30th of December 2008
Tina Godfrey <tventresca(at)>

My position: AB through SrA
My years: 1979 to 1982
Now: Delaware

I arrived at Bentwaters in 1979, at 19, first time away from home. Met some great people, do you all remember "COBRA" used to play the club. I grew up alot over there.


Monday 22nd of December 2008
OnTheTree (a.k.a. "Tree") <Raven_97(at)>

My position: Engine Shop /A1C/81st CRS
My years: 84 -86
Now: Michigan

What's up people. Trying to get a hold of Militon Sisneros Dock 5. Sooo many awesome memories of The "Dawg" and I taking the newbies to London. Anybody remember Ray Diaz from backshop?


Monday 01st of December 2008
Willie L. Charles <w.l.charles(at)>

My position: 81st SPS, Squadleader, SSGT RAF Bentwaters
My years: May1981 - May 1986
Now: Working security for Sheikh Mohammed in Newmarket UK.

Just looking for any SPS personnel LE/Security who can remember me.


Monday 01st of December 2008
Dave Pilsworth <pilswor8(at)>

My position: Storeman Building 212 Furnishing Management My years: 1989-1992

I am trying to find Faridh Garrido who use to work on RAF Woodbridge for Life Support.He lived near RAF Bawdsey.Have photo some where so when found will post it on site.


Saturday 29th of November 2008
Bobby Martin <carfanatic1(at)>

My position: 81 CRS Tech Admin, Bentwaters
My years: Apr 81 - Apr 83
Now: Hampton, Virginia

Looking for a "Candy Jones"; she would have been a Sergeant (E-4) in 1981 and my very first Air Force supervisor.


Friday 21st of November 2008
Mike Ozburn <ozburn76(at)>

My position:
My years: 1980-1982

Looking for those who also were int he 509th AMB dur 80-82. Especially htose that participated in the GUNSMOKE TDY in 81.


Friday 14th of November 2008
Ian and Frances Harris <ian44warren(at)>

My years: 1960 to 1992
Now: We live in Red Lodge near RAF Mildenhall

We are trying to trace the whereabouts of Rod and Helen nee' Foster. We cannot remember Rod's surname as they married around 1973 and moved to Vermont. Rod was a crew chief on F-4s.
Helen's family lived in Tattingstone and my wife was a bridesmaid for Helen and Rod.
We would like to find out how they all are and perhaps make contact if anyone has a phone number or address.


Tuesday 11th of November 2008
Marty W. Palmanteer <mwpalmanteer(at)>

My position: 78th, Weapons Specialist, Sgt.
My years: 1987-1990
Now: Omak, WA, Internal Auditor

Looking for Barry A. Terrell and Joseph P. Miller


Monday 03rd of November 2008
From: Pat Newson <patnewson(at)>

My position: Secretary, 81SUPS

Now: 77 Carr Ave, Leiston, Suffolk

Would love to hear from anyone who may have known me. I was at the base until closure and worked in Supply for 8years.


Sunday 02nd of November 2008
From: Gemma Jones <gemmajones(at)>

My position:

My years: 1982-1984

Now: Minot, North Dakota

Hello. I am reaching out for anyones assistance in helping me locate a gentleman that was stationed at RAF Woodbridge in or around 1982-1983. His name was Vincent, he was Hawaiian/Islander, I am not sure of the spelling of his last name but it may be something like Assue, Arsui???
Does anyone remember this man or have any info on him.
Thank You
Gemma Jones


Friday 17th of October 2008
From: Joe Powell <powell4221(at)>

My position: Sim Tech

My years: 84-85

Now: Atlanta GA

Looking for some old friends. William Fisher (A.K.A.Fish), Lovie Fagans, Lamont Merrit


Thursday 02nd of October 2008
From: Jerry P Moore USAF Ret <jpmflyboy(at)>

My position: Veh Ops 81 Trans and 81 EMS AGE shop

My years: Jan 82 Jan 85

Now: Carlsbad Ca

Had good time in air force at Bentwaters being former Marine lol - just looking for old friends.


Wednesday 24th of September 2008
From: David "Slim" Oliver <davidoliver3(at)>

My position: Mobile maint, civilian, 81 Trans Bentwaters

My years: 1987 - 1993

Now: Rendlesham/ Bentwaters, Emergency transport attendant.

I would like to say Hi to all the great people I met and worked with, If any one remembers me drop me a line. I have a house that is on the old BX site, if you saw the place now you will not recognise it all the buildings that were here have all gone and been redeveloped. I can rember the good times in the NCO club all nighters then crashing in the trans dorms, those were the days. Spending time at the BW fire dept In the maint shop and spare time playing pool.


Wednesday 24th of September 2008
From: Phil Ketchum <ketchum311(at)>

My position: Jet Engine Mechanic, In-shop, A1C, 81st CRS

My years: 1987-1989

Now: Honeywell FM & T, Kansas City, MO

I'm looking for any of the Bentwaters "Boozehounds" from 1987-89. "Zero", Greg, or any of the Jet Shop folks.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008
From: Wharton, Thomas W Civ USAF

Greetings all, WoW – where does the time go?

I too (then, SSgt. Tom Wharton) was also stationed at the RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge bases from Jan 1977 to Jan 1980.

Sgt Tom Wharton, working on an F-4D PhantomI was initially an F4D aircraft Crew Chief (78th FS) at Woodbridge and Bentwaters, then I was moved over to the Bentwaters side of the base where I continued to ‘crew” F4’s, about a year later we all converted to the A-10 aircraft but that first year was very exciting, lots of flying, deploying and exercises.

Soon the A-10 aircraft conversion took place, I was again assigned as an A-10 Crew Chief for one year (91st FS) reassigned to the Bentwaters side of the base. I soon volunteered and was picked up to be assigned to the Maintenance Operations (old Job Control) Center as a Squadron, Board Controller for the Bentwaters (91st) side of the base.

I was there and remember that terrible night in April 1978 when the F4 Fuel Barn (on Phase Row) blew up due to that “static electricity accident” that killed that young Airman, I remember how bravely some of the folks involved in that event fought to try and save lives and control that fire, it was a terrible night for all folks involved. One year earlier (within the first year of my arrival) I myself was involved in a serious aircraft (accident) fire which I and a good friend (who worked with me as a fellow Crew Chief, SSgt Roger Tingley) managed to extinguish a serious fire without loss of life (see attachment) that was a hell’va an afternoon too, I’ll never forget it.

However, on a happier note, I truly enjoyed all my time at that installation, our deployments, hard work and exercises which was part of being in USAFE and the Cold War. I still think of Bentwaters and the U.K. often with very fond memories, I really enjoyed the English countryside, the pubs and all around site seeing experience I had, the folks and country were a wonderful experience. I just wanted to say “hello” to all those who shared in many of the same experiences I did while assigned to this great location, best of luck to all in future.

Signed Tom Wharton, USAF Retired SMSgt (1969 to 1996).

Thomas W. Wharton
Foreign Disclosure Officer
Capabilities & Programs Branch
Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah 84056


Friday 12th of September 2008
From: willie j (buck) rogers <jim_rogers01(at)>

My position: jet shop. ssgt. 81st crs

My years: 1982-1986

Now: monroe north carolina. aircraft rep and oh

looking for any of my friends from the jet shop. smsgt blodgett. will d rogers. lc williams. nina truitt. robin miller all the old gang. be nice to hear from any of you


Friday 12th of September 2008
From: David A. Loving <davidloving(at)>

My position: ECM pod tech,sra,

My years: 1978-1980

Now: Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Intel, 24+ years

Woodbridge pod shop, stayed on Bentwaters. Hello to Chuck, Tim, Earl, John, Susie, Chief, Lavern,Tom, Pat, Kim, and all the other crazies that were there.


Thursday 28th of August 2008
From: Bobby Dodd redoddjr(at)

My position: Sgt. , 2164CS, COMSEC Custodian

My years: 1984 to 1988

Now: Dallas, Texas

My wife Rhonda and I were newlyweds when we arrived at Bentwaters, which turned out to be my first and last permanent duty station. Rhonda worked at Keesler Credit Union. We would love to hear from friends with whom we have lost touch over the years. Who would have thought those were the "good old days"!
We are planning a trip to Woodbridge with our now grown children the summer of 2009.


Monday 02nd of June 2008
Mike Jenkins - jenkinsmailus(at)

My position: 81 EMS (Munitions) TSgt at both BW & WB Conv Maint

My years: 1980-1985

Now: Florida - State Law Enforcement - Communications Supervisor

Linn-GREAT JOB on the site - cant say thanks enough for the work you've done. Any and all old "AMMO" guys & gals out with Christian Servicemans Center and Base Chapel. Now in A/G Ministry.


Thursday 29th of May 2008
Marc Scrivener - mascrivener(at)

My position: Fire Protection (firefighter) 81 CES

My years: 1989-1991

Now: Connecticut, Deputy Fire Chief, Willimantic Fire Department

Change of email address. Always looking for old friends.


Monday 26th of May 2008
Suzanne Clare Gartland formerly Faircloth - scgartland(at)

My position: wife of James Duncan Faircloth, Captain

My years: 1981 -1983

Now: uk national

Susan King posted a message to me which I responded to (email) in May 08 but it bounced back. Please contact again.


Wednesday 21st of May 2008
Penny - penny.cross(at)

My position: Info Mgr, A1C, 81st EMS tech admin

My years: 1989-1992

Now: WPAFB, Ed tech/now civilian

I am looking for Billy, I can't remember his last name--I believe he worked for the security forces but not sure.


Monday 19th of May 2008
Tom Bastian - tbastian02(at)

My position: 81st CES B/W Fire Department/ Base Gym

My years: 1985-1989

Now: Romney, Indiana

Looking for anyone from the Base Fire Departments or the Base Gyms from 85-89.


Sunday 11th of May 2008
Stephen Ashberry - stephen.ashberry(at)

My position: Crewchief, Repair/Reclamation, A1C-SSGT, 511th, EMS

My years: 83-86, 88-92

Now: Lakenheath, Suffolk England, currently working for Serco at Wattisham Airfield nr Ipswich on Apache helicopters

Many fond memories of the twin bases, would like to hear from anyone I was serving with!!!


Friday 9th of May 2008
Laurette Jaramillo (Pepper) - jaramillo170(at)

My position: 436 APS / 46 APS Dover AFB, DE

My years: 1988-1999

Now: Albuquerque, NM

Looking for anyone who was stationed at Dover AFB, DE the same time I was and might remember me. I worked in the Passenger Service Terminal - would love to hear from you.


Monday 5th of May 2008
Simon Walsworth - simon3679(at)

My position:

My years: 1980-1989?

Now: Ipswich, UK

Hi, Im looking for someone called Mark White. He was at Bentwaters between 1980-89 I think and was a sergeant in the control or radar tower. He is from Boston MA, USA and is my Godfather. I've not seen him since 1989 so nearly 20 years and would love to make contact. If any info please contact me on my email address or pass to him so he can contact me. Thanks


Friday 02nd of May 2008
John (JT) Taylor - mountainattitude1(at)

My position: Crew Chief, 510th AMB Flight Line, A1C

My years: 1980-1982

Now: Fort Worth, Texas

Would be interested to here from anyone at Bentwaters at the same time. Especially anyone that knew me or other mutual acquaintances. In retrospect, this was probably the most enjoyable part of my life. We were part of a team that really performed and had a great time doing it. Will never forget my time there. Please drop me a line if you remember me or were there about the same time.


Tuesday 29th of April 2008
Patricia A Padden - nascargirl21965(at)

My position: Spouce

My years: 1989-1993

Now: Greeley PA

I'm still trying to find a few more buddies from twin bases. I have found a few but would like help with a few more.
I'm looking for Joe Numman, Doug Thurstan,Patty not sure on her last name had three boys lived in the same road as me, Patty and her husband from Mississippi and anyone else that remembers Mike Padden (PADDY) and Pat (Finch) back then.


Wednesday 23rd of April 2008
Robert Hastings - hastings444(at)

My position: AF brat

My years: I wasn't there


I am seeking Don Synder who was with the 2164th Comm Sq. in 1980. I have been in touch with Carl Thompson and have a question or two for you.

Robert Hastings


Monday 28th of April 2008
Sophia Fraden (Maxwell) - mssofimax(at)

My position: A1c to SSgt, worked at CBPO

My years: 1984-87

E-mail me if you remember me!


Friday 25th of April 2008
Jim Boykin - j_boykin62(at)

My position: SSGT ECM 81 CRS/510 AMU

My years: 1983-1988

Looking for Chad Shamisdeen, Bob Koos, or anyone else from 81 CRS 83 to 85 or 510 AMU 85 to 88


Wednesday 23rd of April 2008
Jon Burchard - jonathansgolfshop(at)

My position: AB - SrA 78th AMU, Assistant Crew Chief, 81-0950,

My years: Oct 86 to Jan 1990

Now: Security, TiWest Joint Venture, Perth, Western Australia

I am not looking for anyone in particular. Just anyone who might remember me (fondly or otherwise). A common thread running through these messages is that the BW/WB assignment was the best in their career. It's funny, because it wasn't that nice a place. But it is true! I think it was because of the way people pulled together for each other there.
It was programs like SUMMOM, and people like Blackbeard the Barber, places like the Bowling centers - especially the four lane highway at Woodbridge, where you could buy a frozen pizza and think you were in heaven, and play choplifter.
It was guys like the Roach Coach driver, who was always there at the same time everyday.
Who can forget JJ Cabs? "I NEED A CAB FOR WOODY BASE!" (pronounced "BYCE') MWR probably saved many a young guy away from home for the first time from going insane. It would have been nice to have email and stuff in those days. We actually had to write letters. I Lived for mail from home. I went to Faith Baptist Church while I was there, which saved my sanity and provided me with the best friend I ever had, Vic Reed, from CRS, who I still keep in touch with once or twice a year. Anyway, if anyone cares to write and reminisce, your email would be most welcome.


Saturday 19th of April 2008
Paul Nichols - paulnichols8(at)

Now: Leiston, Suffolk

Looking for a man called 'Short Cut'. Would have been at Bentwaters around 1983. Shot in the 'Rod & Gun Club'. Believe real name to be Ron Saunders


Saturday 12th of April 2008
Mark Forrester (MOOSE) - mrk.forrester(at)

My position: Sgt., 81st CRS, Egress Shop

My years: 1984-1987

Now: Burton, MI

Looking for anyone that I may have known during these wonderful years


Thursday 10th of April 2008
Mary Etzig - menseinlv(at)

My position: Air Traffic Controller, E-4 ,2164 info systems sq

My years: 1982-1985

Now: Las Vegas, NV Sales/marketing

I would like to hook up with anyone from the rapcon who would be interested in organizing a reunion, or just to say hi and reminisce.


Tuesday 04th of March 2008
Scott Jung - eyespy(at)

My position: Firefighter

My years: 86-88

Now: Tampa Florida

Looking for firefighters from RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge go to for more info and pictures.


Monday 18th of February 2008
Doug Wright - roadapple445(at)

My position: MSgt/medical supply at the clinic

My years: 1989 - 1993

Now: Battle Creek Michigan... Medical Supply for the VA Medical Center here
Really enjoyed my time at Bentwaters - met and worked with some great folks. I stayed nearly until the bitter end... then went back several years later to visit... wasn't quite the same, but the memories are still great! I finally retired a year and a half ago.. and I miss my Air Force family!


Thursday 14th of February 2008
Nadine and Chris - nadine.t(at)

My position: telephonist
My years: 1979 -1989
Now: Sizewell, Near Leiston
Hope some of you "old friends" out there remember us, and if you do get in contact. We lived at Marlesford at the time. Would dearly love to hear from Carl & Margaret, Mark 'my son' Seabald, Terry & Joe or anyone who remembers us.


Monday 18th of February 2008
Doug Wright - roadapple445(at)

My position: MSgt/medical supply at the clinic
My years: 1989 - 1993
Now: Battle Creek Michigan... Medical Supply for the VA Medical Center here
Really enjoyed my time at Bentwaters - met and worked with some great folks. I stayed nearly until the bitter end... then went back several years later to visit... wasn't quite the same, but the memories are still great! I finally retired a year and a half ago.. and I miss my Air Force family!


Thursday 14th of February 2008
Nadine and Chris - nadine.t(at)

My position: telephonist
My years: 1979 -1989
Now: Sizewell, Near Leiston
Hope some of you "old friends" out there remember us, and if you do get in contact. We lived at Marlesford at the time. Would dearly love to hear from Carl & Margaret, Mark 'my son' Seabald, Terry & Joe or anyone who remembers us.


Thursday 07th of February 2008
Lynn Stoops - willowsally55(at)

My position: n/a
My years: 1985/88 approx
Now: Near Colchester Essex
Trying to trace an old friend Paul Pranitis stationed at Bentwaters. I know he returned to America, I have found an old address for 1988: 119b Catherine St Del Rio Texas 78840 and I think he came back to England from Germany in 89 but was then posted back to America . I dont know if this old address will help my earlier request but I would be grateful.


Wednesday 06th of February 2008
Tim Siffel - tbsiffel(at)

My position: Crew Chief, AB/Amn/A1C, 92nd AMU
My years: 1987-1989
Now: Willow Grove Pa, Aircraft Mechanic Supervisor A-10+
I am looking for Robert Barnett. He was a Crew Chief in the 511th and when they left I believe he went to the 91st. I was the best man at his wedding at a church in Beccles. I believe he was from Chester, PA originally. I was assigned to England AFB in Louisiana when I left Bentwaters and we lost touch.


Tuesday 05th of February 2008
Dane E. Harrel - jmpmstr01(at)

My position: Captain; Deputy Chief Air Traffic Control Ops
My years: 87-89
Now: Retired Lt Col. Currently a contractor at USTRANSCOM, Scott AFB IL
Where to begin? BTW/WDB was the best assignment of my career. Met my wife while living on Deben Road in Woodbridge. Wonderful hospitality shown by Squadron Leader Nick Jenkins (RAF Commander), Maggie Cotner (Community Affairs) and my British friends in Woodbridge Town. Too many fond memories to list but walking on the beach at Walberswick, visiting the Lake District, going on pub crawls in Woodbridge all come to mind. Would go back and relive them all if possible. Wonderful country with wonderful people.


Monday 28th of January 2008
Wendy Jackson (Kentzel) - hw.jackson(at)

My position: Dep. to SSGT Ron Kentzel
My years: 89-92
Now: Pope AFB, NC
Just wanted to update my e-mail address and see if anyone remembered me or my family. My siblings are Ronald (33) and Jennifer (29). Would love to get in touch with Nikki (real name Nicola I think) Bennett, and Scott Smith. Plus anyone else who remembers me. My dad was in Trans and worked nights at the club on BT as a cook. We are hoping to get stationed in England next. Won't be the same, but I would love to see the bases again.


Tuesday 15th of January 2008
Mike Burns - LPrime64(at)

My position: CrewChief, A1C, SRA, SGT, 91st AMU, 581AMU
My years: 1985-91
Now: ST.Louis,MO
I liked England so much that I almost stayed. I have so many memoriess of friends and family. My wife Noreen is from Ipswich and we came back in 1995 and again in 2000. I can't believe how they've let the bases go... I'm looking for Romel Scott, Wil Cook, Chris Montgomery, Steve Miracle, Brett Bellows, Orlando Valentin, Jon Spronk, Carl Tepper, Brad Thorpe, Sterling Moore, Ed Varley, Cassie Burns, Dean Novak, Dane Mink, Rob "Buzz" and anybody else from back in the day that remembers me.


Tuesday 15th of January 2008
Jeff "Rocky" Rhoades - captainfire(at)

My position: FireFighter, AB-AIC, 81st. TAC, Woodbridge My years: 87-88 Now: Coldwater, MI.
Looking for other firefighters from woodbridge during my tour, I have been touch with Randy Snare who is getting married in May of 08, would like to know where to reach Bob Johnson, Blain Schutzle, Grizwald, Dan Stone, others that the names don't come to me.
Please E-Mail me any info you can.
Thanks Jeff


Sunday 06th of January 2008
John Naumczyk - jnaumczyk(at)

My position: Amn-Sra
My years: 1981-1983
Now: Orlando Fl, Now a Plumber
Worked in the W/B Bomb dump (IYAAYAS!!!)


Date: Tuesday 11th of December 2007
Name: Dana Wagaman

My position: AB-A1C-81st Supply- Fuels (POL)
My years: May1982-May1984
Located now at: Des Moines, IA
I lived in Barracks 759, next to the girl's dorm on B/W and worked on W/B fueling A-10's and the HH53's and C-130's. The satellite images reveal alot of shrubs, trees, and weeds, how sad. I have kept touch with Tony Johnson, who lives in Austin, TX , Mark Baylis, who is from Hattiesgurg, MS, and Dana Rea from Buffalo, NY. We were all in POL. I miss the Duke's pub, the Carlsberg Special Brew (OMG), the pebble beaches at Felixtowe, driving the Sherpas till they screeched from the abuse. Also going to the Running Buck pub when we were told not to, midnight chow. Who remembers The Larry Miller Band who performed at the Airhead's club regularly? And Shaggy's disco? Whatever happened to Jeff Leonard who was in the SPS, he was from the Largo, FL area? Feel free to e-mail me. Do I ever miss those times! I want to go back there some day.


Date: Wednesday 05th of December 2007
Name: Michele Spillman

My position: Civilian - Student
My years: 1984-1986
Located now at: Atlanta, GA
I have been looking for Jason "Sid" Sedovic and Christopher J. Wardowski.
Anybody know where they might be, please email me at


Date: Saturday 01st of December 2007
Name: annmarie

My position:
My years: ?-1985
Located now at: Master Sergeant
Am looking for Master Sergeant Donald Sinclair retired 1985 at bentwaters but was also at Chelveston England in 1963.
Pplease email me


Date: Saturday 24th of November 2007
Name: Virginia (Ginger) formerly Dixon

My position: NAF slot machine security, BW club
My years: 82-86
Located now at: Alaska
I worked the flightline snackbar and at the clubs. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me. All these years later, while in Alaska, I found love with a guy who was a crew chief from Bentwaters who was born there, was there when I was there!


Date: Saturday 24th of November 2007
Name: Dale Mau

My position: crew chief, amn to SRA, 81 AGS, 92 AMB
My years: 82-85
Located now at: Alaska, Pipeline Security Controller, Palmer AK
92 AMB crew dog with the likes of Stan Herring, Bob Hale, Tim Hassenbank, John Lindsey, Robert Rabbitt, and many more.
It would be great to hear from anyone.
Retired MSgt in 2001


Date: Saturday 17th of November 2007
Name: Nick Foxley

My position:
My years:
Located now at: Colchester
Trying to track down Mel Moore and Rob Henneman from 1988-90.


Date: Thursday 25th of October 2007
Name: Jennifer Davis (Stamey,Castro)

My position: munitions systems RAF Woodbridge Bomb Dump
My years: 1988-1991
Located now at: Georgia
Looking for Chris Reece, Kevin Elliott, Brent(Shorty)Adams, Lisa Moore, Tim ? (had a little boy and girl) or anyone I was stationed with.


Date: Thursday 25th of October 2007
Name: Eric George

My position: POL, Sgt, Supply Squadron
My years: 1986-1992
Located now at: Titusville Pa., now self employed in retail hunting and fishing sporting goods
Thanks for your work Mr. Barringer, I have very fond memories of both bases, the people I worked with, and the English friends I made in Ipswich , I worked in POL, Building 131 in various positions, I also worked off duty at the Rod and Gun Club for 3 years in the sales store, and occasionally bartended and was active in the various shooting sports there and played base darts. I also rode Harleys with Gary Blackwood, Tim Pell, Ralph Green, Bill, Manley Adams, Kenny, Andy, Bubba, are a few to name, good friends and I have good memories. We would meet at the duck pond in Woodbridge and head down the road from there. I lived in Ipswich and the Railway Pub on Foxhall Road and spent a lot of time there. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who may remember me.


Date: Thursday 18th of October 2007
Name: Michael Conway

My position: 67 ARRS Sheetmetal Shop
My years: 1983-1984
Located now at: Southern California Desert. Training Manager for local casinos
Lately, I have thought a lot about my experience in England. Had the best time of my life in the U.K. Some of my friends were: Dan Eshbaugh (Junior) Randy Baer (Bear) Mike Howell (Sarge) Tom Connors. If any of you guys read this please feel free to drop me an e-mail.


Date: Monday 15th of October 2007
Name: Dan Burnam

My position: Aeromedical tech. 81 TFW Clinic
My years: 1980-1982
Located now at: Paramedic Cypress Creek EMS


Date: Tuesday 25th of September 2007
Name: Tiffany Prather-Hyde

My position: Wasn't in Air Force - Friends with Lance Reynolds
My years: left around 1988 maybe
Located now at: Beaverton, Oregon
Right after I posted my message, I was able to locate Lance Miller and Pat Culbertson last week, after 20 years. I am now trying to find Scott Jung, Steve Caulk and anyone else that worked at the fire station at Bentwaters in 1986-88 or that lived at Woodbridge that might have known these guys or Lance Reynolds. Please email me and let me know.


Date: Tuesday 25th of September 2007
Name: James A. Thomas

My position: 81 SPS BW/WB
My years: 1981-1985
Located now at: Davenport , Iowa
Anyone in the 81 SPS during 81-85 contact me if you like.


Date: Saturday 22nd of September 2007
Name: Kerry Melzer-Stafford

My position: Worked in Supply as a highschool student.
My years: 1985-1988
Located now at: OHIO
Would love to reconnect with Fayad Ali and Tony Almora from Bentwaters Supply-Document storage area (something or other).


Date: Friday 14th of September 2007
Name: Tiffany Prather

My position: I was not in AirForce; friends with Lance Reynolds
My years: left around 1988 maybe
Located now at: Beaverton, Oregon
Looking for Pat "Colby" Culbertson who lived off base in Ipswich (I think) and Lance Miller who lived at RAF Woodbridge. Both worked at the fire station at Bentwaters. I met them when I went to visit Lance Reynolds in March of 1987. Last saw Pat Culbertson in SFO, CA in 1990 and last talked to Lance Miller in 1989-90 and lost touch with them after that. If anyone knows how to reach them (phone, email, etc.), please email me and let me know. Thank you.
Tiffany Prather-Hyde


Date: Wednesday 12th of September 2007
Name: kelly emsden

My position: looking for father
My years: 1979-82


Date: Thursday 06th of September 2007
Name: Louise

My position: dependent wife
My years: Bentwaters and Woodbridge Located now at: Tampa Florida Usa
I am looking for Arthur Pickett, he was stationed at Raf Woodbridge 1987-1989


Date: Tuesday 04th of September 2007
Name: Janice (Hunte)

My position: Civilian
My years: 84 - 88
Located now at:
The best years of my life were the four spent at Bentwaters. I would like to find Eddie and Amy Mole and anyone who worked at the Base Daycare during that time. Also folks who lived in Grundisburgh base housing.


Date: Tuesday 28th of August 2007
Name: Mike Coupland

My position: ECS System Specialist, E3, 81st CRS at Bentwaters
My years: 1981-1983
Located now at:
Looking for an old roomate and best friend Robert (Bob) Goodwin from the 81st CRS


Date: Friday 24th of August 2007
Name: James Rothenberger

My position: TMO, 81st Transportation Squadron
My years: 1987-1989
Located now at: Home in Pennsylvania
It's been almost 20 years, and still my memories of Bentwaters are as clear as though I was still stationed there. If only I could go back in time - just for a moment - to see the faces and the places that I carry with me to this day. I'd be happy to hear from anyone that remembers this tall, socially reserved fellow who travelled everywhere and talked (or tried to talk) to everyone. A hopeful hello to Steve S., Patty K., Paul K., Denis, Louise P., Sarah, Georgia R., Tom C., and the rest.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Scott Sutherland

My position: Ssgt WEAPONS LOAD CREW CHIEF 81AGS / 81TFW My years: 1980-1983 Located now at: South Florida
Look'n for other Load Toads. If ya knew me...write me.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Merlin

My position: Stationed at RAF Woodbridge My years: 1984 to 1991 Located now at:
Searching for any TGO member. Also looking for Quibs or Dave King. Any inquiries concerning the Presidental House Arrest Order, Werewolf Incident, or UFO will go unanswered.


Date: Thursday 16th of August 2007
Name: Michael Pierson (BODA)

My position: Machinist E3 81st EMS Bentwaters My years: 1986-1988 Located now at: Denton, TX (Halliburton)
Good times, goood friends. Looking for old Bentwaters dorm mate Richard Osborne "OZZY"


Date: Wednesday 25th of July 2007
Name: Tina Rosenthal

My position: Pharmacy Technician, RAF Bentwaters, 81TFW Clinic
My years: 1985-1988
Located now at: Helena, Montana
Oh my gosh what a great site. I have such great memories from Bentwaters and would love to get in touch with all of my buddies! I worked as a Pharmacy Tech at the clinic from 1985 to 1988. Anyone remember...DORM PARTIES, SOFTBALL GAMES, FOOSEBALL TOURNAMENTS, MASH BASH.
I have found a couple of lost pals through this site. I'm still looking for many others. You know who you are! Cheerleading for the clinic softball team with Karen was a blast. Getting pricklies in my ??? while "playing" MASH. Fond memories for sure.
If you can't remember who I am, I was the one with the dorm mascot (hampster) that I kept in my dorm room. I would love to talk with Karen, Kathy, Jerry, Sean, Nick the Aussie, Donna...or anyone who remembers me.
I left Bentwaters and got stationed at Langley AFB, VA. I realized pretty quick that they were two totally different Air Force's.
Then I came back home to Montana and I work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.


Date: Saturday 21st of July 2007
Name: Paula Alvelo

My position: (Paula Seibert) teacher aide at high school
My years: 1989-1992
Located now at: Austin TX
Looking for Alan Campbell, math teacher at WHS 1989-1992. I am Philip Seibert's mother. Want to send him pictures of Philip's wedding.


Date: Friday 20th of July 2007
Name: Krystal Rains (maiden name Hamm)

My position: Avionics Tech 510th/81st AGS
My years: 84-86
Located now at: Southern California
Just Updating my email address...would still love to hear from more people...I have had a few messages from some, but not the ones I miss. I am lucky to still be in regular contact with two of the people I met at Bentwaters...great friends throughout the years.


Date: Friday 20th of July 2007
Name: Michele Risner

My position: Medical Administrative Specialist
My years: 1986-1990
Located now at: supporting hubbyat Shaw AFB, SC
Anyone that I worked with at the 81TFW Clinic at Bentwaters. My husband is AMMO and also was at Bentwaters during this time. We love hearing from old friends.


Date: Friday 20th of July 2007
Name: Steve Dolan

My position: Firefighter/ Crash Rescue
My years: 1979 -1981
Located now at: Whitemarsh Police, Montgomery County, Pa 610 825 6530
Message Great site. Remembering the good times, return trip is a must-do!. Anyone remember the Base Rugby or Soccer teams "the Ghetto" or "Wind Haven", John Dicks, Doug Stockton, Bill Wyland, Steve Jagger, Phil Harter and the List of friends is too long to go on. Contacted my soccer coach Paddy Clerkin, via this site. One of the best soccer teams I ever played on... USAFE championship. Would enjoy hearing from you. Have some old photos I need to share. Godspeed!


Date: Thursday 19th of July 2007
Name: Cathy Eiland

My position: Worked at Audio / Video World My years: 1989 - 1991 Located now at: American Embassy, Asuncion, Paraguay, Department of State
Would love to hear from old friends that I have lost touch with, JPaul Duetschman, Mark Jarrell, Roberto Otero, Stephanie (don't remember the last name), Barb (another lost last name ended with ski). Anyone from base at that time it would be great to hear from.


Date: Thursday 19th of July 2007
Name: Tim Linerud

My position: Weapons Maintenance Technician, E-4, EMS
My years: 1983-1986
Located now at: San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA. EMC - Systems Engineer
I was stationed#at#RAF Bentwaters, from 1983-1986. 81st EMS squadron, AMMO group. I remember the F-15 that was doing touch-n-goes and lost the wheel, and after it landed on 2 wheels, we did the FOD walk and found the nut, but not the cotter pin.


Date: Thursday 19th of July 2007
Name: Al Niedrich

My position: Weapons loading, 91st AMU/78th AMU My years: 1986-92 Located now at: Casino Supervisor, Oceanside, CA
Great site, and a great assignment. Wanted to say hi to all those who remember me. Drop me a line.


Date: Thursday 19th of July 2007
Name: Dennis Parker

My position: E- 4 Ammo B/W
My years: 80 - 84
Located now at: Houston TX
Im looking for anyone that remembers me from the bomb dumps or trailer maintiance, or even some of my friends that were not in the 461 career field from the barricks or previously Myrtle Beach. I am especially looking for the broaderson's


Date: Monday 16th of July 2007
Name: Karen Potter

My position: Security Police Secretary
My years: 1987 - 1990
Located now at: Woodbridge
Anyone who used to work for Security Police between 87 and 90, the era of Sgt. Tinsen! Does anyone remember or know José Roman, Damon Silvestrie, Bimp, Corey, Todd or any of the other "crew"? Be good to hear from anyone who remembers the good old days!


Date: Friday 13th of July 2007
Name: David D Winget

My position: Aircraft Armament, Amn - Sgt, 81st Weapons Load, My years: 1981 - 1986 Located now at: 15 Mackenzie Dr., Kesgrave, UK, IP5 1HW
Looking for a few mates - Harry Wise, Chuck Hood, Mike Powell. Anybody else I may have worked with in bomb loading.


Date: Tuesday 03rd of July 2007
Name: Phillip Symes

My position: Jet Engine Mechanic A1C 81st CRS Bentwaters My years: 85-87 Located now at: Madison WI. 115 CES Truax Field, Heavy Equipment Operator
I was hoping to find some of the guys from the CRS dorms where we had many flag parties and the guys from the Back Barn at the old engine shop in the QEC/Teardown Sections


Date: Saturday 30th of June 2007
Name: Fred Ford

My position: (E-4) Sgt.
My years: 1985-1987
Located now at: 113 Sandy Oaks, San Antonio, Texas 78233
What a great link!! I was assigned to the Dental Clinic from March 1985 until my "release" in August 1987. Although the leaving was difficult, I took some wonderful memories of the friends and times I spent at RAF Bentwaters.
Anybody know what happened to Fred "Rick" Evans, Steve Brown, Greg Washburn, Heidi Ingram, Dan Carter, "Slydell" Harris, Deborah Harris????
What about at the dorm?? Folks like Chris Ford, Mike Hall, Chris Black, Kevin Campbell, Joe Rambo, Tina Rosenthal, Jamie Davis and so many others???
Please let me know where these "buds" are at!!! What about the guys from Transportation at the time when we had the "Pi Alpha Dorma" guys??? Wheres Kevin "Cadillac" Boyle?? In Boston, huh?? Somebody please help me! I'm drowning in nostalgia!!!!!


Date: Thursday 19th of January 2006
Name: Darrell Hodges
Email: darrell.hodges at
TwinBase job: Weapons Troop AB-SrA 81st EMS Gun Shop
Twin Base years: 82-85
Located Now: Shaw AFB, SC Weapons Flight
Message: Looking for any EMS troops that worked the gun shop or lived in drom 750 during 82-85. Ron Haldeman, Tom Scaggs, Wendell Tiner, Jefferson Cairo, Chuck Kelly, Roger Fox, Davie Hiatt, Nick Racsok, Jackie Baker, Al Gerganious, Mike Blevins, or any others. Drop me an e-mail anytime.


Date: Sunday 15th of January 2006
Name: Mike Helmick
Email: claudiajennings at
TwinBase job: Weapons crew member at the 510th. SRA at the time.
Twin Base years: 1988-1990
Located Now: Living in Portland, Oregon.
Message: I was on a weapons crew at the 510th 81st AGS. Hated it while I was there and missed it once I was gone. Met some fantastic people and will never forget the time I had there. Thanks to the Boozehounds. You know who you are and I hope you are all doing well.

Date: Monday 09th of January 2006
Email: knoxland at
TwinBase job: 67 TH ARRS/SOS
Twin Base years: 85-89


Date: Monday 09th of January 2006
Name: Robert E. Hill
Email: rhill at
TwinBase job: SSgt, Instrument Tech, 91st AMU/DCM Analysis
Twin Base years: 7/83 - 7/86
Located Now: Raleigh NC/Insurance Investigator


Date: Monday 09th of January 2006
Name: frank wilcox
Email: frankiefire108 at
TwinBase job: firefighter 81st ces
Twin Base years: 1987-89
Located Now: trenton n.j firefighter city of trenton
Message: unbelivable time at woodbridge. Remember hanging out at woodys with all the fire dawgs and going to the garland downtown

Date: Sunday 08th of January 2006
Name: Major D. E. "Slash" Lajoie
Email: EXa10pilot2 at
TwinBase job: 91st TFS ADO, 1989-1990, Chief of Stan/Eval 1991
Twin Base years: 1989-1991
Located Now: Tucson, AZ on the base golf course
Message: Flew the Hog from 89-91 out of Woody. Remembering the absolute silence on the ramps until the doors opened on a HAS and the A-10 APU was cranked and roaring. Remembering the large concrete ponds outside the HAS...where you were thrown in after your last flight. Remembering the aggressive \"Crud\" games on Friday nights at the O club at Bentwaters...Remembering pulling SOF in the Control Tower and sitting there in sunshine while starring down at the fog...remembering flying BFM over the North Sea in a \"poopie suit\" and sweating a gallon of water out in a 1.5 hour sortie...remembering the TDYs to Leipheim, Sembach, and Norvenich..and most of all, the graciousness of the people of Ipswich (where I lived with my wife, three kids and a German Shepherd) and of England.


Date: Tuesday 03rd of January 2006
Name: Sandy Smalley
Email: sjbsf at
TwinBase job: Dependant
Twin Base years: 1982-1984
Located Now: Tennessee
Message: Husband Phil served in the 81st EMS. Many wonderful memories and friendships made during our time there. Would love to hear from old friends.

Date: Saturday 31st of December 2005
Name: Edward T. Carpenter
Email: etcusf(a)
TwinBase job: A1C - Sgt. - Vehicle OPs
Twin Base years: 1987-1989
Located Now: Jakarta, Indonesia but may be moving to Cambodia soon.
Message: Oh, so many memories. Some of the best times of my life there. Can remember some of the names but the faces and places and many . . . John Castro, Joe Callihan (?), Tim Pucket, Austin McKraken (the A-train), Brian Smallcomb, Buddah, Steve Steelman . . . so many I can't remember now. Can't even begin to write about it all.

Date: Thursday 29th of December 2005
Name: Anton (Tony) Hembrock
Email: tony.hembrock(a)
TwinBase job: Weather Observer
Twin Base years: 1988-1990
Located Now: Layton, Utah, High School Principal At Layton Christain Academy
Message: Loved my two years at the bases and wish that I could go back and visit - maybe one day. I used to love going over to the coast and walking along the beaches. Also, the beaches in Great Yarmouth were nice. I miss the little house I lived in in Woodbridge Town. Does anyone rememebr the name of the donut shop on Bentwaters? I can't remember the name of the shop but I do remember that they had great donuts and soups.

Date: Tuesday 27th of December 2005
Name: Karren Bonniwell
Email: karzi37(a)
TwinBase job: Wife of Mark Bonniwell 81st CES squadron
Twin Base years: 83 to 88
Located Now: Minnesota
Message: Just wondering if anyone knew of my husband Sgt Mark Bonniwell, who died in 99, if anyone from his old squadron has any memories of him I hope you'll share them with me. Mark left B/W and went on to Peterson Airforce Base, during the congressional cutback he opted to leave. We moved to Minnesota soon after. Raised our 3 children and now am proud to say that our oldest is serving in Iraq. God bless you all Hope to hear from anyone that knew him .

Date: Monday 26th of December 2005
Name: Jeff Rhoades "Rocky"
Email: captainfire(a)
TwinBase job: Fire Fighter, Airman First Class, 81st. CES
Twin Base years: Dec 86 to Dec 88
Located Now: Coldwater, Michigan Captain (a) Coldwater Fire Dept.
Message: My years at Woodbridge were by far my best in the service. I would like to here from the guys that I worked with. I have kept in touch with Randy Snare and no one else. Some insight on what happened to me, I left Woodbridge in 88 Married Lisa, had twin sons Scott, and Luke in 89, spent 4 years at Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan, left the service in 93 and am working full time as a firefighter in Coldwater Michigan since 94. Anyway thanks for the memories at Woodbridge NCO club "Woody's" and the Garland.
Jeff "Rocky" Rhoades

Date: Friday 23rd of December 2005
Name: Denis L. Rogers
Email: Denisrogers(a)
TwinBase job: 81st MMS missile shop
Twin Base years: Dec 75 to Feb 81
Located Now: Rowlett, TX
Message: Bentwaters/Woodbridge was the best years of my life. My wife and I had a great experience and made many friends. The missile shop was the best duty I had in the AF.We watched the BB-stackers do all the work and we got all the glory. Loved it.

Date: Thursday 22nd of December 2005
Name: John "Steamer" Morgan
Email: steamermorgan(a)
TwinBase job: 78th TFS A-10 Pilot
Twin Base years: 1986-1990

Date: Thursday 22nd of December 2005
Name: Chuck Manders Jr.
Email: cmanders(a)
TwinBase job: Security Forces Resource Protection
Twin Base years: 84-88
Located Now: Coulmbus AFB, MS Chief SFA
Message: RAF Bentwaters duirng the good years. Went back Mar 05 and it brought it all back. Only thing I could recognize (besides the flight line) was the gym, which is a health club and the Wing building which is a business of some sort. Will never forget the days of Lt Col Towns, and the stripper who arrived at the Orderly room for the Lt.(during duty hours). Nobody was ever that nice to me on my birthday! Worst memory....storm of 87 that tried to blow away the base, trees everywhere. Anyone interested just email...have a lot pics, some of this year when I went back. I'm retired and working civil service (life is to short) at Columbus AFB, MS until Jan 06...then it's overseas to work on a contract. Hoooah

Date: Thursday 22nd of December 2005
Name: Chris and Josie Nielsen,
Email: cjnielsen(a)
TwinBase job: ECM , 81st CRS, Tsgts,
Twin Base years: 1983 -1986
Located Now: Grass Valley Ca., Investment Broker
Message: Chris worked in the Woodbridge Pod Shop, Josie in the RWR shop, Bentwaters and Woodbridge. We have great memories of our stay in England. We lived in Felixstowe, 10 Nayland Rd. Would love to here from anyone who might remember us.

Date: Saturday 17th of December 2005
Name: Pete Stolarski
Email: pcnts (a)
TwinBase job: AMN to SRA, Crew Chief - 91st AMU (81-0991) Woodb
Twin Base years: 1/86 to 1/88
Located Now: Pittsburgh, PA
Message: Had an amazing time at Woodbridge, I am looking for Tom Riley, Tom Frungillo, Brad Carucci, Mark Wegner, Randy Jensen,Dean Novak, Carl Tepper, Eddie Varleyand Chris Short. If you are out there contact me. Spent many a day TDY to Sembach, Liepheim, Norvinich ect.. I came across this site because there was a story on the History Channel on the UFO at Woodbridge and it got me thinking again about my time there. Would love to hear from anyone in the 78th or 91st during 86-88. Keep up the great job on this site.

Date: Saturday 17th of December 2005
Name: Ben VanDortrecht
Email: bvandortrecht (a)
TwinBase job: 81st SVS Cook, and mainly Baker
Twin Base years: 1980-1984
Located Now: Systems Administrator, SMS, Computer Security, Maxwell AFB
Message: Wow, I remember Don Wilson (Wolfie) Starvin Marvin Yost, Charlie Lane, Gene Johnson, Magroski, Jennifer Farmer, Cherl Banks, Tom Dickens, Wild Bill Stench, Warren Zitzow, Face (Quasimodo), and a bunch of others there at the Dining Halls.
One funny thing I remember was when we were in an exercise I asked the stupid question about M-16's and whether we had them in case the Russians invaded! They informed us that we didn't get any weapons so we all went to ToyLand and bought A-Team Play assualt guns and carried them around in the dining hall. I also camoed my self by taking fake fruit and putting it on my helmet looking like Carmen Miranda!!!

Date: Friday 16th of December 2005
Name: Michele Risner
Email: micheler (a)
TwinBase job: SrA; Medical Administration, 81 TFW Clinic, BW
Twin Base years: 1986-1990
Located Now: Shaw AFB, SC
Message: My husband is an AMMO troop and our daughter (now 17) was born at Lakenheath. BW was our best assignment ever. Went to Holloman AFB from there and was there until October 2005. I got out in 1997 but Brian is still in and just pinned on SMSgt. Fond memories of everyone there and hopefully will be able to touch base with some familiar names. I worked in the Orderly Room and Patient Admin for a while but mostly downstairs in the Commander's Office. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers my husband or myself.

Date: Wednesday 14th of December 2005
Name: Dano DeMers
Email: daniel.demers (a)
TwinBase job: AGE Mechanic and Bar Tender at the Club
Twin Base years: 1984-1987
Located Now: Germany, Spangdahlem AB
Message: Looking for anyone who remembers me. There are a number of folks who I worked with (and partied with) at the club.

Date: Sunday 11th of December 2005
Name: Don Wilson
Email: truckin_don (a)
TwinBase job: E-4, 81st SVS Sqd. (Cook)
Twin Base years: 82 - 89
Located Now: Nevada - Line Chef at a Casino
Message: Well, what can I say... Linn, this site has gotten so big since the last time I was on it... oh... about 6 years ago. Stuff happens when your computer dies a horrid death.
I was both a active and civilian at the twin bases. Had allot of friends there. It's been 16 years since I was there. Had some good and bad memories there too. But with time, I don't remorse over them anymore.
If my first wife Diane ever reads this. I don't blame you for anything, people make mistakes we are human. And please forgive me, for my mistakes. I hope your life has been filled with love, and friendships.
Ok, now all you cooks that worked with me, better sign in !!!
Now for the last 15 years... I met Tracy at the Foodland at Bentwaters... well... we got married and have two sons.
Anyone working at the Foodland... remember Tracy or me... email us!
Again, Linn great site that keeps getting better!

Date: Saturday 10th of December 2005
Name: Alan Scott Chapman
Email: alanchpmn (a)
BW job: Admin, AIC, 81st CRS, 1984 -86
Located Now: Between Heaven and Hel
Message: Just looking to see who remembers or can no longer remember long nights at the Hook and Bullet, Flag Parties, softball games, pig roasts, and lost weekends in Amsterdam, not to mention Hawaian shirt parties in the middles of January... Rhonda... lol

Date: Wednesday 07th of December 2005
Name: Al Blackman
Email: albee19 (a)
BW job: Training Manager, Tsgt, 81TFW, 4 years at WOC
Located Now:
Message: I enjoyed my tour at Bentwaters/Woodbridge 85-89. I would love to see pictures of the WOC, Gym and any other pictures of the base.

Date: Tuesday 06th of December 2005
Name: Tom (ET) Spencer
Email: tcspencer2003 (a)
BW job: Woodbridge AGE shop, SSGT, 1983-1987
Located Now:
Message: Worked for the infamous fence jumper MSGT Ron Burrell at Woodbridge AGE shop. Please update my email address in your "Find Buddies" section , message left in 2000, - John Vest looking for ET Spencer. Thank you, great web site!

Date: Monday 28th of November 2005
Name: jim carey
Email: pgajhc (a)

Name: Donald Hardy
B/W years: Aug 1987 - Aug 1990
B/W job: SSGT, Bentwaters Clinic, NCOIC, Patient Admin
Located Now: San Antonio Texas
Message: I PCS(d) from Bentwaters to Gunter AFB Alabama then to Brooks AFB Texas where I retired in 1999. Since leaving Bentwaters I've mostly worked in the medical computer systems environment i.e. CHCS. This led to my current civilian position.
Looking back at all of my assignments, Bentwaters definitely stands out as my personal favorite, for lots of reasons, but first and especially for the great people that I met and had the opportunity to work with. I was there through the times of MSgt Charlie Brown (and his wife), SMSgt BARLOW, Zoe Horne, John Kirk, Rob Sims, Kevin Campbell, Joe Konzal, Steve Caldwell, and Tracey Bantoft the best story teller ever. Awesome bunch that I'll never forget and still keep in contact with. All the pubs/clubs (Base, Ipswich, Chelmsford, London, Oxford, Liverpool) activity, clinic basketball team and Steve and Joe's house parties come in a close second. Great place, great memories.

Friday 07/15/2005 3:59:17pm
Name Malcolm 'Buddy' Guidry
B/W yrs 1989 - 1992
B/W job 81st EMS Munitions
Now at Law firm in New York City
Message I just visited and it brought back so many memories! Bentwaters was so important to my youth. I miss it and the friends I made.

Friday 07/15/2005 2:48:48pm
B/W yrs 82
B/W job Auto Mechanic
Now at Retired
Message I would like to hear from anyone who was in the 361st Ftr. Sqdn. Was at Martlesham Heath 1943 to 1945. the 356th is having a reunion 15-18 Sept. 2005 in Falls Church, Va.

Thursday 07/14/2005 7:47:18am
Name Will Thompson
B/W yrs 1989-1991
B/W job A-10 Electrician
Now at 7th Grade Science Teacher, Vancouver, WA
Message WOW, this site brings back memories... walking from back gate to back gate through the "UFO" forests after a night shift (I do not know who scared who the most, the rabbits or me)... Riding my bike to Orford just to see the castle (not my wisest move but lots of fun)

Friday 07/01/2005 0:01:04am
Name Robin Irwin
B/W yrs 1985-1987
B/W job AGE
Now at Iowa
Message Tripping down memory lane. How about Dorm 598?

Friday 06/24/2005 5:13:15pm
Name Scott Leach
B/W yrs 87-90
B/W job 81 EMS AGE (NPA & 92nd CAT)
Now at Incirlik AB
Message Wanted to say hi to all my old AGE buds from the 92nd and 510th CATs. One of my best assignments in now 22 years. I am looking for a picture or graphic of the 81st Equipment Maintenance Squadron patch. If you know where I can find one, please let me know!

Sunday 06/19/2005 3:29:45am
Name Marc Scrivener
B/W yrs 1989-1991
B/W job Fire Department
Now at Willimantic, CT (Fire Department)
Message I'd like to catch up with old friends. Please feel free to write!

Thursday 06/16/2005 1:58:17am
Name Larry Hines
B/W yrs 1984-1988
B/W job maintenance controller
Now at retired

Tuesday 06/14/2005 2:44:52am
Name Donald LaBarre
B/W yrs 1962-64 and 1978-82
B/W job AGE shop and Jolly Green Flt. Eng.
Now at Las Vegas, Nevada
Message Retired here in 1985 from the F-117's. Working at the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas, stop by any time.

Sunday 06/12/2005 4:14:55am
Name Mike Bird
B/W yrs 1979-1983
B/W job 67Th ARRS Helicopter Maintenance Supt.
Now at Winter Haven, Florida
Message I remeber all the god times and Local people. I come back once in a while to visit. Terry Kinglake a Local has been a Great friend for years. This was the best part of my life during those times.

Friday 06/10/2005 7:09:07pm
Name Kellie Ross-Foerman
B/W yrs 1984-1990
B/W job Dependant
Now at Raleigh North Carolina
Message This site is great... I graduated from WHS in 1990.. used to spend a lot of time at Hollywoods in Ipswich.. I am trying to find a couple of friends of mine ... Joel Moreno.. military used to work part time selling stereo equipment and David.. he was a Brit.. worked at the same place and dated Jane...
This was a great place to live and grow up.. I miss it everyday.. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Joel Moreno ..please e-mail me.. or if you went to WHS -- I would love to talk..

Friday 06/10/2005 6:42:50pm
Name Nigel Baird
B/W yrs 1982 to 1993
B/W job AAFES (Contract Services)
Now at British-Russian Marketing Consultant, UK
Message I was stationed at Bentwaters between February 1982 and September 1993.

I am deeply saddened to see so many buildings on both the Technical Site and the Domestic Site in such state of dilapidation. Most especially, to learn that buildings such as the BX have been demolished is, to me, incomprehensible.

During my 12 years at Bentwaters I witnessed an unprecedented program of investment on both the Technical and Domestic Sites. Literally, it seemed as if no expense was spared to transform Bentwaters into one of the finest bases throughout the USAFE theater of operations.

For me, Bentwaters still remains a deeply emotive subject. It was my home; it was where I matured as a man, where my expertise was nurtured, and where I first experienced the true power and bond of friendship.

At Bentwaters I saw men and women of outstanding professionalism, dedication and character. Their example set the standard by which I would choose to live the rest of my life by. Truly, for me, my time at Bentwaters was a life-changing experience. Surely, there can be no greater legacy.

In September 1993, together with a colleague from AAFES, I had the dubious task of locking the BX for the final time. Its doors would never open to a customer again. It was a strange feeling. Suddenly, the last sign of normality had vanished. Bentwaters was now, in reality, a ghost town.

Since that day, it seemed as if a part of me died. Over the ensuing years I mourned the loss of the intensely focused direction that Bentwaters gave to my life, together with the sense of belonging that was so keenly felt with being associated with such an inspiring community.

To all whom once graced the Suffolk sky and trod upon her luscious earth; I salute you.


Thursday 06/09/2005 12:48:51am
Name Patricia Padden (formerly FInch)
B/W yrs March 89 - Last Aircraft left
B/W job I worked at the Rod And Gun club
Now at Hawley PA
Message I played darts on the base team, there was only hand full of women that did. I was hoping to hear from some of my old pals. I'm looking for EJ Adams and his wife Helen. Helen is from England, not sure what part, I'm from Liverpool England. My husband Michael (Paddy) was a Crew Chief at Woodbridge and then Bentwaters. We both loved going to the Rec Center at Bentwaters for country night, we still talk about our Friday and Saturday nights out.
I'm hoping someone remembers us both. I'm the tall british girl, I was married to a Garry Finch (Finchling).
Mike and I moved to Shaw AFB in Sumter South Carolina and so did a lot of others from Bentwaters, we lost touch with people when we went to Idaho (MTN HOME AFB). Mike retired from the Airforce back in 1998, we have moved around since 2001 and now are in PA. Hope to hear from you all soon. Great web site.

Tuesday 06/07/2005 9:50:11pm
Name Chris and Barbara Schapre
B/W yrs 1985-1989
B/W job 81st EMS
Now at valdosta GA
Message We spent the first years of our marriage at BW and have very fond memories especially of the friends we made there, some of which we still are very close with. Two of our sons were born there and our oldest who was 7 when we arrived at BW also has fond memories. We would all like to visit soon.

Friday 06/03/2005 7:51:02am
Name David Loving
B/W yrs 1978 to 1980
B/W job ECM pod shop, Woodbridge
Now at
Message Was in ECM pod shop at Woodbridge, but stayed at Bentwaters, Fall of 1978 to Fall of 1980. Hello to Chuck, Uncle Earl, John Aiello, Kim Kerschenstein, Frank Wurzlebacher, Tim Ossinger, Pat, Chief, Lavern, Susie...susie, susie, susie. Tom, I can see the faces, and remember their voices, can't remember their names.

Tuesday 05/31/2005 4:39:07am
Name David Daniels
B/W yrs 82 - 84
B/W job A-10 crew chief
Now at delta airlines
Message I was in the 92nd.

Monday 05/30/2005 3:23:59am
Name Catherine
B/W yrs 1981-1983
B/W job Weather Specialist
Now at SAHM
Message Great site. I just found it. I plan on going through the whole site.

Sunday 05/29/2005 4:35:31am
Name Michelle Haile
B/W yrs 78-85
B/W job dependant
Now at Pittsburgh, Pa.
Message Posted before, but wanted to post more. Daddy (Walter F. Haile Jr. aka Tank) and his brothers cooked the ribs at the phantom football games. They were in the blue trailer in the corner. Daddy worked at 81st CSG... hope to hear from anyone who remembers our family. Tank, Karin, Frankie, Eric, and Michelle Haile. We lived at 1070B and then moved down to 1000A when they started to remodel the homes.

Saturday 05/28/2005 3:35:41am
Name Paula
B/W yrs 1983-1985
B/W job All Ranks Club
Now at Indiana
Message I worked at the pizza lounge, dining room, cashiers cage and change cage in the back bar. Would love to hear from anyone who might remember me...
I'm especially interested in finding some guys from 81st SPS dog flight.

Thursday 05/26/2005 5:45:18pm
Name Freddie Abshire
B/W yrs 1987-1989
B/W job SPS
Message What a memory jogger!! I was a cop on Woodbridge from Nov 87 - Nov 89. Loved it! Participated in Peacekeeper Challenge in 88. Had a great time touring the country and left with nothing but great memories. Still in touch with Eric Huhtala, and have also heard from Alta Vanderlip, Ken Stewart, Andy Archuletta, Linda Graybill, and Dave Harris. Worked with Chuck Dantrassy and Doug Sexton at the Pentagon for several years. Would like to hear from Colin Waxham if anyone knows where he is. Would also like to hear from anyone else who remembers me. Cheers!!!

Wednesday 05/25/2005 11:54:16am
Name Rick Davis
B/W yrs 1985-1988
B/W job A-10 Crew Crew Chief 509th AMU81AGS
Now at Eglin AFB FL
[No message was left]

Friday 05/20/2005 1:15:35am
Name Mark Forrester
B/W yrs 1984-1987
B/W job 81st TFW , Egress Shop
Now at Home, Burton, MI
Message I loved England! I went back a second time (Lakenheath & Bentwaters). Married an American girl who I met (long story) while on leave. Married her in England and my son was born in Ipswich Hospital. Going to retire from the military in 5 months.

Thursday 05/19/2005 3:55:32am
Name Jeff Grimes
B/W yrs 1982-1992
B/W job Jet Engine Troop
Now at Alabama
Message I am looking for Phil Engish or any other old buddies from Bentwaters. Please contact me!!!

Tuesday 05/17/2005 6:13:38pm
Name Mike Van Ryn
B/W yrs 1984 - 1987
B/W job 81st CRS ECM Pod Shop
Now at Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
Message Looking for anyone who remembers the 12-hour shifts and the 'loft', 119 and 131 Blk II pods and the endless string of recalls, exercises and deployments.

Monday 05/16/2005 6:48:57pm
Name Wanda and Dean Hansen
B/W yrs Aug.1977 to Aug 1980
B/W job Dean was on flightline at Bentwaters
Now at Burkburnett, Texas
Message Dean retired in 1985 and now works for contractor at Sheppard AFB, Tx... I wish I had taken more photos of Bentwataers and Woodbridge...

Sunday 05/15/2005 2:41:09am
Name oscar j. medrano jr.
Email ipswich85(at)
B/W yrs 1985 - 1988
B/W job Security Police Training Section
Now at San Antonio, Texas
Message Hope to hear from anyone from the base volleyball teams... men/women.

Thursday 05/12/2005 8:18:03pm
B/W yrs 1985-1990
B/W job 81ST SPS
Now at
Message Looking for any of the old crew. Mike Boyd are you out there?

Monday 05/09/2005 3:31:55pm
Name Greg Veeh
B/W yrs 84-86
B/W job Firefighter
Now at Twin Falls Idaho
Message I was assigned to Woodbridge during 84-86. Made a lot of friends and failed at staying in touch, but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. also looking for any other folks, like John Weaver!!!!

Thursday 05/05/2005 4:51:14am
Name Jamie Hensley
B/W yrs 1980s to 1993
B/W job Student
Now at San Antonio, Texas
Message Hello everyone, My family (Marta, Vinita, James Hensley) were stationed at Woodbridge. I recenetly lost my sister Vinita Hensley and just trying to get in touch with my family's friends. I hope everyone is doing great. God Bless.

Wednesday 05/04/2005 11:51:21am
Name SMSgt Chris Gaecke
B/W yrs 90-Closing
B/W job 81st CRS Propulsion - E4 Buck Sgt
Now at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson AZ
Message Worked JEIM Tm-2, bearing rm, with Julius Fitzpatrick, Brian Poppe, Brutus Deanny, Dallas Donnelson, Jerry Bambic, Bob Zawadzki, Louie Ayala, Rick Beckwith, Paul Gilchrist, Chuck Griffith. Chief White was the Flight Chief. Lived in the dorms, 2nd floor, parking lot side. Spuds was our hangout downtown. PCS'd to Mildenhall afterwards. Currently at Davis-Monthan.

Tuesday 04/26/2005 1:17:30pm
Name Donald Ross
B/W yrs 1987-1990
B/W job Air Traffic Control
Now at Shaw AFB, Sumter SC.
Message The best assignment I have ever had to date, I truly enjoyed England, and I would love to go back right now, the members of the Air Force seemed more like family while I was there. I met my wife in England, we have been married now for 13 years, she used to work at the NCO club, and left england in 1989. Her name is Linda, if you remember either of us, we would love to hear from you.

Thursday 04/21/2005 5:24:07pm
Name mark casey
B/W yrs 1988-1992
B/W job 81st trans veh ops
Now at lincolnton, north carolina
Message My wife and I had a great time at Bentwaters. Hated to leave it. Went back and visited the base in 2001 while stationed at Ramstein. Very sad to see what has be come of the base. I would like anyone who was stationed with me at that time to email me. My wife Scarlet, worked at the NCO club as a cashier. Please write.

Wednesday 04/13/2005 0:51:23am
Name Paul Gallagher
B/W yrs 81-84 & 87-92
B/W job Clinic, Medical Supply
Now at Wright-Patterson AFB
Message Best assignments we had. We loved East Anglia and still have English friends we keep in contact with. We got to spend 4 more years in the UK at Lakenheath (97-01). It was nice, but just wasn't the same! We popped down occasionally to visit friends in the Leiston area, always drove by the base. When we saw the base rotting away it felt like something special was lost. Patty worked at the Commissary and Housing Office.

Sunday 04/10/2005 2:57:13pm
Name Terry Kinglake
B/W yrs 1988 to closure
B/W job Civilian
Now at Kesgrave, Ipswich
Message Met my friends at Bentwaters, the late Roy Burden, Annette, Teena and Alex and Mike Bird. Was honoured to be asked to stand in for Roy in escorting his daughter to the altar on her wedding day on Navarre beach, Florida.

Friday 04/08/2005 11:22:49pm
Name Lee Hartman
Email koffeehound62 at sbcglobal dot net
B/W yrs 82-85
B/W job 81 AGS 511 AMU Comm/Nav
Now at Sacramento, CA
Message Linn,
Just signing to update my email address. Thanks for your hard work!
Lee Hartman

Wednesday 04/06/2005 8:09:22am
Name Stephanie Brown
B/W yrs 1986 - 1989
B/W job 81st Trans. Sqdrn.
Now at
Message My husband, Jeff Brown, was a heavy equipt. mechanic at Bentwaters. We met the best people and have many wonderful memories of that time in our lives! Bobby and Anna Rose James, Sonny and Cathy Swank, Scott and Glenna Krueckeberg, John "George" and Pat Dent, and many others whose last names I can't recall, but the faces, memories, and good times will be treasured forever. Scott and Kent are a couple of them. This was Jeff's first assignment and we were young parents, just starting out. What an experience!!! We tried getting orders back to the U.K., but couldn't get there so Jeff got out of the service and settled "back home". There were so many kind people at Bentwaters AFB, I'd love to take our kids, Jordan and Lindey, back to show them where their first years were spent.

Wednesday 04/06/2005 4:08:30am
Name Bob Zinkus
B/W yrs 1985-1988
B/W job 81st Trans GP Vehicle Maint
Now at 146 AW Channel Islands ANGS, CA
Message I served in the Transportation Squadron Vehicle Maintenance Flight at both bases. I also have the honor of manning DFPs over the BW flightline as a security police augmentee. Doing my part to buy you, the non expendable personnel, enough time to get on a transport plane and all your buns out a Dodge, if those nasty Russians ever tried to come over the fence. (remember when they were the enemy?) lol.
I spent a lot of quality time with Bob Williams, Mark (Guido) Guidry, Joe (Bigglett) Biggs and a few others that time has successfully repressed the memory of! lol
I would love to hear from anybody who might remember me and especially from anyone who knows where that one particular roll of film went! lol
Have a good one!

Saturday 04/02/2005 6:26:04am
Name Phillip Kinder
B/W yrs 89 - 92
B/W job 81st CRS Jet Mech
Now at Washington State
Message To all my friends from RAF Bentwaters, I will never forget you or all the memorable times we spent together.

Tuesday 03/29/2005 8:59:28pm
Name Ched Capps
B/W yrs 19981 - 1983
B/W job 81st SPS
Now at Oklahoma
Message I look back on my days at Bentwaters with a mixture of feelings. Some great memories and great friends, yet sadness that I didn't do more to stay in touch. Hopefully, that can be corrected! Feel free to drop a line!

Tuesday 03/29/2005 3:23:25pm
Name Tony Scott
B/W yrs 1984-1985
B/W job Helicopter Munitions
Now at Wash. D.C.
Message Had a ball while stationed at Woodbridge. If anyone remembers me, feel free to drop me a line.

Tuesday 03/29/2005 5:13:11am
Name Will Lilly and Mary Kay Lilly (Holman)
B/W yrs March 1988 - March 1991
B/W job A-10 Crew cheifs 78th AMU/581st AGS
Now at Colonial Heights, Virginia
Message We would love to here from our freinds in England. They were all family to us. We have been married 16 years as of June 2006 so much for those who lost the three month bet. Just kidding. Please write and if anyone knows how to reach Lisa Ochoa (Miles) please contact us. We had great times in England and a lot of that was due to our friendships.

Monday 03/28/2005 4:47:12pm
Name Steve Caldwell
B/W yrs 88-90
B/W job Clinic-Immunizations
Now at Frost Brown Todd LLC
Message Just an update, because I recently moved from upstate New York to Cincinnati. I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone could provide about: Joe Konzal, Don Hardy,and Randy Wroten. I would love to reconnect with these old friends. Thanks, Steve.

Friday 03/25/2005 7:49:14pm
Name Peggy Anderson (nee Millermon)
B/W yrs 1980 - 1982
B/W job 81st Supply Fuels
Now at Good Thunder, MN 56037
Message What a great web-site, it brings back alot of memories or some that I can remember anyway. Will never forget being at Bentwaters/Woodbridge, it was my first duty station from technical school, I was 19. Alot of crazy times happened. Crow are you still out there?

Wednesday 03/23/2005 6:32:56pm
Name Ron and Pam Burrell
Email ronburrell(at)
B/W yrs 1961-1965, 1981-1986
B/W job Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
Now at Denver Colorado
Message Hello Captain Childers from your former babysitters. We are going back to 1962 when we watched the little nippers. They were good so it was a easy job. Thanks for the tip, a 10 bob note. That was a lot of money in those days when fish and chips cost a half a crown and a pint of ale 12 pence. Good hearing from you in a email last night. It isn't too often that one gets a chance to babysit for one of Chappie James pilots. Let's keep in touch.

Monday 03/21/2005 2:32:01pm
Name Pamela Snow
B/W yrs 87-89
B/W job 81st Comptroller - Military Pay/Finance
Now at Civilian
Message I have fond memories of my first duty assignment at Bentwaters. I remember walking across the base from our qounset hut office to give the in-processing briefing. I even got a ride from Col. Olestrom one day during a rain storm. I remember running laps around the clinic at night. Shopping in Ipswich and Woodbridge. Walking along the shore at Felixstowe. I also have fond memories of the friends I made there. Wendell Tuten (what a great supervisor). Prentice Murphy, Francis Hannan, Steve Steelman, Ellen K., Patti, Cheryl Silver, would love to hear from any of you.

Wednesday 03/16/2005 8:33:12pm
Name Jim Engel
B/W yrs 1989-1992
B/W job Corrosion/Sheetmetal shop/Fab Branch
Now at Working for the man
Message Still in touch with DJ (SPS), and Randi Gladwell(Wilson) (SOMS). Definitely miss the Mondays at Hollywoods in Ipswich, drinking red death's in the NCO club and making Murph spew Rice Krispies out his nose in the chow hall on Sunday mornings! Too many good times, too many crappy times. Truly miss the friendships and good times had by all. What was the hotties name from Air Control in the Suzuki? Miss the Karmann Ghia and the green bug... should have kept them, don't miss the London Taxi though! Miss the EMS Barracks on WoodBridge and Bentwaters... don't miss the stereo wars! Laters all!

Wednesday 03/16/2005 2:49:48pm
Name Frank McGee
B/W yrs 86-90
B/W job 81 EMS AR Shop
Now at Savannah, GA
Message Enjoyed very much the people and places of Bentwaters/Woodbridge. Would enjoy hearing from those with whom I served, should they be out there somewhere.

Saturday 03/05/2005 1:36:21am
Name Michael Foster
B/W yrs 1982 - 1985
B/W job Firefighter
Now at DFW Airport
Message It's been over 20 years, but I have great memories. We were quite a family.

Thursday 03/03/2005 9:25:23pm
Name Robert Terborg a.k.a. Hawkeye
Email /
B/W yrs 1983 - 1985
B/W job Crew chief with the 510th / bartender
Now at Weatherford, Texas
Message Hi all, thanks for all the memories. If you remember me from the flight line (nickname Tuborg), or as one of the crazy people from the NCO club or as Hawkeye the bartender in 84, drop me an e-mail.

Thursday 03/03/2005 1:44:59pm
Name Jerry Vidra
B/W yrs jan 1983-jan 1985
B/W job 81 ems (age)
Now at randlett oklahoma
Message Hi just wanted to see who remembers me or knows where Kristine Faussete or Dee Ann (Stebbings) Ward might be hope to hear from someone.

Tuesday 03/01/2005 1:16:27am
Name Bryan Thomas
B/W yrs 82-84
B/W job firefighter
Now at Southlake Fire Dept. Texas
Message I left Woodbridge and went to Maxwell AFB. Got out of the service in 92. Stayed in the fireservice. Looking for other firefighters from that time frame. Would like to find Frank Deletto or David Ostenburg.

Friday 02/25/2005 3:57:22am
Name Travis Brinzow
B/W yrs May 1984 to August 1987
B/W job Aerospace Ground Support Equip - AGE
Now at Stationed at Whiteman AFB Missouri
Message I enjoyed looking at the pictures. It brought back a lot of memories. I have forgotten a lot of names over the years but still remember faces. I still have friends from 20 years ago that are still in regular contact with (Keven Kling, Mike Lamay, Barbra Moyer (Henderson) and an usher at my wedding 15 years ago mister "Nick Danger" Nick Berens. I am on the down hill side now and getting ready to retire and get a "real job". I will be back someday soon I hope and see how much has changed and check on my British friends in Claydon. If anyone remembers me, shoot me an email and jar my memory. Again great website

Saturday 02/19/2005 7:02:33pm
Name Julian Chinelly
Email [no email left]
B/W yrs 9/86 - 7/89
B/W job Supply
Now at
Message [no message left]

Friday 02/18/2005 6:18:36pm
Name William (Hank) Treadwell
B/W yrs 1984
B/W job 81st EMS non-powered AGE
Now at
Message [This entry written by Linn Barringer as 'Hank' had a problem with access.]

Wednesday 02/16/2005 10:27:42pm
Name Jim and Vicki Sedlak
B/W yrs 1989-1992
B/W job see entry further down
Now at
Message Updating our email address.

Wednesday 02/16/2005 6:11:13pm
Name Kevin Gray Pattersoh
B/W yrs 1983-86
B/W job A-10 Weapons
Now at Artist in California
Message I'm looking for Larry Burson.

Saturday 02/05/2005 7:02:05pm
Name Joe Schrage
B/W yrs late 80's
B/W job 509th mostly as a crew dog
Now at Stoneham Mass (retired)
Message Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me but especially anyone that remembers the kids softball league we started in Sax housing. On the old field behind the housing area.

Saturday 02/05/2005 0:46:46am
Name William Lawrence (Larry)
B/W yrs 1982-84
B/W job A1C Muns. Trailer Maint.
Now at Sunset, Utah
Message Looking for people who remember me. Esp. "Granny" Lloyd & Fran Miller, Jim Miller, John Potter, "Little Joe" Emery. Any of the old crew.

Monday 01/31/2005 10:20:57pm
Name Lionel Askew
Email Lionel.askew!
B/W yrs 1983-1985
B/W job 81TFW/Wing Readiness
Now at Newport News, VA.
I was the 70250 for the Wing Readiness section. We did those Local Salty Nations excercises for the base. I work for Chief "Nick" Nickerson and first Gen Tabor and then Col Brown.
I spent most of my time at the gym and the softball field.
Those was my best years at Bentwaters.

Sunday 01/30/2005 3:11:45am
Name Andy Locke
B/W yrs 1989 to 1993 (mission complete)
B/W job 510/92 AGS, Flight Chief and Pro Super
Now at Retired, Utah
AHHH...where to start. Rode with several misplaced friends (Bubba, Kenny, T.J.). Taught Motorcycle Safety classes (Instructor of the Year, USAFE, 1992). Been back several times and loved every minute. Married the love of my life and plan on returning to Brandeston. Missing civilization!

Saturday 01/29/2005 12:17:59am
Name Steve Packard
B/W yrs 1988-1992
B/W job Firefighter
Now at Andrews AFB
I worked on the sister base, RAF Woodbridge and live at 10 Spencer Road in Rendelsham housing.

Monday 01/24/2005 9:04:53pm
Name Dave Bachand
B/W yrs 1978-1980
B/W job 81MMS then 581AGS later
Now at
Was stationed at Woodbridge from 1978 to 1980. Have so many fond memories of Woodbridge, hate to hear it's no longer an active base.

Friday 01/21/2005 9:39:43pm
Name Nicole L. Johnson
B/W yrs 1983-1986
B/W job dependent
Now at Somis, CA
[no message was left]

Monday 01/17/2005 3:29:25am
Name James Pottmeyer
B/W yrs Mar 84-Mar 86
B/W job 509th AMU and 81st EMS Sheetmetal Shop
Now at Tennessee
This is a great website! I've gotten in touch with Lisa Durst (Brinegar) and Robert Scott who I haven't talked to in 19 years. There are several people I would like to get in touch with that I was stationed with during that time. Some of my fondest memories of my Air Force career are of RAF Bentwaters. I've run into Mark Arrera, Fred Gonzales, and Jesse Cox since I've left. If you remember me drop me a line, it'll be great to hear from you.

Wednesday 01/12/2005 1:42:42am
Name Holly MacLean
B/W yrs 1987 to 1991
B/W job none- student
Now at
I'm a civilian, my father was in the Airforce and we were stationed there from 1987-1991 and I thought the whole thing was closed, along with Bentwaters. Can someone please clue me in. I would also like to make a trip back to see what it looks like now, also would like to bring my father with me. Thank you for your time.

Monday 01/10/2005 7:27:08pm
Name Deborah Buran (nee Knight)
B/W yrs 79-82
B/W job Admin Officer, 81st SPS
Now at Memphis, TN
Would love to hear from anyone we knew, or who knew us.

Monday 01/10/2005 7:24:44pm
Name Fred A. (Skip) Buran
B/W yrs 80-83
B/W job Shift Commander, 81st SPS
Now at Memphis, Tennessee
Retired 1997. Currently in private security in Memphis, TN. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me.

Tuesday 01/04/2005 11:09:53pm
Name James N. Phillips Jr
Email navsup(a)
B/W yrs 1980-1984
B/W job NCOIC Radioligy USAF CLinic Bentwaters
Now at VA Ann Arbor
Wrote Good to see a site like this. Remember my best times as part of the Phantoms Rugby Football Club and meeting great guys in the process. As NCOIC we moved from the old Quanset Hut to the new facility. Dr. Jere Mamino was my Supervisor, and SrA Matt Salisbury worked for me. Keith Beckley was our Rugby Coach, Keith Collinwood (clinic), Sean Bruce 81st SPS, Joe Gaerola (I think, from the Fire Department) played as well. Broke my face while playing Woodbridge RFC. Great Times!

Monday 01/03/2005 4:02:51pm
Name John Bolinger
Email twinzdad(a)
B/W yrs 1986-1987
B/W job Jet Engine shop CRS
Now at Portland Maine Post Office
Wrote I loved RAF Bentwaters and would like to correspond with anyone in the Jet Engine shop or Sheet metal shop. My wife Martha was also at RAF Bentwaters. We went to RAF Alconbury during the 1987 "HOGWALK". England is a very nice country with alot of great people who we have grown to know and love. We have visited Great Britain often and will continue to do so.

Saturday 01/01/2005 4:29:44am
Name Barbara Severson-Olson (Bobbie)
Email beso559(a)
B/W yrs 1987-1993
B/W job 1987 -1990 (Logistics Plans)
Now at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland
Wrote I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 1987-1990 as a Lt and then was promoted to Captain. I worked in Logistics Plans as the Installation Mobility Officer. My husband, Captain John Olson, was also there from 1987 to 1990. He worked in Disaster Preparedness, later called Air Base Operability.

In 1990 our daughter was born and I went into the reserves. John got promoted to Major and commanded the SVS/MWR squadron when they combined in 1992. I worked part-time at the Wedgewood shop by the BX with Penny Balls. John stayed until the base closed in 1993.

John retired in 1996, got his elementary teaching credential and has been teaching since then. I got my Masters in Social Work and reenterd AD as a social worker in 1997.

We have many fond memories of our time at Bentwaters, especially since our 2 children were born there and John's older son, Clay, lived with us during his high school years and graduated from Woodbridge High School.

Would love to reconnect with others who were there then.


Friday 12/31/2004 4:32:45pm
Name Martha Bolinger
Email twinzmom(a)
B/W yrs Dec 86 to Feb 88, then on to Alconbury
B/W job Sgt (E-4) 81st EMS Sheet metal shop
Now at Gorham Maine
Wrote Just visited this site today, would really like to keep in touch with co-workers and friends from B/W and Alconbury. I've been back to the UK a few times in the early 2000s but never got a chance to go by the old base. I especially remember the snow storm in Jan 87 (shut the base down for days), the hail storm that damaged more than a few cars, and of course the Hurricane/wind storm that closed things up for a while in the fall of 87. The rod and gun club had the best Mexican food for lunch. My husband John was a SSgt in the engine shop across the street from the s/m shop (81st CRS). Would like to hear from all who worked there during our time.

Wednesday 12/29/2004 1:48:15pm
Name Ken Stewart
Email k2xstewart(a)
B/W yrs 86-88
B/W job 81 SPS
Now at Minnesota
Wrote I served with the 81 SPS Apr 86-Apr 88. My wife and I returned to the twin bases in 2000 on our honeymoon - what a change!! While at Woodbridge I hung out (read: drank) with Dennis Huff, Jason Cockreham, Mark Race, Don and Becky Templin, Mike Heuring, Frank Scandariato, Kirk Ryband, Pat Timmons, Scotty Brothers, and the fuzzy list goes on.
I also wanted to let everyone know of the passing of Corrine Bradford (Bescovey) on Dec, 22, 2004, of liver cancer. Corrine was an Air Traffic Controller at B/W 1987-90, and a vet of Desert Storm. Corrine was a great friend and an accomplished scuba diver, pilot, and world traveler. She was also a corrections officer for the state of Minnesota, where she and I found out we served at the same place during the same period of time. Small world. Corrine will be greatly missed by us all, and I know Corrine had very fond memories of her time at B/W and in the United Kingdom. We talked often of our experiences and how they shaped what we are today.

Thursday 12/23/2004 8:57:54pm
Name William (Bill) P. Shanahan Jr.
Email bill.shanahan(a)
B/W yrs 1980 - 1984
B/W job Law Enforcement
Now at City Manager, St. Marys, Ga
Write Really enjoyed this site. Would love to hear from old friends. Use to box while at Bentwaters. You brought back a lot of good memories

Sunday 12/19/2004 7:28:11am
Name Rob King
E-Mail rking21(a)
B/W years: 89-92
Rank/Job: Sgt / Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE)
Now: Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas
Just wanted to let you know that after years of searching I was finally contacted by two of my old friends from Bentwaters. Thanks in large part to this website. The individuals I have been reunited with are Michael Hatico (Tico) and Mike Fosse. Both are out of the military now. But, since I am still in it is funny to hear their reactions about the rank I have made since our never ending days of getting into some kind of trouble at good old Bentwaters.
I just wanted to update you on another sucessful reunion of old friends and say THANKS!

Saturday 12/18/2004 5:30:55pm
Name Glenn Raynor
E-Mail [no email left]
B/W years: 1988-1992
Rank/Job: Civil Engineering TSgt
Now: Box 144 Hecla, SD 57446
Ministered at the Woodbridge Servicemen's Center with my wife Mary.

Friday 12/17/2004 10:20:21pm
Name Robert Pierce
E-Mail structuralbob(a)
B/W years: 1986-1993
Rank/Job: SSgt Sheetmetal shop
Now: Cabot Arkansas
[no message was left]

Wednesday 12/15/2004 7:21:20pm
Name Krystal Rains (Hamm)
E-Mail krystlyn(a)
B/W years: Apr 84- Apr 86
Rank/Job: A1C-SRA/ INS tech 510th AMS
Now: Albquerque, NM
Wow, awesome site. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me... I remember Howdy (Dennis Hogsett) and Odie (can't remember his name), and a bunch of others... I also would love to hear from a friend who was an SP, Steve Iddica (sp???). My memories of Bentwaters were awesome, it was my first duty station. In addition to being active duty, I was a Brownie Girl Scout leader and a Protestant Jr. High Sunday school teacher (I cringe at the trouble that could have got me into, but at 19, you don't always know any better, and I didn't ever do anything to get court martialed for). I also learned to use the word 'appropriated' cause you just don't steal bibles from the base chapel! I will go back to perusing the buddies and memories section. Thank you for all your work... I do have many photos of my time at Bentwaters, (I purchased my first 35 mm camera and went crazy.) If you are interested in pictures of people and buildings during the time I was there, I will start digging through them and scanning them in to my computer... let me know.

Saturday 12/11/2004 5:39:32am
Name Sue Theisen (SueBee)
E-Mail suebee(a)
B/W years: 1984-1987
Rank/Job: Sgt/Jet Engine Mechanic-Phase Hanger
Now: North Yorkshire England
Thanks Linn for allowing memories to come to life once again. I was a Jet Mech at both bases in the EMS Phase Hangers and then went to work in Supervision. A group of us lived in Leiston and had some awesome parties out there. My roomate Sharon and I were neighbors with Sully and JP, Shoe, Rick, and Roy. Before that I lived in the Woodbridge barracks and have the best memories with people like Diane & Stacey, Jess, Rick, Bugs, Chet, Kevin, and many many more. Would love to hear from everyone to rekindle the fond memories and have some laughs once again.
Still missing those times,

Sunday 12/05/2004 1:01:42am
Name Norm Laliberte
E-Mail chevyblue1994(a)
B/W years: 1978=1981
Rank/Job: Tsgt 509 amu flight chief
[no message]

Friday 12/03/2004 3:06:50pm
Name James (Mike) Warren
B/W years: Jan '79 - Dec '81
Rank/Job: Captain/Warthog Pilot - 92nd TFS
Now: Albuquerque, NM

Friday 11/26/2004 9:10:10am
Name James L. (Berg) Hollberg, Sr.
E-Mail BERGjlh(a)
B/W years: 82-84, 509 TFS & 87-90, 509 & 510 TFS
Rank/Job: Capt / Major 'Hog Driver'
Now: Enid, OK
FltCC 509th, and later became the DO's Exec. The second time I was in the 509th, 510th, and Chief, Wg. Scheduling. Airshow Director for Air Friendship '88 & '89. Great times, Great flying! Love to hear from those that loved it to.

Friday 11/12/2004 8:50:04am
Name Marc Vaillancourt
E-Mail marcv68(a)
B/W years: 86-89
Rank/Job: SRA 510 AMU Aircraft Electrician
Now: Fall River,Massachusetts
Message: Great site. Lots of wonderful memories, so many I can't express how. Anyone who worked in the 510th AMU let me hear from you. Peace

Sunday 11/07/2004 2:43:49pm
Name Rick and Trudy Ceculski
E-Mail tceculski(a)
B/W years: 1986-1992
Rank/Job: Sgt / fire fighter
Now: endland
Message: Hi, I'm looking for 2 people the 1st is Tsgt John Morris who was at Beentwaters from 1983-1989 he went to Myrtle Beach AFB South Carolina he was in the 81st CES.
2nd is Lt William Baker who was at Benetwaters from 1973-1976 he was a pilot he went to New Mexico it would be great if anyone can help, and if anyone eles remembers us please get in touch.
look forward to any news.

Monday 10/25/2004 2:48:51am
Name Scott Gilmore
E-Mail gilmore1011(a)
B/W years: 80-82
Rank/Job: AB-A1C A-10 flight line with 92nd
Now: NY Air National Guard
Message: Great web site! I was there in the 92 on the flight line then sadly went to SAC on the FB-111. I got out and have stayed in the Air Guard ever sense. Currently a C-5 flight engineer and still enjoy it. If my name sounds familiar drop me a note.

Thursday 10/14/2004 6:05:54pm
Name Delvis Valentine
E-Mail theval(a)
B/W years: 1983-1985
Rank/Job: Freight TMO
Now: Cleveland, OH
Message: I'd like to get in touch with the intramural and base basketball and football players from 83-85. Also, Trans squadron airmen. Peace.

Monday 10/11/2004 2:11:39pm
Name Brad Jansen
E-Mail foxtrot_charlie(a)
B/W years: 1989-1993
Rank/Job: SrA-SSgt 81st SPS Woodbridge LE
Now: Racine, WI
Message: Some of the best times in my life were in England. Just loved that place never wanted to leave. If anyone remembers or knows a woman first name Alison, last name then was Potter,I think. She lived in Ipswich, I would like to get in touch with her after all these years to see how things are going. AND that goes for anyone who might remember me drop me a line!

Wednesday 10/06/2004 3:15:17am
Name Patricia Padden (Finch)
E-Mail nascargirl21965(a)
B/W years: March 89 - Last Aircraft left
Rank/Job: Dependant Wife
Now: Hawley PA
Message: Trying to find Cindy & Steve Winters, Doug, Elizabeth Rimkis, Kris Miller & Son Nick and the Rec center Country Guys. We all had some good times at Bentwaters and I went back September 2002. I'm from Liverpool England. I was married to Garry R Finch now married to Mike Padden (Paddy) we all played Darts for the Base team. It would be great to hear from old friends and new ones.

Tuesday 10/05/2004 4:52:46pm
Name Michael Padden
E-Mail piasonpaddy(a)
B/W years: 80-82 & 98-last aircraft departed
Rank/Job: E-5 Tactical Aircraft Maintenance
Now: Hawley Pa.
Message: Would be glad to talk to people about the times I was there. There were so many good times spent there and around East Anglia!

Saturday 10/02/2004 7:14:57pm
Name Robin Fejes
E-Mail thegadfly(a)
B/W years: 1980's
Rank/Job: E-3, Broadcaster, Air Ops Mngt. Spec.
Now: Los Angeles, California
Message: If there's going to be a reunion and/or if anyone cares to share stories about Woodbridge Charlie, the headless, runway ghost, and/or the UFO's at Bentwaters, and/or memories of the Bentwaters/Lakenheath bombing of (Libya) specifically the F series aircraft flown during that time, please write to: thegadfly(a)

Friday 10/01/2004 8:24:24am
Name William (Bill) Rayl
E-Mail taztucsonaz(a)
B/W years: 83-85
Rank/Job: Sgt (E4)/Disaster Preparedness, 81CSG/DW
Now: Tucson, AZ
Message: Just found this site from the RAF Upper Heyford site. Both bases have the same amount of weeds. Many happy memories from BW/WB not to mention Ipswich, Woodbridge town and Orford. Any other DW guys out there... the two Al's (Shiley and Freidman) or Moxon, Ledbetter, Napolian, Deaton, Warlick, Allen, Dawson or our 702 Mitch. Hope to hear from ya'll soon, Gopher (little Bill)

Thursday 09/30/2004 3:08:35am
Name Henry Kiester
B/W years: 1986-1988
Rank/Job: AB-A1C - AMMO!
Now: Sheppard AFB, TX
Message: [no message left]

Wednesday 09/29/2004 9:43:30pm
Name Cathy Eiland (formerly Padden)
E-Mail island_rose_1(a)
B/W years: DEC 89 to OCT 91
Rank/Job: Worked at the Audio / Video World
Now: Columbus MS
Message: What a trip down memory lane. Some bad memories but lots of good ones also. Truly enjoy your site. Would love to reconnect with any friends that I lost touch with after leaving Bentwaters. Any of you out there please email.

Wednesday 09/29/2004 5:49:52pm
Name Mark Resendes
E-Mail mresendes(a)
B/W years: 1986 - 1988
Rank/Job: Airman - AGE
Now: Travis AFB
Message: Anyone who knows myself, Rick Bacera (sp) who was a scheduler on the creek side, Christine Isler, Capt. Suarez Family who lived on Woody, please write me back. To date I have been fortunate enough to locate almost everyone I have ever known there except these few. Thanks in advance.

Friday 09/24/2004 2:51:31am
Name Larry Hines
E-Mail shines87(a)
B/W years: 1984-1988
Rank/Job: Msgt /Maintaince Control
Now: Phoenix Az
Message: Thanks guys for your great service and
atmosphere... I really miss it... Keep in touch, if only to say hi

Monday 09/20/2004 5:41:09pm
Name Daniel J. Kelly
E-Mail daniel.kelly(a)
B/W years: July 1986-July 1988
Rank/Job: Sgt-SSgt
Now: Little Rock AFB, Arkansas
Message: Great web-site. Worked in 92AMU (Gold Section) as flightline ECM troop. Used to go on some crazy TDY's to Alhorn, Norvenich, Leipiem, and Sembach. I remember partying at the "Airplane Bar" outside Alhorn AB. I used to live in Peasenhall near Saxmundum. The pub there, "The Swan" has been closed for awhile. I do remember the hurricane of Oct 1997. Looking for buddy Rodd Whiston.

Monday 09/13/2004 8:18:29pm
Name Yvonne Mouncer
E-Mail ymouncer(a)
B/W years: 1980 to 1993
Rank/Job: Cashier at Bank
Now: Still in England
Message: I really enjoyed working at both Bentwaters & Woodbridge. I made some really good friends which I still keep in touch with. Miss the Americans so much and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was the one who helped a lot of you balance your check books!!!

Monday 09/13/2004 5:08:44am
Name Tim Hageman
E-Mail tah242(a)
B/W years: 1984-1986
Rank/Job: E-4 (Sr. Airman)
Message: Although it's been about 18 years since I left RAF Bentwaters, I often think about the good times I had.
I often think about the great times my buddies and I had at the Airman's Club and bowling alley.
I keep in touch with Kevin Boyle, Jeff Bell, Tim Risley, and Chris Gin.
Does anyone remember Pi Alpha Dorma?

Thursday 09/09/2004 8:03:16am
Name John Leonard
E-Mail computthis(a)
B/W years: 83-84
Rank/Job: A1c Law Enforcement
Now: California
Message: Just got back from a trip & posted a bunch of pics of Bentwaters on my website.

Wednesday 09/08/2004 10:07:47am
Name John Hancock
E-Mail john.hancock(a)
B/W years: 81-85
Rank/Job: AB - SSgt
Now: Shaw AFB, SC
Message: My first assignment in the AF was to RAF Woodbridge as a firefighter. Like everyone has said on this site, those were the days! I loved it and spent a lot of time in Ipswich - met my wife at the Running Buck Pub. I have a picture of both A and B shifts from the fire dept. out in front of the station circa 1983. I also managed to acquire a huge painting of the 81TFW Change of Command Ceremony at RAFB in 1985. This was one of two commissioned by unknown persons and ended up in the Mathies NCO Academy at RAF Upwood where I was an instructor for a couple of years. I'm now retired but working for the AF as a contractor at Shaw AFB, SC - any former firefighters from Woodbridge out there??

Monday 09/06/2004 6:40:37pm
Name Rhonda Dutcher
E-Mail Barfussslc(a)
B/W years: Dec 1985 to Dec 1, 1987
Rank/Job: A1C/ 81st CRS Test Cell
Now: Salt Lake City, UT
Message: It was really nice to see some of the pictures. It has brought back some fond memories of my first duty station. It brings back memories of old friends that I wish I could get in contact with after all these years and let them know how much they have influenced my life.
Thanks for the Memories
Rhonda Dutcher-Barfuss

Friday 08/27/2004 3:51:51am
Name Christina (Horton) Whitley
E-Mail cwhitley41(a)
B/W years: 86-90
Rank/Job: dependent
Now: Columbus, MS
Message: I'm already in the 80's and 90's message left in 2002. I needed to update my e-mail address. I would still love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I knew a lot of people in the 81st SPS and 81st AGS. My father, James Horton, was the night avenger in 81st AGS and my mother, Evelyn Horton, worked in the dining hall on Woodbridge.

Thursday 08/26/2004 6:14:36pm
Name Lisa (Brinegar) Durst
E-Mail lisadurst2003(a)
B/W years: 84-87
Rank/Job: Amn- +/ Arfrm Repair Spec. *Sheet Metal
Now: Sunny Florida
Message: Loved your site! It brought back many memories. Hi to everyone that was stationed at BW/WB. Email me if you remember me.

Thursday 08/26/2004 12:01:12am
Name Philip Williams
E-Mail wily8runer(a)
B/W years: Nov 89-91
Rank/Job: AB-E1-E2 81st Supply
Now: Redding, California
Message: Looking for news I guess of friends, from on and off base. I was engaged to Melanie L Wells from Melton, Suffolk. News would be nice. Email me ppl

Tuesday 08/24/2004 1:33:19am
Name Oscar J. Medrano
E-Mail ipswich85(at)
B/W years: 1985-1988
Rank/Job: TSgt 81 SPS Training Section
Now: San Antonio, Texas
Message: I miss all the Base team Volleyball players during the time I was there. We had some great teams and great times. Holler if any of you guys or gals read this. Go Phantoms!

Tuesday 08/24/2004 0:26:55am
Name Lee Hartman
E-Mail koffeehound(a)
B/W years: 82-85
Rank/Job: SSgt
Now: Sacramento
Message: Linn,
Thanks for this site. I was contacted yesterday by a buddy I was looking for. A friend of his was surfing this site and told him someone was looking for him. He emailed me. THANKS! I've been looking for him for years. Don't think I would have found him without this site!! Good on ya Linn!!!!!!! Cheers Mate

[Lee, it's that kind of response that keeps this site going! Thanks for the feedback, mate! - Linn Barringer]

Saturday 08/21/2004 11:50:38pm
Name Philip Williams
E-Mail wily8runer(a)
B/W years: Nov 89-91
Rank/Job: AB-E1-E2
Now: Redding, California
Message: I was a parts filler for the 81st supply squadron, I spent alot of time in wharehouses. If anyone rememebers me please email...
I also had fun over at the SPS dorm... lots of parties, some that I actually remember lol.
Great site! PS I will have some pictures when I get ahold of a scanner, mine broke :/

Monday 08/16/2004 2:40:21am
Name Randy R. Pischel
E-Mail starthinker(a)
B/W years: 83-85
Rank/Job: E5/Storage & Handling Ammo!
Now: Iowa
Message: Hey, would love to hear from the other storage and handling troops. Let's grab the bull by the horns!

Thursday 08/12/2004 1:46:19pm
Name Hugh White
E-Mail whodog(a)
B/W years: 1979 - 1982
Rank/Job: E-5 Weapons
Now: North Carolina
Message: Love it at Bent-dog or crooked creek as it was call by us load crews !!!!
the theater pics were sad... 1st saw top gun at that place !!!!!

Wednesday 08/11/2004 3:15:08am
Name Paula
E-Mail ppoe(a)
B/W years: 83-85
Rank/Job: dependent -- All Ranks Club
Now: Indiana
Message: I worked in the pizza lounge, cashiers cage and dining room hostess at the NCO Club. I was married to Jeff King, 81st SPS, Dog Flight. I am especially interested in finding Bubba and Ruthie Kemp, Russ Jones, or Dale Mourning, - But would love to hear from anyone who might remember me at the All Ranks Club. No doubt it was a wonderful part of our memories. We were all so young and full of p*ss and vinegar. I'd love to go back and see how Ipswich has grown up. We lived in Thorpeness and later Leiston (a definite step up), but would love to see how these villages have evolved 20 years later...
God Bless All who served in the Great U.K.!!!

Friday 08/06/2004 4:25:27pm
Name Michelle (Haile) Cunningham
E-Mail m_cunningham(a)
B/W years: 78-85
Rank/Job: brat
Now: PIttsburgh, Pa.
Message: Lived on woodbridge... went to the elem. 1-6. Best years of my life... My dad was known as Tank... even though he was a little man. 2 brothers Frankie and Eric they attended the elem. and high school. Moms name is Karin. Lived at 1070B and 1000A. Love to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Sunday 08/01/2004 4:20:52am
Name Michele Risner
E-Mail micheler(a)
B/W years: 1986 - 1990
Rank/Job: Sgt/81 TFW Clinic/Admin
Now: New Mexico
Message: Best assignment ever. If anyone remembers me or my husband, MSgt Brian Risner/AMMO, feel free to drop us a line.

Friday 07/30/2004 3:32:27pm
Name Austin Gould
E-Mail unitedk37(a)
B/W years: 1984-1989
Rank and Job: Private
Now: Deceased (suicide) 1997
Message: Just a note for anyone trying to contact this person.

Wednesday 07/28/2004 2:49:33am
Name Jerry & Judy Rose
E-Mail ranger10(a)
B/W years: Jul 1980 July 1984
Rank and Job: SSgt Jet Shop & 510 Fighter Squaron OPS
Now: Broken Arrow, OK
Message: A dear friend told me of the site. Fantastic!! Anybody working in Jet Shop JUl 80-82, Poncho Garica, Terry Hedger, Hiedi Amberg(Amburg), Tom Brewer. I keep in touch with Larry Whitehorn Ret. Also any you Fighter Jocks Mark Cohn, Gary & Karen Camp, Richard Girrard (OPS Officer) TANK. Lived in Ipswich for the tour duration, 30 Lindgerg Rd above the Fish & Chip Shop. Went to Bentwaters Chapel very fond memories. Anyone knows whereabouts of Chaplians James(Jim) King, Father Rocky, Father Casper, Ted Perdale. Ed Brogan, John Bond all retired I presume. Left a lot of good friends living in and around Ipswich.
Keep up the web site. Hope to return soon.

Friday 07/16/2004 11:18:36pm
Name Joel Watson
E-Mail jtroadking(a)
B/W years: 80/83
Rank and Job: Sgt.
Now: Warner Robins, Ga.
Message: Of all the acft. I've worked (and am still working as a civil servant) the A-10 was my favorite. It was any excuse for a party for the Red and Blue sections of the 581st. What an experience.

Friday 07/16/2004 0:14:50am
Name Bruce Dinger
E-Mail flysnonrev(a)
B/W years: 1983-1984
Rank and Job: A10 mech
Now: n/a
Message: My name is Brenda Dinger, I was Bruce's wife, I met and married him after he left Bentwaters and was stationed at DM in Tucson Az, he was stationed at Bentwater's and always had such wonderful stories about his time and friends there. I wanted to let those of you who knew him know, that he passed away on March 6, 2002 from congestive heart failure. He had been ill for a few years, he was 41 when he passed. He always wanted to take me there to show me where he had so many good memories, but we never made it. I will be going there soon to see this wonderful place for myself.. and maybe leave flowers near a fence for him. He got out of the airforce and went to work for Northwest Airlines where he worked till he passed. He was a good man and he loved his job. If any of you out there reading this knew him, I would very much like for you to email me and share your memories of him and the times you shared there. He was always just called "Dinger" from what he said. Thank you in advance.

Friday 07/09/2004 3:56:04pm
Name Karen Williams/Case/Rife
E-Mail rifestitch(a) 
B/W years: 2/87 - 2/89
Rank and Job: AB to A1C - Corrosion Control, 81 EMS
Now: Civilian, Atlanta, GA area,
Message: RAF Bentwaters was my first permanent duty station, after trading assignments in tech school - I was supposed to go to Pope in NC. I wish I knew then some of the history I know now about the area, because I would have spent more time digging into it! Well, I guess I will have to come back for a visit.
I have lost contact with the friends I made there. I would like to hear from any of the guys in the shop; Trent Burkes, Steve White (still jamming AC/DC and Alice Cooper?), Fig, Mark Lily, John Kramer, Ralph Presbry. I am also trying to locate Reggie Jones, of the BW phase dock; I lost contact with him after David and I split up.
I am glad to hear there will be a museum; I will come back someday, just to see how much has changed.

Monday 07/05/2004 11:08:29pm
E-Mail dkallman2(a)
B/W years: 1986-1989 and 1992-1993
Message: Last visited B/W in 2000. Very sad to see the state of things, but good to see old friends at Campsea Ashe pub and auction yard

Friday 07/02/2004 11:48:35pm
Name Rob Landeck
E-Mail Rnwy9L(a)
B/W years: 1979-1981
Rank and Job: airman basic -airman first class
Now: Crystal Lake Illinois
Message: Worked on the flightline and sheetmetal shop met some great people while stationed there Alex and Jim from the sheetmetal shop were great people to work with would like to see them again Yogi made the best burittos!Garth Chitty I also worked with along with Mike Ferris Gary Joiner Robert Cushman would like to meet again

Monday 06/21/2004 0:32:21am
Name Jim (JR) McGowan
E-Mail ELK103(a)
B/W years: 82-84
Rank and Job: E-4 Bentwaters ECM Pod Shop
Now: Bozeman, MT
Message: Really enjoyed my time there. Still keep in touch with John Martinez, Bob Kerr, and Tim Whitney. Just wanted to stop by and say Howdy!

Monday 06/28/2004 7:38:33pm
Name John Helgager
E-Mail john(a)
B/W years: 1982-1984
Rank and Job: E3
Message: I worked with Chief Starky & Chief O'Connor at the 81st EMS (Equipment Maintenance Squadron) as a 70250. I would like to know if Chief Starky or Chief O'Connor are still in the area, or for that matter, if anyone else from the duty section during this time is still around? Please send me an email: john(a)

Friday 06/25/2004 8:57:40pm
Name Steve Caldwell
E-Mail scaldwell334(a)
B/W years: 88-90
Rank and Job: SrA/Sgt--clinic (Immunizations)
Now: Syracuse, New York
Message: One of the best times of my life. I would love to hear from anyone who worked at the clinic in the late '80s. I am now a patent attorney working in upstate New York.

Friday 06/25/2004 4:15:25pm
Name CMSgt Scott J. Westcott
E-Mail scott.westcott(a)
B/W years: May '85 - May '89
Rank and Job: SSgt-TSgt 92nd AMU crew chief/expediter
Now: HQ AFSPC - Peterson AFB CO
Message: Just now became aware of this web site. Still in the Air Force obviously. Bentwaters was my best work/play hard assignment. Oh, maybe Hawaii was pretty close.

Thursday 06/24/2004 9:48:09am
Name Peter Doonan
E-Mail peter.doonan1(a)
B/W years: Woodbridge 1980
Rank and Job: RAF visit
Now: Glasgow Scotland
Message: Was invited as RAF Mountain Rescue team member to Woodbridge 67th ARRS. This was probably early '80's. Remember one name in part. Andy Moser, Bones? Some of us stayed at Andy's home, got invited to a wedding, drunk lots of beer!! Fantastic time there!!

Friday 06/11/2004 1:45:43pm
Name michael moore
E-Mail milwauk34(a)
B/W years: 81-83
Rank and Job: e-3 crew cheif 78th tfw acft 80-0235
Now: puyallup, washington
Message: [no message left]

Friday 06/11/2004 7:20:52am
Name Alicia Stanek
E-Mail stanekalicia(a)
B/W years: 85 - 88
Rank and Job: Brat
Now: Moreno Valley, Ca
Message: I would like to hear from anyone who was at Woodbridge/Bentwaters during 85-88. My father was stationed at Qoodbridge and was a PJ with the 67 ARRS. I attended school at WAHS and graduated in 88. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Tuesday 06/08/2004 10:20:01am
Name Charles E. Boykins
E-Mail cboykins(a)
B/W years: 81-85 and 86-90
Rank and Job: Crew Chief A10s 82-0654 and 81-0981
Message: Was stationed at Woodbridge May 1981-may 1985 in the 78 AMU where I worked in support branch, and then the crew chief of 82-0654. Returned to Bentwaters in October 1986 was crew chief of 81-0981, in the 92 AMU. Then became Gold Three driver. Left in October 1990 and retired in '95 at Dyess AFB in Abilene Tx. Hope to hear from any from the above.

Monday 05/31/2004 10:30:13pm
Name Gregory S. Sullivan (SMSgt - Retired)
E-Mail bsulliva(a)
B/W years: 1984-1986
Rank and Job: A1C - SSgt / Phase
Now: Cincinnati, Ohio
Message: Hard to believe it's been 20 years! Worked in Phase, mostly the 509th Dock, but partied with people throughout all of EMS. I lived in Leiston, by the White Horse Pub (#12 Old School Close, as I remember) with Rick Coons, JP Perkins, and Greg Schumacher. I've been able to locate Rick and Shoe, but still looking for JP. He was last seen in the Nashville TN area. Also looking for Dan Fowler, another Phase troop and good friend of Dominic Luci. Dan got out under SSB/VSI, moved back to Phoenix AZ, and we lost contact. Anyone who knows them, please tell them I'd love to hear from them. Thanks - Sully

Thursday 05/27/2004 1:16:52am
Name Paul A. Seguin
E-Mail paul.seguin(a)
B/W years: 1981-1990
Rank and Job: TSgt-81 CES - Fire Department
Now: Boston, Massachusetts
Message: I would love to read from anyone who work in the CES/PSA/Fire Department.

Tuesday 05/25/2004 1:30:16pm
Name mark hinds
E-Mail mark.hinds(a)
B/W years: 86-88
Rank and Job: A1C Security police
Now: Dyess AFB
Message: Thanks again for the memories. Nice pictures of where I used to work in the WSA.

Sunday 05/23/2004 10:43:49pm
Name Gregory D. Harris
E-Mail Gregg(a)
B/W years: Nov80 - Dec 83
Rank and Job: AB-SrA Chapel Manager
Now: Titusville, Fl
Message: Sir, I can't thank you enough for this site. I especially appreciate the shots of the Base chapels. I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge at the base chapel 81st CSG/HC. I regularily went from one chapel to the other.
I would really like to hear from airmen I roomed with and spent time with. Terry Maltze, Mike, Doug Mathers, Roger, Carlin Myers, Herb Tiongison, Carl O Grapp. Most inportantly from our chapel secretary and touchstone Stella Rose (and her husband Allen). What wonderful people and great coworkers/friends they were to all us young airmen.
I have many fond and wacky, memories of the bases, living in Ipswich near the docks (12 Bull Strode Road), taking ferries to Holland on holiday weekends and grabbing the train to London and Norfolk. Spent time at the amusemnet centers at Felixstowe too.

Sunday 05/23/2004 1:56:19pm
Name Frank McClung
E-Mail frankiedm11(a)
B/W years: 1976-1979, 1980-1988
Rank and Job: E-6 - E-8, GS/7/9, Egress Shop/Billeting
Now: Pittsburgh, Pa area
Message: Anybody remember the hurricane of 87? First one since 1703. Got up at my usual time of 4:30 A.M. Thought it was a bit windy. Drove to work from Melton in 90-100 mile an hour winds. Winds kept pushing my little Mazda all over the road. Got to Eyke and saw no lights on, a first for me. Trees were down all over the place. Got to the billeting office to find all the doors locked. The midnight clerk was working with candles. Got inside and it sounded like being inside a tin can with the roof rattling. SP's told us to stay inside and to not let anybody out as the winds were gusting to over 100 mph. As the sun came up the winds were still over 80.
The first person to show up at the door was a resident from the new TLF asking when the TV was going back on!! Nobody knew that the cable TV site in northern England had been flattened! It was weeks for the cable TV company to get new equipment and get it installed. Somehow we all managed to survive to live another day.
If I remember correctly with all the power off the only place to eat was Burger King. They had the only back-up generators! I think we all got tired of french toast sticks and Whoppers real quick!

Saturday 05/22/2004 4:33:05am
E-Mail woodbridge548(a)
B/W years: march 1979 to march 1981
Rank and Job: airman 1st class
Now: douglas georgia
Message: Looking for members of the 81st security police squadron, Dave Watts

Tuesday 05/18/2004 7:59:25pm
Name Lori Sohn
E-Mail lsohn99(a)
B/W years: 1978-1982
Rank and Job: Dependent daugther of MSgt. Gary Sohn
Now: Lafayette, OR
Message: Bill, I'm so glad that you got in contact with Beth and that you've found me after all these years! I have never stopped loving you, even after all these years. I still know that your birthday is May 1959, you played the shortstop on the base baseball team (you were so cute in those baseball uniforms of yours), AND that the song "BABE" by Styx has never meant more to me than when you used to dedicate it to me!
Looking forward to getting to know you all over again! With great affection, Lori (Babe)

Tuesday 05/11/2004 2:24:32am
Name James Clifton
E-Mail [James did not leave an email address]
B/W years: 1980-1984
Rank and Job: SSgt/ Contract Specialist
Now: San Antonio, Texas
Message: [James did not leave a message]

Thursday 05/06/2004 1:43:40am
Name Jim and Vicki Sedlak
E-Mail tuppervik(a)
B/W years: 1989-1992
Rank and Job: AB - SrA - 81 AGS Admin Office
Now: 313 Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 (Near Toledo)
Message: I flew to England at the age of 19 to Marry Jim. Big day was August 7th, 1989. The people who attended our wedding at the Registrar's office in Woodbridge were Jim's co-workers. We let our families know we were married by calling them from the red phone booth near our house in Halesworth! Jim had an awesome group of people to work for (Col Carol Proper, and CMSgt Ronn Greengas, first shirt in Colorado) and he won the Airmen of the Year twice!
I worked for BT for awhile, then got on base, and was CMSgt Frank Goodwin's (now a rancher/insurance salesman for MetLife in Maine) secretary at 81 MSSQ until we left in January 1992. I was responsible for printing the base newsletter every week. I will try to find some, and send them on to this website. Jim did 8 years in the service, from Bentwaters to Cannon AFB (what a shocking difference), to Scott AFB. He is now a Senior Global Network Engineer for Dana Corporation, and my job is to save money and raise three great kids.
Absolutely love this website, and will forward it to all that I keep in touch with. So many awesome memories. Thanks! Plan on a family trip in 2010.

Monday 04/26/2004 6:37:01pm
Name John (JT) Turner
E-Mail jt4senate(a)
B/W years: 1983-1986
Rank and Job: E-4 ECM Pod shop BW
Now: Huntsville, AL
Message: Was a blast. Lived at the Headlands in Thorpeness where we threw some pretty good parties. Also seems like we worked pretty hard, too. Sure would like to hear from Dan Holsapple or Jeff Harwood.

Thursday 04/15/2004 3:18:55am
Name Kevin Collins
E-Mail 2kcollins(a)
B/W years: 1984-1987
Rank and Job: Senior Airman/Security/Armory
Now: Nellis, AFB
Message: 81st SPS--Dang this is a great site. I am about 30 days from my retirement (MSgt) I will be leaving the 99th Ground Combat Training Squadon and then moving on to contract work for the US Govt. The people,the friends, the Best (a)#%$! Time of My Life!!! Thank you for this site. I cant leave without giving a BIG Shout out to my Best Friend ---Kathy Fluery...I miss ya P-Dawg---Mark Tuttle Thanks Brother!! Enjoy your retirement King TUT. It is time for me to drive on and say good-bye to the Air Force but never my friends...see ya again soon
MSgt Kevin "Gunny" Collins ret 1 July 2004--Las Vegas NV. Be safe and thanks to all for the great memories!!!
Gunny out!

Thursday 04/15/2004 2:11:22am
Name Durie D. Hunter
E-Mail durie.hunter(a)
B/W years: 84-89 /581AGS/ Engine Backshop
Rank and Job: Amn to Sgt, now MSgt, Jet Engine Mach.
Now: Misawa, Japan
Message: Just wanted to say that Bentwaters/Woodbridge was my first Base and my best base, It helped me decide to stay in the military. loved every minute of it.

Tuesday 04/06/2004 12:21:39am
Name Denise (DEE) Blackburne
E-Mail db122374(a)
B/W years: 1983-1987
Rank and Job: Ssgt / Environmental / 92AMU
Now: Retired / Mountain Home, Idaho
Message: The best times in my 20 years of the military were spent at Bentwaters in the 92nd AMU. I will never forget any of our Pig Roast that we would have, the fun we would have on our TDY's. The closeness we all had between the 92nd AMU and TFW. I think that is why we were such a good team back then. I never found that again no matter where I went. I have lost touch with some really great people I knew then. I would love to here from anyone who remembers me.

Tuesday 04/06/2004 8:11:15am
Name E.J. "Joey" Kennedy
E-Mail EKennedy(a)
B/W years: 1980-1982
Rank and Job: A1C/SRA Air Traffic Controller
Now: ATL
Message: Many memories of a great country, beautiful people, discos in Ipswich, midnight chow, the "beach," trips to London, and much more. Great site; thanks !

Tuesday 04/06/2004 5:42:01am
Name Will Mason
E-Mail wmason(a)
B/W years: 83-86
Rank and Job: SSgt Phase dock chief
Now: Missouri
Message: If anyone here remembers me please contact. This site brings back a lot of memories. Espescially lunches in Rendelsham forest.

Sunday 04/04/2004 8:27:35pm
Name Chris Piacitelli
E-Mail cpiacitelli(a)
B/W years: 1983-1985
Rank and Job: SRA Weapons Loading
Now: Cranston, Rhode Island
Message: I would like to say Hi to all my friends. Please contact me if you remember who I am.

Friday 04/02/2004 2:42:54am
Name Ron (Fence Jumper) Burrell
E-Mail ronburrell(at)
B/W years: 1961-1965, 1981-1986
Rank and Job: No Rank, AGE
Now: Rocky Mountain High Colorado
Message: I have been sitting here this evening looking at the world's greatest webpage designed by Mr Linn Barringer. I owe you a beer mate. Now that I have finally retired, I shall return. Even if the beer is six dollars a pint. I miss the 12 pence a pint in olden days. Great site. Brings back many memories. Now I remember. I worked in AGE. I was Rudy Beckett's assistant. Didn't rob the troops like he did. May he RIP.
If SSgt James B. Davidson is out there somewhere in NC, I remember you. WO Brockman should have fired you when I jumped that fence at Wantisden Church.

Wednesday 03/31/2004 5:22:08pm
Name Lt Marc Snoddy
E-Mail samuel.snoddy(a)
B/W years: 1989-1992
Rank and Job: Amn to SrA
Now: Peterson AFB
Message: Supposedly the 81 TFW was awarded a Joint Meritorious Unit Award (1993) for supporting Operation Provide Comfort II. Does anyone have any documentation to prove this? Please email me at samuel.snoddy(a)

Wednesday 03/31/2004 8:01:20am
Name Thomas J. Songer
E-Mail the_pinger(a)
B/W years: 86-88
Rank and Job: SRA AMMO
Now: KY
Message: I can't belive they tore it down.

Tuesday 03/30/2004 5:45:33am
Name Bobby Shaffer
E-Mail doc74_738(a)
B/W years: 85-88
Rank and Job: SSgt/Flight Medic
Now: Ashland, KY
Message: Just today I was emailing a person that lives near Suffolk and I remembered the good times my ex and myself enjoyed BW and WB. If only I knew what is know now I would have COT'd. For the 1st year and a half we lived in Debenham. I really do miss it sometimes. If anyone remembers me drop me a line.

Saturday 03/27/2004 10:24:52pm
Name Sophia Fraden
E-Mail sophia.maxwell(a)
B/W years: 1984 to 1987
Rank and Job: A1C to SSgt - CBPO
Now: Memphis, TN
Message: E-mail me if you remember me!

Thursday 03/25/2004 5:54:35pm
Name Robert Lyons
E-Mail RCLyons(a)
B/W years: 80-82
Rank and Job: SRA - SSGT / A-10 Crew chief with 509th
Now: Manning, South Carolina
Message: Nice web site. Brought back many fond memories. Sad to see the base being demolished. Like to hear from anyone who remembers starting up the 509th.

Friday 03/19/2004 6:36:36pm
Name Patrick Edwards
E-Mail edwardpm(a)
B/W years: Woodbridge 89 - 91
Rank and Job: Civ
Now: Boulder, CO
Message: My dad was the math teacher at the high school -- Mike Edwards ... I was only there from ages four to seven but I still remember it as being the ideal life. We would have stayed forever if it hadn't closed.

Friday 03/19/2004 8:52:03am
Name Tina Francis
E-Mail tnkfrancis(a)
B/W years: 87-89
Rank and Job: AB-A1C 81st Supply
Now: Lakewood Oh.
Message: God the memories. The great times. Would like to hear from anyone who played Base level softball during that time. Fast or slow pitch, men or womans. Doesn't matter. I have faces in my memories and no names to go with them! I would also like to find people from the 67th Arrs/21st SOS. John Lucas, Dave King , Dave Perdue to name a few. I Married Sgt. Merlin A. Phelan (formerly known as David M. Robinson) who worked the 67 ARRS/21st SOS life support.

Monday 03/15/2004 6:13:57pm
Name Michael Kellar
E-Mail itsmyfingbirthday(a)
B/W years: 85-88
Rank and Job: A1C-SrA 81 EMS Sheetmetal Shop
Now: Hickam AFB Hawaii
Message: [no message left]

Wednesday 03/10/2004 11:10:09pm
Name Dan Wassum (Possum)
E-Mail wassum(a)
B/W years: 87-90
Rank and Job: Sr. Amn 81st CRS Egress
Now: Ohio
Message: The years I spent at Bentwaters were the best of my time in the Air Force.
I just wanted to say Hello to everyone from the Creek. There were so many friends there and some of those friendships have survived after many years and moves. I enjoyed lots of crazy nights in the barracks at the Do Drop and a lot of them I just can't remember. I hate to see the condition of the base now. Why couldn't they close down a base that people didn't like soooo much. Ya'll stay in touch.

Monday 03/08/2004 9:23:28pm
Name sue moss
E-Mail siscokid 1(a)
B/W years: 1978 till base closd
Rank and Job:
Now: virginia
Message: i use to hang out at the club with my friends at weekends.
a couple of people i would like to get in touch with, they know who they are, and anyone else who knows me

Thursday 03/04/2004 6:49:45pm
Name Keith Nation
E-Mail nationkp(a)
B/W years: May 1986- May 1990
Rank and Job: Tsgt, 81st CRS Engine Shop
Now: Lawrenceburg, Tennesee
Message: I have a lot of good memories of RAF Bentwaters, met alot of good friends there, Brits and Americans, even though I did work alot of long hours on the A-10 engines doing modifications, my wife Pat and I really enjoyed being over there, Britain really does have a very unique culture. I retired August of 96 as a Tsgt and we now live in Lawrenceburg Tennesee and I now work at Frito-Lay Inc.

Friday 02/27/2004 11:07:43pm
Name Steve Cassity
E-Mail scassity(a)
B/W years: 1983-1985
Rank and Job: E3 - Base Admin
Now: Kansas City, Missouri
Message: I'm sorry to hear the bases are closed. I hope to go back and visit one day... take my family. I would like to hear from anyone who worked in Base Admin, specifically BITS.

Friday 02/20/2004 9:38:28am
Name Nick Carter
E-Mail ncarter59(a)
B/W years: 1987 to 1994
Rank and Job: Sgt 81st Supply Squadron
Now: Dallas, TX
Message: Trying to locate some friends that I played football and hung out with during my time at Bentwaters. Mike Vernon I saw your message and tried emailing you with no luck. If you see this, email me, in fact if anyone recognizes my name please feel free to contact me.

Sunday 02/15/2004 3:54:00pm
Name Barbara Poulin (Greig)
E-Mail brpoulin(a)
B/W years: 88-91
Rank and Job: SSgt Supply 'Computer Room' and MICAP
Now: Massachusetts
Message: Have many fond memories of BW. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers me.

Wednesday 02/04/2004 11:32:48am
Name Mark Vickery
E-Mail mark.vickery(a)
B/W years: 83-86
Rank and Job: SGT./ECM POD SHOP
Now: Dalton, Ga.
Message: The years I spent at Bentwaters/Woodbridge were some of the best years of my life. The memories I have still endure. I had the fortune of spending time at both bases. I was transferred to Woodbridge in 85 to work on some new ECM equipment. I still keep in touch with Michael Miller and recently Pete Harrison. Michael and I have stayed in touch since we left. There are others that I would love to find. If anyone remembers feel free to e-mail me. Thanks Linn for all the hard work to keep up this site.

Thursday 01/29/2004 8:02:12pm
Name Pat McGlynn
E-Mail patrick.mcglynn1(a)
B/W years: 1987-1991
Rank and Job: SrA - SSgt 511th & 78th AMUs crew chief
Now: Houston, TX
Message: [no message]

Monday 01/26/2004 7:29:22pm
Name Mark Bentele
E-Mail mark.bentele(a)
B/W years: 1987-1990
Rank and Job: Capt/Dentist then LtCol/orthodontist now
Now: US Air Force Academy
Message: Anyone work at the clinic in the late 80s? Just returned from a tour at Lakenheath. Confirmed our collective opinion that Bentwaters was always the best place to be. East Anglia is still a wonderful corner of the world to live in. One of the baggers at the Lakenheath commissary used to be a bagger at BW so at least there is some continuity in the world.

Saturday 01/24/2004 7:52:39am
Name Robert C. Scramlin
E-Mail r_scram(a)
B/W years: 1984 - 1991
Rank and Job: Tsgt Ground Support Equipment
Now: South Korea
Message: Yes, I loved allmy time at Cripple Creek LOL. Anyone feel free to send me a hello. R Scramlin

Thursday 01/22/2004 0:38:32am
Name Bill Moses
E-Mail moseswc21(a)
B/W years: Woodybase 86-90
Rank and Job: Sgt/SSgt/Admin/67ARRS/21SOS
Now: Prattville Alabama
Message: Enjoyed the years. Great unit, great people. SMSgt/Chief Hartnell retired after Saudi and lives here in P'ville.
He is still sometimes a bear, however his bark is still worse than his bite.

Monday 01/19/2004 3:21:54am
Name Tim Flury (Buddha)
E-Mail tiflury(a)
B/W years: 86-88
Rank and Job: Sra, 81st Vehicle Maintenance
Now: Waukesha, Wi.
Message: Without a doubt, the best two years of my active service. The new Vehicle Maintenance facility was being built, as was the new NCO club. We had quite a few interesting nights in the old Gym. We had a HUGE going away party for Bob Reynolds, I'll never forget that night.

I'm still in the Air Force, on the Guard side part-time. I'm also still turning wrenches, a job that I'll retire from.

On the "outside" I'm a maintenance electrician. I've been with the company for 15 years come March '04.

Anyone remember Jungle Juice mixed for a week in the big trash cans??

Sunday 01/18/2004 8:34:01am
Name Anthony (DJ) Djuren
E-Mail sunburstprod(a)
B/W years: 88-93
Rank and Job: 81st SPS
Now: Anderson AFB, GUAM
Message: I was with the 81st SPS from May 88 to Nov 90. I worked on Woodbridge. And was the roommate of Steve Trachta from K-9. After I separated, I worked at the BX and was a member of the successful Ipswich band The Craneflies. My wife Melinda Powers-Djuren, worked in 81st Supply, but has since crosstrained into Intel, and is with the 613th CRG at Anderson AFB.
I miss the UK so much. I miss Pub Crawling on Fri and Sat nights, going to Hollywood's. Going to London or concerts or just to walk around taking in the history. And living in Felixstowe and Marltesham Heath. Upon our departure because of base closure(those ba*st*rds!!!), I did not want to leave. Since my wife is in til retirement, when we left B/W, we have been to Castle AFB (now closed), Fairchild (95-2000), and Shaw (2000-2003). Of all those places, I miss Bentwaters/Woodbridge the most. We still have 18 months in Guam (love it here), and hope to get back to Europe one more time.
I am still in contact with Steve Trachta (81st SPS 88-90), Mychael Walz (81st Weather), and Jim Engel (Corrosion).
People I am looking for: Lance McConomy (81st SPS 88-92), Mario Baker (81st SPS 89-92, last known to be at Kelly AFB in 1999), and Kevin Scales (81st SPS and last known to be at RAF Lakenheath).
As the Tony Bennett song goes "I Left My Heart In San Fran"... I left my soul at Bentwaters/Woodbridge. It was the best 5 1/2 years of my life, and would give anything to go back for one month to visit old British friends and taking time to take in the beautiful English countryside and culture.
Also if anyone knows the whereabouts of: Dave Wooten, Joe Belli, Walt Thomas, Dave Pelton, Chevelle (Chevy), or the Phillip Thompson family (weather)... I would appreciate your help.

Saturday 01/17/2004 9:01:43pm
Name Dirksen Kelley
E-Mail dirksen_kel(a)
B/W years: 1986-1993
Rank and Job: Dependant of MSgt Food Services
Now: Virginia Beach VA
Message: I came to BW/WB with my family in January of '86 as a high school freshman. In 1989 I graduated from high school, joined the Air Force myself, and got to come back to Bentwaters until the base closed. I left it in October of 1993. I'll always remember the time I spent there. They were some of the best years of my life.

Thursday 01/15/2004 7:01:47pm
Name Kevin (Cadillac) Boyle
E-Mail kboyle310(a)
B/W years: 1983 - 1986
Rank and Job: Sgt - Worked in the Clinic
Now: Living in Boston
Message: Played fastpitch softball for Earl Hicks and hung out with "the boys". If anyone is around email me.

Monday 01/12/2004 4:31:12pm
Name Linn Barringer
E-Mail linn(a)
Message: I am the compiler of this web site. I received the following email. When I replied, my reply was rejected as "user unknown" - Pete Harrison, did you type your email incorrectly? Please contact me.

From: Pete Harrison (knotworks(a) on Sunday, January 11, 2004 at 21:55:17
Mr. Barringer,
Just like to let you know that your RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge website is truly appreciated by the many U.S. airmen stationed there in the past. As we become a bit more "long in the tooth" many of us harken back to our fondest memories. With the internet, and your website, we can recall some poignant nostalgia from a very happy time in our youth. After reading many of the posts at your site, I have realized the conclusion that I was not the only one who loved my stay in England. The photos and dialog from past USAF resident's, take me back 22 years. Thank you for your hard work in developing and maintaining this site.
If you have a moment, would you be so kind to answer a question. My wife and I are returning to England this summer. Is Bentwaters so demolished that it wouldn't be recognizable as the military base I remember 22 years ago? Your answer will help me plan my itenarary while on vacation.
Thank you very much,
Pete Harrison, RAF Bentwaters, 81 CRS, 1982- 1984

Friday 01/09/2004 6:00:58pm
Name Don Windt 'Hammer'
E-Mail donald.windt(a)
B/W years: 1981-84
Rank and Job: Capt, Hog driver, 509th TFS
Now: Kokomo, Indiana
Message: After Bentwaters, was stationed at Davis-Monthan until 1986. Left active duty, became a full-time reservist, flew Hogs at Grissom AFB, IN until they deactiviated in Sept, 1994. Am now flying tankers at Grissom.

Monday 01/05/2004 9:36:20pm
Name Paul Brochis
E-Mail ginsu02240 (a)
B/W years: 81-84
Rank and Job: A1C SRA 431x1
Now: ILL
Message: Sorry guys, new e-mail address.

Tuesday 12/30/2003 7:37:13pm
Name Heather Ayres
E-Mail hayres07(a)
B/W years: 1986-1988
Rank and Job: Dependent
Now: Virginia Beach, VA
Message: My dad was the Deputy Base Commander, LTC Ayres - had 5 daughters, I was the tomboy. Skateboarding, playing soccer, basketball, baseball... would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my sisters, Kim, Kelly, Shannon, or Stephanie... Bentwaters was one of my most favorite places to have been fortunate to live at.

Tuesday 12/30/2003 7:00:16pm
Name Grant and Vickie Ayres
E-Mail gaflog13(a)
B/W years: 1987-1989
Rank and Job: Lt Col/Deputy/Acting Base Commander
Now: Chesapeake, VA (USJFCOM J-9)
Message: Best assignment of career. Had to drag us off island to Air War College. Occasionally run across Bentwaters alumni (Bill Horne, now City Manager, Clearwater, FL and several old A-10 pilots in and around USJFCOM).

Friday 12/26/2003 1:52:11am
Name Brad Geist
E-Mail bgeist1(a)
B/W years: 1948-1988
Rank and Job: SSgt
Now: Del City, OK
Message: Worked in the ECM shop on both base and also work in QA. Played darts at the Queens Head Pub in Saxmundham. Wish I would have never left England.

Thursday 12/25/2003 2:23:07pm
Name Kerry McKee
E-Mail CodaChase1(a)
B/W years: 1989-1991
Rank and Job: Tsgt, Crew Chief on A-10's at Bentwaters
Now: China Lake, California...USA!!!!
Message: I am looking for a "David Mueller", an A-10 technition who worked at Bentwaters.
Also, I have pictures I will post for everyone's viewing soon.

Wednesday 12/24/2003 10:37:44pm
Name Bill Wood
E-Mail Boater0559(a)
B/W years: 1981-1984
Rank and Job: Ssgt/CE
Now: Tampa, Florida
Message: I'm looking for Lori Sohn. Her dad was stationed there at the time. Have great memories of those 3 years.

Friday 12/19/2003 1:54:20am
E-Mail kbrokaw(a)
B/W years: Dec. 1979 thru Dec. 1981
Rank and Job: 81st
Now: South of Springfield, Illinois
Message: Would enjoy finding Roger Plemons, who was stationed at DM in Tucson, then Bentwaters during these same years. He was originally from Washington, IL then last known address (10 years or so ago) was in Federal Way, Washington... but I believe out of the Air Force.
Does anyone know where Roger Plemons is today??

Wednesday 12/17/2003 9:41:12pm
Name Brett Cookston
E-Mail Mavebc(a)
B/W years: 1980-1983
Rank and Job: E-3/ radio ops 2164th comm. sq.
Now: Atlanta, Ga.
Message: Looking for anyone that worked the HF radio shop at the 2164th bldg. during this time. Please e-mail.

Tuesday 12/16/2003 2:42:11am
Name Paul Brochis
E-Mail ginsu0224(a)
B/W years: 81 to 84
Rank and Job: A1C Crew Chief A-10
Now: ILL
Message: 92 AMU (RAT) Anybody heard from Ted Hannah from QA or SMsgt Neff, Say Hi.

Thursday 12/11/2003 4:51:28pm
Name Richard Harding
E-Mail richard.harding(a)
B/W years: 82-87
Rank and Job: MSgt - Postal Superintendent
Now: Virginia
Message: Actually I wasn't stationed at Bentwaters/Woodbridge; however, I did visit that area numerous times in the performance of my duties. As supertindent of UK postal operations, I was actually stationed at High Wycombe, but B/W was one of my favorite places for staff assistance visits. Thanks
Email me Updates: Yes

Saturday 11/29/2003 2:10:11am
Name James Bitter
E-Mail elecjb(a)
B/W years: 1981 to 1983
Rank and Job: a1c 81st sps c-flight
Now: Cincinnati, Ohio
Message: I'm looking for anyone who may remember me. Had some great times there. Will be going back to see how things have changed.

Friday 11/28/2003 5:05:31pm
Name Brian Cupp
E-Mail brcupp(a)
Message: I am looking for a Pilot who was stationed at RAF Woodbridge England. He was in charge of the 581st A-10 Ops. Squadron around 1980, he was a Ltc. at that time. He was married with a wife, son and a daughter and lived on base. I was involved in a car accident where I was a passenger on June 26 1980, where I was severely disabled. He was very instrumental in helping both me and my family spiritually. I need to locate him to let him know that I am O.K. I know that it has been a long time and it has been on my mind every day. PLEASE, help me in locating them, I need to converse with them to let my mind at ease. Thank you in advance. You can locate me at-brcupp(a) and 915-757-2112.

Wednesday 11/26/2003 4:53:35am
Name Gary Keefer (MSgt Ret.)
E-Mail keefer(a)
B/W years: Mar 88 - Apr 91
Rank and Job: SSgt, Sensors, MH-53 Spec Ops, Woody
Now: Goldsboro NC
Message: There are just some life experiences you can't put into words. The best years of my life.

Monday 11/24/2003 5:03:50pm
Name Mark and Scarlet Casey
E-Mail mscasey88(a)
B/W years: Nov 1988 to Nov 1992
Rank and Job: Ssgt 81st Transporation Sq
Now: Lincolnton, North Carolina
Message: It was a very good assignment for my wife and I. Would like to hear from any of those who knew us. My wife worked as a cashier at the NCO club.

Monday 11/24/2003 12:09:39am
Name Pat Hernandez
E-Mail pat(a)
B/W years: 83-87
Rank and Job: jet engine mechanic
Message: I was at Bentwaters from 83-87 in the 511th as a jet engine mechanic. Spent my entire AF career at Bentwaters, what a great time!

Sunday 11/23/2003 2:37:49pm
Name Charles E (Cholly) Boykins
E-Mail cboykins(a)
B/W years: 1981-85 & 1986-90
Rank and Job:
Message: I was stationed there.

Sunday 11/16/2003 6:16:21am
Name Bill Wood (Woody)
E-Mail Boater0559(a)
B/W years: 81-84
Rank and Job: Ssgt,Barrier Maint, Civil Engineering
Now: Tampa, Fl
Message: I had a great time at Woodbridge/Bentwaters.Anybody know Lori Sohn?
I hung out with firefighters, heavy equip operaters, Roger, Bear.
Say Hi if you want.

Wednesday 11/12/2003 5:57:07pm
Name James M. Sisneros
E-Mail james.sisneros(a)
B/W years: Jan 1984 - Feb 1986
Rank and Job: Amn - A1C
Now: Peterson AFB, Colorado
Message: Worked in 2164th Comm Sq in the Comm Center. Looking for Henry Clark,Robert Powell and Silas Eubanks. Had a great time there for my first assignment. Played on the base tennis team and was usually on the tennis court across from gym. Played alot with Dan Dixon and Henry Clark. Would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time.

Wednesday 11/12/2003 5:21:24pm
Name Kimberly Williams
E-Mail kimberly.williams(a)
B/W years: Oct 1986 to June 1988
Rank and Job: Sgt/ Paralegal at 81 TFW/JA
Now: Patrick AFB, FL
Message: [no message left]

Monday 11/10/2003 8:33:33pm
B/W years: 1987-91

Saturday 11/08/2003 1:40:28am
Name Steve Campbell
E-Mail sargslc1(a)
B/W years: Ahlhorn 1979-81 Bentwaters 1981-84
Rank and Job: SFC /E-7 US Army; Ground Liaison NCO
Now: Montgomery, AL; Police Officer
Message: I thoroughly enjoyed my years at Bentwaters. It was a unique assignement for a "grunt". I met and married my ex-wife, Lori Bouen (A1C/81SPS) and our two wonderful children were born at the hospital in Ipswich. As a "GLO" I was fortunate to work with all of the assigned fighter squadrons and participated in many exercises and deployments to the FOL'S. Prior to being assigned to Bentwaters, I was part of the initial cadre at Ahlorn and have many found memories from there also. Retired from the Army in 1992 and have been a police officer in Montgomery Alabama ever since. Would love to hear from anybody that remembers me. Great site; keep up the good work.

Monday 11/03/2003 8:22:49pm
Name Tanya Seyersdahl (Hamby)
E-Mail drseyersdahl(a)
B/W years: 1986-1992
Rank and Job: Dependent
Now: Hill AFB,Utah
Message: My dad,Msgt Bruce Hamby, was stationed at RAF Woodbridge.He worked with the Intel on base. I have alot of fond memories of England. I spent my entire Elm. school there. My dad is now retired and is a college professor and a loan officer in Rapid City, SD.I am now a spouse of USAF SSgt. Anybody that knows me or my dad please contact my e-mail.

Friday 10/31/2003 4:19:14pm
Name Bob McConnell
E-Mail bobmcc43(a)
B/W years: 82-84
Rank and Job: AB-A1C Phase Docks 81CRS-81EMS, Engines
Now: Houston, Texas
Message: Had a great time.

Thursday 10/30/2003 3:15:05am
Name Pat Hernandez
E-Mail pat(a)
B/W years: 1983 - 1987
Rank and Job: E4 Jet Engine Mech
Now: Southfield, MI
Message: I was in the 511th from 83 -87. Lived in Ipswitch for the entire time. Got out in 87, worked as A&P (aircraft) mechanic for next 9 years and returned to collage. Now I own an audio / visual company.
Would like to hear from anyone that knew me.

Sunday 10/26/2003 11:52:18pm
Name Jim Engel
E-Mail jengel451(a)
B/W years: 1989-1992
Rank and Job: E-4 - Fab Branch (Corrosion puke)
Now: Seattle WA
Message: [No message left]

Tuesday 10/21/2003 10:09:33pm
Name Robert Scott
E-Mail tottscott(a)
B/W years: 1982-1986
Rank and Job: SSggt/TSgt...81 CRS/EMS Sheet Metal
Now: Eastport, Maine and Atlanta, Ga.
Message: Lots of memories come back. Staying at "Deben View" and eating and drinking at the "Wilford Bridge". Leo Stacks and Jim Powell ran the shop, then Shavers and Vick. Alex and Dick made metal talk and Ted got thrown over to Woodbridge. Good Lord, the baggage tanks we made. Mike Hawes hated "Yanks" and came thru and proved it every day at breaktime. Met up with Charlie Branstetter again at McGuire in the 90's. I thought he'd never leave the U.K.

I lived in Sax and chaperoned my daughters Brownie Troop to London every chance I got. I had a ball there and so did my family. Fish truck and video truck came by the house every week. Hangin' on Friday and Saturday nights with the rednecks throwing "sticks" and shots of tequilla.

I went manning assist to the 67th ARRS twice. Mike Howell ran a shop of misfits, me included. But we had a ball. Throwing darts with Hydraulics pukes. We fixed the odd C-130 and HH-53 sometimes, too.

I don't know how I remember these names. I do have a life. I saw Berens on this book. I remember Nick but can't get a picture in my head. Sorry Nick. Anyone else on this site besides us? My e-mail is posted.

Sunday 10/19/2003 11:52:45pm
Name Scott Buice
E-Mail sbuice(a)
B/W years: 1981-84
Rank and Job: sgt 81st sps law enforcement
Now: loganville, ga Loganville PD
Message: Can't remember any names but Mark Beauchamp. If you were around the 81st SPS in those years drop me a line.

Saturday 10/11/2003 0:36:16am
Name Jennifer Kentzel
E-Mail tsmamma2000(a)
B/W years: 1989/2002
Rank and Job:
Now: Montana
Message: My sister did this and she got a response so I thought that I would give it a try. I would really love to hear from some of the people I hung out with since I was really awful at keeping in touch with everyone.

Thursday 10/09/2003 8:07:57pm
Name Dave Burton
E-Mail dave.burton(a)
B/W years: Jun 85 - Jun 88
Rank and Job: Amn-SrA, 81st Trans Veh Maint
Now: RAF Croughton (Near Oxford)
Message: Bentwaters was my first and by far the best assignment I've had in my (almost) 19 years!! Not only did I "pick" (and marry) an English Rose, but both my kids were born here in the UK (On my 3rd and final military assignment in the UK) Believe I saw a post from "Uncle" Bob Reynolds and my last supervisor, (TSgt) Ron Case. We put a lot of long hours in the "old" VM building - I PCS'd right before they moved into the new one. A lot of LSN exercises, but we made all the hard work fun!! Summer night shifts were great, as we'd "skive-off" a little early if there was a good group at the club. Payday lunchtimes were spent in the Rod & Gun Club to see who could get the most pints down their neck in an hour. Think I held the record at 6 (slept it off under a forklift in the shop!!). Plan to visit the base again here very soon - I hear there's ways to "sneak in for a closer peek"!! :-) Would love to hear from any of the guys I worked with - Yanks, Brits, and Scottish!!

Thursday 10/09/2003 3:52:22am
Name John (Bear) Barolak
E-Mail beardad866(a)
B/W years: 1988-1992 (the end)
Rank and Job: Sgt/ Sheet Metal
Now: Travis AFB, CA
Message: My best tour in the Air Force. Loved working in Special Ops. Assigned to the 667 CAMS/SOMS sheet metal shop with guys like Matt Sanchez, Kevin Beal, Ken Biron, Greg Torres, Dennis "Aldo" Ingold, Rich Metz and the Weavers (Rocky and April). Miss all the poeple and the mission.

Saturday 10/04/2003 1:14:36am
Name Brian and Louise Watson (Denny)
E-Mail watsonlouise(a)
B/W years: 12/89 - 1/93
Rank and Job: Vehicle Opeator/Orderly Room
Now: Anchorage, Alaska
Message: Brian is now MSgt in vehicle maintenance. Louise was British civilian working Trans orderly room. We go back to England every few years.

Thursday 10/02/2003 6:02:05pm
Name Henry Blankenship
E-Mail tbltens(a)
B/W years: July 89 thru May 92
Rank and Job: NCOIC of Disaster Preparedness at Bentwa
Message: I was the NCOIC of Disaster Preparedness at Bentwaters from July 89 thru May 92. I retired in 92 and am now living in Tacoma, WA. I have very fond memories of my last assignment and the many people that I taught Chem Warfare especially just before they deployed to Desert Storm.

Wednesday 10/01/2003 2:28:16pm
Name Terry Priddy
E-Mail priddytk(a)
B/W years: Feb 1980 til Sept 1993- closure
Rank and Job: Msgt Pro Super- Avenger 511th then 92nd
Now: Brandon Suffolk,nr RAF Lakenheath
Message: I've never been back to see the dreadful things that have happened to our HOME. I do have the greatest of memories from the 81st. SOOOO many TDYs with some meany great people. God speed and God bless all of you. One day Bentwaters may yet arise like the Phoenix.

Monday 09/29/2003 4:32:59am
Name Lucius Hopkins
E-Mail lou(a)
B/W years: March 81 to June 83
Rank and Job: SRA
Now: Dallas, TX
Message: I first worked in the engine shop, then to Phase Inspections, and finished up in Small components teardown. I worked in the NCO club as a bar assistant for about 6 months.

Sunday 09/28/2003 3:40:43pm
Name Bob Hale (Msgt Ret)
E-Mail bob.hale(a)
B/W years: 1980 1993 (Closure)
Rank and Job: Msgt - NCOIC Combat Plans and Mobility
Now: Framlingham, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Message: The years at Bentwaters working in the 92AMU and later on the DCM staff were some of the best. It's a shame to see the state of the flightline side now, but hopefully, the museum will keep the wing flying!!

Friday 09/19/2003 3:41:05pm
Name Steve Athanas
E-Mail knife59(a)
B/W years: Woodbridge '83-'85
Rank and Job: Lieutenant, HH-53 pilot
Now: Durham, NC
Message: Some of the best years of my life were spent at Woody. I didn't realize it then but who does? Looking for 67ARRS members to relive the fond memories.

Saturday 09/13/2003 1:57:39pm
Name David Hielckert
E-Mail Dkert1(a)
B/W years: 1982 - 1984
Rank and Job: A1C Jet Engine mechanic.509th AMB
Now: Ft.Worth Texas.Works for A/A AMT
Message: After all these years. I still talk about RAF Bentwaters. Like you, I feel that while at B/W were the best years I have ever had thus far. I met a lot of great people there.
There were 2 deployments that were the best. Norway and Jever.
Norway we had a huge FootBall game on
a dirt field. Jever we had wrestling matches and partied like there was no tomarrow.

Friday 09/12/2003 2:05:15am
Name Mark Ellison
E-Mail mark.w.ellison(a)
B/W years: 1985-1989
Rank and Job: SSgt / Weapons Loader
Now: Oklahoma City, OK
Message: 78th AMU weapons flight at Woodbridge. Best tour I had in the AF was at Bentwaters/Woodbridge. Retired now and would like to hear from anyone who might remember me or my wife Debbie. We lived in Rendleshem housing and miss the local friends and the onion bread from Woodbridge town.

Sunday 09/07/2003 11:52:02am
Name Nigel Chadwick
E-Mail raznic(a)
B/W years: 1985-1989
Rank and Job: SSGT
Now: Live in Bury St. Edmunds, UK
Message: Great site. Thanks to Mr Barringer. Cripple Creek was so, so much more enjoyable than the Heath! (Lakenheath)

Thursday 09/04/2003 3:37:27pm
Name Ken Croisant
E-Mail kcroisant(a)
B/W years: 1974-78 and 1982-89
Rank and Job: Major Aircraft Maintence
Now: West Chester, Ohio (near Cincinnati
Message: Enjoyed the tours. Married a local and have a son born in Ipswich. Many friends and family in the local area.

Wednesday 09/03/2003 9:16:30pm
Name Gary D. Joiner, MSgt, Ret.
E-Mail gdjoiner(a)
B/W years: 77-80 B/W & Woody; (F-4 & A-10)
Rank and Job: Amn - SrA, Aircraft Sheetmetal
Now: Macon, GA
Message: Too many memories and friends for one paragraph. Some of the very best years of my life, and a girl I let get away.
"Everyone should be 20, single, and stationed in England once in their life."
Thanks and God bless all.

Monday 09/01/2003 6:51:59pm
Name Frank Hannan
E-Mail F.Hannan(a)
B/W years: Oct.88 to Dec. 90
Rank and Job: A1C weapons loader/92 AMU
Now: Philadelphia, Pa.
Message: I really enjoyed my time at Bentwaters and all of the wonderful people I met while stationed there. I would like to find some of my friends that were there at the same time. Please contact me at the above e-mail address.

Monday 09/01/2003 3:54:23am
Name Michael Vernon
E-Mail VRN485(a)AOL.COM
B/W years: 1988-1990
Rank and Job: AM-A1C Crew Chief 78TH AMU
Now: Indianapolis, IN
Message: Really would like to find some old friends I played football with on the base team. In particular, I am looking for Algie (Nick) Carter Jr. He worked in Supply on Bentwaters from about 1988-1991.

Monday 08/25/2003 7:51:52pm
Name Mark C. Wood
E-Mail Readwell01(a)
B/W years: Aug 85 thru July 88
Rank and Job: SSgt / TSgt
Now: Arizona, USA
Message: I spent 11 years in USAF. Loved my time at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge while working in AMMO. Lived in Eyke at Corby Steps and base housing in Felixstowe. Would like to hear from some old friends and meet some new.

Monday 08/25/2003 4:55:46am
Name Barry Carter
E-Mail bpcarter(a)
B/W years: 1984-1986 , 1991-1993
Rank and Job: SRA / TSgt
Now: Panama City FL
Message: Did two tours at Bentwaters. Some really great memories. Worked in the 510th AMU from 84-86 and was a maintenance instructor with the FTD 920 on the second tour 91-93 when we shut the school down. This site is terrific. Thanks.

Sunday 08/24/2003 8:40:09am
Name Norman Faucette
E-Mail ne_faucette(a)
B/W years: 1978 to 1983
Rank and Job: A1C to SSgt, A-10A Crew Chief and Phase
Now: Houston, Texas
Message: Some of the best years of my life spent at BW. Arrived from MBAFB as part of A-10 Cadre, helped set up the 510 AMB. Have wondered how some of the people I knew there are doing now and where they are located: Lori Bouen (an SP), Jill Kaalos (CRS), Susan Ecklund (510th) Debra Stevenson (my ex-wife!) and others. Have been in contact with Tom (Spanky) Stroud, Danny Walsh, Erin Shelly, Bob Burt, and Steve Holloway.

Sunday 08/17/2003 6:06:56am
Name Mike Fabisch
E-Mail mfabisch(a)
B/W years: 1987-1993
Rank and Job: SSgt -- Supply and PME Instructor
Now: Minneapolis, MN USA
Message: Just looking to touch base with old friends.

Friday 08/15/2003 6:25:32pm
Name Paul (Dutch) Van Sickle
E-Mail pmvansickle(a)
B/W years: 1969-72 (Dep) and 1986-1989 (527AS)
Rank and Job: Captain, Aggressor Pilot F-16
Now: Miami
Message: [no message left]

Wednesday 08/13/2003 9:34:50pm
Name Rick Germann
E-Mail rg.mustang(a)
B/W years: 1979 - 1983
Rank and Job: SrA in 81 SPS Armorer with A Flight
Now: Long Beach Cali
Message: I got out of AF after 11 years but had the most fun in my youth during the 18 - 21 "formative" years at Bentwaters.

Thursday 07/24/2003 4:39:16am
Name Robert Gentry
E-Mail imgoinpostal(a)
B/W years: 1986-1990
Rank and Job: sgt 81 crs
Now: Pensacola Fl
Message: [no message was left]

Monday 07/21/2003 9:59:35pm
Name Joseph Casalaspro
E-Mail crystaljoe(a)
B/W years: Bentwaters, 1981-83
Message: What a great first base! It's kind of sad to see the demolition pics on other sites. The TDYs were the best!! DET2 Leipheim was the best! Probably went there 12 times in 2 years! Sembach was a lot of fun too. Great memories and people. Hanging out at the pubs and going to Ipswich on my massive Suzuki 150!! haha. Would love to go back. I retired in 2000. Miss it.

Sunday 07/20/2003 8:52:29pm
Name John Williams
E-Mail element022(a)
B/W years: 1984 - 1990
Rank and Job: Sergeant MH-53J Pavelow III Mechanic
Now: Colorado USA
Message: I was filling out an application and needed addresses and phone numbers. Just happened to stumble on this site.

Friday 07/18/2003 5:02:25am
Name Gregg Smith
E-Mail grumpynhappy(a)
B/W years: 1989-1993
Rank and Job: Tsgt, Air Traffic Controller
Now: Retired Minot North Dakota
Message: Great site, those were the best AF years I had in my 20 in. We owned a home in Woodbridge and miss alot of what England had to offer.

Thursday 07/17/2003 5:18:39am
Name Chuck Shea
E-Mail cdshea(a)
B/W years: 1977-1980
Rank and Job: Sgt./Medic
Now: California
Message: Would like to say hi to anyone who worked with me at the Clinic, especially the ER.

Tuesday 07/15/2003 0:23:46am
Name Trisha Stenger
E-Mail skywagon(a)
B/W years: 1985-1987
Rank and Job: crew chief A/C 0981, Col Studers A/C
Now: WA
Message: Worked in the 511th AMU with some great folks! Had a chance to go back and see the base this month, wow what a great experience. So many great friends and memories.

Sunday 07/13/2003 2:37:39am
Name Mary Robinson (Mack)
E-Mail lumack2000(a)
B/W years: 1985-1989
Rank and Job: Sgt. Food Service Technician (Cook)
Now: Aiken, South Carolina
Message: I was a cook at Bentwaters, Flightline, and Woodbridge. I married a Brit, have a daughter who now lives in London. I have found Bob Reynolds and Maureen Zito. Now want to find Austin Gould, Sgt. Merrit, Mr. Thomas, Brian, Pam, and any other members of the dining facilities. I had a wonderful time there and am trying to get back there. I lived at the NCO Club almost everynight! Anyone who remembers me or any of the others please write!

Tuesday 07/08/2003 1:22:06pm
Name Mike Jenkins
E-Mail jenkinsmikefhp(a)
B/W years: 1980-1985
Rank and Job: TSgt - Munitions Maintenance (Ammo ! )
Now: Florida
Message: I dearly love those years at RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge. The Brit's the USAF Personnel, the whole experience, what a great time it was. Many many wonderful memories. God Bless ya Linn for taking the time and effort to maintain the site.

Tuesday 07/01/2003 3:08:46am
Name Bob Morris
E-Mail warthog77(a)
B/W years: 1979-1981
Rank and Job: SRA/crew chief A10
Now: Indianapolis, In
Message: Like to hear from anyone at Ahlhorn during 1979-1981

Tuesday 06/03/2003 5:17:02pm
Name Billy McCoy
E-Mail billymccoy63(a)
B/W years: 1978 -80
Rank and Job: Lt Colonel/91TFS/CC
Now: Henderson, Nevada
Message: I participated in the 81 TFW's transition from the F-4 to the A-10 during the late 1970s, with the 91 TFS closing out F-4 operations in mid-1979.
One of the treasures from the Phantom era was a Martin-Baker ejection seat trainer. During the heyday of F-4 operations, the seat was located with wing life support and used for ground training. As F-4 operations drew down, the 91st had the task of maintaining a bare bones flying and training program with remaining F-4 assets. To make room for the A-10s, the seat was moved to our life support section. When the 91st finally clsoed F-4 operations there was obviously no requirement for a Martin-Baker trainer. Fearing it would be tossed on the scrap pile, members of the squadron mounted it on a stand and delivered it to our on-base quarters the night of our final F-4 party. And, to my wife's great displeasure, then and still today, I still have it.
Since June 1980, the seat has been moved to nine different locations, which included two additional trips across the Atlantic, carefully disguised as a 300 pound lamp base. When I run into members of the old F-4 squadron from that time period, the first question asked is, "do you still have the ejection seat?" I promised to keep it safe, and I have.
I no longer store it in my living room as I did for years, but it's in a safe place. However, it was the greatest conversation piece ever. And I can't tell you how many non flyers I've strapped into the seat, leaving them there for sometimes several minutes wondering how to get out.
There's a bit of history to that ol' seat. If you can recall some of the "notables" who wore the 81 patch, and trained on that seat, there's a real line up.
The seat is still in great shape and looks just as good as it did when I found it in the middle of my living room in the spring of 1979.
I unwrap it occasionally and play with buckles and the straps and remember the days when it was important to know how it all worked. Luckly, I never had to use it, but perhaps a few that did got their training on this ejection seat.
And, what am I gonna do with it? I'll keep it... just like I'm supposed to.
Billy McCoy
Major General USAF (Ret)

Sunday 06/01/2003 4:35:26pm
Name Gregory Heck
E-Mail gheck(a)
B/W years: Mar 82 - Mar 84
Rank and Job: SrA, Avionic Instruments CRS
Now: Trenton, IL near Scott AFB
Message: Hi! RAF Bentwaters was my first assignment and the reason I spent 20 years in the USAF. My wife Janet is from Ipswich, so a lot of memories. I've been back several times. It's weird to see the base closed. When I retired Oct 2001, I contacted my old supervisor, MSgt Clint Graybeal and thanked him for having such a positive influence on this young airman. I'd love to hear from any CRS troops.

Wednesday 05/28/2003 7:16:19pm
Name Lisa King
E-Mail lk0955(a)
B/W years: 1985-1987
Rank and Job: SRA Crew Chief 511th AMU
Now: Belleville, IL
Message: I am trying to make contact with any former members of the 511th AMU, who served at Bentwaters from 1984-1989. I am also trying to organize a reunion in 2004. Whether you're interested in just catching up or interested in the reunion, please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday 05/28/2003 7:04:09pm
Name Dave Scott
E-Mail dnscott(a)
B/W years: 80 - 83
Rank and Job: SSgt/TSgt 511th AMB Expediter/Specialis
Now: Beavercreek OH
Message: I was one of the original members of the 511th AMB. I started out as crew chief on A-10A 79-093 and then 77-177. I was an expediter and then specialist. I lived in Clopton (#2 Hillside House) and then Felixstowe (Constable Road). Was known to frequent the Denovo, Grosvenor, and Felix pubs in Felixstowe. I retired from the USAF in 2000 and would love to hear from anyone that knew me or was associated with the 81st.

Wednesday 05/28/2003 6:44:29am
Name Tom Shuck
E-Mail tom(a)
B/W years: April 78 - April 80
Rank and Job: SSgt Acft Maint Job Control
Now: Port Orchard Wa.
Message: Great to see people remember Cripple Creek. Would like to hear from some of the old gang.

Wednesday 05/21/2003 2:15:05am
Name Linford Starr
E-Mail desperado(a)
B/W years: Sep81-Sep84
Rank and Job: Sgt Firefighter RAF Woodbridge
Now: Plattsburgh Ny
Message: I would like to hear from any friends that were stationed at Woodbridge. I am looking for Ssgt Scott Hebert.

Tuesday 05/13/2003 10:18:15pm
Name Eddie Mannall
E-Mail julie(a)
B/W years: 89 - June 93, 81 Supply
Rank and Job: Civilian/individual eqipment unit/588
Now: Leiston, Suffolk UK
Message: Anybody who knows me, get in touch. Worked in ieu/81supply/civ. Remember I was the guy who collected all thoses patches and worked the counter.

Tuesday 05/13/2003 2:23:56am
Name Rich Cartwright %22little joe%22
E-Mail bonanza12(a)
B/W years: 1986-88
Rank and Job: A1C Security Specialist C flight
Now: Police Officer Rossford OH
Message: Would like to hear from other members of the 81st Sps. Please E-Mail me.

Wednesday 05/07/2003 6:59:49pm
Name John Hanson (guest)
E-Mail john(a)
Rank and Job: Retired Police Officer West Mids UK
Now: UK
Message: Can anyone put me in touch with Lindy Vaughn, known as 'Cookie' who used to work in supply at Bentwaters, during the early 1980s. I gather that she is living in the USA, and occasionally visits this excellent website, perhaps someone has an e mail for her?
Thanks John Hanson.

Monday 05/05/2003 6:27:48pm
Name John Hanson (guest.)
E-Mail john(a)
Rank and Job: ex Police retired UK
Now: West Midlands.
Message: Trying to find out if anybody knows where Dave Masters,(ex USAF) lives, he was formerly on the maintenance at Bentwaters, prior to his retirement 10? years ago, now living in Bury St Edmunds. Can't find him currently. He has some entertaining stories about the airbase, had a friend called Tommy an electrician at the air base, sorry about lack of detail.

Thursday 05/01/2003 4:31:18am
Name Jason Cockreham
E-Mail jcockreham1(a)
B/W years: 1986-1988
Rank and Job: Senior Airman 81st SPS
Now: Vancouver, Washington
Message: Like to hear from some of the guys I was stationed with over there. Mark Race, Dennis Huff, Dave Fawcett, Sgt. (Ski). Miss you guys.

Tuesday 04/29/2003 5:15:16am
Name Nick Berens
E-Mail NicDanger58(a)
B/W years: July 2,1985 to Dec 2, 1988
Rank and Job: E-5, Airframe Repair (Sheetmetal Shop)
Now: Home, Central Wisconsin
Message: Of the three tours, Bentwaters was the best! I have alot of fond memories of that tour. Thanks for the pics!

Saturday 04/26/2003 2:16:38pm
Name Chris Rose
E-Mail chris(a)
B/W years: 1980 1984
Rank and Job: Civilian, All Ranks Club. Base Taxis
Now: Wickham Market, Suffolk, England

Friday 04/25/2003 4:06:26am
Name Paula
E-Mail ppoe1(a)
B/W years: 1983-1985
Rank and Job: All Ranks Club
Now: Indianapolis
Message: I worked primarily at the pizza lounge and various other jobs at the NCO Club. Would love to hear from folks stationed there at the same time.

Wednesday 04/23/2003 4:48:05am
Name Ralph Skinner
E-Mail rwskinner(a)
B/W years: Aug. '84 - Nov. '86
Rank and Job: 81st Supply Squadron (POL)
Now: Niles, MI
Message: It seems like another lifetime ago that I roamed Bentwaters/Woodbridge. I never got the chance to say goodbye to so many people. I miss them all. Sharon and Debbie Whittaker where are you? The taxi drivers, the airmen's club. Jeff Buffenbarger? Tony? Frank Valenzuela and Tracie? George White? Anyone know these Supply hounds? Let me kNow: rwskinner(a)

Monday 04/21/2003 2:11:37am
Name Jay Garver
E-Mail garver68(a)
B/W years: 85-88
Rank and Job: Left SrA, Air Traffic Controller
Now: Hickam AFB HI
Message: Some of the best years of my life, though I didn't know it at the time. Looking for any of the controllers that were at the RAPCON. JD, TK, QX, MH, CB. Check in with me if you surf in here. Cheers

Sunday 04/20/2003 8:03:01am
Name Phyllis White
E-Mail pwhite19(a)
B/W years: 1987-1990
Rank and Job: Spouse 78th TFS Cdr.
Now: Virginia
Message: Came by this web site by accident. It was interesting to read some of the names and recall memories. Vic (Slugo) died of brain cancer in 1996. Elise (daughter) died of a brain hemorrhage in 1999. Michael is now 21. I really miss the comraderie of military life. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday 04/16/2003 1:46:59am
Name Chris Blach
E-Mail c_blach(a)
B/W years: 1985-87'
Rank and Job: Sgt. - Medic in Clinic
Now: Massachusetts
Message: Looking for anyone working the clinic 85-87'.

Monday 04/07/2003 7:28:28am
Name jim carey
E-Mail pgajhc(a)
B/W years: 1979-1983 1985-1987
Rank and Job: tsgt, msgt air traffic controller b/w
Now: Taegu, Korea
Message: love all the old pictures, went back sep 02 to play some golf at woodbridge gc with old friends, stayed with al and sally brown who are great friends from the old days at bentwaters. it was great to go back!

Tuesday 04/01/2003 6:11:58am
Name Robert Hesselbein
E-Mail beaner1138(a)
B/W years: 1979-1982
Rank and Job: Captain, A-10 Pilot
Now: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Message: I loved my 3 years assignment flying the A-10 throughout the U.K. and Europe. The only thing better than the flying was the fine hospitality of E. Anglia. I first lived in distant Laxfield, then closer to the base in Pettistree. Now as an airline pilot, I occasionally get the rare opportunity to glimpse the Bentwaters/Woodbridge complex when crossing England enroute to Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Paris.
Those early USAF years in the U.K. still warm my heart and rarely drift too far from my daily thoughts.
God bless all of those who shared those days and memories of a beautiful country, a delightful people, and a dedicated mission.
"Beaner" Hesselbein

Saturday 03/29/2003 3:15:58pm
Name Carl Thompson Jr.
E-Mail ThmpsnJrC(a)
B/W years: 1979 - 1981
Rank and Job: SrA 1264 CS ,
Now: discarged 1982
Message: Worked radio relay and weapons storage
area security system. Would like to hear from the team who worked with me
and life there bearable. A special note
to Ken Taylor: Please get in touch with
me Sir. I owe a lot to you.

Wednesday 03/19/2003 9:47:28am
Name Marc Vaillancourt
E-Mail alimar167(a)
B/W years: 1985-89
Rank and Job: SRA aircraft electrician 81st AGS
Now: Fall River, MA
Message: Bentwaters was a great assignment, miss it a lot. Anybody that was there at that time e-mail me. Thanks.

Tuesday 03/18/2003 2:33:30pm
Name Miles Jones
E-Mail timbox73521(a)
B/W years: nov. 85 to nov 88
Rank and Job: sgt electircal/environmental sys
Now: charleston sc
Message: Just want to chat with anyone from that time frame who was in the 78th AMU, would love to hear from Vicky Davenport.

Sunday 03/16/2003 2:23:49am
Name David P. Amos
E-Mail davidamos43725(a)
B/W years: Woodbridge Dec 76-May 83
Rank and Job: SSgt, Woodbridge Base Comm Center
Now: Cambridge, Ohio
Message: My first assignment out of Tech School was to the 2164th Comm Sq, base comm center at Woodbridge. We were located in bldg 150 with the 67th ARRS. Retired as MSgt in 1997.

Friday 03/14/2003 10:27:01pm
Name Eric Linneman
E-Mail eric.linneman(a)
B/W years: 1986 - 1988
Rank and Job: TSgt NCOIC Investigations
Now: Beale AFB, CA
Message: What's up to everyone. Still around the AF. If you remember me or my wife (Toni Ballard, TRANS, tonilinneman(a) give us a shout out.

Friday 03/14/2003 8:25:45pm
Name Donald Winecoff
E-Mail dwinecof(a)
B/W years: 1983-1988
Rank and Job: SrA, Ground Radio Maintenance, 2164 CS
Now: Robins AFB, Georgia
Message: Spent 1st year at Bentwaters as a dependent husband, then enlisted in AF at Lakenheath and came back to Bentwaters as a COmmunications technician. The building I worked in was off the base on the same side of the road as the tech site. It was the only brick building amongst a group of Nissen (sp)huts that used to be part of billeting. BTW one of the tech side pictures is labeled as "arrestor control", this is not correct. The building is actually a portable shelter known as a TRN-42 Runway Supervisory Unit. It was equipped with Air to Ground radios and was sometimes used as an alternate tower.

Wednesday 03/12/2003 3:50:33am
Name Scott Conley
E-Mail conley(a)
B/W years: 86-91
Rank and Job: Ssgt WSD
Now: Eastern Washington
Message: Started out in 511 AMU weapons! Moved to WSD.
Zaragoza, Corsica, Leipheim, Sembach, Norvenich, Weisbaden, etc...
Would love to hear from those I served with.

Friday 02/28/2003 9:25:42am
Name Ron James
E-Mail n6szc(a)
B/W years 1981 to 1983?
Rank and Job SSGT
Now: Marble Falls, TX.
Message Started out in in the Comm/Nav shop as a Communications Technician and ended up working for the DCM in the MOC. Lived on base in the barracks and had a fine time while I was there. Met alot of great people and can't remember any names except Jon K? (Ski) who worked in the MOC... he was a SSGT at the time and helped me a lot while I was there. Oh yeah, there was this Capt who was over the MOC... seemed old boy was a little twisted... don't think he ever saw MAJ. Nice web site, it brings back a lot... all except the names. Thanks

Thursday 02/27/2003 10:07:36am
Name Lloyd Washington
E-Mail lwashington(a)
B/W years 1984 - 1986
Rank and Job SSgt 509th Crew Chief + TA Crew Chief
Now: Kunsan AB Korea
Message Drop me a line if you were in the 509th or TA, I'd like to hear from you!! Once a Crew Chief always a Crew Chief!!!

Tom Maher, gas station attendantTuesday 02/25/2003 10:52:17pm
Name: Tom Maher (pictured, right)
E-Mail: tom.maher(a)
B/W yrs: 1988/91
Rank: Gas Station Attendant
Now: : Southport, near Liverpool
Message: Hi all
It's me Tom. I used to pump your gas take your cash and gas stamps.
I would love to chat to old friends and anyone else that knows me.
Drop me a line. All the best, God bless.

Thursday 02/20/2003 1:10:04am
Name: POPS Hendrickson
E-Mail: mops2046(a)
B/W yrs: 1981-1989
Rank: M/Sgt
Now: : 5100 Creekline Drive, Austin Texas 78745
Message: We would love to hear from any fireman and or heavy equipment operators. Penny would also like to hear from EWC members.

Saturday 02/15/2003 0:23:18am
Name: James P Kuhn (Jim, Coondog)
E-Mail: kuhn6060(a)bellsouth.nrt
B/W yrs: Jan 82-Jan 84
Rank: AB-A1C
Now: : NAS Jacksonville, FL.
Message: looking for some of the old gang

Sunday 01/26/2003 6:56:53pm
Name: Bill Higginbotham
E-Mail: billder(a)
B/W yrs: 1982-1985
Rank: SRA
Now: : Rumney NH
Message: Those years at Bentwaters were some of the best years of my life. I lived on Bolton lane in Ipswich. I used to frequent the Woolpack pub. I remember one weekend not long after arriving in England, that Kyle Rogers and I decided to go to Paris. We went down to Dover and took a ferry to Calais. From there we took a train to Paris. The first night there was spent in drunken revelry. I decided I had had enough booze for one day but Kyle wasn't quite ready to call it a night.
A few hours later he came crashing back to the hotel room and he started shouting that he got mugged in Paris. He was very proud of it as a matter of fact!! It seems he was lured into an alley by a beautiful girl who had several male accomplices waiting to mug the unsuspecting Kyle. He wasn't hurt but they did tear his shirt a little.
Where is Kyle rogers now??
My wife and I returned to Bentwaters in June of 2002. I was sad to see the domestic side gone. I was able to visit the shop that I used to work in though. I used to work in the 81CRS ECM RWR shop. Visiting the old place brought back some great memories. I can't wait to go back.

Sunday 02/02/2003 8:53:36pm
Name: Tricia Hames
E-Mail: frye99(a)
B/W yrs: 1980's; high school 1984-1987
Now: : North Carolina
Message: My sister (Karen) and I attended WHS from 1984-1987. I'd love to hear from anyone that was there during those years.

Saturday 02/01/2003 10:30:33pm
Name: Michael O. Pierson
E-Mail: pierson5nu(a)
B/W yrs: 06/86-12/88
Rank: E3
Now: : 10427 w.carr Wichita,KS 67209
Message: Nice to see pix. Didn't like it 'til I left. Best base I was stationed at. Good friends & some great times. Hope to get back to UK sometime, so my daughter can see where she was born.

Thursday 01/23/2003 9:02:02pm
E-Mail: LenBacle(a)
B/W yrs: 1976-1985
Rank: sgt/ssgt

Thursday 01/23/2003 6:11:06pm
Name: Lon S. Pyeatt
E-Mail: scotty.pyeatt(a)
B/W yrs: Feb 83-Feb 87
Rank: CMSgt
Now: : HQ ACC/LGM Langley AFB, VA
Message: I worked in 81 CRS Propulsion Branch. I "fondly" remember the mud paths, quonset huts and numerous Local Salty Nations! Thanks for the mememories.

Tuesday 01/21/2003 9:35:59am
Name: Greg Hovious
E-Mail: hovious(a)
B/W yrs: 82-85
Rank: Sgt.
Now: : Austin,TX

Tuesday 01/14/2003 7:14:45am
Name: Ray Alston
E-Mail: raymond.alston(a)
B/W yrs: 1986-1993
Rank: MSgt
Now: : Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan

Thursday 01/09/2003 4:05:06pm
Name: Ray Villano
E-Mail: rvillano(a)
B/W yrs: 1979-1981
Rank: E-3
Now: :
Message: Crew Cheif F-4D then transition to A-10

Tuesday 01/07/2003 1:00:23am
Name: Steve Eaton
E-Mail: pmifhvt(a)
B/W yrs: 1978-1980
Rank: Amn
Now: : vermont
Message: 81 AGS bb loader

Thursday 01/02/2003 9:54:11pm
Name: David D Winget
E-Mail: winget(a)
B/W yrs: Jan 81-Jan86, Sep89-Feb92
Rank: Amn - Sra (first tour),SSgt (final tour)
Now: : Kesgrave,UK
Message: Linn, This site just gets better and better! Big KUDOS!! I would like to hear from anyone I worked with in Weapons Load 81 AGS or 78 AMU Specs. (near closing). Still looking for some buddies- Chuck Hood, Harry Wise, Mike & Jeanette Powell. If anyone knows where these people are please send them my way - Thanks!


Sunday 12/29/2002 12:39:29am
Name: Jeani Preszler (Charlton)
E-Mail: tjprez(a)
B/W yrs: 89-92
Now: : Dover AFB Delaware

Tuesday 12/31/2002 3:46:57pm
E-Mail: JHOLCOMBE (Jim, your email address was incomplete, please advise through the Guest Book, thanks.)
B/W yrs: 1987-91
Rank: SSGT
Now: : GREER, SC

Wednesday 12/25/2002 11:11:54pm
Name: Tom C. Fenyoe
E-Mail: tihamer.fenyoe(a)
B/W yrs: 1989-1991
Rank: AB-A1C
Now: : Travis AFB, CA
Message: I was a member of the 81SPS from 89-91. I'm currently a TSgt stationed at Travis AFB, CA. Looking for any old squadron members, especially members from "Bravo" Flight. Stitch, Bud, Grul, Little Joe, Steve, Mike, Lance, Mel, Kevin , Frenchy, Dennis, Ozzy, Brad, Fred, Phil, everyone... Feel free to send an email so we can catch up.

Saturday 12/14/2002 3:11:13am
Name: Lester Vaughan
E-Mail: vaughans(a)
B/W yrs: 1989-92
Rank: GS-12
Now: : Retired in Mobile, AL

Thursday 12/12/2002 8:09:16pm
Name: Oliver, George P
E-Mail: geo.oliver(a)
B/W yrs: Bentwaters 58-62, 64-67 and 78-93
Rank: AB, SRA, SMSgt
Now: : Felixstowe, Suffolk England
Message: Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me during any of these periods. Especially, Col Ross (JR), Chief Taylor (JAH), or any of the members of the 81 SUP/341.

Wednesday 12/11/2002 4:02:33am 
Name: Paula King-Poe 
E-Mail: paula.poe(a)  
B/W yrs: 83-85 
Rank: Dependant. Worked at the NCO Club in the pizza lounge, hostess in the dining room, teller in the cage, and slot room attendant. 
Now: : Indianapolis, IN 
Message: Those were some the best times of my life! My ex was Jeff King, Security Police. We lived off-base in Leiston. Wow, what great memories I'm trying to keep alive with the passing of time!Would especially love to hear what became of Bubba and Ruthie Kemp (Bubba got transferred to Minot), Russ Jones, and Ernie and Francois (can't remember their last name (but Ernie was from Montana) - but would love to hear from others stationed there around the same time. 

Monday 12/02/2002 6:24:46pm 
Name: Mark Resendes 
E-Mail: mresendes(a)  
B/W yrs: 1986-1988 
Now: : Travis AFB, CA 
Message: Lived and worked on the Woodbridge side.

Monday 11/25/2002 11:17:39pm 
Name: Chuck DeBarr 
E-Mail: cdebarr(a)  
B/W yrs: 1983-1985 
Rank: Sgt. 
Now: : Sunny Florida 
Message: I'm in the Jungle!

Friday 11/22/2002 8:45:29pm 
Name: Wayne Huber 
E-Mail: huberwd(a)  
B/W yrs: 1982-1985 
Rank: Staff Sergeant 
Now: : Biloxi,Mississippi 
Message: Was part of 81st Supply Squadron. Worked in Bench Stock Support and later Demand Processing. Lived in Rented cottage in village of Tunstall. Favorite Pub was the Plough and Sail in Snape. Spent a lot of weekends in London.

Friday 11/22/2002 6:31:40pm 
Name: Norman E. Clark 
E-Mail: sunbird170ss(a)  
B/W yrs: 1968-1972, 1987-1991 
Rank: MSGT 
Now: : Niceville, Florida

Wednesday 11/20/2002 5:38:25am 
Name: Glen A. Smith 
E-Mail: gsmith473(a)  
B/W yrs: 78-80 
Rank: Then AB-A1C
Much later Capt, USAF, Ret :~) 
Now: : Albuquerque NM 
Message: Time makes even the tough times fond to remember. If Andy Carpenter, Wild Bill Harris or Brian Sanders reads this, please drop me a line. Many wonderful memories! 

Saturday 11/16/2002 6:24:49am 
Name: Jonah Nuuhiwa Jr. 
E-Mail: jmnuuhiwa(at) 
B/W yrs: July 78-June 80 
Rank: AB-A1C 
Now: : Vallejo, CA. 
Message: I had a great time at RAF Bentwaters. Really the people there were the stars of the show. I worked with a bunch of great people in the Fire Dept. There were the ones that kept it rolling. Party at the NCO Club was always fun. Yes it was a Culture shock for me since coming from Hawaii. Never a dull moment. Talent shows was the times I looked forward to. TDY to the other Bases and to Germany. I just want to say Thank you to all the people that I met there at Bentwaters. Specially to the Hawaiian Brahda's and the Guys and Gals from the Fire Dept. You know who you are.

Saturday 11/16/2002 2:09:51am 
Name: Mickey Prosser 
E-Mail: prosser(a)  
B/W yrs: 77-79 & 85-89 
Rank: AB & TSGT 
Now: : Newnan, Georgia 
Message: I often read the accounts of so many who served at Bentwaters and Woodbridge through the years and one theme is common. It was some of the best years of our lives. Doing two tours in the 81st FW (81 OMS, 92AMU, MSSQ) were so different from all our other assignments. We did one in Holland and also one at Lakenheath but the twin bases were special. Like so many others we will always remember Ipswich and Woodbridge Town and so many of the little villages and communities. In the day and age in which we all live I'm proud and blessed for the privilege I had to serve in England and in the Air Force. Retired from Langley AFB Virginia in 1999. I remember when our son Joshua was born in Apr 86 and I was in a Post Office down in Ipswich the day after we bombed Libya and very self conscious by some of the news report on the telly. The postal clerk behind the counter looked me squarely in the eyes and said, "Contrary to what you're hearing on the news, some of us Brits are (a)#%$! glad you bombed Libya!" I've never forgotten how that made me feel and I love the British people and how they treated us as guests in their beautiful country. I still work with the military at the Army Reserve Headquarters in Atlanta on Ft McPherson and my wife and are planning on a return trip soon. I'm sure it will be sad to see what has become of our home away from home. Till we meet again. 

Friday 11/15/2002 10:09:27pm 
Name: Adrien Gorham 
E-Mail: AdrienGorham(a)AOL.Com  
B/W yrs: June 1982-Feb 1987 
Rank: British Civilian
N.C.O Open Mess 
Now: : Leiston, Suffolk U.K 
Message: Had some brilliant times working as a cook at Bentwaters All Ranks Club, met some great people. Where are you all?
It's very sad to see the state of the place now, what a waste.
Love to hear from old friends/co-workers. 

Wednesday 11/13/2002 5:28:44am 
Name: Terry Priddy 
E-Mail: priddytk(a)  
B/W yrs: feb 1980- sept 1993 13yrs 7 months 
Rank: Ret as a Msgt July 1 1993 
Now: : RAF Lakenheath. AAFES Garage Forman 
Message: Started out in the 511th amb before we got the Hogs. 7th person in of the new amb. On to the 92nd in about 90-91. Up to supervision as Avenger for a while before I called it a day and traded my BDU's for permanent levis.. Could any of you believe such a wonderful place would ever close?? I guess we should have known with all the money Uncle Sugar was pouring into it. I have not been back as I've been told it would break my heart, one day I'll have to go. I'll just keep remembering all the good times and the VERY SPECIAL people that made the 81st what it was.SIMPLY THE BEST!!! God Bless you all...

Monday 11/11/2002 4:15:00pm 
Name: Earl Adams 
E-Mail: ejhelen(a)  
B/W yrs: 1984-1992 
Rank: A1C-SSgt 
Now: : RAF Lakenheath 
Message: Was assigned to the 81EMS Phase Docks as an engine troop, then later became a dock chief on the 510th Phase Dock. After 7 years in the Phase docks I went out to the flight line in the 510th TFS as a crew chief. Bentwaters was the best assignment of my Air Force career and the best 8 years of my life.

Saturday 11/09/2002 2:04:23pm 
Name: Jeff Sanders 
E-Mail: sandersj26(a)  
B/W yrs: May 1982-May 1985 
Rank: Arrived as an AB, left as SRA.
McGuire AFB, SRA to SSGT.
Kunsun AB til Sep. SSGT.
Joined TN Army Nat. Guard 1994-1997 
Now: : Civilian in Kingsport, Tn. 
Message: I worked at the W/B Fuel shop. Spent some time working at the Phase Hanger for TSGT. Whitenbeck. Attend services at the Christian Serviceman Center.
I wish I knew then what I know now ,I would have kept extending. I miss the place very much. Friends became family over the course of time. I would love to return and visit.
When I left W/B I pcs'd to Mcguire AFB for 6 yrs. From there went to the ROK,  Kunsun AB for a year and then took the civilian route in 1992. I made SSGT while at McGuire AFB. 

Wednesday 11/06/2002 4:23:20pm 
Name: Vicky Sandberg (formerly Pleshe) 
E-Mail: sandbergv(a)  
B/W yrs: Woodbridge 1982-1985 
Rank: SrA 
Now: : Battle Creek, Michigan 
Message: I worked in the ECM Shop (Pods) at Woodbridge. I'd love to hear from old friends/co-workers. 

Wednesday 10/30/2002 10:18:29pm 
B/W yrs: 85-87 - 81CSG-CBPO 
Rank: A1C - SRA 

Wednesday 10/30/2002 5:22:54pm 
Name: Kristi (Kluck) Stluka 
E-Mail: skavl(a)  
B/W yrs: 1988-1991 
Rank: E-4 
Now: : San Antonio,TX 
Message: Would love to be able to get into anyone who was at Bentwaters with me working either Security or L.E. Frenchy,Salter, Moose, Kate, Chucky, Smitty... give me a holler! 

Wednesday 10/30/2002 0:53:21am 
Name: Scott Church 
E-Mail: sncchurch(a)  
B/W yrs: 1987-1990 
Rank: AB-SRA 
Now: : California 
Message: I would love to hear from The WB Fire Department, especially B Shift. 

Friday 10/25/2002 3:54:00pm 
Name: Diane Keeble 
E-Mail: qcsallen(a)  
B/W yrs: 1982-1986/8 and 1990 til closure 
Rank: MOD civillian
working in Housing Referral,
81 CES and
Pass and ID 81SPS 
Now: : Tunstall, England!!! 
Message: Great to see old names of the site as I recognise several folks from 81SPS and CBPO (where Pass and ID was). Married Timothy Allen, 81 EMS in 1987 and was also stationed at Griffiss AFB, NY which is also closed. Always good to hear from all the good people that made the community at Bentwaters as it is so sad to see the NCO Club etc flat to the ground.

Wednesday 10/23/2002 5:28:12pm 
Name: Dan Blanchard 
E-Mail: dnb642(a)  
B/W yrs: January 1988 - December 1990 
Rank: Sergeant 
Now: : Everett, WA 
Message: I was an A-10 Crew Chief for the 92nd AMU. Anybody who remembers me, please contact me if you wish. Also, I am looking for color patches for 81TFW, 81AGS, 92AMU and USAFE if anybody has any available. Thanks!

Monday 10/21/2002 2:45:47pm 
Name: Matthew Gogan 
E-Mail: matimeo(a)  
B/W yrs: 1988-1991 
Rank: Now a Lt Col. The a Captain. 
Now: : USAF Academy, CO 
Message: Worked in the Civil Engineering Squadron (with the Property Services Agency Mr. Ainsley and Crew) as Chief of Operations, Deputy Base Civil Engineer, and for a short period as Commander of the 81st Civil Engineering Squadron.

Sunday 10/20/2002 3:57:49pm 
Name: Cathy Shaw 
E-Mail: rstbear(a)  
B/W yrs: 1984-1987 
Rank: SSgt-Sgt, Canine Handler & LE Flight Chief 
Now: : Marquette, Michigan 
Message: I was stationed at the Twin Bases, I was assigned as Flight Chief of "C" Flight on RAF Bentwaters. I would like to hear from anyone who was there during that time frame, especially; Chester Horton, Myron Freeman, Ken Reed, Dennis Huff, Chris Redman, Myles Cuyos, Jeff Pipes, Kathy Fluery, Steve Smith, Dorian George, Steve Wallace, Melissa Thrumond, Roger Cover, Pete Schmall, Oliver Towns, Jon Biddle, Keith Dewitt, Scott Curran, Karen Slawolski, James Ball, Andrew LaSalle, Laura Vanselo, Mark Beauchamp "Dog House", Ray Evans, James Vickers, any canine handler assigned at the Twin Bases, Keith Dewitt, hearing from anyone from the Twin Bases would be great. 

Sunday 10/20/2002 3:52:35pm 
Name: Jim Shaw 
E-Mail: jshawzie(a)  
B/W yrs: 1984-1987 
Rank: Tsgt 
Now: : Marquette, Michigan 
Message: I was stationed at the Twin Bases, I was assigned as Flight Chief of "C" Flight on RAF Woodbridge. I would like to hear from anyone who was there during that time frame, especially; Chester Horton, Myron Freeman, Ken Reed, Dennis Huff, Chris Redman, Myles Cuyos, Jeff Pipes, Kathy Fluery, Steve Smith, Dorian George, Steve Wallace, Melissa Thrumond, Roger Cover, Pete Schmall, Oliver Towns, Jon Biddle, Keith Dewitt, Scott Curran, Karen Slawolski, James Ball, Andrew LaSalle, Laura Vanselo, Mark Beauchamp "Dog House", Ray Evans, again, anyone from that time frame I would love to hear from you.

Sunday 10/20/2002 3:18:24am 
Name: Thomas A. Gates 
E-Mail: tom.gates(a)  
B/W yrs: August 1985-August 1988 
Rank: Sergeant. Worked in the Electrical/Environmental Shop at Bentwaters and also with the 78th fighter squadron at RAF Woodbridge. 
Now: : Wisconsin Air National Guard 
Message: Bentwaters was a great first assignment. I enjoyed my three years there to the maximum. I had many friends there; not just in CRS but in AGS too. Hope some of them someday see this message and drop a line.

Thursday 10/17/2002 7:16:00pm 
Name: David Ogles 
E-Mail: david.ogles(a)  
B/W yrs: 84-86 
Rank: A1C 
Now: : Glasgow, KY 
Message: Crypto - 2164 CS/ISS

Thursday 10/10/2002 0:01:59am 
Name: Sheri Bergeron 
E-Mail: Kahluarose(a)  
B/W yrs: 1982-1983 
Rank: Worked at the Barber Shops 
Now: : CT 
Message: I sure to miss it there - I felt like I was home for the first time when I moved to England and I have not felt like I have been home since I left England. Would love to hear from old friends and co-workers (Nate & Bunny, Mandy, David, Dee, etc) 

Saturday 10/05/2002 5:04:12am 
Name: James Chowning 
E-Mail: jwchown(a)  
B/W yrs: 1989 - 1993 
Rank: SSgt 
Now: : Indiana, United States 
Message: I was stationed at RAF Fairford from 1983 to 1989 prior to my assignment at RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge. I worked in the Base Communications Center. I really enjoyed my time in England. 

Sunday 09/29/2002 9:05:43am 
Name: Fred J. Kelly 
E-Mail: Wolfman01(a)  
B/W yrs: Woodbridge Air Police 83-87 
Rank: A/2C 
Now: : Livonia Michigan 
Message: Some of the best years of my life. Married 35 yrs. to a gal from East London. Great site, nice to see some 81st Air Police names. 

Thursday 09/26/2002 9:21:40pm 
Name: Jerry D. Watson 
E-Mail: jerry.watson(a)  
B/W yrs: 1985-1992 
Rank: Tsgt to SMSgt 
Now: : New Braunfels Texas 
Message: In your photos you ask about the Wart Hog holding a magnifying glass. In his left hand is an inspectors stamp, and the grey box is a box of munitions of some type properly nomenclatured and all. I ownder what happen to the six FOL's (Foward Operating Locations) we had in Germany ie., Jever, Alhorn, etc? 

Thursday 09/26/2002 2:25:31am 
Name: Jimmy Hernandez 
E-Mail: carverpit(a)  
B/W yrs: 87 to 91 
Rank: Ssgt 
Now: : San Antonio Texas 
Message: As a crew chief in the 510th TFS, I have some very fond memories of the Twin Bases. 

Thursday 09/19/2002 5:38:25pm 
Name: Mike Johnson 
E-Mail: mjohnson(a)  
B/W yrs: 1985-1988 
Rank: SMSgt 
Now: : Las Vegas, NV 
Message: Worked at the 81st DCM. would like to hear from anyone I knew back then.

Monday 09/09/2002 4:31:57pm 
Name: Phil Symes 
E-Mail: psymes(a)  
B/W yrs: 1985-1987 
Rank: A1C, now Tsgt Wisconsin Air National Guard 
Now: : Madison Wisconsin 
Message: Looking for lost friends from the 81st CRS Jet Shop, Mike Clark, Mike Gubbels, Doug DeClerk, hey you know who you are. I hope more Engine Mechanics figure out how to use the internet.

Monday 08/26/2002 0:38:34am 
Name: Bob & Linda Norway 
E-Mail: examiner(a) ; diamondg(a)  
B/W yrs: 89-91 
Rank: SMSgt - Avionics Branch Mgr - 81 CRS 
Now: : Rockledge, Florida 
Message: Have been back to the area twice. Once as a result of Linn's pages and once for my brother-in-law's wedding in Orford. Both were great visits with LOTS of Adnams going by the boards at the Butley Oyster Pub. Wedding reception was also held there... 

Thursday 08/22/2002 10:06:03pm 
Name: Kevin Wagers 
E-Mail: kevin.wagers(a)  
B/W yrs: 74-78 & 85-89 
Rank: Dependant 
Now: : RAF Mildenhall 352MXS Jet Shop 
Message: I never work on B/W, but spent a good deal of my life their. My Dad was a crew cheif on F-4s his first tour and on A-10s his last. Following his foot steps I joined and work the Mh-53s that where stationed there in the 80s and 90s. I got alot of memories of the two bases its a shame to see them in the state they are in now. 
This is a great site, keep it up. 

Thursday 08/22/2002 4:33:04am 
Name: Steven LaPlume 
E-Mail: slaplume(a)  
B/W yrs: 1980-1981 
Rank: E-3 
Now: : Southern California 
Message: You can say what you want but there were some pretty strange sitings when I was there. I don't know if it was an experimental aircraft or what but in the second week of January 1981, Sr Airmen Palmer and myself saw a craft that made no noise went over our heads about 1000 feet off the deck and manuvered like no aircraft I had seen before or since. Other than that freak event I really liked the base.

Wednesday 08/21/2002 4:55:42am 
Name: Jerry D. Watson 
E-Mail: jerry.watson(a)  
B/W yrs: 1980-1992 
Rank: TSgt-SMSgt 
Now: : New Braunfels, Texas 
Message: Ammo type 461. Worked in the bombdump & Wing Readines. Now an Operations type at Austin Bergstrom International Airport. I even have two igloos on airport. Still riding BMW's...miss the great days at crooked creek. 

Monday 08/12/2002 5:27:46am 
Name: Kathy Fleury 
E-Mail: Bettyboopkma(a)  
B/W yrs: 1986-1988 
Rank: Made SRA below the zone 
Now: : Maine 
Message: 81st Security Police Squadron...Col Towns (Thor) I worked in Wing Security Control... would love to hear from anyone... 

Monday 08/05/2002 9:34:17pm 
Name: Tom Shuck 
E-Mail: tom(a)  
B/W yrs: 4/78 - 4/80 
Rank: SSgt (E-4) 
Now: : Port Orchard, WA 
Message: I was with the 81st OMS phase docks for a year, then moved to Maintenance Job Control. I also worked at the new bowling center as a mechanic. I lived in Orford, Ipswich, and Wickham Market. I hung out in the Checkers Pub in Wickham Market.
This a great site! Keep up the good work.

Wednesday 07/31/2002 3:29:51am 
Name: Bruce Stock 
E-Mail: bruce.stock(a)  
B/W yrs: 7/81-7/85, 8/91-5/93 
Rank: SSgt (E5) Retired 
Now: : Nanuet, NY 
Message: Had a wonderful time while stationed at B/W. Spent most of my years working in the (81 CRS) Jet Shop and Test Cell. Made many friends and I'm still in contact with Mike & Rose Southgate in Sommersham and Geoffery Fitch in Ipswich. Someday, I wish to visit and show the area to my wife and daughter. Was one of the last mechanics to leave the engine shop and transfer to the base wood shop while the base was in its last few months. 

Saturday 07/27/2002 5:57:18pm 
Name: Mark Melikan 
E-Mail: mmelikan(a)  
B/W yrs: 1985-1990 
Rank: Colonel/Resource Management 
Now: : Temple, TX 
Message: Best assignment in 28 years with the AF 

Friday 07/26/2002 10:43:50pm 
Name: Lt Col Matthew Gogan 
E-Mail: matthew.gogan(a)  
B/W yrs: 1988-1991 
Rank: Captain. 
Now: : USAF Academy, CO 

Friday 07/12/2002 1:00:13am 
Name: Lee Hartman 
E-Mail: koffeehound(a)  
B/W yrs: Sept 82- Sept 85 
Rank: Ssgt 
Now: : Rancho Cordova, CA 
Message: Looking for Stephen Stanford and Curley Lawson, 511th AMU or anyone else from the 511th during this time. 

Wednesday 07/10/2002 12:17:16am 
Name: Tim McCandliss 
E-Mail: TimM(a)  
B/W yrs: 1979-1981 
Rank: AB - A1C 
Now: : Scotland 
Message: RAF Woodbridge was my first Aircrew Life Support Assignment and best assignment. I was attached to the 67th ARRS. 

Thursday 07/04/2002 7:32:54pm 
Name: Jim Teague 
E-Mail: jctdel(a)  
B/W yrs: 1973-77 1980-84 
Rank: Msgt 81st SPS
lived off base Halesworth first tour
Felixstowe second tour 
Now: : Pendleton IN 
Message: Retired 1997. Now work for Verizon. great life, great people 

Wednesday 06/26/2002 4:56:30am 
E-Mail: OLLIE6319(a)JUNO.COM  
B/W yrs: 196I-63/76-92 
Rank: m/sgt 
Now: : Wash. State

Friday 06/21/2002 3:30:21am 
Name: Wayne E. Worman 
E-Mail: wormanwels(a)  
B/W yrs: 1979-1981 
Rank: Captain - Munitions Supply Officer.
Civilian now. 
Now: : Woodbury Heights, NJ 
Message: Seem to remember we were there when the exchange rate was most unfavorable, so, unfortunately, we (my wife & 2 small sons) couldn't do as much as we would have liked. Think it was up like $1.50 - $1.75 per pound. 

Saturday 06/08/2002 5:24:29am 
Name: Eric George 
E-Mail: egeorge1(at) (revised 16 Jan 2007)
B/W yrs: September 1986 to December 1992 
Rank: E-4 Sargent 
Now: : Titusville Pa. 
Message: Real nice site wish you could, was looking to find old friends. 

Monday 05/27/2002 2:18:54pm 
Name: Wayne Huber 
E-Mail: huberwd(a)  
B/W yrs: Jan. 4, 1982-Jan 2, 1985 
Rank: SSGT. Then 
Now: : Biloxi, Mississippi 
Message: My U.K. years were my favorite part of my USAF. career. Enjoyed the Plough and Sail Pub in Snape and drinking Adnams Ale Bitter on draft. Haven't found it available in States like "Bass" is.
My friend Eric Braddock and I hung out there a lot. Also went to London often on payday weekends. 
Kept in touch with him periodically after we both left Bentwaters. He unfortunately later died from Leukemia in 1993 at March AFB., Ca. He was a good friend and Great individual. Some of you who were in the 81st Supply Squadron during the early 1980s will probably remember him.
I myself COT'd to RAF Mildenhall and stayed in the UK until August 1990.
I retired from the AF. in 1999 but am still working as a civilian at Keesler AFB. MS. My wife is from here as well. Would like to hear from twin base people from those years. 

Monday 05/27/2002 11:20:00pm 
Name: Bob Pierce 
E-Mail: britcom(a)  
B/W yrs: 1986 - 1993 
Rank: SSgt 
Now: : Cabot Arkansas 
Message: I worked at the sheetmetal shop at Bentwaters and enjoyed working with the civilians in our shop. If anyone knows Dick or Alex let me know I would like to talk to them. 

Sunday 05/26/2002 3:34:04am 
Name: Glenn Martin 
B/W yrs: 1989 - 1992 
Rank: Ssgt, 81st EMS, AGE Shop, 92nd Combat AGE Team (CAT) 
Now: : 82nd MXS, AGE Shop, Sheppard AFB Tx. CIV 
Message: Thanks to Linn Barringer our memories of RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge and beautiful Suffolk England lives on! I've been visiting this Outstanding web site about 5 years now and have had the privilege of meeting Linn back in 99 while on holiday to Benhall in Saxmundham. This site is very special to me as it always brings back fond memories of my time spent and friends made in such a wonderful place, ENGLAND!!! Anyone remember Bldg 592 (AGE Shop)? Thanks again Linn for all you've done!!! Glenn 

Monday 05/20/2002 2:36:59am 
Name: Mark Ellison 
E-Mail: markellison(a)  
Referred By: Just Surfed In 
City/Country: Oklahoma city, OK 
Message: Stationed at Woody from 1985 to 1989. Of all my assignments in the Air Force, Bentwaters and Woodbridge was the best. I've always regretted leaving when I did. I should have COT'd.

From: Henry L (Louis) Gagne, III  
Email: iyfphoto(a) or lgagne(a)
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003

My dad was stationed there in 1980-1981 in an A-10 squadron (I can't remember the # at the moment 82nd, 92nd...).
He was killed as a result of mechanical failure of the plane which I believe managed to take the life of several pilots back then. Anyway, I just wanted to track down any info I could find. His name was Henry Louis Gagne Jr. Any ideas where I might look to find information/history/records?
I was talking with my mom the other day and she said
that she was interested in getting in contact with some people from there as
well. I guess the war brings back memories. Thanks,
Henry L. Gagne III

Monday 05/20/2002 3:46:51pm 
Name: Charles Faussete 
E-Mail: charlesf22(a)  
Referred By: E-Mail 
City/Country: St. Petersburg., FLorida 
Message: Looking forward to hearing from fellow Air Traffic Controllers who served at BT/WB between December 82 and April 93. 

Monday 05/20/2002 9:43:03pm 
Name: Jay O'Dea 
E-Mail: jay.a.odea(a)  
City/Country: Ipswich England 
Message: 81 SPS 64/66, 81 FMS 66/68
AAFES auto parts 68/75, Back to Bentwaters 85/93. 

Frances Twiggs
I would like very much to find a friend of mine who I knew while serving at RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge. My name is Frances Twiggs I was there in 1986-1988. His name is Nigel Chadwick. He has since retired. However, he married an English person and so stayed in the country. How do I go about locating him?
Thanks for your help. (some ideas are on the Guidance page)
Frances Twiggs

Richard J. Walker
Walker Richard J SSGT 48OSS/OSAR. First of all, my wife and I absolutely loved your page on Bentwaters. We were there from 1988-1991. I was (am) an Air Traffic Controller. You mentioned Anglia Control as the ATC facility for the bases. It may have been in the 60's, but it wasn't when I was there. The Approach, Arrival and Departure controllers for both bases were at Bentwaters, in the RAPCON (Radar Approach Control). I dont know the history of when they moved, but if you like, I can research the dates and get back with you. I'm at Lakenheath now.
Many thanks
Richard J. Walker, Mundford, Thetford

MICHAEL BEESON maiden1963(a)
Dear Linn,
My name is Michael Beeson. I was assigned to Bentwaters from Jan 86' to Dec 88'. I was with the 81st SPS, "A" Flight Law Enforcement.
I had vacationed in England with my two daughters recently, 7-14 June 2002. I had the privilege of going back to Bentwaters and taking a look around the base. I must say it brought back lots of great memories. It was sad to see the bowling alley gone. It meant alot to us since it was a 24hr facility. I took lots of pictures, but I didn't go to the flight line side at all. What will they do with the domestic site??
When I was stationed there, I lived in Needham Market. It was quite the drive into base. My oldest daughter (now 17) was only 3yrs old when she left.
I appreciate your web site and all the updates. I have found several of my friends with your help. We now all stay in touch. It means alot.
I have one friend whom I cannot find. His name is Patrick Hamby. He was a K-9 handler with the 81st SPS. He married a British lady who worked on the base with the Travel Agency. He actually moved to Colorado and I heard that he moved back to England and was living in Kent. Though this is not confirmed. He was stationed at Bentwaters from 86-89. If you can help in any way, please let me know.
Take care.
Michael R. Beeson, "A" Flight Law Enforcement 81st SPS

Norman Hightree Jr normanhightree(a), Bentwaters 1985-1986
(See some of Norman's photos here)
RAF Bentwaters was my first PCS after shipping from Jet Engine Tech school at Chanute AFB in Illinois. I was in the 81 EMS (Equipment Maintenance Squadron) and worked in the "Phase Dock" or "Phase Hangar"
Now: I am currently living in Chicago and I can be contacted at: normanhightree(a) or (847) 421-2658.
Bentwaters was my first PCS after arriving fresh out of Chanute AFB; which is now the Chanute Aerospace Museum 
 I was 18 years old when I arrived at Bentwaters in the Spring of 1985, and acquired a lifetime's worth of experience and knowledge while stationed there.
I have searched and searched this website and have not found any other members of 81 EMS that were actual aircraft and/or engine mechanics on our old Warthog (vacuum cleaner) jets, and I would love to hear from any of them.
I met some really great people at Bentwaters and would love to know if NOEL WICHMAN, TERRY ONKAY, DALE BROWN, MELODY GREY, DAN FAUPEL or even anyone who knows anything about these old Bentwaters alumni.
I worked in the "Phase Hangar" (that's the first huge hangar on your right as you entered the tech side) so I was only on the flight line occasionally, when a "Jet Mech" was desperately needed.
I have a lot of great photos that were taken on the base (domestic and photos that were STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the tech side; including some of the jets inside the hangar) that I can publish here or swap through email if anyone is interested.
Looking forward to all correspondence.

James D. Burris metoo119(a)  Bentwaters Woodbridge 1980 to 1983, Ssgt 81st sps wsa area sup.
Now: 196 New River Dr Jacksonville N.C. 28540
I'm looking for old friends. The memories that came flooding back from seeing this site make me think I was there again. Thank you.

Sarah Holland/Morgan/Kneale sarahkneale(a) Bentwaters 1988-1993, British MoD civilian
I am looking for people who remember me from the switchboard. My operator number was 9.
I am really interested in finding a SSgt Darlene Jones who work in the gym and a Billie Peppers who was an American civilian working in the2164th and 81st communication squadron.
If anyone has any info I would really love to hear from you
I really miss the base and find it very depressing driving past.

Christina Whitley (Horton) cwhitley41(a) Bentwaters 1986-1990 Dependant
Now: 298 McCully Road Columbus, MS 39702 - (662) 329-1730
My father was stationed at RAF Bentwaters from 1986-1990, in the 81st AGS.
I'm looking for anybody who remembers me from then.
Although my name is Christina (Horton) Whitley, a lot of people called me Chris.
I knew a lot of people in the 81st sps particularly Robert Durham. I would like to find Robert and Sheila Perry whose last address was in New Mexico

David Winget winget(a)btopenworld.comBentwaters 81-86 and 89-92, SSgt, first tour -81AGS Weapons loader, second tour-581AGS, 78 AMU Acft electrical spec
Now: 15 Mackenzie Drive, Kesgrave, Suffolk, UK, IP51HW
I found Jon Kwiatkowski on your website, also knew a few other guys on the site. I am currently trying to locate a few good buddies lost in time- Chuck Hood (92AMU crewchief), Harry Wise aka 'Scooter' (81 AGS WPNS Loader), Mike and Jeanette Powell - I was his best man at his wedding (mid 80's); Scott 'Suthy' Southerland and his cohort 'Swiv'. And anyone else who was in the Animal House (81 AGS barracks) during 81-83.
Does anyone remember the A-10 which sat on it's tail at B/W? That was a site, looked like some type of new anti-aircraft gun. I'm still hitched to a wonderful wife (Debbie) with two daughters.
I now work in England as an instructor in the electrical engineering at the Suffolk College of Ipswich. It is hard to see a base so empty that had a wonderful history and was my home for the better part of my military career. Loved the satellite view and the patch site.

Zachary Netherton snetherton(a) Bentwaters Woodbridge 1989-1993 Civilian
I went to school at Woodbridge until the base closed down. I was around 10 years old when I left and in 4th grade. I can remember a lot. I was just wondering if there are any old friends that might remember me. If so, please send me an email. My teachers names were Mrs. Flemming, Mrs. Tomoka, and Mrs. Brand.

Adrien Gorham AdrienGorham(a)AOL.COM Bentwaters 1981-1987 British civilian, worked as a cook at the NCO OPEN MESS (ALL RANKS CLUB) from 1981 to 1987, Mainly in the Pizza Lounge.
I would like to contact anyone who remembers working with me during that time.

Michael L. Johnson mjohnson(a) Bentwaters Woodbridge 1985-1988, SMSgt(ret) 81 TFW DCM. Would like to hear from anyone I knew back then.

Tom Bastian Tbastian02(a) Bentwaters Woodbridge 1985-1989, Sgt. with 81 TFW/81 CES/Base fire department Bentwaters 1985-1989 Worked in Both base gyms 1987-89
Now: 11219 US 231 South Romney, IN 47981 765-538-2186
Looking for anyone who was in either Fire Department or Base Gym. Looking for Jerry Carpenter

Carol Smith/Karayannis KARAYANNIS(a)AOL.COM Bentwaters Woodbridge
I have been looking for an old friend called Spacey Walker for some time now. He was based on Woodbridge and this would of been late 80s early 90s. I think he came from Texas and may now of returned there. He was a tall black man with a great personality. If any one remembers him or knows his whereabouts I would really like to hear from you.
Thank you in advance.

Matthew Tinkley mattinkley(a) Bentwaters Woodbridge 1984-5-6-ish
Unfortunately I have very few details to help me in my search for Reshawn Betton, who was the son of (Mr & Mrs) Betton, they lived in Grundisburgh 84/85/86ish.
Reshawn had two sisters. I am not sure if his father was stationed at Bentwaters or Woodbridge. We were neighbours and occasionally attended school together. Would really like to get in touch with Reshawn Betton, so if anyone could help or even remember working with Mr Betton and could give me some more information on rank, first name or even nickname. Many thanks, Matthew Tinkley.




Richard Clayton rrclayton(a) Tsgt with 78th TFW
Wife Roanne, Daughter Kirsti and son Geoffrey (born RAF Lakenheath 1978 while stationed at RAF Alconbury)
Address: P.O Box 834 Manchester, Missouri 63011
Your website sure brought back old memories. One person I remember really well was Curtis Woods, Married a British gal, Barbara from Ipswich. Last I heard they were in Sacramento CA. We are also in regular contact with Scott (now CMSGT) and Cindy Pyeatt, now in Virginia. If anyone would like to correspond just e-mail!

Lee Snelling snelling_07(a) Bentwaters Woodbridge, 81st Communications Squadron
Now: 509 Feagin Mill Road Warner Robins, Ga. 31088 USA
My family lived at Bentwaters/Woodbridge in the later 80's and early 90's. My step-father was SSGT Bruce Coghill of the 81st Comm. Sq. I was in school at the time of his service.

Kwiatkowski, Jon MSgt. Ret. msgtkwiatkowski(a), Bentwaters 1980 - 1993, MSgt, 81TFW, 81MMS, 81AGS, 511AMU, 81LSC, 81QA, Alhorn, Sembach, Leipheim, Norvenich, Zaragoza, Corsica, Skrydstrup, Weapons Loading
Now: Merced, California
I would enjoy hearing from those who served with me. I have lots of photographs from Alhorn to Zaragoza. Looking forward to your reply. 'Sgt Ski'

Neil Klotz klotzne(a) Bentwaters 1985-1989, Sgt, 511th Amu, 92nd Amu
Now: 54 Reading Road Ipswich IP4 4NR 0044 1473 405730 / 720029
It would be nice to get in touch with others who were stationed at Bentwaters particularly those from the 511th or 92nd. If anybody out there wants to get in touch, do it.

Denis Guyer deguyer(a) Bentwaters 1988-1990, SGT, 81st TFW Clinic/BEE
I am still in touch with friends Steve Steelman, Paul Karstendiek (now TSGT.(a) AFSOC), and Victor Weeden (was a SGT-BEE now CAPTAIN-Logistics at Kirtland N.M.).
Anyone else out there remember us?

Ken Thomas kthomas226(a), Bentwaters 1983 - 1987, 81st crs tsgt, propulsion branch
Looking for anyone who worked in the jet engine shop from 1983 to 1987

Horace Paine paine12_99(a) Bentwaters Woodbridge 1986-1990, 81st Civil Engineer Squadron. Fire Department Active Duty.
I would love to hear from any old friends. I was in the Fire Department there from 86-90. Rescue Crew on A shift. Those were the days...

Natasha Robinson mab37(a)
I'm looking for Herbert P, Robinson born, 24 Aug.195?. He was a Sergeant between 1982-83 with the USAF at Bentwaters and/or Woodbridge.

Buddy Schunk atcbuddy(a) 1982-1984, a1c, 2164th comm, atc rapcon
address Now: 86 pasture drive Manchester, NH 03102
I'm looking for Mick Ybarra (no longer looking, found April 2002) a controller at RAF Bentwaters with me. Any other ATC from Bentwaters/Woodbridge from 1982-1985 can contact me...

Charles E. Timbers Jr. Bentwaters Woodbridge 1982-1985, SRA-Sgt. 81st CRS ECM Shop
Address Now: 1431 Rustic DR apt.8, Ocean, NJ 07712, (732) 493-0187
I am trying to obtain any pictures of the Phantoms Football team from the 1982 season. Especially the team photo/s. I am willing to pay for the prints.

topdogcs(a) Chris Sanders, Bentwaters Woodbridge 1987-1989, 81 sps raf woodbridge A1C
I was stationed with the 81sps det1.
Would like to hear from anyone who was there with me.

Roger Gillingham rmgillingham(a) Subject: Kevin Culbatson
My name is Roger Gillingham and I live in Woodbridge Suffolk.
I made many friends with serviceman from Bentwaters over the years, in particular Kevin Culbertson, who was a sergeant stationed there between 1982 1984 or thereabouts. Kevin became a good drinking partner and we enjoyed many fun nights together, albeit his wife Kristal was not so happy about our late nights out. We used to drink at the Martlesham Red Lion and Kevin had a dog called Max. If you can put me in touch with Kevin it would be great.
Azmara Plc, 4 Creed Court, Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AA TEL: +44 20 7213 0590 FAX: +44 20 7213 0591

littlewolf49(a) Randy Erickson, Woodbridge 1968-1972 and 1987-1991, 381st Munitions Maint Sq - 78th tac ftr Sq Woodbridge USAF 68-72 Bentwaters 1987-91 81st EMS
Address Now: Phoenix Arizona
Trying to locate military buddies stationed at Woodbridge 78th Tac sq 69-72. Last I heard they were both in their home state somewhere in California. Kenneth McKee (Mac). Lloyd Gieg. If your out there Mac or Lloyd or if anyone knows their whereabouts e-mail me Randy Erickson

hannahmel(a) Melanie A. Waghalter Johnson - daughter of Sam Brown, Bentwaters Woodbridge, 1985-1989
My dad, Sam Brown was in the AMMO dumps at both bases
Address Now: Beaumont, TX
I am looking for anyone that remembers my dad, and my family, Sam "ol man" Brown. I am specifically looking for Kevin "lolly" Geary, or anyone that knows where he is. They played softball together. I am also looking for Mark Bunch.

MAIDEN1963(a)YAHOO.COM MICHAEL R. BEESON, Bentwaters 1986-1988
I WAS A DESK SGT/PATROLMAN. I WORKED WITH THE GREATNESS OF KEN HAGGE (Go Big Red). We ran the whole show-brother! and DAVID BISHOP. We co-owned a car we named the "Blue Max". We also took a turn being DJ's at the NCO Club.  LOOKING FOR * PAT HAMBY/K-9 * DAVID NARCISSE * DAVID THAILING * STICKLER * RYMER AKA "STICK" * "FABIAN" * PAM AND HALEY. I have nothing but great memories with all my friends. I'm telling you this... I could put together an Olympic Beer drinking team that would win the gold every time. "A" Flight rules!! OUR FLIGHT WAS THE BEST ON THE BASE. 81SPS BEST IN EUROPE, 1986 AND 1987. NEVER FORGET ALL THE GREAT MEMORIES WE MADE. GOD LOVE US!!!!

jhaggefct(a)  and huskerfb22(a) 
Jackie (Jordan) Hagge and Ken Hagge
Bentwaters 1986-1988, 81st TFW (CBPO)(Jackie) 81st SPS(Ken)
Address: N.Charleston, SC
We met and married at Bentwaters in 1987. We have 2 children. Jackie is looking for anybody that was at "CBPO" late 1986 thru late 1988. Ken is looking for * "Beaver"(Ken's roomate) * Frenchy * Kramitz * Hamby * Linneman * Rob Ward * Lou Grubbs * LaPlante * Steve Hoffman * "Mongo" * anybody that played mud football outside the SPS dorm

Michele Risner micheler(a) Bentwaters, 1986-1990
I was a SrA working in the Command Section of the 81TFW Clinic. Also worked in the orderly room for a bit.
Address: 609 Mercury, Alamogordo, NM
My husband, SSgt Brian Risner (81 MXS/AMMO) and I loved our tour of Bentwaters. Our daughter was born at Lakenheath in November 1988. We lived first in Leiston (99 Carr Avenue) and then in Saxmundham housing. Moved to Holloman AFB in Nov 90 and remain here today. Brian is now a MSgt with 20 years in, currently in Korea, but coming back to Holloman to finish the next 4 years! Would love to hear from ANYONE who remembers us!

GARY and ANDY NORMAN G.J.Norman(a), Bentwaters 1985-1992 period
British civilians mainly in Supply Squadron and Accounting and Finance, and the Post Office. My brother and I enjoyed our time at Bentwaters for those years. We are still working for the Military at RAF Lakenheath. Would be nice to here from old Supply and Finance troops who remember us both.

Scott Hays Scott_hays(a) Bentwaters 1982-1984
Amn to A1c, 702X0C, 2164th Comm. Squadron. Worked in the Orderly Room, Rations, etc.
Address: 243 Harrison Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 - (712) 325-0242
stationed at RAF Bentwaters, and loved very minute that I was there. hated to leave the people I worked with as well as the civilians I was with. Anyone who was in the 2164th Feel Free to write and bring back memories.

Zoe Horne zoe_horne(a) Bentwaters 1986 - 1993 Closure, 81 TFW Clinic - Civilian
I worked as the Health Benefits Advisor (CHAMPUS) in the Clinic until the closure in 1993. I still keep in touch with a few people I used to work with and recently met up with someone who was stationed at BW until 1992. If you remember me, it would be great to catch up!



Tracey Bantoft, traceybantoft(a), Bentwaters and Woodbridge, British civilian, 81 TFW clinic, 1988 until mission completion.
It was a wonderful place to work and I am fortunate enough to still keep in contact with some of my friends from the 'good old days'. It would be great to find out about and contact others I knew during my time working and partying at the bases! If anyone was at the bases between 1986 and its closure I would love to hear from them. I am still living in the local area but at the moment I am at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

Michael Williams aka Mooseman mwilliams43(a) Bentwaters 87to90, crewchief in the 92nd
Address: 1130 D, Geneva, NE 6836
Looking for Dan Blanchard he was my best man at my wedding.

Dan Myers dan.myers(a) RAF Bentwaters 1982-1987, Then SSgt - Now US Civil Service
Arrived RAF Bentwaters 1982 and set up the new A-10 flight simulator - returned to the US in 1987.
Now living in Norfolk - was fortunate and secured a US Civil Service position this year as Project Officer for the USAF F-15E Strike Eagle Flight Simulator at RAF Lakenheath. Still married to my English bride (local Woodbridge lass), now going on sixteen years. Two children - Emma 14 (going on 20) and Timothy 11. We are really enjoying being back in England, may even retire here. Recently toured RAF Bentwaters, what a sad sight indeed. Would like to hear from any of the A-10 flight simulator group.  

Robert King RKing21218(a) Bentwaters and Woodbridge March 89 March 92, e-4 / 81st EMS / AGE
114 Florida Rd, Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas 79607
My wife and I were both stationed there. That is where we met and married. Two Texans who had to come overseas to meeet each other. I being AGE and her A welder/metals tech person. My name is Rob King and my wife was known as Jammie Rodgers at that time. We were wondering what happened to some people we knew. A British civilian named Reginald Southgate (Metals Tech), Michial Hatico USAF/AGE, Michael Fosse /AGE "DOC" Hunter / Sheetmetal If any of your website visitors can help we would greatly appreciate it and maybe we can help them in return.
Rob & Jammie (Rodgers) King

My name is Engo Helbig, RAF Bentwaters from DEC 1989 to DEC 1992, 81st AGS in both the 510th and 92nd AMUs.
I'm wondering if you can help me find out the building numbers of the barracks that I lived in. I would also like to find out the room numbers as well, but I think that would be to difficult.  If you are familiar with the Domestic Site of RAF Bentwaters, for my time  period, it should be easy to place.  I need the building numbers of barracks A and D. I would greatly appreciate any help or referrals that you can provide.

Mike Moore captmadmax(a) Bentwaters and Woodbridge Apr 82 tp Apr 84, Then AB-A1C Now Major
Looking for guys who lived in the 78th AGS dorm at Woodbridge or anyone who worked on the DCM staff at Bentwaters. Got back to the UK in '99 for five days on TDY, RON'd at Lakenheath and stopped by to see my old girlfriend's parents outside Bury St Edmunds. It has all changed a lot in the past 15 years!

Wendy Kentzel sweet_lady36(a) Bentwaters, Woodbridge 1989-1992
I was a brat when I lived there I was 7 when we moved there and ten when we left. I lived on Woodbridge in Mussidan court in front of the correctional building. Just looking for some of me old friends that I will never forget. Like Scott Smith, Shane St. Clair, Pamela Carey and her family, Nicky Bennetts, Jake Longwell. The list goes on and on. If anyone out there remembers me I would love to hear from you or if you know anyone I listed. Thanks
P.O. Box 6157, Great Falls, MT 59406

Rob Mahaffy RAF Bentwaters 1986-1988
My name is Rob (Moe) Mahaffy
I'm looking for any old friends and members of the 510th Fighter Squadron at RAF Bentwaters especially * TSgt Dusty Rhodes * Sgt Jesse Mceachern * Kim Hansen * The other Dusty Rhodes. Anyone else who remembers me and the nights at the makeshift enlisted club in the gym. I'm currently still in the AF at McGuire AFB in New Jersey

John Vest looking for ET Spencer.
He has been found. His email address is tcspencer2003(at)

- I just had a "howdy boss" email from him.
Ron Burrell

Terry Priddy Priddytk(a) RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge
My name is terry priddy, retired as a msgt. started life at crooked creek on the 28th of Feb..
I was the 7th man in to start the 511th amb. I was a crew chief then expeditor then pro super. moved to the 92nd when the 511 left. As things got tighter and the the jets left, I went to supervision because they couldn't get rid of me, been there to long, sort of like old furniture. Spent 13 nearly 14 years there as when I retired in july of 93 I worked for aafes and had to close down the twin bases for aafes. Felt like I lost a brother or sister. love to here from any of you if you know me or not Looking forward to hearing from you



Steven A Anderson - Jeffry Rados jrrados(a) RAF Bentwaters 1987-88
I am the brother of Steven A. Anderson. I hope this name sounds familiar to someone.
He was found dead in 1988, somewhere on or near the base.
I was presented this news from my CO who stated that Steven committed suicide. A detailed report as to what happened was never provided to our family. It took two weeks for his body to be returned to the US, again with no explanation. Can you imagine what we saw when my mother demanded for the casket to be opened; looking at a two week old deceased body. It didn't even look like Steven. Here it is 11 years later, and we still have no answers. I heard he had a girlfriend over there I heard many explanations.... I've heard it all! But, nothing makes much sense. If anyone has any info on my brother, I would greatly appreciate it. The circumstance really is irrelevant to me; meaning I don't aim to seek any revenge or compensations. I only want to know the truth of what happened. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!
Jeff Rados

Kevin B. Coble kcoble84(a) Bentwaters and Woodbridge 1983-1985 then 1987-1989, Sgt, 81st SPS
During my tour of duty at Bentwaters, I had the best time of my life. I was a Law Enforcement Spec at both bases from '83 to '89. I also was a member of the "PHANTOMS!" I made many good friends while I was stationed there. If you remember me, send me a 'lil e-mail. Cripple-Creek. You ready to hit?

Nathan Niemi (Nat) michellen(a) RAF Bentwaters 1988-1992
My wife, Michelle, and I lived in Felixstowe while stationed at RAF Bentwaters. Our daughter Emmaleigh was born at RAF Lakenheath in April 1991. We are just looking for any old friends. Thanks! 310 S. Marquette St., Ironwood, MI 499938

Robert (Bob) Reynolds Hook939(a) RAF Bentwaters 1983 - 1987
I haven't thought about Bentwaters in years, but I was glad to find this site. Bentwaters was the best assignment I had in my 20 year career. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who was stationed there back then. Especially Vehicle Maintenance personnel: Huerta, Prohaska, Tom, Richie, Ski, Larry Burke, Tom Sneddon, Trosclair.
I still contact Shawn Colberg and Valerie Fioretta and Scott Kirsch.
Anyone remember a girl named Mary (her last name escapes me) who I went out with in 85-86. She worked at the chow hall, lived in the dorm, had blonde hair, talked kind of slow (sorry Mary) {it was more like a slight southern accent.} Her roommate went out with a friend of mine (his name escapes me also, I have a picture of him somewhere, he was from Boston) he introduced me to Mary. We went out for a few months, partied at the club often and had a few laughs. We'd go to the bowling alley for a late night snack or put on our uniforms and go to midnight chow. We remained friends after we broke up and I think she married a Brit. What happened to Mary? Does anyone remember "Bag Nasty" or the "Bag Nasty Lady?" (Oh, yes, Ron Burrell is her dad!)
How about Phil the taxi dispatcher (got me home many a night) "Need a cab Woody Base!" I also went out with a few British girls: Barbara W? Her best friend was Shirley Johnson. They were from Leiston and inseparable. Shirley might have worked at the base until it closed? Barbara married an American and moved to Arizona? I hung out in Aldeburgh quite a bit. Went out with a girl there named Liz Grozika? I think she eventually got a job at the base and married an American as well. There was a girl named Celia. I'd be interested to know what she remembers. She worked at the CBPO I think. God my memory is shot! Must have been all those pints I drank in England : )

Larry & Starr Easley leasley(a) RAF Bentwaters 1984-1987
Looking for old friends who bowled at the RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge Bowling Centers, which I managed mid-1984 to early 1987. My wife's name is Starr, and the children are Jimmy and Stacy Bittenbender, and Laura and Patty Easley. If you bowled at the bases during that time or if you remember us, please drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you. Does anyone know Dave or Vera King of Ipswich, or Joe & Edie Carr?

STEVE HOEFS, RAF Bentwaters 1980-1982
Telephone: 304-586-2019

Patrick J Bailey - Firefighter at Bentwates from 85-87, and enjoyed every moment.
Trying to locate a great friend of mine that stayed over there to be with his new bride. His name was Rick Ceculski, hers was Trudy Frost, I think they married in 87.

Cherie Gause
Seeking the daughter of someone who worked at Woodbridge around the early 80s.
Her name was Cherie Gause. Does someone remember her father who worked on base. I think they returned to America around 1983(?) They lived in Boxford. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Marion Kirby kirbym(a)





Terry Kelley - Weapons AFETS (Air Force Engineering & Technical Services) civilians assigned to both Woodbridge and Bentwaters bases.
81 TFW from 89-92, then followed the A-10s to Spangdahlem AB GE.
Lived in the "Mill House", Mill Road, Butley. Impossible to describe what is most missed/loved of England. The list would go on.....
My wife is Nida, a native Filipino from Bacolad, Philippines
Terry Kelly

Dave King and his kids in 2002David King (pictured right, with his kids)
Woodbridge High School From 1980 to 1985
Looking for people who attended school at that time, or near that time.
Also looking to see if there has been a reunion.

Robert Starling looking for "Rags" or "RAGS"
I'm a Brit. who flew a Hunting Provost (prop. trainer) aircraft into Bentwaters for the open day in 1989
My host was a captain or a major with the nickname RAGS. Does anybody know him - he was super guy and supplied enough beer to see me through that year. Bentwaters was the best station that I flew to during 1988 through to 1990 display season - everybody was just great. At Norwich airport we have two ex USAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge A10 engineers who run their own FAA maintenance operation in the UK when the bases closed they just stayed here to continue to keep USA/UK relations in trim.
Robert starling

Looking for Linda MacDermott, from Glasgow, with whom I shared a house in Eyke (Corbie Steps) along with Gordon Fancy, from Dunfermline.
They both worked for the US Base Exchange (contractor) or for Massey Motors and the Railway Station antiques in Campsea Ashe (Wickham Market). They were my best man and lady at my wedding in Melton in November 1987. I was posted at RAF Bentwaters from September 1987-November 1989. Perhaps someone knowing my old mate Dave Cooper who worked at Massey Motors might be out there and could provide a link. Or possibly the inn keepers Harvey and Leslie Shand of the Elephant and Castle in Eyke? My name is Ronald Case. My wife Paula would dearly love to renew contact with Linda.

Mary Sams, RAF Bentwaters 1989-1992, Dependant
Would really love to find Mary Sams. (spouse: Larry)
We worked together at the Bentwaters AFB Child Development Center. If you're not on line, call me at 407 633 0691. Also love to hear from anyone else connected with the Child Development Center during that time.
Linda Norway
883 Brunswick Lane, Rockledge, FL 32955-4022 Telephone: 407 633-0691

Peter Fiske tarnabuster(a) Bentwaters
Trying to trace John and Linda SWAIN, Serving at Bentwaters late 80`s/early 90`s. Lived in Laxfield Suffolk before moving to Montana. We were neighbours but have lost touch
Any information please get in touch.

Duval O Thomas, a.k.a. DOT
RAF Bentwaters AGE Branch from 1989 to base closure in 1993.
Married Louise in 1991, Ipswich. Last known locations were RAF Mildenhall and New York USA.
DOT WAS FOUND THROUGH THESE PAGES, by Glenn Martin, with help from Ron Burrell.

Walter W. Turns RAF Bentwaters 1980 to 1984, I was a SSgt at the 81st Clinic in the laboratory
Seeking to contact anyone from the clinic who was there at that time. I lived in Aldeburgh and would love to find some of my drinking buddies from the old days. Albert, Ozzie, Goffie are you out there?



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